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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (this one, final)


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

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MC jokingly puts a gift wrapping bow on her head and tells the RFA that she's their present when they ask her if she got them a present for their birthday how would they react of they weren't dating mc but had a huge crush on her?

Gah. I’m sososo sorry for not writing recently D:

b u t hope you enjoy ^~^


MC as a Birthday Present ♡


  • (March 12th)
  • Everyone had been busy on his birthday…except you
  • (He was quite bittersweet about it. He was happy to spend time with you but… but… why didn’t anyone make time for him on his birthday?!?!)
  • So you decided to take him out to a LOLOL con, surprising him with tickets– WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SOLD OUT, SO HE WAS REALLY SHOCKED
  • He almost cried tears of joy when you showed him the tickets upon meeting up, and jumped to hug you reaaaaally tightly
  • …only to realize what he was doing
  • “Wahhh!!! I’m so sorry, MC, I got a bit too excited…” he apologized, his cheeks so red that it rivaled Seven’s hair. He inched away from you, feeling ashamed of himself
  • After all, he was a strong believer in only acting intimately with your significant other!! More importantly… he really, really liked you… It was kinda embarrassing to act so bold…
  • But you laughed it off, and dragged him by the hand to lead him into the convention center
  • There was SO MUCH MERCH
  • all of which he couldn’t buy
  • He hadn’t been prepared for this, after all…
  • You noticed his teary eyes as he stared hopelessly at everything… and ended up buying him a few charms
  • He also spent about half an hour following cosplayers of his favourite character, and you had to push him towards them
  • Needless to say, it wasted a lot of time but hey, whatever, it’s his birthday
  • When it was time to go home, he honestly didn’t wanna go back… He wanted to spend more time with you. Nervously, he asked, “H-hey, MC… wanna come over to my place? B-BUT NOT FOR ANYTHING BAD, it’s just getting late and you shouldn’t go home alone… a-and I want to spend more time with you…”
  • The last of his words came out as a whisper, his hands covering his cheeks in embarrassment
  • He asked so cutely though. Of course you followed him home :D
  • When you reached the apartment, though, he couldn’t unlock the door for some reason, so he ended up asking you to try. As you did, he began to say, “Uhm, thank you for today. It’s really the best gift I’ve ever received…”
  • You paused in your movement, a small laugh escaping your lips. “But that’s not even my gift! Jumin got the tickets… Hmm, I do feel bad I couldn’t properly prepare a present, but…”
  • You took out a gift-wrapping bow and placed it on your head. “But you could have me instead~?” you joked
  • His heart was going W I L D, gosh what are you doing to this poor boy!?!
  • His eyes narrowed with determination as he grasped at your shoulder. “I’d want you,” he said quietly. “That would be the best gift in the worl–”
  • “HEY, HANDS OFF!” The door flung open, revealing a mad, glaring Zen. “I know it’s your birthday, but there’s a limit to how selfish you can be!”
  • Yoosung gaped at the interior of his apartment, decorated with streamers and banners and presents. Jaehee offered a sheepish smile, “Surprise? Well… Zen kind of ruined it…”
  • Yoosung quickly removed his hand from your shoulder, already regretting his bold actions from before. “I-I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING TO MC!!”
  • With an irritated look, Zen crossed his arms intimidatingly, his muscles bulging, a sadistic smile upon his face. “I think it’s time for some birthday punches, don’t you?”


