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BTS feels bad while on tour - text scenario

They feel bad because they missed out on something that you did even though they couldn’t possibly be there.

Yeah so I’m not exactly sure what that was haha. I made it because I’m not super happy with my writing right now - which doesn’t mean that I’m stopping, it might just be a little less frequent. And besides, these are really cute and fun to make, so I will now take requests for texts as well!

Fun fact: I absolutely loathe hot weather. The sun makes me grumpy and after months of endless heat I start getting depressed. Are any of you like this? I suffer every summer and half the autumn since it’s so hot here. This is part of the reason I really want to move up north.

I need witchy weather! I need rain and thunder to thrive, haha.

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hey! can i request bts's reaction to their s/o being obsessed with pokemon go and dragging them off to pokehunt together? thanks!!! your au's are really creative btw. some of them are golden and fit perfectly like taehyung's & hobi's beach volleyball. that honestly made my day. speaking of days, hope you're having a nice one! ^^

AH this is good i literally live on pokemon go now. also thank you, compliments about my humor aus make me really happy haha

Namjoon: at first it’s all in good fun, you guys are walking around catching new pokemon but as Namjoon gets tired he starts getting philosophical and asking you things like; “Why do we never think about the Pokemon’s feelings? Do they wanna be caught? How would you feel living in a tiny red and white ball? Is catching them all really a good thing-?”

Yoongi: you try to get him to come with you but he explains that the best way to play pokemon go is when you’re in a bus, you’re not driving, you’re not walking, and yet the app still moves you around and does all the work. If you wanna take a walk around this neighborhood you can, but Yoongi is going to opt into taking a nap instead.

Jin: you know how you can take pictures with pokemon if you see one on the street? That’s what Jin is going to turn your pokehunt into. Not a pokehunt, a pokephotoshoot. 

Hoseok: keeps asking you to help him catch pokemon because he’s not good at it. Will totally climb up a fence with your phone if the pokemon is somewhere hard to reach because Hoseok loves you. Doesn’t complain when he gets tired because you’re happy and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Doesn’t know what the pokedex is. 

Taehyung: likes adventure and likes pokemon so this is like a dream date for him, but at some point he’s going to switch from the app to snpachat and start recording you frantically running up and down the same block to find that one pokemon you missed and the video’s gonna be blurry when you check his story and all you’ll hear is Taehyung’s laughter and him occasionally calling you “cute”. 

Jimin: not really sure how the app works, or like what the point is, but seeing you happy and smiling and getting excited literally sparks the warmest feelings in Jimin’s heart so he will follow you to the ends of the earth for that legendary pokemon it’s taken you the last 15 hours to find. 

Jungkook: you didn’t drag him outside, he dragged you and it’s been 8 hours nonstop walking around and Jungkook refuses to stop and get a drink or a snack and wow you’re regretting pokemon for the first time in your LIFE. 

Thank you so much everyone

Thank you thank you and thank you again for all the support for my Steven Universe fan comic “what happened after the answer”. It was really fun to do, of course it took a lot of work and a lot of time but I enjoyed doing it, and you were all so nice with me with the little comments and the tags too (I love reading them, even on other drawings they make me smile and laugh sometimes haha) So thank you again soooooo much ~hug everyone~ I hope you enjoyed it too!!! Links to the full comic: http://nina-rosa-draw.tumblr.com/post/148005633964/what-happened-after-the-answer-full-comic-part-1 http://nina-rosa-draw.tumblr.com/post/148006052619/what-happened-after-the-answer-full-comic-part-2 THANK YOU

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Finally got back into drawing and as always I turned some characters into fluffy animals // I can’t help it, this is fun //
So as I’ve been a lot into Idolish7 I thought hey why not? (I’ve been having trouble with human anatomy lately sobs //)
It all started with Sogo… Then Tamaki… Then Iori and Mitsuki :,^) and I plan on making more hAHA help me


Character Playlist Tag

I was tagged by @nicole-simsessed and @geekischic  ♥  This is a really fun one! I actually wanted to make a character playlist for ages, so this is probably going to get long… 
I tag: @lyrea, @jepensedoncjesims, @charmed-sisters, @treason-and-plot and whoever else wants to do this. It’s a really fun one.

