Here’s a preview of my Mew ginjinka cosplay that I finished last week. I hope it reads as “Mew.” I tried to add in design details from the card, like the emblem on the waist and the beading on the bodice.  I’m pretty happy with how the cat-ear buns came out, considering that I had no idea what I was doing when I made them, haha. Wigs are not my specialty. 

 I’ll be debuting her Friday of Katsucon, and wearing Garnet on Satruday. Feel free to say hello if you see me!

Anonyme a demandé:

what is your ub group? and why?

My UB is BTS because I just love them, and their all amazing children with talent. I love them a lot.

Sorry if it sounds stupid, I can’t really explain,haha

My #hips will go in to compass pose all day-
Cold, warm, starving or stuffed.
But #heronpose?? Au contraire!
These hips have to be begged haha!
But the #body knows what it likes, right?

Tonight I seemed to get comfortable here with a mostly straight back and happy #hamstrings and #hipflexors. Maybe it was the thrusters but I think it was the tequila at dinner… 💁🏼🎉

happy#fattuesday ya’ll!

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@elrokk86 Bearded Goku vs bearded Hulk! Whose beard wins?He didn’t make Goku go up with superman simply because Hulk is strongest there is.HAHA!
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In our quest to be more active this year, we have decided to explore the not so usual touristy spots of Singapore and explore the places where one can hike and appreciate nature.  So, we are ticking off the places from this list one weekend at a time. Since it was a long CNY weekend, we managed to tick off two from the list. YEY!

Sunday afternoon, we went to explore Coney Island which is accessible from Punggol Settlement. We took the MRT line going to Punggol, from the station we took Bus 84 to Punggol Settlement. It is actually the last stop before the bus turns around, so it’s quite easy to find. From Punggol Settlement, we rented the bicycles for S$ 8 for an hour.

External image

one of the bike rental shops in Punggol Settlement

They offer different types of bicycles and with different rental prices, we rented the city cycles since they’re cute. Haha. I actually find the rental fee a bit pricier compared to East Coast and Pulau Ubin.

Once we got our bicycles, off we went to explore Coney Island. The place isn’t that big. We managed to cycle the whole area for 1 hour 30 mins with a few stops here and there for photos.

We failed to see the famous cow though. Haha! And there was one beach area where there was a weird smell. We also noticed people walking and not renting bicycles. If you are up for a walk/hike, it would be good to explore the island by foot. The bike path is a bit rough and mountain bikes I think will be more suitable. But the city cycles for rent also have gears on them so it’s manageable to use them on these terrains.

What I like about this island is, one – you can cycle, two – there is a beach and mountain areas, three – the rough road, it just feels so natural being there, four – the trees!! Seriously, it felt like being in an entirely different place. Kinda reminds me of Anawangin, Zambales, Philippines.

After our cycle, we decided to check some food on the Punggol Settlement and ended up choosing Wayne’s Chill Out. My friend had bakwa flavored ice cream which does not taste as weird as it sounds. We also ordered nachos and some samosas for S$ 6 each. Punggol Settlement has quite a few restaurants and with a good view of the sea. It would be worth another visit some other time.

Next stop…Macritchie Treetop Walk!

External image

Exploring SG: Cycling @ Coney Island In our quest to be more active this year, we have decided to explore the not so usual touristy spots of Singapore and explore the places where one can hike and appreciate nature.  
BTS Concert With Jimin | Genre: Fluff

You were outside of Jimin’s house waiting for him to open the door. He wanted you to be backstage at BTS’s concert. They were going to do 3 songs: DOPE, Run, and War of Hormone. You were excited because Jimin had even gone far enough, that he got you a free backstage pass. That’s how much he wanted you to go. At first, you weren’t able to go, because you had something you needed to do, but it got cancelled, and Jimin had already gotten the pass, begging you to go. The door opened all of a sudden, and you jumped. “Hey (Y/N)! And jeez don’t be so jumpy.” he said and laughed. You calmed down and smiled, “Haha sorry.” He smiled back at you, and he was wearing his DOPE outfit, and he had done his hair. The only thing missing was his makeup. “Hey…oppa? Where is your makeup?” you asked. “Oh, I wanted you to do it please. I know I taught you how to do it that one time you were at my house. Can you please! You were very good at it, and it looked perfect!” he begged. He always begged. You thought it was funny and cute. “Sure” you said with a smile. He smiled back at you said said, “Well come on in then!”. You walked in happily, and he shut the door behind you. You walked to the back of the house, to the bathroom, while Jimin followed you. He sat down in the chair, and turned the lights on. “Okay. I got out all of the makeup and brushes and things like that, that you will need.” he said as he closed his eyes. “Okay.”. 

