the signs as things my 10 year old brother has said/done

Aries: what is a “MILF”? my friend called you that today
Taurus: how do you spell “mayonnaise”?
Gemini: I’m not gay
Cancer: *running around the house playing airhorn noises on this phone*
Leo: watch me whip. *slips and hits his head on the fridge*
Virgo: dude, I just hacked this server in minecraft
Libra: dad’s a republican???? what the fuck
Scorpio: I kinda want a tarantula to devour me in my sleep
Sagittarius: haha… I just ate an entire jar of peanut butter
Capricorn: yeah okay shut up, I get it, you’re gay. you only tell me like every 5 seconds
Aquarius: my favorite anime is sword art online
Pisces: why does god hate me

Happy Birthday J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter!

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

I lettered this one last night because I wanted it to be ready for today, 31st July (I call it Harry Potter Day). HP is a big part of my life and thanks to JK Rowling I found my love for reading. It makes me so happy to know that countless others feel the same way that I do. Shipping, Mugglenet, AVPM, midnight premieres, Pottermore, wanting to know exactly what butterbeer tastes like and so much more, thank you Jo. Thank you for giving us Harry and his magical world! 

Brush lettering with watercolours, a blend of the Hogwarts house colours (mostly Ravenclaw haha). 


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The Jealous Type (Nate Maloley)

Requests are Open! 
Anon said: Hi! Can you make Nate maloley imagine story with him being all jealous at y/n because she is hanging out with her guy friend from her home town that she hasn’t seen in a while. Nate gets all rude to her friend and stuff like that !! I don’t know why I love those types of stories so if you can do that, that would be amazing I love you stories♥️

A/N: Why thank you, that means the world!!! haha i like these kinds of stories too, I hope you enjoy! (and I kinda incorporated the whole squad into this but its still mainly Nate) 

“What’s good lil mama?” Nate said through the phone. He makes it a deal to call me whenever he has free time in between recording sessions at the studio. 

“Nothing much, I’m spending time with an old friend from back home since he’s visiting for a little but its probably not going to be a whole big ordeal,” I told him. 

“Woah, woah, woah. He?” Nate questioned with a hint of anger in his tone. 

“Yeah, his name is Curtis, we used to be best friends when we were in junior high before I moved to Omaha and met you guys,” I explained. 

“And it’s just you two going?” He interrogated further. 

“Well I’m assuming so, since we’re both 21 and don’t need our mommies anymore for parent supervision,” I sassed. 

“No.” was all Nate said. 

“What do you mean no?” I asked irritated. 

“I mean no. You can’t go. He’s probably a horny little fuck that’ll try to make moves on you all afternoon,” he started. Nate continued to ramble on about the possible scenarios that could happen if I went out with Curtis. 

“Nathan,” I interrupted. “Are you jealous?” 

“N-no I’m not,” he shot back defensively. 

“Not even just a little bit?” I asked in a playful tone. 

“Okay yeah, I am. But who can blame me? When I’ve got such a beautiful girl on my hands I can’t just hand her off to other guys!” he told me. 

“It’ll be fine Nathan. Nothing is going to happen between us. You can trust me. You’re the only one I want,” I reassured him. 


“Promise,” I sealed. We exchanged I-love-you’s before hanging up. 

Nate’s POV 

“I don’t know guys, should I be worried?” I asked the crew as we took a lunch break in the studio. 

“Nah bro,” Sam answered, shaking his head. 

“I agree with Sam. Y/N is a trustworthy girl and she would never do anything behind your back to hurt you. I think you should just trust her if she says that they’re just friends and nothing more,” Johnson justified. 

I sighed and leaned back into the couch. “You guys make a good point. I’m just worried you know? What if after their little “lunch date” she decides that she would rather be with him than me?” 

“You could always follow them,” Gilinksy suggested. 

“What the fuck bro?” Swazz questioned. 

“That’s perfect G!” I said clapping him on the back. The other guys, besides G, looked at me like I was crazy. “Come with me Gilinksy, that way it’s not too suspicious.” He nodded in approval while the other guys still looked skeptical. 

“Oh yeah, because seeing your boyfriend and his friend at the same restaurant that you’re having a friendly hangout at isn’t suspicious at all,” Sam remarked. 

I shook off Sammy’s point, and gestured for G to follow me out the door. 

“See you guys later,” I called. The rest of them looked weary. 


