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Mystic Messenger Starters:
  • “I’m just writing random BS to mock [NAME].”
  • “Dude, no need for your lip service.”
  • “I have to go wipe off my snot…”
  • “There’s a cage inside the house, so if you’re bored, why don’t you try going inside?”
  • “[NAME], hello. Please save me.”
  • “Why are you doing this to me…?”
  • “Damn.. don’t look at me like that!”
  • “Why aren’t you mad at me?”
  • “I want to make you happy, but I can’t..!”
  • “You hate me right now, right?”
  • “Haha… I’m joking. Kinda..”
  • “[NAME], be careful of the glass! You’ll get hurt if you step on it.”
  • “She keeps crying!”
  • “If you have a thing for maids, just say so.”
  • “What can you expect from a guy who only cares about himself?”
  • “Goodbye, my freedom.”
  • “Are you tattle telling?”
  • “I did see him read a book on dark magic….”
  • “You gave up trying to be sexy long ago, haven’t you?”
  • “I’ll be off to hell now.”
  • “You have no idea how cute you are fidgeting with your phone in bed.”
  • “He got hurt yesterday..”
  • “I should go drink more wine.”
  • “This feels like a dream..”
  • “I don’t think I can just leave you here and run away.”
  • “[NAME]!! There’s a squirrel over there!!! It just flew away!!”
  • “I made a mistake..”
  • “I kept getting more lost because of [NAME]’s whining.”  
  • “I’ll make strawberry pancakes for you tomorrow. What kind of tea do you like at breakfast?”
  • “But you’re a woman and he’s a man!!”
  • “If someone opens up his skill and studies his brain, I’m sure there will be something wrong with the part that’s responsible for emotions.”
  • “I can barely sleep.”
anon request | myungjin

“Ugh, he’s so cute!”Myungjun whined, stabbing at his lunch.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? You know, like a normal person,” Moon Bin rolled his eyes. He paused. “Nevermind, you’re not normal.” Myungjun threw a cherry tomato at the other in retaliation.

“I don’t even know his name. He’s so freaking hot and he sits in the front and sometimes when I manage to get a seat somewhere behind him, I see this cute little birthmark he has on his neck and ugh he’s just so attractive.”

“I don’t know… Dongmin’s pretty fucking hard to beat.”

“Your boyfriend isn’t fucking human, Bin,” Myungjun deadpanned. Ever since Moon Bin started dating that art major that everyone on campus seemed to know except Myungjun, the whole world imploded in chaos. Suddenly, everyone was really interested in Moon Bin which meant they in turn recognized Myungjun as the tiny friend of the guy who’s dating Lee Dongmin. It was college for fuck’s sake. Why was everyone such a high school kid? Sure, Dongmin was handsome. But he wasn’t that handsome. But Myungjun would never say that out loud again because the backlash he received for even muttering those words was ridiculous.

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anonymous asked:

I wonder if Fibro!Tsuna deals with those idiots who think they are certified doctors? Like, I've literally had a person tell me that Fibromyalgia isn't a real illness and that it's just an excuse to be lazy. Fibro is very real and a pain in the arse (it's been almost five years since I was diagnosed with it).

he probably does… but because this is a fictional world, he has Ways TO Deal WIth It, i suppose.

tsuna: i hereby begin the 7th sawada forum for how to deal with idiots who think fibro isn’t real. maman couldn’t be here today so it’s just reborn, me, and you guys.
takeshi: um this is my first forum so this is probably a stupid question but why would anyone try to tell you, who has fibro, that fibro isn’t real??
tsuna: hell if i know?? because they don’t have it?? maybe their imagination is too poor to consider full-body encompassing Agony.
takeshi: we have Hibari, they literally do not even need to imagine it??
takeshi: also they could try falling down a few flights of stairs, i find that helps immensely
tsuna: ….uh
takeshi: i’m okay,,

hayato: *pushes up glasses* i apologize if i sound intrusive tsuna-sama but i took the liberty of doing some research on your illness.
tsuna: oh. oh no.
hayato: i seem to recall that some adults with fibromyalgia have it as a result of sustaining some sort of moderately severe bodily injury 
hayato: therefore,
hayato: *whips out dynamite*
hayato: let’s give them fibro and see how real they find it
takeshi: wow for once you actually have a good idea
hayato, throwing dynamite: what the fuck is that supposed to mean you goddamn baseball-for-brains i’ll make you the first fucking test subject!! sacrifice yourself for tsuna-sama’s sake!!
tsuna, crying inside: *sips tea* record time for the formation of a headache

takeshi: okay great meeting, let’s break and go beat up our classmates!
tsuna: that’s a very bad idea??
reborn: you’ll have to be more forceful than that if you want to properly handle your guardians, tsuna.
tsuna: …….violence on campus will probably get you guys expelled, which is Bad
actually, count me in
reborn: Request Denied. a mafia boss and his guardians cannot be expelled from school.
tsuna: i’m Definitely going to get expelled now LET”S GO
reborn: stop running from your responsibilities
tsuna: HAHA, RUNNING,,,

tsuna: hold on i just remembered i can’t actually fight..
reborn: *loads dying will bullet*
tsuna: WAIT, NO