  • (April 1st)
  • “Do they seriously think we don’t notice them?” Zen sighed, pressing his face into his hands. “Grrr, I thought I’d finally be able to have some alone time with you…”
  • You tilted your head, “Alone time…?”
  • His cheeks flushed red as he tried to cover up his mistake, “N-no! But I mean, it’s just, I’ve hung out with everyone else separately before and uhm, I was just excited to hang out with the new member too?” Despite his acting skills, he found it difficult to act and well, essentially lie, to you…
  • “It’s okay, we can still do whatever you had planned… I’m sure they’ll tire of us soon,” you offered a gentle smile, easing him of his worries. He nodded in consideration of that, and returned the smile.
  • Unfortunately for the both of you, they didn’t get tired of you. In fact, they had somehow managed to prank Zen at every street you guys crossed…
  • There was an entire street that suddenly advertised cats and had cat fur outfits on display, making Zen sneeze the entire time… then there were bouquets of flowers thrown at Zen which wasn’t bad, except that they were wrapped with catnip which attracted seemingly HUNDREDS of cats??! …not to mention random flour flying through the air, landing near the two of you…
  • “They’re such children!” Zen fumed, narrowing his eyes. Despite the glare, he still looked handsome, captivating all the women (and even men) around him. Whispers spread amongst the crowd, and there was suddenly a mob sent after them after someone screamed “It’s Zen the actor!!”
  • (run omg)
  • You spent the entire day running from pranks and fans, finally taking a break in a dark alleyway… wait, dark? The two of you stared up at the stars overhead. Well, that was a birthday wasted.
  • Zen plopped on a trashcan, sighing heavily. “I’m sorry you had to go through that because of me… It must’ve been really annoying for you… ugh, and this had to happen even after you so graciously offered me your entire day to spend with me. I’m so sorry…”
  • He looked so guilty even though it wasn’t his fault, you felt your heart aching for him. Pranks like this happened year after year, the pranks of April Fool’s Day preceding birthday wishes.
  • “Cheer up, Zen! I don’t really have anything to give you right now, but… you can do anything you want with me!” you beamed.
  • He stammered, “W-wait, anything I want…?”
  • Control the beast. Control the beast. COntrolcontrolcontrolcontr-
  • “Yep! If you want someone to clean up your house- since you live alone, or tend to your every need for a day, I’m here!” you said with determination, pointing to yourself.
  • Zen let out a deep breath. Haha, riiight…
  • He buried his face into his hands. Goddammit, you were just too cute.


  • (December 28th)
  • She hadn’t expected anyone to do anything for her birthday O_O
  • “MC, th-thank you for doing this,” she murmured softly, cheeks flushing a light pink as she gazed at you with nothing but gratefulness in her eyes (much to your disappointment, that is)
  • “You don’t have to thank me~” you grinned, swinging an arm around her cheekily. “I love you after  all~”
  • She brought a hand to her lips as she let out a soft chuckle, murmuring to herself quietly, “So this is what it’s like having a best friend… It’s nice to be cared for.”
  • Choosing not to comment on that, you laced your fingers through hers, gently tugging at her hand to drag her towards the train station. “Come on!” you exclaimed with excitement
  • The two of you sat next to each other on the train, your head resting on her shoulder as you shared your music with her, the pair of earbuds connecting the both of you. The train moved quickly towards the mountains, every bump on the tracks causing the two of you to press closer to each other. Although you didn’t mind, a light blush coloured Jaehee’s cheeks
  • She shyly stared at your reflection in the window, watching as you gradually nodded off. She gently stroked your hair, soothing you to sleep…
  • You woke up just in time for your stop, pouting at Jaehee for not waking you up earlier. The two of you arrived near the peak of a mountain just as the sun began to set. 
  • “Waaaahhh, I lost so many hours of being able to talk to you by falling asleep!! Why didn’t you wake me?! I wanted to spend all of your birthday with youuuu…” you groaned. Your cute antics made her laugh, and you found yourself smiling with her, noticing how delighted she looked.
  • Her soft, gentle gaze made you blush a bit, and you quietly walked beside her on the mountain trail. It was a silent walk, albeit not uncomfortable. Soon, you neared the warm red-orange hues of the sun, finding an opening behind the trees.
  • From where the two of you stood, you could see all the way below the mountain… the surrounding forest of colourful leaves, the stream flowing into the glacial lake… all under a pinkish-purple sky with rays of light raining upon the view.
  • It was mesmerizing, and you reached for her hand, grasping it tightly as you admired the natural scenery together…
  • While it only lasted a few minutes, it had been a beautiful experience for both of you.
  • “Thank you, MC… It’s really nice to see something like this, especially since I’m cooped up in the office most of my days. Although, it does make me appreciate today even more… I’m glad I got to experience it with you. Oh… you don’t happen to have another gift, do you? Haha, I feel like I’ve already received so much from you,” Jaehee murmured, blushing slightly.
  • You fidgeted with your fingers, then pointed at the ribbon in your hair. “I actually wore this b-because I don’t really have a gift… all I can offer is myself…” 
  • Although she stared at you with a lost expression, inside, her heart was H A M M E R I N G. Even more than it does for Zen!!
  • Her fingers trembling, she gently pulled you into a hug, thinking to herself, ‘MC’s too cute and innocent… oh, I really don’t want anyone else to see her like this… I just… want her all to myself…’


