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TD and TP really solidified MattElektra and Kastle after DDS2. Both pairs just have so much chemistry, it would be a shame not to waste it. They play off and challenge each other so well tbh and the audience response has showed as much. Not really a Q but

Haha, your thoughts are always welcome here, even if they don’t require an essay of thoughts in response. 

But yes, I agree! I won’t get too much into it because I feel like I’ve covered this ground extensively in past posts, but whether it was accidental or purposeful or whatever, Marvel Netflix has really hit upon something really special with both Mattelektra and Kastle. And I personally would find it very foolish if they don’t continue to allow the story to organically form around them. That’s not me taking the stance that shows need to cater to fandom or whatever (I think that kind of thing is bullshit) but it’s a simple matter of being able to look at the things that are the strongest in your stories and working the best, and following through on that. Two examples in the specific case of Marvel Netflix – the mere existence of DDS2 before Defenders and the Punisher spinoff. Neither of those things were on the roadmap for Marvel or Netflix. But DDS1 blew people away so hard that it was practically a gimme to get a DDS2 going right away. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher in DDS2 also blew people tf away, so of course you’re going to plan a spinoff for him. Obviously neither of these things had to happen, but they saw the response, they knew it worked, and they adjusted accordingly. I don’t see why this wouldn’t also imply to things that are working in story as well.

I’ll also take a moment to address the chatter I hear sometimes about why some relationships are more valid b/c of comics canon, endgames, blah blah blah. Here’s the thing. Yes, they are adapting existing comic book storylines and relationships but the key word here is adapt. Which to me means, anything goes – there really isn’t a relationship in the mix that feels any more “canon” than the other at this point, and yeah, that even goes for Mattelektra, who have diverged quite a ways away from their original comics storylines anyway. Now of course I want TPTB to respect their shared origins, just as I think it’s right to respect Matt and Karen’s shared stories from the comics as well. But that doesn’t mean don’t change them and make them better for a modern day adaptation (I’m looking at you Born Again!). And it doesn’t mean that a relationship that didn’t originally exist in the comics can’t also be well-written and well-loved by a new group of fans. 

But let’s be clear, as I’ve said many times before – I know that they’ll explore Matt and Karen again in DDS3, and as far as I’m concerned, they have to because it’s been left as a loose end for way too long (since DDS2!) and they have a pre-existing relationship that I genuinely want them to mend and restore, along with their friendship with Foggy (they are my brOT3 and I want them to be enjoying their friendship again damnit). But Matt and Karen repairing their relationship shouldn’t necessarily preclude any continued exploration of Mattelektra and Kastle. Matt and Karen don’t exist in a vacuum. None of these shows happen in a vacuum, at least not from each other. The things that affect these characters in DDS2, TDS1, and TPS1 should naturally be addressed as these characters move forward into DDS3. So call me an optimist, but I really believe you can let Matt and Karen deal with their thing, while also allowing Matt to deal with the emotional fallout of what happened with Elektra, while also allowing Karen to pull at the strings that tie her to Frank Castle. I don’t know where Marvel intends to lead us but no matter what, it’s just not as cut and dry as some people want to think. As long as the characters and their existing storylines and motivations are being respected as they build these new stories then even if it doesn’t end up being the ideal scenario for me as a shipper of a specific pairing, I’m still open to seeing how these stories play out. 

oh my god, three things:

1) RDJ’s Thing for watches,

2) tony stark’s history with cheesy “high tech” watches throughout iron man history, but most importantly,

3) that thing from the IM1 novelization where tony first noticed one of the humvee soldiers by the plastic mets watch he’d been wearing, then he saw that watch on one of the insurgent’s wrists and became invested in retrieving it, then during his escape the guy was dead on the ground and the armor didn’t allow tony enough mobility to bend and grab the watch, so he just crushed it beneath his boot as a “woefully inadequate” attempt at justice and honestly in my headcanon world this unsung hidden history is totally why tony’s so intense about returning the IM3 watch to harley


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“Art, if you’re hearing this, you found a body. It’s not Beth. It’s me. My name is Sarah Manning. You’re about the only person I trust to figure the whole thing out.”