The Vamps Night & Day (Night Editon) Reaction

First sorry if you follow me only for Shawn here haha but I’m about to fangirl (really hard sorry) about the new album of these idiots thanks bye 

I wrote all of these while listening to that songs so excuse me if its a bit a mess but it’s a good representation of what was happeningin my mind haha, lets go now :

- Okay but MOTN IS MY JAM LIKE I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH but we all already know it so thats “fine”


- of course HANDS « YOU SAY YOU BETTER WITH THE HAAAAAAAANDS » I feel sexy with this song haha


- PAPER HEART I thought i was ready as I already heard it with videos but I was EMOTIONAL TRUST ME THIS WAS ME

Originally posted by gifsarefunny



- ITS A LIE i was really waiting for this song I expected this song to be so good and if Tini was not on it (sorry really) IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FREAKIN MORE AMAZING THAN IT ALREADY IS……..but THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE THE BRIDGE THEEEEE BRIIIIIDGE

- STAY MY FAV MY FAV MY FAV BEFORE I LISTEN TO THE ALBUM SO I WAS EXPECTING A LOOOOOT AND NOW PREPARE MY GRAVE BC DAMMIT HIS VOICE I CRAWLED INTO A LITTLE CORNER AND FREAKIN DIED THERE «  so you can find me the tallest building in the tallest city » still my fav lyric ever in this amazing song azihefzrgmoaejgea but also « and you can wear my favorite t shirt » fucked me up A LOT  OH LORD THE BRIDGE I WAS NOT READY HAHA (thats a nervous laugh BECAUSE IM CRYING RN)  HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS VOIIIIIIIIIIIICCEEEEEE LET ME DIE IN PEACE THATKS




..and also THE BRIIIIIDGES thats all i have to say thanks bye haha Im gonna cry under my bed now oknobye 

attack! devil-ish style tl

Siralos: I’ll be leaving this place, then.

Siralos: If anything happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.
Siralos: I’d like to be kind to my comrades.
Etihw: Th-thanks.

Siralos: Let’s meet again then, Etihw.
Kcalb: AAAAAH!!!

Siralos: Well then, I’ll be going~
Kcalb: HEY!!!

Kcalb: E…Eti!
Kcalb: You can’t just recklessly get close to guys you don’t know!
Etihw: I-I get it…

Satanick: Ah, he’s seriously crying…

Namjin Single Parent AU

@blairxeim part 2! :D (part 1 is here~

warning: very fluffy

A week later, Jin is back at the grocery store because they are tragically all out of Kookie’s favorite cereal, (how is a little boy supposed to function without his cocoa puffs?) So they are currently gliding around the store with Kookie in the big part of the cart acting like the captain of his very own pirate ship and shouting “ONWARD!” whenever Jin stops to grab something for longer than 15 seconds.

They make their way down the shopping list pretty smoothly: applesauce, peanut butter, spaghetti noodles, COCOA PUFFS, milk, etc. Then Jin notices that they’ve finally changed the seasonal aisle to Halloween (it’s only August but it’s always October in his heart) and so obviously they need to go over and look at all the new spooky things. He tells Kookie to steer the ship to the right towards the giant m&m in a coffin and the fuzzy spiders hanging from the ceiling.


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Reasons I have problems with my family

Me: I think I’m gonna get this tattoo.
Family: OMG don’t even say that. Body mod is such a sin don’t waste your money on things like that.

Me: I’m getting my ears gaged next year
Family: no you’re not, if you do I’ll rip them out of your ears. You don’t want gages anyway

Me: it only matters if I think I’m doing the right thing. Other people’s opinions of me don’t matter!
Family: lol yes they do. They do because we said so. That’s so dumb you would even think that.

Me: I like supernatural and my little pony!
Family: wow you’re a satanist and a faggot? We’re disappointed in you.

Me: I want to buy this merch with my own money that I earned by helping out and being nice to you people!
Family: lol no you’re not. It was my money first and I can take it back. I can also take your computer, phone, and video games when I want to cause I don’t agree with you.

Me: Look at this person, they were born feeling like they’re the wrong gender and just want to feel comfortable in their own body…

Me: *quietly* I want to take accounting this year and maybe make a “real” living…

Me: *stays in room all the time* *crying*

Family: *pretends they see nothing and go on with life normally*

Family: haha what did you say fag? That’s it, now you aren’t aloud to have anything you enjoy for a month. Enjoy.

Does anyone else have problems with their family like this?

The Adventures of A Time Traveling Comic Fan

2017 ME: Look you have believe me… One year from now Marvel is going to publish a Captain America storyline so bad it’s going to ruin everything!

2015 ME: Shit… I knew Rick Remender would screw everything up.

2017 ME: No it’s Nick Spencer!

2015 ME: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man guy is going to write Captain America guy is going to write Captain America? That sounds awesome!

2017 ME: No it’s really bad…  You’ve got to stop it. Oh and the host of Celebrity Apprentice is about to get be elected president.  You might want to stop that as well.

2015 ME: Now I know you’re lying…

2017 ME: Shit I better go back further!

2017 ME: You gotta help me… in the future a guy is going to write a Captain America run so bad it ruins everything! 

2003 ME: Chuck Austin… I knew it!

2017 ME: No it’s a guy named Nick Spencer… you haven’t heard of him yet.  We have to stop him. And the guy that hosts The Apprentice is going to get elected President! Stop that too.

