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“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )

Maarten de Vries; the vampire hunter.

From all over Europe people summoned him for his assistance, and while his prices weren’t cheap - he never once failed a job.
His fame and wealth grew, and with it his ego.
He was invincible.

Or so he thought

Some long overdue fanart for one of my favorite fics: From Within The Shadows by caffinatedstory

Her characterization is brilliant - it’s seriously worth reading!

200 followers, wow! Thanks ya’ll :D Here have some Anna. And also, 100th post, woohoo!

I’ll try to keep this short so…I would like to give a big thank you to everyone! I really appreciate all the kind comments, love and support you all show for me and my art. I mostly have just family and friends to share my art with and sometimes I think I’m alone in this, so knowing that there are so many others out there who enjoy what I do, gives me a wonderful feeling. I was hesitant to join tumblr for the longest time, but I’m glad I decided to because I’ve met some really spectacular people here. Thanks for the laughs! I’ll continue to improve and strive to be the best I can. I’ll never stop dreaming and I hope you won’t either :)


Shinya can't follow along with fanboy Guren
Nakamura Yūichi ✘ Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Shinya can't follow along with fanboy Guren

{ Note: This voice clip is not related to Owari no Seraph, but feel free to use your imagination. } 

AU where Guren is a big fanboy of Mahiru—an idol. He has called Shinya over to help him hang up posters for her concert, but his best friend (who’s secretly crushing on him) just can’t seem to follow along.

Guren: [referring to Mahiru on the posters] (She’s) cool, right~??! ♡
Shinya: [nervous laugh] H-Haha. Ha. C..Cool, you say??
Shinya: (I… I can’t follow along with him… I really can’t..!)
Guren: Eh? Did you say something?
Shinya: N-Noo—…! 
Guren: So cool, right? ♡ 
Shinya: [mutters] Wouldn’t ‘cute’ be more accurate—?
Guren: EH? Did you say something?
Shinya: N-Noo—…!!
Shinya: … So, what did you want me to help you with?
Guren: Hmm~


I recently started pledging to the Foundation Patreon, they offer video tutorials with little homework assignments at the end that get reviewed by the artists themselves. :) this is my first homework assignment I’ll be turning in! I’m really looking forward to learning, loosening up and just improving my workflow. I was way too self-conscious working on this assignment, haha…. haha… ha. :c