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Gaaah im so sorry to hear that :( yeah i have two cats so the move be too bad, especially since one's super attached to me so where ever i am, he's fine. Only thing i hate is packing and stuff but the move is tommorow so im counting on a good day of sunshine and to use these muscles haha :)

yeah word, i don’t think i even ahve any “muscles”  lool well goodluck!

Typical Day

Alam niyo ba yung feeling na pangkaraniwang araw lagi ang nararanasan mo? Walang ka challenge2x. Ako kase sabagay school to bahay, bahay to school lang. Wala talagang challenge don. Haha Nakakalakwatsa lang ako pag walang klase tas ayaan sa mall. Pero minsan lang yon. As in minsan like twice a month lang mangyari. Hahahaha Pakuriputan kasi samin, kung sino pa mag aya kailangan libre niya. O diba, san ka pa. Tas ganun, pag uwi mo sa bahay kain, computer, tumblr, basa then tulog. Pag gising mo ganun ulit ang mangyayari. Kahit bakasyon ganun din. Katamad lumabas ng bahay eh. Puro chismosa kase. Hahahahaha

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So I saw 1D like 2 weeks ago in Toronto and I STILL can't get over how amazing they were, Harry's stage presence is freaking insane he was just born for this haha

Right? Superstar :) Glad you enjoyed!

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Hey Elena :) that sounds fun! I've never heard of him so I'll check him out! I'm going to Reading Festival today through to Sunday, it should be a good time and it will be even better as long as the weather is good (which is rare in the UK haha) - have you ever been over here?

Reading festival! Who’s playing? That’ll be so fun. Do you live in reading? Is it pronounced “red-ing” or “reed-ing”? I’ve never been to England but I’d love to go sometime. You’re probably going to roll your eyes so hard at this, but I’ve started watching skins and I’m fascinated. Are hard drugs at parties really that common? Feel free to tell me I’m a dumb American :)

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Hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I want to request Akashi from KnB Thank you /)_(\

Just posted~ i’m sorry im late haha i hope you like it tho T^T also thank you for always reblogging my posts and being an active follower (i c u in my activity feed all da time ehe)

Welcome to the world my wonderful son. A stud you are and a stud you will always be. I’m so happy you are finally here. Born at 0114 weighing as much as your sister did when she was born. What a trip. Haha love you Shawn Phillips Sierra Espero. Keep the blood line going. #ShawnPhillipsSierraEspero #welcome #finally #loveyou #stud #myson #fatherandson #minime #dowelookalike #happy #glad #bloodlinecontinues #lastlivingEsperonow #youmakemeproud #cantwaitforyourgrowth #lookinghandsome #ohyeah #okay #donewithhashtags #haha #bye @esperolove1993

anônimo perguntou:

Don't really have a type, but find myself attracted to girls with darker hair.

Yeah that can be attributed to a type. I think I’ve always gone after girls with dark hair, but in recent years, I have been attracted to girls that are blonde or have different multicolored hair. What I like in a body type changes too. It’s pretty insane how tastes might change over the years.

I think it’s cause I date people who look a certain way and after I’ve dated them, I try to take their unique quality, and NOT go after someone like that again haha.

Bro.. Its so cool to see others my age growing in self awareness and loving kindness. I’m 29 and I question myself sometimes cause I don’t have a single friend who is interested in ‘enlightenment’ or that understands the purpose of meditation. I feel like I’m going off the rail sometimes haha. Blogs like yours are a great reminder that I am going the right way. Heaps encouraging dude !

Thanks on behalf of all your followers for your inspiration and guidance. Tumblr is the only source of encouragement for some of us. 

- Reem

You are welcome, brother! It is my pleasure to be able to interact with such a lovely community and I am honoured to be a part of it. Let us continue to share the Dharma and offer love to everyone we encounter.

Namaste, love.



I haven’t cosplayed ever since I started living on my own (three years is a good amount of time). I’m thinking, since my obsession is FFXIV at the moment, I would recreate my OC. Also, it’s nice that I have my own money to make such a thing now haha.
Anybody has ideas or suggestions that can help achieve this great feat?