2003 ME: Haha… good one! Ok… Nick Spencer. I’ll have to remember that name. But I have to ask you some things.

2017 ME: Ask away… 

2003 ME: How much longer until Sean McKeever gets a run on Ultimate Spider-Man?  When will they finally get Bart Allen out of that stupid Kid Flash costume? Will they give Busiek another Avengers run?

2017 ME: I’m going to cry now… 

barnes-owl  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if I could request platonic paladins helping a friend who is dealing with a really bad break-up? Because I'm going through one right now, haha. I love your blog and wish that I found it sooner! Have a great day!

I apologize this is probably so late, but I school and homework to do so I’m really sorry. ~Admin Ruth
She would be the one questioning what was so great about the guy anyway. It only used to be you and her so what’s changed. Of course she doesn’t understand the pain, but she knows how to heal it. She stops the crying in three days and you don’t carry a smile until a week after the break up.
“It should only be you and me, (Name). Nothing’s gonna come between you, me, and our adventures.

Hunk would be the one to just listen to your problems. He’s never really dated anyone, so he doesn’t have advice to give. He cooks you food and gives you cuddles as a best friend. He makes you stop crying the day after break up and you crack a smile the day after.
"I’ll be here to listen, that might not help. Maybe food will. Will food help you?”

Keith would just let you be and if you don’t stop crying a week after then he’ll intervene with your problem. He awkwardly hugs you and brushes his hands through your hair. He’ll make you watch terrible 90’s comedy sitcoms to see if you smile which you do. He puts the crying to rest in two weeks and you crack a smile in two weeks and a half.
“I might not know the best way to take care of you and you might be too broken, but I’ll fix you. I swear, (Name).”

Shiro would immediately take action trying to calm you down since he can’t stand to see you cry. He’ll tell things that you hate about yourself are great and compliment you all he’ll want. Crying about the other girls in his contacts, prank calls are non-stop. He stops the crying in a week and puts a smile on your face in a week and a day.
“Will it help if we prank call him? Maybe if we order pizza and deliver it to his house? Or we could just stay here and watch tv? Your choice.”

Lance would really piss you off. He’s always being cocky, but when the water works come on for you then he’s there to help. He gives you anything you want and soon enough you forget about your ex like they didn’t exist. Wants you to laugh, he’ll go to Forever 21 and flirt with the mannequins while you record it. He’ll stop the crying in four days and starts the smiles in six days.
“You don’t need him, (Name). All we need are some mannequins, a video recorder, and my awesome flirting techniques. That will make you smile, right?”

ya I know it’s a pretty gross scribble haha but I dun care.

I forgot if this week was heith week or sheith week but whateves here’s some sheith I guess. (I’m p sure the fights in this fandom usually revolve around ONE MULLET)

sometimes I wonder if shiro goes on these seasonal disappearances so he can use his space wings™ to fly his way to the local space bar and get wasted


[edit: okaY WTF yOU GUYS I didn’t think this was going to get any likes this is like the grossest like shiro’s arm is a literal chicken drumstick can I just cry now I love all of you goodbye]

capesundewmind  asked:

hiii can you do a scenario were the boys have a kid with their s/o please?? /)^3^(\

Basically you decide the gender and amount of children birthed here

The child was almost out, everyone in the room knew it. The excruciating cries of agony coming from you as they pushed you to fight on, and deliver the child(ren) was an experience tough to endure. It was horrible for him to see you in such pain, and especially since it was technically something he brought onto you, though had no control over. You squeezed his hand tighter, heavily breathing through your nose as you stabilize your cries. Then, like a miracle, the child(ren) had come out from you, and as quickly cleaned off by the midwives, until they were finally handed over… 

Shu: “It’s finally over…” He muttered, sighing in relief as his wife stopped her pained cries. However, Shu soon realized the true responsibility he had as a father as his child began to cry out for the first time, giving him both a headache, and a drive. “Well, now we have the baby to take care of, right? I don’t know if I’ll be much help, but I can probably put them to sleep.. pass them over here.” Shu said, taking the child(ren) into his arms. 

“Heh, looks like they’re quick to sleep. I didn’t even do anything yet.” Shu hummed, happy with the turnout. “Here, I’ll sit by you. You need to sleep too. I’ll wake you up when it’s time to feed them.”

Reiji: He was incredibly pleased on how it turned out. The child came out relatively smoothly, without much need for him to interfere. “I’m proud of you, and our child.” Reiji said, caressing your cheek and placing a chaste kiss on your lips. “Would you like to hold them for a bit while I prepare everything else?”

“You would like me to name them? Ah… this is quite..” He mumbled, flustered. Reiji thought of a name suitable for the child(ren) as he set up the small crib(s) next to the hospital-like bed, a clear plastic not even three feet long to hold their newborn. “I’m honored. Well then,” Reiji said, sitting next to you and kissing the top(s) of his child(ren)’s head. “What about….”

Laito: “I love the sounds of your cries, but usually when I’m the person they’re directed to.” Laito said, standing awkwardly as the midwife handed him his child(ren). He held them with such caution, as if one blow from the wind would shatter them. Laito stared at their calm face as they slept, wondering how it was possible for something to be so bright, so innocent. “Bitch-Chan, they’re sleeping, look, look!”

