The rumor comes out: Does my sons are Gay? 

But really, it was nice to have two boys singing love song together for a change! I had to whip out my tablet right after watching it. ;//u//; Artstyle inspired by the wonderful Shmoof


Though this wasn’t officially in the manga, I honestly wish it was.

Law looks so adorably awkward and shy about being thanked for what he did, let alone receiving something as a peace offering from someone who’s relationship is practically on the level of business acquaintances through the alliance.

It puts into perspectives the nasty little rumors that the Supernovas back in Sabaody were talking about, and that he was suppose to be known for his brutality.

But much like many of the characters-particularly the  Strawhat Crew-those rumors hardly reflect what he really is like in person, and that he’s truly a good guy at heart.

((Definitely have Cora-san to thank for that.))

interviewer: the x-files is set to come ba-

david duchovny: no, i’m not living with gillian anderson. we are not dating. why does this keep coming up? who is starting these rumors? haha no i am not dating gillian anderson

Rumors - June 28th, 2016 - ZPD Headquarters
  • Nick:*walking down the hall with Judy* I guess I just don't understand why I can't come over.
  • Judy:Look, I've just got... Work to do. That's all. I'm busy. *sips coffee*
  • Nick:Mmhm. *sips coffee and smirks* Busy trying to keep everyone from thinking we slept together.
  • Judy:Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh... *laughs awkwardly*
  • Nick:Carrots, you're not slick. Every time I spend the night, you spend the entire next morning talking really loudly about how it was nice having me sleep on the couch and how "nice" it was for you to sleep in your bed, alone, without anyone else at all. *rolls eyes* Whatsoever.
  • Judy:...I just didn't want rumors spread. That's all.
  • Nick:Like... Would it be so bad if everyone thought we were together? Not saying I want to. *shrugs nonchalantly* Hypothetical situation.
  • Judy:*blushes* I guess not. No one would really believe the rumors anyway, right? Its not like anyone thinks we're together right now, right?
  • Nick:...*laughs* I'll see ya later, Hopps. *walks off*
  • Judy:Wait. I'm right, right? Nick?

Omg guys!!! I’m so happy right now! Even if that seems mean. Brumar is no more! They broke up! My favorite instagram fan account posted a video of Bruna’s interview and this comment was made. I don’t know guys. I’m just so happy haha the rumors have been confirmed!

And can I just add… no one better be having his babies but me… lol jk jk thats weird lol