It took you about 30 minutes to finish his makeup. When you finished, he got up and looked in the mirror. “Woah baby this looks great! Thank you so much!” he said and hugged you. You smiled happily and put your arms around him.”Your welcome.” You said in a happy, cute aegyo baby voice. He pulled away and smiled at you. He looked at his phone, and it was 2:24. “Okay we need to be there by 3:00, and it’s not that far, so it won’t take that long. I’m just going to put on my shoes, and we will see how long that will take.”. “Are you sure? It usually takes you a while to put on your DOPE costume shoes.” you said. “I’m sure.” he said. He grabbed his glasses from his costume, and put them on. He winked at you as soon as he put them on with a small grin, and immediately walked away. You smiled to yourself, and slowly followed him. After he put on his shoes, which took a while, he looked at his phone, and you looked too. You didn’t exactly focus on the time like you meant to. You saw that as his background, it was a selfie he had taken of you and him on your birthday. It was a good selfie, you thought. The day he took it with you, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved it. The time was 2:41. “Okay we gotta go. Come on, i’ll drive you.” he said with a smile. “Okay” you said happily.

You both got into the car, and he locked the car. He started the car, and right away, started to drive out of the driveway. Jimin started talking after a few moments of silence between you two. “So…me and Rap Mon got in a fight before we came back from the United States tour.”. You immediately turned your head to look at him, and said “WHAT??!!”. He looked at you, then back at the road. “What? He said I got no jams, then Jung said that I was very no fun! I wasn’t mad at Jung because he was just joking, but i’m not so sure about Rap Mon…”. “Are you serious, Park? Rap Mon was kidding too!”. “Uh…I don’t know. I started yelling at him after we got off the plane, and he kept saying it was a joke, but I was super mad, so I didn’t care what he said.”. “Why did you even start fighting him about that anyway? It’s not even that big of a deal.”. Jimin shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess I was just not in a good mood at the time and needed something or someone to yell at, but my best friend/leader, wasn’t a goof choice. But he didn’t seem to care he was just laughing at me yelling at him and kept saying that it was a joke.”. You smiled and sighed and said “Okay. But are you two fine now?”. “Oh yeah!” he said. “Okay good. If you had just told me, that, I wouldn’t have freaked out. I just wanted to make sure that you both were still best buddies.”. “Yeah we are, and thank you for caring, baby.” he said as he quickly leaned over and kissed your cheek. You blushed and smiled. He pulled into the parking lot. “Wow it’s so packed I can’t even see the parking garage for the other members.”. He drove around a little bit more. “Ah. I see it.”. He pulled into the garage, and got out of the car. He waited until you left the garage, and he closed the door and locked it safely. Everyone’s car was there. He started walking with you to the door that was only for the members to get to the dressing room, that lead to the stage. As he was going down the steps he said, “So are you excited?? 2nd backstage concert!”. You smiled big and said “Yes!! Very!! It was so fun watching you the first time, and I think it will be fun this time, too!” He smiled and agreed. When you both got to the dressing room Suga was there. “Hey guys! Hey (Y/N)!! Haven’t seen you in a while!” he walked over and hugged you. “Hi, Min!” you said as you hugged him. Jimin turned to you holding the backstage pass. “Here you go m’lady” Jimin said with a funny voice while bowing. You laughed and took the pass from him and bowed. “Thank your sir!”. You put the backstage pass around your neck. Suga smiled and said “Ah you both are just such a cute couple. Okay well i’m going to go out onto the stage. Everyone else is there just practicing. Meet ya there! Oh also, Jungkook’s girlfriend will be watching at the side of the stage during the concert with you, (Y/N).” You and Jimin both smiled and agreed at the same time. Then you both looked at each other and laughed. Suga laughed and walked out. Jimin took your purse, and put it with his stuff. Then he took your arms and linked it with his. “Ready to go and see our best friends again?” He asked. You nodded and happily said yes. “Alright!” Jimin said happily. He happily walked out with you, and onto the stage. Everyone turned to look at your guys. They all ran towards you both. “Guys, this is (Y/N) is you guys remember her. “Well duh we remember her. We saw her not even that long ago. Also she’s our best friend.” Rap Monster smiled and said. You smiled and gave him a hug. “Hey what about me!!” V asked with a pouty face. You laughed and walked over to hug him. You hugged everyone else, and walked back over to Jimin’s side. V walked up with the rest of the members, who were right across from you and Jimin. “Hey (Y/N)! You could have had another person watch the concert with you, but my girlfriend, Autumn, couldn’t make it. But at least you’ll be with Jungkook’s girlfriend, Michelle!” V exclaimed. You smiled and said, “Aww well that’s okay. At least I get to see you guys!”. All of the members shouted yay at once. “Yeah! And Michelle is very fun and nice, so you’ll have fun talking to her. At least I do” Jungkook said and laughed. “Okay well i’ll leave you guys to practice! Talk to you guys later!”. “Okay bye best friend!” J-Hope shouted to you. “Bye!” then before you walked away, you turned to Jimin. “Bye ChimChim” you said and winked at him. He smiled at you, and said, “Bye bye”. 