She (almost) trusts me.       I can’t believe you let a cop into the Clone Club.

highlights of the nashville ‘you’re welcome’ tour
  • this wasn’t in the show but i met someone who had a really nice wilford cosplay and i just kinda awkwardly came up and asked for a picture, haha
  • but anyways
  • the pre-show!
    • like mark played two songs and they were both really good! i’m very proud of him for going up there and doing that, and even more so for doing it so beautifully
    • but also
    • some-BODY ONCE TOLD ME-
    • and then everyone coming out to sing all star sfjdsfhls
  • the fight to the death about what show we would have
  • mark pulling someone on stage and creating a musical out of their life
    • mark: *sits them down* “okay so what’s your mom’s name?” “[name]” “alright now what’s your least favorite thing about your mom”
    • mark: *singing something about ‘always being there’ as the mother*
      ethan, doing the back-up vocals: “even while taking a poooo”
  • the dance off to the death
    • mark and wade violently blowing kisses to each other and having to be called out by bob
    • “give me your aggressive pelvis-thrust of approval”
  • the operation scene
    • “okay so you all know we take our arts very seriously. so if any of you laugh, our actors will be taken out.”
    • cut to all of them quickly switching whenever someone laughed
    • “wait, there’s a note inside of him! ‘what the heckeroo(i think)’” “END SCENE”
  • they played change and that in itself was amazing
    • ethan: “let’s play board games!”
      ethan and wade, in unison: “i’m bored”
    • “you’re gonna drink this entire gallon of milk in under a minute”
      wade, after getting ‘change’ed several times: “oops, i poured it all over myself!”
    • the taking off of clothes, and then the putting on a lot more of… a lot more clothes
    • momma’s juice jugs
  • the intense wizard battle
  • the dance to ‘one’ just before the q&a
  • “what’s your favorite ego to play?”
    mark, immediately: “JIM”
    • but seriously it was the colonial and honestly i was very happy about that
  • the really emotional final question where everyone starting telling us how they got where they are today
    • also:
    • *mark’s voice cracks once*
      multiple people in the audience: “WAIT DON’T CRY”
    • also this was something smaller that i noticed but someone shouted “we love you, mark!” and he looked in their direction and i just thought it was cute

it was a really great show in general. this was pretty much everything that happened because tbh? it was all a highlight. this was the first time i was able to see any of them live, and i’m so happy it was today. thank you so much for a wonderful show! <3

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pls give me hcs on ponyboy trying to flirt omg

— weather
— complaining
— awkward compliments
— “you guys said I should compliment her!! she said thanks and that’s it??? wHAT NEXT”
— he’s so stiff
— “I like your shirt”
— she’ll be wearing a school jersey meanwhile
— “it’s really sunny huh”
— “this teacher irritates me so much. he calls on me when I’m not paying attention but I’m only not paying attention bc it’s so easy ugh lol it’s so hard”
— he’ll be next to her forever but then he’ll just randomly turn and be like “I like your shirt!!” “haha ur welcome” then turn back??
— he can’t flirt
— “this friday?? I’ll see if my older brother’s acquaintance can get me lol but probably”
— “if his car isn’t in the shop which it probably is, but then again my brother would be working on it so it should be fine I think but yeah I’ll let you know”
— “oh golly my older brother doesn’t allow me to see scary movies ha sorry…” (plus I don’t want you hanging on my arm anyways bc I like to watch movies undisturbed, I really don’t want you looking over my shoulder it’s like so uncomfortable)

