Paul, as I look back, I couldn’t help but wonder why you never left. Our relationship was never easy. And every time I would ask you, why are you choosing to stay with me? You would simply answer, because I love you. For eight years, you’ve fought for your position in my life. And there are times when I would see you get tired. But there was never a time you gave up. I know I’ve not been the best girlfriend for you, but from this day forward, I promise to become the best wife you will ever need. From now on, apart from God, you are my number one priority.

From now on your happiness is my happiness, what makes you sad will make me more sad, and what hurts you will hurt me the most. It has been a long journey my love, and now, we are finally getting married. And it is a great love story because God wrote ours. It was exactly eight years ago today when I said to become your girlfriend. And even then I knew in my heart that you’ll be the same man I would say yes to become my husband. Happy anniversary my love, and I am so excited to finally experience my life with you. We can now do whatever we want and there’s no need to drop me home because now, you are my home.

For the first time, we don’t have to text each other ‘See you later, good night.’ We can finally see it face-to-face right next to each other. I love you Paul, and thank you for giving me your last name. I will love you forever with all my heart.
—  Toni Gonzaga’s Wedding Vow

;;150702 → Inocchi is one of the most hilarious sempais ever

New Language: Yaaaaaaaz, slay? Your gonna slayyyyy me! Yas queen yaaaazzz , queen yaaas slay! Slayyyy queen, you are my queen yaaaaz , yaaaaaasss.

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I'm listening to Pour some sugar on me... annd can you imagine if H was on stage singing it? I think the the naked H dreams were going to become true.

Haha, you may be right ;)

There was a boy who was like 12 and he yelled to this girl “hey are you my hoe” and she was like “yeah obviously” and I said “how old are you” and he replied “old enough” and I said “old enough for what? To get your own sippy cup?” anD HIS WHOLE FRIEND GROUP RIOTED AND APPLAUDED ME