“Fufu, they’re actually really cute~” He praised, arms stiffening as he wants to just toss them up in the air and spin them around, though he refrained from it. Laito stunned himself as much as he did you as he mumbled words to your child(ren). “You’re going to grow up with a good family, alright? Mama-Chan and I promise~!”

Kanato: The vampire sat next to you on the bed, holding Teddy tightly as he watched you put all your attention on the newborn(s), though he was the same way. “It’s so… small.” He muttered, poking the chubby cheeks of the child(ren). “I wonder what they’ll look like when they open their eyes. Maybe they could become the doll(s) of my next collection..”

“Fufu, you didn’t take me seriously. Well, I suppose it’s true, I was joking.” He chuckled, setting Teddy on the table beside and plucking the child(ren) out of your arms, to your surprise. “There, there..” He cooed. Kanato took something out of his pocket and placed it/them into the child(ren)’s grasp. It was (a) small plush bear(s), similar to teddy, though no bigger than the palm of his hand. “Let’s play soon, yes?”

Ayato: He had been sweating buckets as you were in labor, and only managed to calm down once you pressed your lips onto his, waiting for the newborn(s) to be given to you two. “Shit Chichinashi, that looked painful. Well, they are Ore-Sama’s, so I guess they were anxious to get out!” He said, looking off towards the midwives taking care of his child, not noticing that one already took the liberty of placing them in his arms. 

Having realized what lay in his arms, Ayato freaked out, waking the baby up and hearing it’s malicious cries. “Stupid, did you think I was going to drop you (guys)? Haha!” He laughed, which, for some odd reason, made their crying stop. “OI, Chichinashi! Look! I made them stop! Heh, you (guys) are going to be just like Ore-Sama. The best!”

Subaru: Though his face didn’t really show it, Subaru was a complete mess right now. It took you a while to convince him you were alright as you held onto the bundled child(ren). “I’m sorry,” He muttered, gaining a look from you. “It must have been so painful.” Subaru sighed, his hand(s) placed on his child(ren)’s forehead(s). “They’re beautiful..”

You passed your child(ren) to Subaru, who reluctantly took them into his arms. You watched as his rosy eyes lightened up, seeing a small smile form on his child(ren)’s face(s). “Hmph, do you like it when I hold you like this?” He asked them, his nose brushing the small ones they had. “I’ll protect you (all), I promise.”

- Kylie o(*^▽^*)o

Catastrophes of the Human Heart (Biadore) - by Sadie and Fairy

A/N: Can you guys hear me screaming from here? Good! Because that is exactly how I am feeling right now! I am so glad I had the chance to work with this amazing human being, and this fic is going be on the list of the saddest fics on AQ haha! I hope you all like it as much as we did! Xx Sadie

A/N: Let this be a lesson, when in a group chat with Sadie don’t wonder why ‘there aren’t any fics about xxx dealing with xxx’ because you will decide to collaborate on it and it’ll end in 3 crying jags and Sadie calling you Satan. I loved working with you. Enjoy - Fairy

Trigger Warning: Death, Self harm, Child abuse, Use of slurs, Anxiety.

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  • Therapist: You need a mantra, something that will instantly pull you out of negative thoughts. You will have to practice it, of course, but it is important to smash them before they can settle in. It has to be short, maybe just three little words starting with “I am ... “. So, what would you like to use as your mantra?
  • Me: Maybe... I am valuable?
  • Therapist: That’s good! Wonderful. How does it feel to say it?
  • Me: Strange. Like I want to cry.
  • Therapist: Why is that?
  • Me: Because those words sound so unfamiliar coming from myself.
  • Therapist: That’s exactly why you have to use them. You need to tell yourself that you are valuable until the voices from the past disappear. Because you are valuable. You just need to convince your mind. And you will do it.
5SOS Preference : He's Alone With The Baby

(It was heavily requested forever ago after i wrote my 1D one, sorry for the long wait, but here it finally is)

Ashton: He brought the bouncy seat with him into the band practice room in your house and found some soundproof headphones, placing them around his son’s tiny head. “There, now i can practice my drums while watching you and mommy can’t complain that i’m doing neither.” Your son just started talking baby jargin and Ashton sighed. “If you could speak, i’d swear you just told me that you were going to tell your mom on me.” Your son stopped laughing after Ashton said that and his eyes perked up. “Oh, you’re a mommy’s boy for sure. How about i let you play drums even though you’re only a month old? Huh, how about that?” Your son started to laugh and Ashton took him out of the bouncy seat and onto his lap. “Here’s a drumstick, you hit it here on the drums.” And the drum lessons had begun. “Don’t tell your mother.” he warned and the boy just giggled on his daddy’s lap.