Garbage - You Look So Fine - This one is my all time favorite soundtrack for Letty. It’s just all the way perfectly fitting song.

Dion - The Wanderer - This one’s probably more me than Letty, but still, let’s count all the guys she’s been with… and take a moment of silence for them… haha

Patricia Kaas - Les Hommes Qui Passent - This one’s perfectly fitting too, it’s French, but here’s English translation for those who curious. 

Patricia Kaas - Mademoiselle chante le blues - Yet another perfectly fitting one from Kaas. Here’s English edition. These are also fitting for her music career too. 

Meredith Brooks - Bitch - This one would be perfectly fitting for all her romantic relationships. 

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Sooo I wanted to make a follow forever for a while now but i was too lazy to do it. But yeah here it is now. 

Even though I’ve been on tumblr for a couple of years now I’ve never made a follow forever so excuse me if this one sucks haha.

First of all I want to thank every single person that is following me. I’ve had so much fun being on this side of tumblr. Even though I haven’t been really active for the last few months I kept gaining followers and I really appreciate that. 

A special shootout to my main nigga @madridistah Even tho i hate her at the moment bcs she keeps pointing out that I’m missing out on things. Fuck you for that 🖕🏾🖕🏾😂 Other than that i do enjoy talking to her so that’s nice. ❤️👌🏾


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Screenshots from BIGGER AND BOOMIER | The Last Leviathan #2! :)

Why is just watching Jack build ships so much fun? xD I love seeing how into this game he gets especially when he starts destroying stuff in this game. That’s something I’ve always liked about Jack’s videos no matter what kind of game he plays he has a big way of making it fun to sit and watch. :) Or for me anyway he does. :P That’s probably because him and I share a very similar love for video games and we both think very similarly too. So when he has genuine fun with a game I guess I just get and understand where he’s coming from. 

But yeah I really liked this video. ^_^ I think Jack needs to sing the song White Flag for one of these videos haha! :D


Tagged by the amazing and lovely @shirehobbit for the personal aesthetic meme! Thank you so much friend, this was really fun to do! It’s obvious my love for spirituality, nature, great stories, and pretty buildings shine through here, haha. 

Tagging a million people because I’m sure you all have rad personal aesthetics and I’d love to see them all so!! @insertcoolpunhere, @elusivist, @sam-murott, @cuttlefishgarden, @mirka-dragon, @bread-making-vikings, @itistimetodisappear, @berserkdragon, @dianag-j, @jellybeanjeans, @sweetmoonbeam17, @dyannehs, @jennis41digsdragons, @kingofthewilderwest, @khaleesi-theunburnt, @priincessyona, @singing-supper 

So, I’ve learned over the years to be less of a deeply judgmental jerk about certain things, because when you work in the industry long enough, you realize that even if you didn’t like a thing, there’s still probably a big group of people behind it that worked really hard on it and did their best under the circumstances that they were given. Like, I’m kind of able to see the person working hard behind everything now. I can’t hate on stuff the way I used to unless it hits me in a moral place. 

I mean, haha, when you become the target of people making fun of a thing that they didn’t know that you drew, it becomes abundantly clear how much being the target of that shit sucks. I spent years working on a product that wasn’t made for me, but me and my teammates worked really hard on it and did the best we could. I think I’ve started to see and feel that way about other peoples’ stuff now too. 

I mean how many dreamworks movies have come out where I would much rather have the art book than watch the movie, anyway


More Idolish7 fluffles haha // Gaku is a snow leopard, Riku is a red fox and Tenn is a pink champagne fox :,3c I’ve got ideas for Nagi and Yamato, but I’m still stuck on what Ryuu could be :< And more too hmmm still got lots to think about~

But oh boy I’m so in love with how Gaku looks // these are really fun to make, I hope to draw more and more `v´

[Sougo, Tamaki, Iori and Mitsuki here]

Very imperfect drawing–makes me cringe. But hey! It was for fun.
I felt like I owned Furge a more carefree version of his Sans xD.
So here ya go. A horrible picture of Asy doing a hula dance.

External image

Okay, okay… let’s see… a plot.
Frisk was preparing for a traditional Hawaiian dance (for school, lol I dun know). Somehow Asy got her stuff, blah blah blah–
Cue picture! 


haha this looks really cute XD silly ones :3 Thank you!!!