“Its so great to see you!” I exclaimed for the third time since I’ve seen Curtis. We met up at a local cafe to talk, and I was beyond happy to have been reunited with him. Its crazy to see how much we’ve both grown since then. 

“I know, it’s amazing,” he said in return. He placed his hands over mine, which were resting on the table. “You look so gorgeous.” 

I began to feel uneasy. “Thank you,” I said as I removed my hands from his grasp and into my lap. We caught up on many different topics, from college, to our current jobs, to our family members and such. 

“So, y/n. Is there a special man in your life at the moment?” Curtis questioned. 

“Actually, yeah, there is,” I said, smiling at the thought of Nate. 

“Well that’s too bad. But he’s not around, so I guess nobody can stop me from doing this,” he told me mischievously as he gripped my face and kissed me. hard. 

Pulling back quickly, feeling disgusted, I pushed his chest away with two hands. 

“What the fuck was that? I literally just told you that I had a boyfriend,” I stated. 

Suddenly, I heard an angry voice behind me. Nate. 

“You little fucker! Nobody touches my girl,” he yelled, swinging his fist at Curtis’s face. I gasped. 

“What in the world? When did you get here?” I asked, baffled. 

I received no response. Nate was too busy picking a fight with Curtis. I felt two hands grab me gently and pull me back. Gillinsky. 

“What the hell? Is everybody here?” I asked sarcastically. 

He shook his head. “I’ll explain later,” he told me. 

At this point, Nate’s blows were becoming harder and faster, bashing my friend’s face in at a fast pace. 

“Nate, stop it, you’re going to kill him!” I shouted.

Gilinsky rubbed my back. “It’s fine y/n. Nate knows when to stop. This isn’t his first fight. Besides, the scum-bag deserved it.” 

I didn’t want to watch the fight anymore. Burying my head into Gilinsky’s chest, I wrapped my arms around him, waiting for the violence to end. Then, I heard a voice. 

“Don’t you ever lay your hands on my girl again you dirtbag. You hear me?” Nate demanded. Curtis whimpered from where he lay. I didn’t dare look at him. I was too scared. Gilinksy urged me out of the cafe, and into Nate’s car. We sat in silence before I spoke. 

“Will someone just tell me what just happened? Why were you guys there?” I questioned. 

“I didn’t trust the idea of you going on some “friendly date” with another guy, y/n,” Nate reasoned. 

“So following me there and stalking me was the best choice?” I shot back. 

“You saw what happened! That little shit kissed you!” Nate angrily stated. 

“I can handle myself, Nathan,” I told him, turning away from him and glaring out the window. 

“Lil ma,” Nate said gently. “I’m sorry for invading your privacy and not trusting you. I was just so anxious about your meet up. I don’t want us to fight. I just want other people to respect the fact that you’re all mine.” 

“I understand that Nate. Have a little faith in me. I’m not going anywhere. I promise. You are my one and only,” I expressed. 

“Damn straight,” he smiled, leaning over to kiss me. I smiled against his lips. 

“Ewww guys!” Gilinksy said as he fake gagged. 

“Oh shut up. It’s nothing that you haven’t done with Madison.” 

The car filled with laughter. 


Haha, nah listen up folks, I’mma tell you what real goals are.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester have an age diference of almost five years and yet they still do every little thing together after having been best friends for six years.

In 2009 they came across each other and they began having 5 hour long Skype calls with each other and constantly talking - Dan actually travelled 300 miles to meet Phil for the first time. *Queue squealing*

Now these two live together, and they’re created an entire world for a huge, supportive fan base. After so long of not merely getting sick of each other, their incredible friendship is still growing, and I find that amazing. Their friendship’s had roller coasters like any other, and it’s come along way, but just look at what they now have together:

  • 2 joint YouTube channels
  • Constant collabs
  • A book
  • A child (Dil)
  • they’re going on tour!
  • and, in the words of Phil himself, an ace friendship that I feel no other duo could top. (I hope you read that in a Northern-England accent! 

I mean, we gotta hand it to them really. 

Honestly, their unconditional loyalty and trust toward each other is the reason one of the many reasons that these two are my idols.

Sure, you can ship them in any way possible, but no matter what, they’d both take a bullet for the other. They love eachother;
Who cares what way?

sky-j-austin asked:

You keep saying you have an awesome job and it got me curious: what do you do?