Calum: “Crawl!” Calum yelled out playfully while laying in front of his son, his chest on the ground patting the ground in front of him where his son just stared at him while eating some cookies. “Come on, please do it, mommy said you did it for her, and i just wanna see it, please?” he was now begging and sounded pathetic and he knew it. “I never beg for anyone, okay maybe i beg for your mother, but she teases like no tomorrow and what the hell am i doing telling my seven month old son this?” Calum sat up and had a mini staring contest with his son. “You’ll crawl for mommy but not for me? What did i ever do to you?” Your son had enough and leaned forward into the crawling position and crawled the short distance to Calum. Once Calum took him in his arms, he smiled at his son. “I think you only did that to get me to shut up, but i don’t care, it worked! You crawled!”

Michael: “Hey!” he shouted hiding behind the island in the kitchen. Your guys’ 10 month old daughter sat in the highchair throwing food at her father for the past 10 minutes. “No baby girl, no!” he shouted again, ducking behind the island as she just chucked some applesauce towards him. Coming back up to see if it was safe he saw that she was out of food. “Haha, now you can’t throw food! What are you going to do now?” he teasingly taunted his baby girl who began to cry with the lack of food on her little tray. Michael’s slight smirk faded like a flash of lightning and he sprinted the short distance to your daughter in a panic, quickly pulling her out of her seat and patting her back. “No no baby girl, please don’t cry, daddy didn’t mean to yell at you. You didn’t do anything wrong besides mess the kitchen up and get daddy all dirty, but it’ll be okay.” her tears didn’t stop. “Where’s your mother, she’s going to kill me when she gets home!”

Luke: The 8 week old baby laid on the changing table, staring up at her father with her teething ring in her mouth, her dirty diaper still clinging to her body. Luke groaned as he poked at it trying to undo it that way. When he realized that wasn’t working he sucked in a breath, plugged his nose and outstretched his hands to undo the dirty diaper. His baby girl only stared at him, not making any noise, clearly taking amusement with her daddy’s reaction to changing her diaper. Taking the diaper off, Luke dumped it in the trashcan and groaned when he saw the mess that was left on his daughter. “God help me.” he muttered and grabbed the wipes, cleaning her up. Throwing the wipes away he put a fresh clean diaper on her and let out a relieving breath. “Oh thank god that’s done.” the baby girl resting against his chest let out a whimper then he felt something in his right hand. Staring down at his daughter with one tear in his eye, he groaned and turned around. “You’re so lucky i love you baby girl.”

(Okay i loved these haha)

A Pinch of Salt

A/N; this is my second piece of writing it’s pretty long (3.1k words) and it involves Luke, it’s a best friend type thing, I hope you all enjoy it as much as you enjoyed Just a Simple Love let me know what you think, and my requests are always open!

Regret. It’s what fills you every time you see them together. Why? In hindsight it should be you and him, not him and her.

It’s quite ironic really, considering throughout your entire life Luke had always fawned over you, he always remained infatuated by you, even though you had both agreed that friendship was forever to be kept one hundred percent platonic.

As children, Luke had eyes for you, even at such a young age, even at the point in his life where his innocence was at its prime. When all of the other boys ran away from you because ‘All girls have cooties’ Luke stayed by you. And that you were grateful for. That was what brought you so close together. He was always by your side.

At the age of thirteen, you both had began to mature in your own ways due to puberty of course, and both began to develop different feelings completely because of hormones. It was that summer you had your first kiss and of course the first person you had rushed to tell, even before all of your girl friends was Luke.

When you told him, he felt so low. He thought he’d be your first kiss and you his. But of course he was too late and would never admit his feelings. However to you at this moment in time looking back you can’t help but think that is the first thing you did to push him away from you romantically.

Nevertheless, Luke had still admired you after that.

In high-school, many had often mistaken the pair of you for a couple. Luke didn’t mind, but you certainly did. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed by their assumptions, I mean never, Luke had girls lining up at his door with the click of his fingers, but he never seemed to keep a steady girlfriend for longer than a few weeks.

You on the other-hand despite all the ‘gorgeous’ things many were able to remark about your appearance, you could never seem to catch a boyfriend either because everyone thought you were with Luke.

And clearly guys respect bro code more than ladies respect girl code because for the whole of freshman year, not one guy had asked you out thinking you were dating Luke, whilst God knows how many numbers were slipped into his locker everyday, with a message scribbled along the lines of 'Y/N doesn’t have to know ;)xx’. Disgusting.

Anyways it always bugged you when people assumed you were with Luke first and foremost because guys stayed away.

But eventually that changed in the middle of sophomore year when a football player, who had known you and Luke and was well aware you were not together had asked you out, and of course you said yes. This was the first guy who has asked you out since you could remember.

And not only were you ecstatic, you literally yelled in the middle of Luke’s bedroom “Finally! People won’t think we’re dating!” Oblivious to the fact that Luke’s heart was crumbling with sadness, while you were only acknowledging yourself, whilst also being proud of pulling such a popular guy.

Reminiscing, here is the second setback of yours and Luke’s 'maybe more than friends’ relationship. God you were so stupid. Yet, Luke continued his dreams of you and him even though others were beginning to brake through to you.

By senior year, you had your average share of boyfriends and breakups for a typical teenage girl, whilst Luke remained without a girlfriend. You just thought he was not that type of guy, who wanted to be tied down and you established that hey, he maybe just has commitment issues? Right, because he did have his fair share of one night stands with plenty of cheerleaders, and other hot girls.

So by the time prom rolled around, you had just finished with your boyfriend at the time (unintentionally) and you were left dateless with just three days to go.