  • (October 5th)
  • Why.
  • The one word repeated itself in your mind over and over again like a mantra, beads of sweat rolling down your face as you tried to maintain a smile.
  • There you were, sitting across from none other than Jumin Han in a high-class… EMPTY banquet hall. He had reserved the entire place just for the two of you.
  • “J-Jumin… today is your birthday… shouldn’t I be treating you?” you asked him nervously, eyes shifting as you felt awkward in the empty vicinity.
  • He cocked his head in confusion, “Am I not allowed to take you out somewhere of my choosing on my birthday?” (sigh, he just doesn’t know how to express that he wants to spend time with you)
  • “Well… when you put it like that…” you frowned, still feeling  extremely awkward and guilty.
  • “Then there’s no problem, is there?” he chuckled in amusement, a brief twinkle in his eyes.
  • Luckily for you, the tension simmered down to nothing as the hours stretched on and the conversation flowed through.
  • The sky was still a fair azure blue when the two of you stepped out, despite the nearing autumn. “Jumin, I still don’t think it’s right that you’re treating me when it’s your birthday… Let me make it up to you, pretty please?” you jut out your lower lip slightly, staring up at him with pleading eyes.
  • “Hm… what do you have in mind?”
  • You smiled in relief, then instructed Driver Kim where to go in whispers, making sure Jumin wouldn’t find out. “Hehe~ It’ll be a quick drive. Put this on, I don’t want you to find out where we’re headed!” You handed him a black blindfold, and his breath hitched.
  • ‘What I wouldn’t give to tie that around MC’s eyes and—‘ he caught himself, shaking off the perverse thought. Instead, he offered a strained smile as he let MC put it on him, shivering slightly from the feeling of her fingers in his hair.
  • The duration of the ride was fairly quiet, as you kept whispering details of the location to Driver Kim. When you led Jumin out of the car, laughter and music found its way to his ears. He furrowed his eyebrows, not quite recognizing these sounds. You finally removed the blindfold from his eyes, allowing him to see the festival you’d brought him to.
  • His eyes widened, “This is…?”
  • “A fireworks festival to celebrate the full moon! It lasts the whole week, and I’m just glad I could bring you here… I just thought it’d be nice to try something new,” you explained, blushing shyly at the end.
  • Jumin felt an overwhelming adoration for you welling up in his chest. He had never been to a (commoner’s) festival before… let alone celebrate his birthday in any other way than a fancy dinner…
  • As excited as you were to drag him around the booths, he ended up dragging you around, his curiosity getting the best of him as he took interest in each stall, feeling amazed by everything.
  • …It was almost sad to see that, by the end of the festival, he still hadn’t won a single thing from any of the game booths. His lips were curled into a permanent pout, eyebrows furrowed in determination to shoot at the stuffed cat.
  • BAM!
  • His mock-bullet flew towards the cat! …and knocked off its bow instead.
  • The old man managing the stall shook his head in pity, “You’ve got some terrible aim there, young lad… Tell ya what, I’ll just give this bow to you. Try again next time, buddy.”
  • Jumin stared at the bow with a frown, wondering what the hell he was even supposed to do with it. He turned his back on it, stomping off like a kid. (Zen: hah, what a sore loser!)
  • You chased after him, grabbing the bow before you left. He seemed to be heading back to the car where Driver Kim was waiting, and you grabbed his arm before he crossed the road. “Jumiiin, it’s the first thing you’ve won from a festival, shouldn’t you cherish it more?”
  • He scoffed, “I have no use for it. Keep it.”
  • “Hmmm. Theeen, since I don’t have a gift for you today…” You clipped the bow to the front of your shirt. “You could have me instead? Hahaha~ Just kiddi-”
  • His face had neared yours in the middle of your sentence, eyes dark with desire at your words.
  • “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, MC…” he said huskily, staring into your eyes like he was about to devour you.
  • Your cheeks flushed red at his words, backing away slightly. At that moment, Driver Kim pulled up to the curb and you just L EA PED inside.
  • Startled, Jumin stares after you, bursting out into laughter. Secretly, he thought to himself, ‘MC never fails to amuse me… If she was mine… would we able to spend time like this all the time? Hm.’