Anonymous said: what do you do in your work? I mean give us more deets we know that you draw there all day but what I mean is what do you draw there? (I can’t explain it very well)

Haha I work on a lot of things! I work fulltime officially as a ‘Senior Concept Artist’ for a small indie game company here in Ohio called Multivarious Games. I do everything 2D art/design related basically. (I even have my own intern!) I do all texture work for our 3D models, billboards, UI assets…etc. Of course I’m also the one doing all the actual concept art for our own projects and our clients. I also do all our promo material and shirts and stuff. Really everything. 3D modeling on my own will be the next big thing I get into. (If I can ever find the time)  

On the side I’m also working on illustrating a children’s book about puppies for some very sweet ladies. I think they have like 9 books written so far…so quite a bit of work there. 

And rarely I have time to freelance some commissions but not as much as I would like to. And that’s it! Any time not spent drawing for clients I spend streaming fanart because I enjoy it. : )

After sex comments with the 2Ps
  • 2P!America:let's do it again~
  • 2P!China:wasn't I great?
  • 2P!England:I need to wash the sheets...
  • 2P!France:don't call me, I'll call you
  • 2P!Russia:...
  • 2P!Italy:when are we getting married?~
  • 2P!Germany:...I should probably untie you now haha
  • 2P!Japan:let's do master and pet next time...
  • 2P!Canada:i'm hungry, let's go have some poutine
  • 2P!Romano:I'm sorry, what was your name again? *laughs*
  • 2P!Austria:how did you like my glorious signature position?
  • 2P!Prussia:I... really love you...
[150729] Xiumin’s Response to the Movie Support

Pann: 시우민 프엑 (감동의 온퍼레이드)오늘민석이 후기ㅠㅠㅠ +프엑추가시우민 프엑ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Translated by Jay and Sarah 

t/n: Two different translations of Xiumin’s message below

They call me Gyunnie.^^ (It’s me Xiumin)

Is everyone faring well in this hot weather…
Yes? Oh is it too hot? What to do… Will Xiumin’s superpower make an appearance~~haha;;                                                                                      
Why am I like this..? What happened to make me say useless thingsㅋㅋ

Honestly, today while I was filming my movie, you guys came in with a surprise present~ 
I was extremely surprised and nervous, so that’s probably why I’m acting crazy right now.^^;;

Not only me, but everyone from the set of “Kim SeonDal” received a ve~~ry cool present~
Thanks to you guys I received an embarrassingly large amount of thank you’s today;;
It’s not something that should be said to me thoughㅡㅜ                                      

I’ll gladly relay all the thank you’s I received today towards you guys.
“Thank you so much”. For giving me so much love….
I honestly gave this a lot of thought and I’ve come to the decision that the only way I can repay this is to only try my hardest to film this movie and have it turn out well so I can show the good result to you guys. Will this be okay…>.<??ㅋㅋ

And also, this is something I’ve always felt but I felt this today as well!!

The fact that EXO-L’s are really…the best!!

To give me so much power….I can’t help but feel recharged!!
To sum things up, I just feel really happy!!ㅋㅋ

Ah! My turn for the relay chatting is coming up soon.

Until then, I hope you guys endure the heat well~ If you think it’s too hot, just think of me.
Cause my character was born with the ability to make this cool…ㅋㅋ

And so to all, you’ve worked hard today.
Baii~~~~~~>.< “

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zealli asked:

hello! I am an aspiring artist and I was wondering if you would be able to explain what you do when you practice art. I have been doing figure drawing and drawing from reference for years but I feel like I havent improved in the slightest and I feel like I am doing something wrong. Thank you!

tbh i don’t do studies and stuff as much as i need to haha, but when i do i try to do more than just mechanically replicate what i see into a presentable drawing

(theres a big difference, for me at least, between studying and just drawing, but it’s really easy to fall into the trap of just drawing and calling it a study)

it depends a bit on what i’m trying to improve on while doing a particular study, but i’ll often pay a lot of attention to things like the function, structure, lighting, and/or colors or whatever of the thing i’m studying, and kind of just really think about and process what i’m drawing as i’m drawing it (rather than going into autopilot mode and/or just “feeling things out”)

another thing i do is observe art (both others’ and my own)
with my own art i look for both things i like and things i dislike, so i can get an idea of what i’m doing right and could/should keep doing, and what i need to improve on or do differently next time
with others’ art (aside from just appreciating them) i observe the way other artists approach things i struggle with or want to improve on, and think about how i could incorporate their approaches into mine

in the same way, i also spend a lot of time just looking around myself at the colors and shapes and lighting etc of everything and thinking about how i could apply my observations into my art

in general though i think it helps to break everything down into small and specific goals, and to focus on improving one thing at a time!

