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Hoe gaat het met je?

Goeiemorgen Anoniemeling! Met mij gaat het wel oke. Mijn bed ligt erg goed en het zou fijn zijn als ik er de hele dag in kon liggen haha :) Hoe is het met jou? Ga je leuke dingen doen?

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Could you walk us through your day?? Not trying to be nosy but I'm so excited for you haha

Haha I mean yeah sure 😹 and not trying to be nosy or anything either but do I know you?😹 not that it really matters, im just actually curious haha but uhm okay let’s see

I saw him around 3:30, he lives in the country & I live in the city so when he came to pick me up he got lost 😹 so I had to go roam the streets to find him which was pretty amusing tbh 😹 but afterwards, we had to pick up my brother from soccer practice which was lame but oh well, and after we dropped him off back at home I took him to the waterfront bc he had never been!!! & I’ve literally grown up there so I had to take him!! So we sat on the dock and talked, he had to leave at 7 and we got there around 5. When I checked my phone for the first time it turned out we had stayed there too long and it was 7:30!!! It seriously only felt like an hour!! Not 2 and a half hours!! But he had to go home after that but it was still amazing just talking to him and holding his hand and yeah :) anyways 😹

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I guess this answers two stories haha. A few days ago I dreamt that my boyfriend got mad at me for doing something incorrectly so I punched him and yelled "Well why don't you go ask *his ex* since she's so much better at everything?" And he said "You know what? Fine! I will! She was a better girlfriend than you'll ever be anyways!" And then he ran off to find her.

boooo I’m sorry. what an (imaginary) ass

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Speaking of Erasmus, I'm leaving for London in September and I don't know if I should just keep my bank account and use the credit card or should I get a bank account of a local bank for those 5 months? Btw, if anyone can help me with finding something to live (in South London) I'd be really happy!

I wouldn’t recommend using a foreign card throughout the entirety of your stay tbh. What I did for my Erasmus year was got a travel money card (CaxtonFX was mine, though I dunno if it’d work ‘the other way round’) and it was great because essentially I topped it up online in pounds and it had a balance in euros and I could then use it as a regular card for ATMs or in stores or wherever. It was secure and easy, the online rate was good and I never had to pay foreign transaction charges or open foreign bank accounts haha.

It’s worth looking into, but otherwise I’d suggest getting a local bank account rather than just using your foreign one throughout your stay, yeah. 

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Surely you got some? Or take one?

Legit don’t, haha sorry dude my body doesn’t cooperate with me anymore :p

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Aww well I'll keep you company :) I may bore you and run out of topics but I can sure as hell try haha :3

Haha well pick a topic and we’ll go from there. I’m up to talk about pretty much anything

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Glad I could get you thinking. Let me hit you with another one 😌. You know how light travels super fast right? To be precise- it travels fast enough to go around the earth 7 times in one second. But it takes the light and heat from the sun and entire 8 minutes to reach your eyes and skin... Since you can't see stuff until light bounces off of it- technically, Everytime you feel the heat or look at the sun, you feel and see 8 minutes into the past...🎉🎊

….Yeah I’m gonna need to read this 24.3 more times to really comprehend all of this! Oh my gosh haha this is crazy where are you getting all this info from!

I bet you’re so freaking cool and interesting to talk to. You seem like the type that always has this kind of stuff to say.
Myself :)

    Hey there! I wanted to try to attempt to somewhat explain who I am and why I just popped up out of the blue. Let’s get started, shall we?

    So, I am a big freaking swiftie. I was born a swiftie, always will be. Taylor is bae dreams. I dressed in pajamas and a homemade shirt from her “You Belong With Me” video. I did it because oh baby, she is worth it. Haha, anyways, Taylor is a big part in my life and idk what I would not do without her. Her derp and dances are just blah omfg. 

    I collect a lot **hoarder** too. I bought the big $300 deal 1989 pre-sale package because I had to have the big signed framed polaroid picture. I have so much of her in my room, it is insane. My friends are not loyal enough to be in it, they hate her and most of the time hate my fanboyness. Yep, I just made a word.

    On another side, YouTube is also a big thing. Connor Franta and Kian Lawley will always be bae, but Miranda Sings is just omgggggg. Joey Graceffa is just yas. I watch all kinds of YouTubers, that is just the basics. YouTube can marry me, along with Tay. Basically my blog is just one big blob of yas. You should be an awesome person and follow meeeeee. 

My life also involves hedgehogs. I have four hedgehogs who I love so so so much. They are ma babies. They are not porcupines in case you were wondering, quite different. FUN FACT, porcupines & hedgehogs don’t shoot quills. A lot of people say hedgehogs are ew, they really are not. Just make sure they get the love and attention needed! They are not fish.

    Although all this is just a big thing of blah blah blah, it is two in the morning and there is such thing as sleep. I am going to go to bed now. RIGHT NOW. Pst doubt it, too much fanning to do. Anyways, good night! 

           Byeeeeeeee :)

                                      Chase, an awesome person.

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You're so beautiful idk how you're not tumblr famous already but I'm glad I'm here before you are 😭

Haha I don’t think I’ll ever be tumblr famous 😅 But thank you 😘


I wish I had more time to do a proper bday art for you T o T BUT HERE IS ALL I CAN MANAGE FOR NOW….

Anyway omg thank you for being my tomo all these years AND THANKS FOR ALWAYS INSPIRING ME TO DO MY BEST and try new things!!!!! Whenever I color things im like yes gotta be bold with them colors like kel! haha

BUT YEAH HAPPY ONE YEAR CLOSER TO DEATH DAY hopefully maybe next year we can hang at AX!!!! SMOOCHES