A few decades after Ciel’s turning, demons start hunting both Ciel and his butler down. Ciel for being an abomination and Sebastian for not killing him knowing exactly the disgrace Ciel would bring to the demons’ reputations. While getting caught up in a fight to protect his loved one, Sebastian almost gets stabbed in the back with the demon sword but Ciel gets in the way and ends up being the one stabbed. As if in slow motion, Sebastian watches his lover being sucked off life and everything turns red for the older demon. With rage he can’t control, he ripped off the heads of the other demons one by one and when there was no one left, he hugged Ciel’s body close to him; yelling, sobbing, screaming! How would Sebastian be able to live, with the knowledge that the only person who had him smile died right before his eyes and he couldn’t do a thing about it? That he’d have to suffer an ETERNITY without the small being next to him? Who would he hug in bed? Kiss before tucking them to bed? Spoil them with cake and sweets? Who would nuzzle his face in Sebastian’s neck when embarrassed? But most importantly…. Who would he call ‘My young master’? Exactly… No one. Because, no one can replace that little spark of light in Sebastian’s life and knowing that the spark was gone forever, the ex-butler realized that he’s going to have to survive alone… Forever.

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I finished writing a paper and I looked at my phone to see that you had posted another chapter and I was like YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH and then it was Sam/Tony reconciling after Pepper/Natasha/Tony reconciling and I just wanted to melt into a puddle of happiness. You do so well with Sam. I wasn't really into Sam/Tony but now I am so WOO


See? Good things happen when you do homework 😂😂😂

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Hello! How would Taehyung, Kyungsoo & Sehun react if you get extremely shy and flustered and keep giggling whenever they touch you sexually or not, thanks angel!


Tae Tae would just giggle at you whenever you acted all shy when he touched you. So your relationship would probably be full of giggles and playful grins since we all know how much this boy loves skin ship. XD He’s very touchy and would jump at any opportunity to hold you; whether it’s an innocent back hug, his arm across your shoulders/waist, or even playful pokes. I don’t think Tae would find it annoying, but rather amusing every time you flush at his attempts to touch you (sexually or not). I imagine him saying something like:

“What?” he’d laugh as you inch away from. “I haven’t even touched you yet!" 

*you have no idea how much this gif killed me…


The moment he sees you blushing, Kyungie would look at you like he did something wrong. When you tell him that you just get really shy when he touches you, he would pause… his eyes and mouth slightly agape as he tries to sink in your statement. 

"Why?” he’d ask suddenly and when you tell him that you were just shy, he’d probably laugh. “Really? Well that’s cute.”

But if this continues, I think Kyungsoo would take advantage of this a bit by teasing you a lot. He’d touch you more often; from simple hand brushes to arms sneaking around your waist; just so he can see you get all flustered. When you whine and tell him to stop, he’d smirk, “I like that I have that effect on you.”


I think Sehun would find it cute at first. He’d even laugh it off and touch you whenever he gets the chance just so he can see you flustered. I don’t think he’s the kind who likes doing a lot of skin ship, but seeing that you get flustered a lot, he’d do it more often that he usually does. xD

But when you get a little too shy, even when he’s not touching you sexually, I think Sehun would start to think that you’re not comfortable with him at all, since you’re always inching away from his touches and getting all flustered. But when you explain to him that you were just really shy, he’d sit you down and face you, his eyes locking with yours, not moving an inch.

You’d squirm under his stare, “What?”

“It’s either I stare you down like this or I touch you. Take your pick.” he’d joke but his face is serious as he says it. :P

*hmmm… melt in his stare or under his touch? Take your pick, ladies~ HAHA

Your welcome, sweetheart ;) Thanks for requesting!


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i just wanted to say thank you so much for posting about the tessa and scott moulin rouge routine bc i'm now in love and maybe stayed up until 4am last night on a youtube dive

haha your welcome! if you want to learn more about the sport & when the different competitions are on etc, you should check out http://soyouwanttowatchfs.tumblr.com/ They have heaps of info on different events and stream times in the sidebar, as well as answering all sorts of questions about technical stuff and the different competitors :)