improving in art can be a really overwhelming task because there are so many technical (and also many less technical) things to study and practice, so it’s really easy to get lost in all the information and wind up nowhere in particular

so rather than trying to get good at everything at once, i think it’s much easier to pick a fundamental or two at a time to focus on improving

art fundamentals are really interconnected i think, so as you gain more practice and a better understanding of one fundamental, (from my experience at least) the others usually follow, and the focus of your improvement can almost sort of naturally shift from one thing to another (kind of like a domino effect i guess)

anonymous asked:

will you explain what it means when someone "cowboys" a skill?

It means when they have poor form on a double tuck where their legs are spread wide open instead of their knees together. It’s called “cowboying” because it looks like how someone looks when they’re riding a horse haha. Best example - look at Ivana Hong’s double front vs Nastia Liukin’s. Nastia’s legs are 100% fully apart, like she’s in a straddle with bent knees. Tucked straddle if you will. Ivana’s are glued with her knees in front of her. Cowboying is what divers do when they flip because it creates better aerodynamics but for gymnastics it’s incorrect form.


Here’s what I sound like haha, thanks for the attention!

Your name and username.
Where you’re from.
Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Tumblr, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope, GPOY.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

What’s the bug, that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What do you say to address a group of people?

Be a wizard or a vampire?

How old are you?

Is it cold where you are?

What is your favorite color?

What color are your eyes?

Do you have freckles?

When is your birthday?
What was the last thing you drank?

Would you rather: Have a million dollars or a million friends? 
Eat a taco or a quesadilla? 
Be a shark or an elephant?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you call your grandparents?

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Choose a book and read a passage from it
Do you think you have an accent?

Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

End audio post by saying any THREE words you want

If any of you feel like doing this too, tag me in your posts, I’d love to hear them!

I’ve waited for this day. To finally hold your hand, hug you tight and kiss your lips that we used to do through phone calls and video chats. The long wait is over, i don’t have to dream anymore. But now we’re finally in each others arms. After how many years of waiting, you’re now here on front of me, i just can’t believe it. We survived our so called long distance relationship. I know it’s not easy, what we experienced was really hard especially the time difference. It pains me everyday that i can’t be with you. But now that we’re together we can do the things that we planned when we’re still miles away. First i want to take a picture with you, don’t laugh at me babe if that’s the first thing i want because i want this meeting be memorable and i have to captured it. I want you to meet my family, i want them to meet the person that makes me happy and i am going to spend the rest of my life. We’ll spend quality time with each other. I’ll cook your favorite food and you’ll sing me to sleep at night and i don’t have to record your voice because i can hear it now. I can hug you anytime i want and hold you when i’m feeling down.I can’t believe that this is happening now but i’m glad that we’ve seen each other. You don’t know how much you made me happy. And i’m thankful that you didn’t give up on us even though i know sometimes you feel like giving up. I love you and now we’re experiencing no distance relationship.

anonymous asked:

They have smut writing competitions to see who can write the worst and nick or trucy accidentally find apollos while looking through the work computer i

SHIT AND IT’S BEFORE PHOENIX AND EDGEWORTH GET TOGETHER AND PHOENIX FINDS IT AND IS LIKE “oh what’s this” AND READS IT AND HE’S LIKE “this is……………………………………. GREAT ACTUALLY UM” and just continues to read this smut about him and Edgeworth and Apollo comes in and is like “hey Mr. Wright what are you doing” and PHOENIX IS BLUSHING SO MUCH AND CLOSES IT AND IS LIKE “ahhahhahahahhhHAHHAHAH nothing muc h on a completely unrelated note what are your views on homosexuality” and later he calls Edgeworth and is like “soooooooo haha you’re delicious I MEAN DINNER DINNER IS DELICIOUS UM WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE DINNER”

    So, I decided to do this to quell some anxiety (haha who am I kidding, I’m the definition of it) anyhow, this is a  PERMANENT STARTER CALL. What this means is, when you like this post this will give me permission to throw random starters at you, send in memes, or generally camp out in your ask box. This will help in ease the feeling that I’m bothering and you know, the general unsettling feeling we get when we approach RPers. This will also mean you can drop in any time and not have to worry about feeling as if you are bothering,  I do not want anyone to feel that way ever I love interacting even though I am slow as hell. So, yep! You know what to do everyone.