Without a doubt when you went to Luke for comfort, internally he was jumping for joy because this was a golden opportunity for you guys to cross the 'platonic’ walls of your friendship.

Therefore despite already having a date, Luke asked you anyway, and you were actually considering. But at the end of the day you didn’t feel right doing it because;
1. Luke already asked someone else, therefore they’d be in your position and that’s horrible.
2. You guys are friends and let’s face it, we all know in depth what happens after prom, and no way could you go there with him, not only because you weren’t attracted to him sexually, but because of how he’s treated other girls who he’s slept with. Which is ignoring them once he’s bored. And you are not that girl.
3. Lastly, he deserves to have a good time with a girl he could potentially end up with.

So that night you called him up and told him politely that you were declining, it just wasn’t fair. Luckily for you the head of the football team, Lance something, who you can’t even remember the name of now apparently was waiting for a chance to get with you since junior year. So it all worked out in retrospect from your point of view. You went with Lance and Luke with Holly, and yes you did enjoy it a lot more than you had expected.

However from Luke’s perspective he had just been rejected by you again, and you didn’t even realise the effect it had on him. And here it is, after looking down the line, this happened to be the third time you had cut ties on being intimate with Luke. And little did you know it destroyed him.

Then there was the night before he left to tour for the first ever time. You were both hiding in his bedroom, both near tears because everyday for the past fourteen years you had seen each other and that was about to dramatically change.

He was your best friend, your go to guy, the person to rely on, the insight to a male brain and your understanding as to why boys were boys. Of course you were going to miss him.

As you were both eighteen, there was alcohol involved that night (haha no one could stop you now !!) and you were both effectively touched by it. You guys went from giggling, to hysterically laughing to crying and then hysterically crying when reliving your childhood memories because realistically you were both adults now and it took Luke leaving for you both to realise that.

Like most people in drunken states you resulted in deep talks about everything from stupid topics of why cows could potentially save the planet to talks about where your lives were going and ironically love.

“Do you ever think you could love me?”

You remember those words slip from his mouth, and you didn’t even think twice about your answer because you’re best friends after all.

“Luke of course I love you. You’re my best friend I’m always gonna love you regardless. That is unless you forget about me when you are away being a rockstar” You giggled as you spoke, again the alcohol hitting you, but you were speaking from your heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have it, number four of Y/N’s Unknown attempts at shattering Luke’s dreams, and heart for that matter. This wasn’t the response he hoped for, but he still 'took it with a pinch of salt’; a common saying that you would always say to him when he was sulking over something silly and continued to love you in both ways. As a friend and as a lover despite your obvious objection to romance.

After that came Luke’s brothers wedding which your entire family were invited to. It’d been just over a year since you had last seen Luke after visiting him on tour. You had kept in contact through your phones obviously, texting, face-timing and of course you had kept your snap streak (234 days).

But this was the first time you had seen each other in the flesh in a year due to your constant uni schedule and Luke’s new rockstar lifestyle.

Luke and you were both twenty at the time and over the past year Luke had kept up his typical ways with girls, and you just kept falling in and out of relationships. The usual.

He genuinely thought he was over you. Obviously, he liked all of your insta photos, seen your face on snapchat and face time weekly but damn. When you walked into the wedding reception with a violet number that hugged your curves in all the right ways, he had just fallen all over again. And it was evident to everyone around him but you, of course.

As soon as you had seen him you ran to him, despite wearing heels and engulfed him in a huge hug. He felt his stomach erupt with butterflies, like he was sixteen again. Above all he felt content. You too were overwhelmed not only because you were finally reunited, but because he had changed. In a good way. He looked fantastic in his black tux and finally he had gotten rid of that damn quiff.

“You clean up well Hemmings” You spoke smirking. And that he just brushed off, even though inside he was going insane. And it was evident when Calum teased him later with the same saying, mocking you of course all while his cheeks tinged a bright shade of red.

The wedding was great, you had a magnificent catch up, danced a little, talked to others you hadn’t seen in a while and got drunk off your asses.

Luke told you that you could stay at the hotel in his room when your parents had retired home so you could have more time together and certainly you took him up on that offer.

So at about three in the morning, both embarrassingly drunk, the pair of you stumbled up to Luke’s floor, your heels in hand with a few killer blisters on your feet. You were too drunk to care though, and stopped outside his room. That night you were definitely flirting, something came over you. Was it how good he looked in a tux? Was it his new hairstyle? Was it the other guests asking (jokingly) had Luke proposed to you yet? Knowing you were life long friends. You don’t know. All you do know was that night you were insanely horny and extremely attracted to Luke for the first time in your life. Maybe it was just lust, maybe it was something more, who knows.

“Did I tell you how good you looked tonight?” Luke smugly announced, smirking down at you whilst rapping his arms around your waist. “Yes, twelve times if I remember correctly” you giggled, rolling your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck. He blushed nudging your nose with his and touching your foreheads together. It was then he glanced at your lips, then your eyes, then your lips again and before you knew it, you were both leaning in wanting more.

The next morning you woke up, and noticed quite a number of things.
1. A pounding headache.
2. You were not wearing any clothes.
3. Luke was lying next to you.
4. Luke was not wearing any clothes either.
And then you realised you did the unforgivable. You slept with your best friend. Memories began to flood your mind of the night before. It was actually you who insisted and not him.