Down to the Bone
  • Down to the Bone
  • JT Machinima

Down to the Bone by JT Machinima (through the first chorus)


it took me a few days to do this (I’m not very good at drawing the skelebros yet… and this is only the second time I’m attempting the underfell bros) - but i had a lot of fun doing it… er, maybe too much.

go give JT Machinima’s full song a watch & like/subscribe! i’ve been kind of addicted to this ever since I stumbled across it, haha. i actually ended up feeling like it really fit the underfell skelebros better than the classic skelebros, and i wanted to try making one of these! learned a whole lot about expressions and body language and framing and orz//// there’s a few things i’d wanna fix tbh (crossed the left/right lines a few times w/o setup) but hey ʅ(〃∀〃)ゞ i’m away from home for a week+ so i didn’t want to let it fall by the wayside.

tl;dr! hope you like it & go check out the original song & artist, JT Machinima!

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hey do you have a list of lams fics you could recommend? I'm running low on some and want to know your favorites thanks :)

Lams Fic eh…ASK NO MORE ANON!! 
First things first, let’s get the self promotion out of the way- 
Wait For It by XLittlemissfangirl

Now my current Favourite Lams fic is 

Something They Can Never Take Away by a_mind_at_Work (SHE HAS A TUMBLR @undiscoveredstory Jessie is honestly a sweetheart and I’m slowly trying to become friends on my main blog haha, she writes one shots and it’s great!!) Her writing is really well done and she has you hanging on every chapter, and the lams is real. 

Son’s of Libertea by fihli- Now this is just an amazing Fic not only is John a sassy kid whose a boss at making coffee’s but the Hamilsquad are all working together and it’s great fun in general. 

Eye’s like broken Christmas Lights by Pippin- This fic is honestly beautiful and it’s followed by more little fics so seriously check this one out.

(Hamilton has his) Eyes on You by mihaly - Can you tell I’m modern day trash…I am…this gets a little into the smut side but sooo worth it. 

Currently that’s all I can think off but I’ll keep posting updates! XD hope this is okay!!

Remember if you want a mini fic you can always request it, and if you just want to say hello!!!! 

hey i get that this is something not usually done with any bad intentions or anything and ppl are just trying to make fun of homophobes but like. could we pls stop with the jokes about conversion therapy camps that are something along the lines of “haha what do they think will happen if they put gay kids in one camp with each other” bc like.. conversion therapy really isnt something to be made fun of imo, its terrifying, and theres also the implications that gay ppl will immediately engage in sexual and/or romantic acts with each other which is something thats already such a nasty stereotype (that gay ppl are just oversexed and wanna fuck all the time). also ppl in conversion therapy are usually children and teenagers, so implying anything sexual there is especially gross tbh.

so yeah idk i know a lot of ppl will disagree and not see it as that bad of a thing and im not trying to shame anyone or whatever, i just personally find these kind of jokes really icky for above mentioned reasons and they kinda freak me out even if its not ill intended

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jess going to stars hollow to "shake things up" ie tell luke he needs to propose to lorelai already. jess coming back to stars hollow for the wedding as lukes best man. april waiting on ms patty and babette in the diner so jess can avoid their flirty comments and grabby hands. jess showing lane's sons magic tricks when they stop by the diner for donuts. jess and lorelai making fun of luke's inevitable grumpiness. jess and luke in the diner and him being mature but still snarky. yaas the revival!

haha ya id really like to see jess interact more with other characters in the revival! and like you said for him to just be like….mature lol :) 



This sums up most of this video really well doesn’t it? xD

Screenshots from OIL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL | Turmoil #5! :D

Yay more Turmoil love this series! ^_^ I’m definitely buying this game next time I can get money for steam it looks so fun. xD 

It’s so much fun watching Jack play this game I can’t explain it I just like how he is when he plays this game in these videos. If that makes any sense? His commentary is really good in these videos and even though this game is kind of simple he still has so much fun with it and is super into it and I just have fun watching that I guess. Haha! :)  


I got into kind of an aesthetic mood so I wanted to make an aesthetic board based off of my good friend @largecat!! It was really fun to make and I hope I did an alright job and conveyed his personality well haha. 

I might make some more based off of my other friends if I’m feelin’ up to it. Hope ya enjoy! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