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is it okay if I deposit a pidgey for the giveaway? I just finished the game and was stuck in credits, so I ran out once it finished and caught the first pokemon I could so I didn't miss you haha!

Haha! yes that’s okay xD


I made a bunch of items for Miranda off of Pinterest for her birthday since we are completely broke for the next month or two… I spent about $20 total and made the following:

1) cake platter
2) personalized plate
3) hand warmers
4) elephant bookends
5) leather necklace with two handmade and hand wrapped pendants
6) photo magnets
7) weekly erasable calendar
8) photo coasters
9) yarn wrapped basket
10) pot holders with buttons and towels sewn on
11) grown up dunkaroos
12) bath salts
13) hand keepsake from Tristan
14) made from scratch cookie bars

All in all I think it was a great success and every other word out of Miranda’s mouth was “you made this?!” Haha!!! She was totally impressed by my artsy skills. I gotta say though, so was I! Coasters for everyone this Xmas!!!

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hey sorry, but my other ask was a bit psycho haha i just got a little excited when you said you had a few melanie tickets. i really really hope you still have them, i have been trying to find some everywhere and i would forever be in your debt if you let me buy them from you! please consider me :')

unfortunately I’m actually able to go to the show, I’m so sorry

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(I will italicize the answers)

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really |somewhat | yes | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno


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Halsey is amazing! And I'm just gonna say that you must have amazing taste in music. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog.

She’s fucking amazing, I can’t even describe her in words. Yes, tbh I do haha. Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot.

Evan Peters
American horror story : hotel
James March
I still find him attractive tho.~
Ugh! I am way too excited for this season!! Haha! 😂
Loving Vampire all over again!! 😍😘

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:( we'll miss you! of course you'll go down in ilvolover history haha, how could we forget your amazing ships and imagines? by the way, you probably shouldn't delete your blog, because you've put a lot of work into it I'm sure, and idk, people might still want to see it you know. you may regret it so you it might be best not to do it. but hey, good luck with school! and I just want to tell you that I've loved following you and seeing you on my dash :)

This message is one of the ones that made me decide to stay alright I’ve been made to realize that you’re right I shouldn’t delete it even if i won’t be on so much. And hey maybe it’ll be fun to look back on in a couple of years hahaha. Thank you so much for the luck, i will DEFINITELY need it. I already have too much homework and i am about to shed real tears tbh but i’m already too exhausted for that. But thank you ilysm it means so much to me that you’ve loved following me and seeing me on your dash i want to give you a hug okay  

thank you for taking the time to send this it made me emotional in a good way hahahaha

OMG LISTEN UP. Theres this guy at work whos known for sleeping around. Hes cute, i like him and i dont wanna like him. Ok well like he texted me (gotta have coworkers numbers) asking if i wanted to go to a party. Obviously i wasnt gonna go, i dont know him like that. I responded with a “what? Where?” As if i cared. Never texted me back. SAW THIS MOFO TODAY. He says to me “haha notice how I never texted you back?”

Any advice?