“Shit Shit Shit Shit!!” You whisper yelled. How did you let this happen? How did you let your lust over take your morals? Is this really happening?

Then it occurred to you, you’re best friends, which means platonic, which means Luke also fucked up because he doesn’t have feelings for you. At least he shouldn’t anyway you thought.

By now Luke had awakened grinning at you. “Why the fuck are you smiling at me like that. This isn’t funny Luke. This should never have happened.” Ding ding ding here is number five on how to ruin a potential relationship.

Quickly his grin turned into a frown and he agreed with you that no one should ever find out about this, wanting to keep you happy. But he was breaking inside. He lied to you. He was never going to tell you his true feelings now. He had given himself to you in every single way and that still wasn’t enough. He made his feelings very obvious but you were blind to any attraction he had towards you.

Which takes us to now. Luke had invited you to L.A for a few weeks to have a taste of his new lifestyle. You’re now both twenty four. You just finished your degree and he just finished the bands fourth album. Life’s been treating him well whilst the complete opposite for you.

Academically you were doing well. On the contrary things at home weren’t good, your parents had divorced, which Luke was aware of and helped you through too. Your love life was collapsing. You had been with a guy for two years, but broke up a few months ago and had no romantic involvement with anyone since. But that’s just life isn’t it? Eventually things will pick up for you, hopefully.

You’ve kept in touch, and have seen each other on numerous occasions since the wedding, it has been four years for Gods sake.

The first few encounters were awkward, but eventually it blew over and no one ever found out, that Luke promised you.

Currently you are in a club, out with the boys to celebrate some L.A persons birthday who you don’t even know, but hey it’s a night out. You go home tomorrow and sadly you don’t exactly want to.

You see, this time with Luke things are different. You’ve started to see him in a different light. Not your lanky, dorky best friend but more of a crazy confident, handsome, kind guy. You’d be lying if you said you were not catching feelings this time round and as of now they were very over bearing. Maybe these feelings were there all along, you had just never realised.

He lost the lip ring, the band shirts he’d often wear to clubs and had a new hairstyle. However he also has a girlfriend now. And you are in fact very jealous

Until this point you thought you could keep your feelings to yourself since you arrived, however your mood when he was dancing with her was very off and Luke and the boys noticed. You thought you could contain yourself but you couldn’t. “I’m gonna go get some air.” You said to Ashton who gave you a sympathetic smile.

You had a few minutes to yourself out back before Luke had followed you out, restlessly trying to figure out what’s wrong.

“Cut the crap Y/N, you’ve been acting weird since you came here, and even weirder tonight. What’s up?” He asked rather aggressively which startled you a bit. Probably the alcohol you assumed.

“I- uh- I’m kind of just tired” you mumbled, eyes looking everywhere but at him but he wasn’t convinced.

“Tired!?” He chuckled, rather smugly and this you did not like, he was making you nervous. “You’ve fallen for me.” He blurted out, proudly.

“What!?” You yelled in disbelief how did he know?

“You think I don’t know Y/N? The way you look at me, it’s how I’ve been looking at you for years. You just never cared enough to notice.” He spat. “When we were kids, I always stuck with you, middle school, the exact same, even though you rejected me so many bloody times. I even stuck by you then.” He shook his head, almost as if he was realising something. “Then came high school and boy, freshman year I couldn’t have been happier, people thought we were a thing, I pied off so many girls in the hopes you may have noticed me but you didn’t. Hell, you didn’t even flinch when girls were sending me letters in my lockers, clearly shading you. Do you know how much that tortured me!? And then, then there was prom. Fuck Y/N, I offered to take you when I had a date myself. Who even does that? Oh, yeah, me because I used to think you were the best thing in the world.” He scoffed, shaking his head again.

All the while you were being hit with all of your past from someone else’s perspective and his actions were beginning to be understood from your point of view. You couldn’t help but cry. Warm tears hopelessly fell from your pleading eyes.

“And then, you completely shut me down. With your 'Platonic’ shit. Remember that night before I left for tour? And then just when I thought I was over you, the wedding happened and man did you really over do it then.”

“Luke that wasn’t just me” you pleaded holding back a sob. “You came onto me too.” You argued back.

“No Y/N don’t turn this around on me. Yeah I came onto you, and you to me, but then before we actually did it you practically begged me to because 'Luke please I need you’ even though I knew we were both drunk and even said to you we shouldn’t. But you still insisted and I went with it because I thought it was what you wanted. But of course it fucking wasn’t, because the next morning you nearly had a stroke when you seen me. And it was then I realised you used me to get yourself off. That is so twisted. You led me on, and don’t you dare deny it.” He was shouting at you whilst you were drowning in your own pool of tears, not just because you have clearly lost your best friend for good, but because you treated him so badly without even apologising.

“You had no consideration for my feelings. Not once after all these years. And now that I’ve finally moved on, got my shit together and at long last got over you, you finally opened your own eyes and you come running back to me?” You stood there, ashamed of yourself. What he was saying was true. How could you be so damn stupid. “I don’t love you anymore. Not in that way. Not in anyway.”

