I’m not gay. I like women. But I realized that if I say I’m not and vehemently deny it, it’s rude and hurtful to people who are actually gay. It’s just a matter of preference, and it’s just that everyone is different with different values. I decided I don’t care even if people who have prejudices about me think that way. Recently, those rumors were posted in the group chat room with Super Junior members and the managers. I was thinking, ‘Who is this?’ while reading it, and it turned out it was me at the end. The members and I laughed a lot about it. When the label asked if we should counter it, I said no. I’d of course, counter it if they were rumors about me doing illegal things. At first, I didn’t like those rumors, so I grew a beard and cut my hair. But recently, I talk about the rumors myself so much that my mother texted me and asked what I’d do if I got caught up in rumors again, haha. - Heechul, Super Junior

interviewer: the x-files is set to come ba-

david duchovny: no, i’m not living with gillian anderson. we are not dating. why does this keep coming up? who is starting these rumors? haha no i am not dating gillian anderson


Haha: There were rumors you were dating G-Dragon previously. How did that come about?

Dara: As a public relations representative, I went to Big Bang’s concert, and we were on the way to our after party. G-Dragon said, ‘It’s just a concept,’ and put his arm around me as we went. I didn’t know that it would make headlines like that.

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So u dyed your hair right? But why are there rumors that people seen u have blue hair as a baby ?? Sorry for asking soming like this , Im just confusing.

Haha, are there rumors about me?;;

170: Depois de rumores que vocês tinham terminado o namoro, ele posta uma foto.


subtitle: Really we're not boyfriend because we're engaged now .
Legenda: Realmente não estamos mais namorado, porque estamos noivos agora.


subtitle: These rumors make me crazy haha

Legenda: Esses rumores me deixa louco haha


subtitle: Rumors, romores. All false.

Legenda: Rumores, romores. Todos falsos.


subtitle: Do not believe everything you hear out there. I love yourname.Legenda: Não acreditem em tudo que vocês escutam por ai. Eu amo seunome.


subtitle: Breakup? I think not.

Legenda: Fim de namoro? Acho que não.

Some of you guys on here really be like

Hey goodmorning to all my friends including my bestfriend :) haha i remember back in highschool me and my bestfriend had alot of adventures like we would gas eachother all the time :) We brokeup because she spread rumors about me and I just couldn’t be apart of a friendship like that haha :) The rumors were about me and my boy friend.

Omg guys!!! I’m so happy right now! Even if that seems mean. Brumar is no more! They broke up! My favorite instagram fan account posted a video of Bruna’s interview and this comment was made. I don’t know guys. I’m just so happy haha the rumors have been confirmed!

And can I just add… no one better be having his babies but me… lol jk jk thats weird lol

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I'm curious as to your thoughts on the my croft scene. Betting on Mycroft's life and losing the war against women. Since its in his mind, do you think they are premonitions to say, Mycroft's death and Sherlock "losing the war"on the womenfolk of the series? Would love to hear your opinion! Thanks.

Hi! :)

I don’t think Mycroft’s comment about “this is a war we must lose” had anything to do with women at all, actually. Of all the characters in Sherlock’s MP simulation, Mycroft and Moriarty are the only two who consciously rub up against reality. Mycroft drops sentences like “the virus in the data,” pushing the walls of the MP very obviously (and making it clear that their conversation is entirely subtextual – “Holmes” and “Mycroft” both know that this is just Sherlock working out an entirely different issue). And then Jim flat out says none of this is real. 

I think there are possibly a few metaphors at work here but the most obvious––and, it seems, the most popular according to the metas I’ve read––is that women’s rights=gay rights. But to be more specific, I think it refers to Sherlock and John and how they’ve spent the last few years fighting their own feelings for one another. @heimishtheidealhusband explains it best in her meta Thank You, Wilder, but Watson is portrayed as paranoid of this “invisible enemy” (socialists? anarchists? suffragists?) which fits with him being super closeted and defaulting to “no homo” moments when things get too feelingsy with Sherlock (see: their dance lessons). (The guy literally just married a woman and she is right there on his arm at their wedding and he still gets all HAHA GAY RUMORS AMIRITE BRO when Sherlock mentions they danced together, sorry I’m still not over that, JOHN for the love stop being such a dude.)

I’m just going to quote @heimishtheidealhusband for the “losing the war” bit because I can’t say it any better:

John: “But these enemies, how are we to defeat them if you won’t tell us about them?”

Mycroft: “We don’t defeat them. You most certainly lose to them.”

John: “Why?”

Mycroft: “Because they are right and we are wrong.”

Hoo boy. Are you seeing where this is going yet? Mycroft can’t tell Sherlock and John “the solution” – they have to figure it out for themselves. Furthermore, Mycroft is telling John and Sherlock that the nameless “other”, a mirror for the gays, is not actually an enemy at all; but that they are right and that John and Sherlock will most certainly lose to them. In which case, you might be asking, who is the “we” Mycroft is referring to, here? Well, the establishment. Heteronormativity. Privilege. At a textual level, the ice man is talking to super-hetero-mustached John and deerstalker-wearing-Sherlock. Those are the characters who will, according to Mycroft, deservedly lose.

I’ll just add that if the whole ghost bride plot was real, it would be absurd for Mycroft to have solved the case but send Sherlock out to see if he can figure it out too just for shits and grins. Men were getting picked off and murdered one by one. So again, within Sherlock’s mind, Mycroft and Holmes aren’t talking about the women at all. They’re talking about Sherlock and John. And Watson is still in the dark. (Both because John is as an actual human, and because Sherlock isn’t ready to discuss this with him yet. “I’m in love with my BF whose assassin wife is pregnant and tried to killed me” is about as “it’s complicated” as a relationship status gets.)

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are you sure you would know if kian was abusing andrea..? i mean maybe hes really good at hiding it, a lot of times in cases of abuse the abuser seems completely innocent. not hating, or jumping to conclusions. im just worried, maybe theres something wrong with kian? please dont take this the wrong way, im really not trying to be rude, i just have known people who have been abused in relationships and it was completely unexpected <3

kian tells me everything, me and him are so close. we literally sit around for hours almost every night just talking

i know kian so well and i swear that is the last thing he would ever do, he is such a nice person he would never hurt anyone 

kian and andrea are perfectly fine btw haha rumors on the internet go nuts, they are very happy together =]