  • (June 11th)
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”
  • “I said NO, dammit, don’t get another duck!”
  • Seven pouted as he turned his head towards you, his hands still operating the claw machine. “But MC, all of the prizes are just sooo cute!!”
  • “There’s no difference,” you deadpanned.
  • He gasped, HORRIFIED that you would say that! “This one is smiling! And this one has sunglasses! And this one has its tongue sticking out… and this one has a wink… What do you mean, there’s no difference? I’m disappointed in you, MC, tsk tsk.”
  • Before you could even begin to protest, he winked, “Besides, it’s MY birthday after all. And you’re my slave for the day~”
  • At that, you shut up. How did this happen again?
  • Ah, right. It all started when you had jokingly—ahem, let me say it louder for the redhead in the back, JOKINGLY said that you’d be Seven’s birthday gift.
  • -Flashback-
  • Your bedroom door swung open and CRASHED to the floor, awaking you immediately. “GoOd morning, MC, it’s my BIRTHDAY!” Seven yelled, blowing into a toy trumpet as he waltzed around your room. It was 7 in the morning. jfc seven, NO.
  • Not long after you got dressed, he began pestering you for a gift. Truth to be told, you had no idea that it was his birthday, so you didn’t have anything prepared… (He’s a hacker, he keeps all his personal info to himself! It honestly wasn’t your fault)
  • You rolled your eyes, taking a red pen and drawing a ribbon on your wrist. “Well, you could always have me as your present instead…”
  • His eyes shone, and you already regretted letting those words leave your mouth.
  • Back to present time, you were walking around the arcade, holding all of Seven’s prizes in large bags… 
  • Grumbling, you muttered, “I still don’t know why I have to do this…”
  • He paused in his steps, cocking his head to face you as he smirked, “Would you have preferred to be a different kind of slave for me, hmm, MC~?”
  • Cue the jaw dropping.
  • And the blush ;)
Subtle (Peter Parker x Reader) Fluff Drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): I don’t know anything anymore.

Request: could you do 100. ‘Sit, relax, I won’t bite.’ and 96. ‘You’re so cute when you’re sleeping.’ with Peter Parker?

100. Sit, relax, I won’t bite.

96. You’re so cute when you’re sleeping.

Warnings: This is super cute. I also said fucking and prick and yeah


You stormed into your friend’s apartment, fuming with resentment. Pausing in the kitchen to greet Aunt May before marching to Pete’s bedroom door; knocking twice. You flattened your shirt a bit, then stared down the wood door until it opened.

“(Y/n),” Peter laughed “did you, did you get my-”

“Yes,” you pierced “I got your prank.”

“Ah, haha, tell me what his face looked like.” Pete laughed on, crossing his  arms, shuffling back to let you enter the room.

You sighed and walked in slowly, shutting the door behind you. “Peter you can’t dose my homeroom teacher in canola oil and ask what his fucking face looked like.”

“Yes I can.” he fell into a seated position on the bed “I just did.”

You rolled your eyes, crossed your arms and continued “How did you know my locker combination? How did you even know we were doing locker inspection today?” you pried.

“You told me,” Peter paused and smiled “both things.”

“I-” you stopped and looked around the room. Your arms drooped to your sides and you chuckled quaintly 

“His face was livid.” you finished.

Peter couldn’t help but below with a distinct laughter. You loved to hear it; a rarity that never happened. He was such a shy kid, but never when he was in his own space.

“Alright, okay, I’m sorry.” he started “I didn’t mean to dose your homeroom teacher with canola oil.

Peter smirked “It was originally for you, Ms. (L/n).

“Oh you are a prick, Mr. Parker.” you groan but had a goof smile of your own. “Your jokes won’t get you out of this one.”

Peter winked at you “Please, ma’am,”

You knew exactly what he was going to say.

“Sit, relax. I won’t bite.” patting the seat next to himself on the bed.

Though every time he said it, you couldn’t begin to catch all the butterflies in your stomach even with a fishnet.

“You know, Pete,” you drawled, taking his offer and plopping down beside him “I fear one day you will.”

You allowed yourself to tumble backward so you could rest on your back.

Peter poked your hip gently “I don’t know. I’m considering veganism.”

You hummed a laugh and turned away from him, pawing at a pillow and pulling it to your chest.

