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Krijgen we nog eens een selfie? Ze zijn altijd zo leuk! En met streepjes!

Oh haha, kzal morgen eentje plaatsen! Ik heb nu geen streepjes aan ;-)

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are you legit autistic or are you using the term like a meme?? i know i sound stupid but just curious i guess idk cause some people might accuse you of ableism or whatever?? sorry for being annoying haha!!

I’m not using it like a meme. I am legit autistic.

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Polaroid and Rainstorms please!

Polaroid:Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Can’t really think of any photos that have done that rn;; Sorry!

Rainstorms:What helps you fall asleep?

  • That question basically just answered itself, haha. Rainstorms! Sometimes I’ll listen to calm or soft songs too
Ladies (Lesbians)- Mirza one shot for the Fairy Tail LBTQA+ week - tardisesandtitans - Fairy Tail [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Erza Scarlet & Mirajane Strauss, Erza Scarlet/Mirajane Strauss
Characters: Mirajane Strauss, Erza Scarlet
Additional Tags: Reference of Elfman Lisanna Natsu Gray Lucy Juvia and Cana, Also Macao and Wakaba, Mainly mirajane x erza, ErzaJane, Angst, Romance, P.O.V, Fairy Tail LGBTQA+ Week: Day Two-Ladies (Lesbians), First FAIRY tAIL FIC, Mirajane may be ooc so im sorry, only finshed TOH arc haha, more to come - Freeform, just finshed tower of heaven arc, Time Skips, Falling In Love, lesbians, lgbtqa+, Lisanna Strauss - Freeform, tower of heaven, References Erza’s past, diaries

A oneshot about the relationship of Mirajane Strauss and Erza Scarlet. Written for the Fairy Tail LGBTQA+ Week, Day Two. Originally posted on Tumblr.
Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima

mia and ely

watching them the second time is much more enjoyable because the audience today are just quietly absorbing the movie. 

i cried a bucket..strange but when i   let myself get immersed in the story , i appreciated it more, how it was acted..written and directed. .. the cinematography and the music .and how they all blended in…..just beautiful, biases aside.

will i watch it  3rd time around..of course!! haha

my mom was crying and she said they are ready for a more mature roles ..while my son said their story is really really painfully saaad . (affected much..haha)

i know i said no more reviews..but .it’s this damn good.

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Your perfection is Irish 🍀 tag is the best thing ever!! Perfection IS Irish and I can't stop smiling every time I see one of your Colin posts with that tag! Also you're extra talented and I love your art! Happy Once day! (Pardon terribly the random message lol)

You mean THIS dork? YEAAAAAAH perfection IS Irish haha

oh and thank youuu nuncome here so i can give you an irsh hug haha n3o/♥


My day has been so shitty :’) I forgot about the race and learned that I won’t be able to watch the race when it comes to town next month because they only accept credit card and no one has a credit card!!!!!! And now there’s no episode 3 (which has a plot point about the minis and screamer iirc) until CN thinks it’s time to finally air rid again!!!! Haha!!! Why must my life be shit!!

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well for now im reallyyyy obsessed about bird set free (sia)!!! its a amazing song. if you haven't listened to it yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? haha (◕‿◕✿)


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