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Already shared this with some of you, but I need to share it here too, because it is glorious and funny and excactly how all the abused and annoyed people by TJLC feel. Enjoy XD

(I don’t neccessarily agree with all of the said things, but still: this guy’s video is on point)


Snippet no.3 from the Arslan drma cd. Drunk Arslan and Daryun.

Rough translation~.

Narsus: What happened?

Gieve: That’s wine in the bottle.

Daryun: WHAT!!!??

Elam: Your Highness..

Daryun: Are you alright, Your Highness!!?

Farangis: He looks drunk.

Arslan: Daryun!

Daryun: Y-yes!

Arslan: You’ve always protected me. I’m really grateful to you.

Daryun: Y-Your Highness…!

Arslan: However!

Daryun: Y-yes!

Arslan: I’m not a child anymore!! You don’t have to take care of me all the time, I can do almost everything on my own!!

Daryun: Yes…!

bottlebattler  asked:

Focusing on the idea that Katakuri would be calling Pero, oni-san would kind of put another deeper perspective into his character. It would probably be another look at the fact that he actually really cares about his family more than his demeanor lets on. I mean we already have been shown this through him saving Galette, but just imagine if Katakuri was pissed at what Pedro did to his big brother.

I always like to go with the idea that all the Charlotte siblings do care for one another greatly and will go to great lengths in protecting one another. In a sense, when this arc started and we were introduced to both the Charlotte family and the Vinsmokes, I always saw the Charlotte family as their opposites. 

While the Vinsmokes were cruel and not very supportive of each other, especially towards Sanji, I always see the Charlottes as the opposite of that. And still do to be honest. 

With Katakuri, I see him as being firm, sincere, focused, usually keeps to himself, reserved, and also the kind of guy that doesn’t like to have his time wasted. And yet, despite this, he is extremely loyal to his family and highly protective of them. He cares deeply for each of his siblings but doesn’t often show it outwardly as others do nor as often, which is why I often say he’s very reserved and kept to himself most times. And living with Mama with her temperament, they all have each other to really look to and help each other out in tough times. Sometimes they do have their moments in which they can be at each other’s necks, but in the end, they are still family and really do love and care for one another. 

At least, that’s my two cents on how he is personality wise. A lot of this was given in help from my brother who has RPed Katakuri numerous times and does him beautifully! Though he will always be the perfect Cracker for me! 

The funny thing is that I always see positivity posts and things like “be happy. don’t let negativity ruin your day. self care is important.” And I’m over here, reblogging and laughing, because my form of self care is crying and eating ice cream so I can feel cold and empty for a while before spending the rest of my day organizing and doing my best to clean up my surroundings so it feels almost as if I did the same to my mind and thoughts.