“Why don’t you have a nap, and rest off that pent up energy?” Pete suggested politely.

“Why would I nap here.” You mumbled, your eyes already slipping closed.

“Because you’re so cute when you’re sleeping.” Peter said bluntly

Your eyes pried open and you lifted your face from the pillow slightly.

About to reply, you opened your mouth but Peter beat you to it.

“Plus I want to watch your every move and take notes for my diary that I have dedicated to you. You might want to move the pillow, too. I want to have a clear look at your face so I can update my sketch log of you, also.”

You didn’t waste time swinging the pillow around to make contact with his face, you both laughing in unison the entire time.


(A/n): I seriously don’t know anything anymore. Help. How do I write gooder

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Hey! If you haven't done this already, can I get some very romantic and fluffy and just SWEET HC's for Saeyoung. I need some Saeyoung fluff rn~

~I mean, I have, ahha. But..Sure, no problem! ^^ I’m always up for more Saeyoung fluff 


  • Carries around photos of you wherever he goes 
  • To show them off
  • Loves to give foot rubs 
  • He lives for it 
  • When you get home from a hard day he sits down on the couch next to you and motions for you to hand him your feet 
  • He rubs them while you talk whether it’s complaining or just gossip and he listens intently 
  • Sometimes he makes fun and says they smell and you just kick him lightly or hold them closer to his face haha 
  • Loves to plant kisses just underneath your ears on your neck, it’s the spot he goes to if you’re busy cooking/working or really whenever 
  • Tickle wars are a thing for you two 
  • You guys build things together sometimes and Saeyoung thinks it is so cute to see you working and thinking as you create with him 
  • When he is overly stressed out, his favorite thing to calm down is laying his head in your lap and having your fingers brushed through his hair or massage his scalp 
  • He also LOVES hand massages, since they hurt a lot due to the work he does 
  • You always hold hands when you guys go out 
  • A lot of times you guys end up planning a meal together, messing around in the grocery store while you gather ingredients and then you cook together, Saeyoung is getting pretty proud of his vegetable chopping abilities but you still have to watch him closely because he always ends up trying to chop way too fast to prove his skill and you don’t want him losing a finger 
  • If you’re stressed or upset he will throw on some music and pull you in for a dance in the living room 
  • Or he strolls out in one of his silly costumes and role plays with you to try and get you to laugh and smile 

#in which jake andy is a dork

MHA AU where everything is the same, except the other kids use All Might merch to bribe Bakugou into doing random little things for them 

Kaminari is the first one to figure it out.

he’s tapping Bakugou on the shoulder during free period. nervously, he asks “Hey Bakugou, could you help me study for the next test?”

and before Bakugou can fire off an angry retort, there’s suddenly an All Might themed mechanical pencil shoved in his face, decorated with the name of the hero’s attacks in bold, comic style script, complete with a tiny little keychain in the shape of All Might’s hair and eyes. Bakugou’s mouth snaps shut.

“I’ll even give you this cool looking pencil I found, dude!! So please, please, pleeeaaase, could you help me? Some of this stuff makes absolutely no sense to me, dude!! I’d ask Yaoyozaru, but she’s already got like, half the class asking her…” Kaminari voice trails off as he notices for the first time that Bakugou isn’t responding to him. Rather, he’s still staring at the pencil in Kaminari’s hand.

A beat passes.

“Uh, Bakugou…? Dude?”

Bakugou seems to snap out of whatever trance he was in, and snatches the pencil from Kaminari. He growls, subdued, and huffs. “Yeah, sure, fine. Meet me in the dorms later, I’ll make you study until your fucking face melts off.”

Kaminari laughs awkwardly, a drop of sweat dripping down the side of his face. “Haha, well, if you say so? As long as I can pass the next test?”

He’s seriously starting to regret this decision. But it’s too late now, he supposes. Ah well. 


Later on, after Kaminari is exhausted from a study session with Bakugou–he looks like a zombie, one of the students cry as he walks in–he shares what he learned with Kirishima. 

He’s sitting next to Kaminari on the couch, patting him on the shoulder and laughing. “You shoulda expected this, dude.” He says cheerfully, not seeming to mind the state his friend is in.

“Yeah. I should’ve….” Kaminari’s voice cracks from exhausted fear, as he leans heavily into the armrest of the couch. 

