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-Fullmetal Alchemist
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-Okami (the game)
-Avatar (ATLA)
-Steven Universe
-Gravity Falls
-Over the Garden Wall
-art tutorials and stuff
-quality content involving small fluffy animals because life is sad sometimes and you need a cat

           After a whole day of errands and dealing with bullshit and being called into work to cover a shift on his night off, all Oliver wanted to do was crawl his way home and onto his couch, pull out the left over pizza from last night and just… knock out. It was a good plan. A solid plan. But then he stumbled upon the figure outside the bar, recognized them from the counter and knew for a fact that they had knocked back quite a few. “Oh, God…” Walk away, he told himself. It wasn’t his problem. He shouldn’t even care. “Are you alright?” Damn his moral conscious. Damn it straight to hell. “Please tell me you’re coherent enough to get yourself home, or something.”

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But imagine Wilford/Colonial having a break down but dying his hair pink at the same time.

I imagine Dark being so furious and out of it after the last scene that he went after William to slap him and yell at him. Only to then tell Will to change his appearance and name so they won’t be able to trace them.

I broke my own heart haha. ha.. ;c;

“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )

Shinya can't follow along with fanboy Guren
Nakamura Yūichi ✘ Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Shinya can't follow along with fanboy Guren

{ Note: This voice clip is not related to Owari no Seraph, but feel free to use your imagination. } 

AU where Guren is a big fanboy of Mahiru—an idol. He has called Shinya over to help him hang up posters for her concert, but his best friend (who’s secretly crushing on him) just can’t seem to follow along.

Guren: [referring to Mahiru on the posters] (She’s) cool, right~??! ♡
Shinya: [nervous laugh] H-Haha. Ha. C..Cool, you say??
Shinya: (I… I can’t follow along with him… I really can’t..!)
Guren: Eh? Did you say something?
Shinya: N-Noo—…! 
Guren: So cool, right? ♡ 
Shinya: [mutters] Wouldn’t ‘cute’ be more accurate—?
Guren: EH? Did you say something?
Shinya: N-Noo—…!!
Shinya: … So, what did you want me to help you with?
Guren: Hmm~


Dropping in to say that while you guys succesfully got L drunk ((poor guy)), I got to revamp the whole theme of his blog, and I think I just finished completely. There are some pages in the menu, such as the navigation one that could help to make everything a bit more organized, and I’m actually happy with everything, I hope it does justice for him, too. On another note, I’m picking up threads again, so feel free to hmu if you wish.

Thank you, loves.  <3


Max would have had a wonderful night’s worth of rest with her girlfriend, listening to the nearly muted music coming from her laptop and Chloe’s soft breathing.But every five seconds, the punk would let out a small laugh and was too busy grinning to answer Max’s demands.

“Will you shut up?It’s almost two in the morning, and I have a chemistry test tomorrow!”,Max groaned, her patience ran thinner every passing minute,“Don’t make me kick you out!You’re lucky I even let you in in the first place!”

Max straddled her girlfriend and pinned Chloe down below her, and although it was very dim in the room, the blue haired delinquent can see her snarl.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry for laughing.”,the older girl leaned up and pressed a small kiss to the corner of her girlfriend’s lips,“Forgive me?”

Max sighed and released Chloe from her grasp before collapsing next to her in the small bed then returned to her spot next to.

“Just…Be quiet?Today was a bit…rough…”

Chloe nodded and pulled the brunette closer, nuzzling her head to the crook of Max’s neck with a sympathetic grin.



Max listened to Chloe’s steady breathing and let the soft music slowly lull her to sleep.

Until Chloe snorted.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.“Max said in a steely tone.

“I-I’m so fucking sorry."Chloe continued to laugh as if she was being tickled and attempted to muffle her laughter by biting the pillow.

"Are you high or something because normal people don’t laugh this early in the morning."Max whined and rolled over as Chloe continued to suppress her cackles into the pillow.

"Y-Your fuck-king shirt…"Chloe managed to say before laughing outloud again.Max turned over curiously and saw her girlfriend had fallen off the bed and was on the floor, still giggling.

The brunette watched her amusingly before looking at the design of her shirt.It was one her favorite pajama shirts with three birds of some sort with their beaks open and arranged in a horizontal line, save for the bird in the middle that was in its side, still bearing the same, shocked expression at the other two birds.

"I wear this all the time, what’s up with them now.”

“I-It’s ‘cus they all look like they’re screaming or something."Chloe grinned as she slowly climbed back on the bed.

"Oh ha ha, fucking hilarious."Max growled and instead if curling towards Chloe when she climbed back under the covers, she scooted towards the edge, opposite of her girlfriend.

"Aw, don’t be like that…”,Chloe frowned and feigned hurt,“Okay, just look at your shirt…”

The brunette obeyed, but only moved her eyes so the punk wouldn’t get the satisfaction of getting the brunette to listen.

Suddenly, Chloe let out a mix between a warbled howl and pained squawk, causing Max to burst out laughing.Chloe pressed her face back into the pillow and laughed along with her and pulled the brunette close.

“See, what’s why I was laughing!Those damn chickens…”

Headcanon talk

Because as much as I like throwing canon lore out the window when it suits me, I still like things to tie up with how they’re supposed to be done sometimes, and I’ve been thinking about the Shade. Specifically, how it can affect dragons.

Now, canonically, the Shade is supposed to be so scattered that it can’t really have an influence on anything (or just enough to possess Coliseum monsters, eh). But a few of us have Shade infected dragons / shade worshippers / you name it.

The Shade is apparently a big mass who’s sole purpose is feeding off magical energy; it absorbs it from everywhere, leaving only death in it’s trail. My headcanon is that when a dragon gets infected by the Shade, it slowly feeds off that dragon’s elemental energy, which is their life force; absorbing it to grow stronger and gain more power over the wyrm. It’s a parasite; either you get rid of it really quickly, or it gets too powerful for you to do anything about it.

But usually, you don’t notice until it’s too late; as at first it only takes a little of a dragon’s magic, the infected dragon will only feel like they have less energy than usual, and may dismiss it as nothing important. But it only grows worse until eventually the poor exhausted dragon has only one choice: either do as the Shade wants and absorb the energy from its surroundings to keep living, or die from exhaustion of their life force. This is why Shade-infected dragons seek to spread it’s influence; taking energy from their surroundings means living a little more.

Depending on the infected dragon, though, they might not reach this stage; dragons with smaller energy reserves will get drained out before they can realize what’s happening, while more powerful magic users will be able to fight it off way longer.

hezpeller replied to your posthezpeller replied to your post: So I pop on tumblr…

wait until tonight or by the end of this week, and the shitfest will probably arrive. It’s already revving now. Yeah no worries, I’ve had plenty of ‘shoot my brains off from the stupidity’ with the fandom, so I totally get where you’re coming from.

No worries gurrrl, we got this. XD