You walked to the side of the stage as you watched them practice. You greeted Michelle. “Hi, Michelle! I’m (Y/N) Jimin’s girlfriend!” She turned and smiled at you. “Oh hi (Y/N)! Nice to meet you!” you both shook hands. “Ah i’m so excited for their concert are you?” you asked Michelle. “Yes!! I think they will be amazing.” you nodded in agreement and smiled.

A few minutes later, the concert started, and there were so many fans. They were already in the middle of “Run”. Jimin was doing great, and Michelle couldn’t stop making comments about how great Jungkook looked, and how great he was doing. She wasn’t trying to be rude or annoying, she just loved Jungkook so much, and she couldn’t stop staring. You thought it was funny. A few minutes later, there was a tiny intermission, and they got into their “War of Hormone” costumes. “AAAAH!!!! LOOK AT JUNGKOOK!!!! HE LOOKS AMAZING!” she slightly screamed. You laughed, smiled, and nodded. Jimin looked very good as well. He was doing great through the whole song. In part of the dance, Jimin had to face the side of the stage that you were at, and he had to kneel. He secretly winked at you and when he did, it looked so cute and perfect you just wanted to faint. No one saw him wink, which was good. Only you and Michelle. After “War of Hormone”, they were talking to their fans. “Thank you so much for having us here! We had so much fun and we hope you did too! Saranghae, and goodnight!”. They all walked off stage, and Jungkook hugged, Michelle, and Jimin hugged you. You had also been watching Jin through the concert, as well as Jimin, and he was doing great. You smiled at Jimin and walked up to Jin. “Hey Kim! You were doing SUCH a great job! Do you have a girlfriend?? I feel like you have a girlfriend, because with those moves, and swiftness, any girl would fall for you.” He smiled and laughed and looked down. “Oh, well thank you, (Y/N)!” he hugged you. You smiled and said “Your welcome, Jinniepoo.” You walked back to Jimin, and he smiled at you, and said, “Ready to go?”. You smiled and said yes. 

After he got dressed, got your guys’s things, and you both said bye to everyone, you both left. “So? How’d I do?” Jimin asked. “You did great! You also looked PERFECT.” you answered. “I also noticed you winked at me.” you said with a sarcastic suspicious sort of tone. He smiled and looked over at you, then back at the road. “Ha yeah. I really wanted to do that. #Life goals.” he said and laughed. you laughed with him, and kissed his cheek. “Ah I love you so much, my little Jiminiepabo” He looked at you. “HEY!! DON’T CALL ME THAT!” you smiled at laughed. “Haha sorry.”