“But you learned a lot, right?” 

“Yeah, I did…” Kaminari replies. And then his mind goes back to earlier, when he first asked Bakugou for help. How easy it was….

He sits up against the couch, and puts a hand to his chin in thought. “It was actually really easy to get Bakugou to agree to it, though. Way easier than I expected.”

“Well…” Kirishima pauses, and asks, “What’d you say when you asked him?” 

Kirishima runs a hand through his disheveled hair, scratching his head in thought. “That’s the weird thing tho. I offered him a pencil. Just a regular old All Might themed mechanical pencil. But then second he saw it, he got quiet and kept staring at it.”

Hell,” his voice raises in volume along, with his feelings of incredulous disbelief, “He even snatched the thing outta my hand!!

There’s a silence.

“Maybe…” Kirishima begins, slowly. “Maybe he really likes All Might?” 

Kaminari shakes his head, baffled. “But you’ve seen how he acts with sensei!! He’s always really grumpy or glaring or whatever. He never seems happy!!”

Kirishima tilts his head to the side in thought, and finally shrugs. “Well. Maybe we could test it?”

“Test if Bakugou really likes All Might?”

“Test if Bakugou really likes All Might merchandise, at least.”

Kaminari gives him a look of uncertainty, but finally relents. “All right dude. I’m not sure if this’ll work, but go for it.”

Kirishima smiles widely at his friend, and offers a comforting thumbs up in response. 


The next day, Bakugou is quietly sitting at his desk when Kirishima walks up to him. Before he can open his mouth, Bakugou grunts, “What do you want?”

Kirishima smiles, undaunted. “I heard you’re helping Kaminari study. Could I get some of that help too, bro?”

Bakugou growls, “That was just a one time–”

Before he can finish his sentence, something is shoved in his face. Again. 

It’s an All Might themed card. And not just a regular one, either, but a holographic one. It looks rare, or new. Bakugou’s mouth snaps shut.

Kirishima continues. 

“I’ll even give you this super manly card I got the other day if you help me out, dude!!” 

He doesn’t comment on the way Bakugou’s eyes fixate on the card. Or on the way Bakugou doesn’t immediately respond to his words. Or how Bakugou grabs the card out of his hand, in a way that’s both harsh and gentle, so as to not rip the fragile material. 

He doesn’t comment until after Bakugou fixes him with his red eyed stare, and huffs to himself, and finally says “Whatever. I won’t go easy on you, Kirishima. Meet me in the student dorms after class. I’ll make you study until your eyes start bleeding.”

Kirishima lets the threat slide off him, and gives the boy an enthusiastic fist pump. “Cool!! Thanks a lot, dude!!”

“And tell drooly not to miss it, either.” Bakugou mutters, covertly holding the card towards himself. 

Kirishima smiles and nods. “Alright, I’ll remind him. Thanks again!!” With those last words, he turns to head back to his desk, feeling accomplished.


When he finally sits down, Kaminari is already hounding his desk. “So? How’d it go?” He asks.

“Surprisingly… well?” Kirishima shrugs happily.

“What does that mean?!”

“He took the card, dude. Practically ripped it out of my hand and, like, cradled it. I think he actually really likes All Might.”

Kaminari scratches his neck. “Then… why does he always act so angry towards him?”

Kirishima crosses his arms in thought. “Well… maybe…. it’s just one of those things where sometimes you don’t get along with person you admire?” He shrugs again, and smiles. “But whatever. I’ve got a study session with you and Bakugou later, and he told me to remind you.”

Kaminari’s face pales. “Oh no… I’m not sure if I could take another study session with that monster.”

Kirishima laughs at his friend’s dramatics. “C’mon dude, it can’t be that bad, can it?”

He may end up regretting those words later.

Ah well. At least they know something about Bakugou they didn’t before. That’s worth something, right?


“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

Never Smile At A Crocodile

Harry Hook x Reader 

Word Count: 2,622

Warning: none 

Summary:  Anonymous asked,  Any chance of a Harry hook imagine where the reader is the daughter of Tiana/Naveen. I was thinking they could finally figure out Harry was afraid of alligators and helps him overcome the fear

A/N: hey waddup, disclaimer for the obvious. I totally made up how to approach an alligator and that they like to snuggle. pls don’t attempt to snuggle an alligator 

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