The rumor comes out: Does my sons are Gay? 

But really, it was nice to have two boys singing love song together for a change! I had to whip out my tablet right after watching it. ;//u//; Artstyle inspired by the wonderful Shmoof

170: Depois de rumores que vocês tinham terminado o namoro, ele posta uma foto.


subtitle: Really we're not boyfriend because we're engaged now .
Legenda: Realmente não estamos mais namorado, porque estamos noivos agora.


subtitle: These rumors make me crazy haha

Legenda: Esses rumores me deixa louco haha


subtitle: Rumors, romores. All false.

Legenda: Rumores, romores. Todos falsos.


subtitle: Do not believe everything you hear out there. I love yourname.Legenda: Não acreditem em tudo que vocês escutam por ai. Eu amo seunome.


subtitle: Breakup? I think not.

Legenda: Fim de namoro? Acho que não.

Rumors - June 28th, 2016 - ZPD Headquarters
  • Nick: *walking down the hall with Judy* I guess I just don't understand why I can't come over.
  • Judy: Look, I've just got... Work to do. That's all. I'm busy. *sips coffee*
  • Nick: Mmhm. *sips coffee and smirks* Busy trying to keep everyone from thinking we slept together.
  • Judy: Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh... *laughs awkwardly*
  • Nick: Carrots, you're not slick. Every time I spend the night, you spend the entire next morning talking really loudly about how it was nice having me sleep on the couch and how "nice" it was for you to sleep in your bed, alone, without anyone else at all. *rolls eyes* Whatsoever.
  • Judy: ...I just didn't want rumors spread. That's all.
  • Nick: Like... Would it be so bad if everyone thought we were together? Not saying I want to. *shrugs nonchalantly* Hypothetical situation.
  • Judy: *blushes* I guess not. No one would really believe the rumors anyway, right? Its not like anyone thinks we're together right now, right?
  • Nick: ...*laughs* I'll see ya later, Hopps. *walks off*
  • Judy: Wait. I'm right, right? Nick?