Regret. He gets it too. What could have been isn’t. “You gotta take it with a pinch of salt Y/N” and with that he went back inside, leaving you in floods of tears. This was all your doing, not his.

Boyfriend, Yes My Boyfriend
MC Não Fui Eu
Boyfriend, Yes My Boyfriend

Boyfriend, yes my boyfriend

Don’t tell me if you like it

Don’t tell me if you don’t

Just stop obsessing over delusions

Camren is not gonna happen, you already know

Haha I’m not crying I’m dating you know

My boyfriend, boyfriend, yes I have a boyfriend

Yes I have a boyfriend, stop making assumptions

Keep talking it’s cool ‘cause I already told you

Pff I’m gonna do a twitlonger right now

I don’t like girls I just think they are

Hot as some guys, what’s wrong with that?

Yes I have a boyfriend and I’ll never let him go

Keep him on my photographs to make sure that you know

And he can be an asshole or everything he wants

But now I have a boyfriend, so please leave me alone

Please leave me alone

So give him a chance

‘Cause I’m sure I don’t like girls

I just need to be close and pretend with my boyfriend

If I was a man, Camila I would kiss you girl

I would grab your hands… (wait, I’m straight)

Yes I have a boyfriend and I’ll never let him go

Keep him on my photographs to make sure that you know

And he can be an asshole or everything he wants

But now I have a boyfriend so please leave me alone

Please leave me alone

Nanana, nanana, nanana boyfriend

Nanana, nanana, nanana not a girlfriend no

Nanana, nanana, nanana so get over it

Nanana, nanana, nanana yes I have a boyfriend

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exo reactions when you call them, scared because you got lost driving somewhere and you don't know where you are

Xiumin: “Oh, hey, baby—-….wait?! You’re what?!”

Luhan: “Can you tell me your surroundings? Ne… did you just say graveyards? Pfftt, sike, I ain’t picking you up darling. Sorry not sorry. I’ll get my spolied Baozi to pick you up.”

Kris (feat. Luhan, Chen, Tao): “Oh crap… I typed in the wrong address… into the GPS…? -oh crap I fucked up big time face-“

Suho: “Aigooo…. why didn’t you use the GPS that oppa gave you?”

Lay: “Ya, ya… don’t cry baby. Don’t cry. It’s alright, everything’s alright.”

Baekhyun: “-tries to lighten the mood and make her smile- Oh, I got this babe. Just tell me what street you’re on and I’ll come by and pick you up on my bicycle. Haha, just kidding.”

Chanyeol: “You’ve been gone for four hours now? Yet, you’re on the same street? Haha…agiooo, babe what am I going to do with you?”

Chen: “Hyung, please let me use your car?”

D.O: “….well it’s not like I can do anything… I don’t even have a driver’s license….”

“….or do I. Haha, sucks for you Tao! I’m going to go pick my girl up with this brand new license.”

Tao: “Don’t cry… You’re going to make me cry… Don’t cry…at least you can drive….”

Kai: “I got this. - waves imaginary car keys to everyone because he got his license now-“

Sehun: “Everyone move out of the way, Spiderman Sehun got to go save his girl… with his brand spanking, glittering new license. YEHET.”

*Sorry, I know this kinda took a humorous turn towards the end but hope you guys like it. And man… I can not wait until I get my driver’s license. :)

- Admin KP

Stay ( Part III )


Part 1

Part 2

Master List

Read at your own risk :)

You heard people talking around you, your eyes were still shut, maybe it was a dream, maybe not. You didn’t know. Not until you felt a hand holding your hand. “Y/N, wake up.” a voice said as you opened your eyes slowly, beginning to readjust. “Mom?” you asked. “Oh my God! She’s awake! Thank God!” your mom said happily, crying as she hugged you. and kissed your forehead. You looked around the room, people started to fill in around you, your dad, brothers, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Lou, your aunt, cousins, everyone was there, hugging you in turns as they went out, but someone was missing.

“Where’s Harry?” you asked out of the blue.

Zayn looked at you, smiled as he held your hand, “He went out.” “Oh… Okay, will he be back? Cuz he was here last time, I heard him talking to me.” you asked clueless. Liam took a deep breath and walked to the other side of your bed, rubbing your head, “Yeah.” as he left the room. Sophia walked in the room right after her boyfriend came out, worried, “Y/N! You’re okay! I can’t believe you’re okay! I was scared!” “Haha hey Soph.” you smiled. “Don’t you ever do that to me again! Ever!” she giggled hugging you.

“Hey Ni.” you smiled looking at Niall, standing at the edge of your bed. “Hey.” he smiled hugging you, kissing your temple. “So, how did I survive this tragic accident?” you joked when everyone left the room except Niall. “Well, your heart was getting weaker and weaker so the doctor searched for a donor, and he did found one.” Niall replied scratching his blonde hair. “Really? Who’s the donor?” you asked curiously. “The doctor said that the donor want his or her name to be kept as anonymous.” “What? I can’t know who saved my life? Come on!” you giggled. “Sorry.” he replied as he left, making you even more curious.

You pressed the nurse button and waited. A few minutes later a women came in with a tray of food, “Hello.” she smiled. “Hello, how long have I been out?” you joked. “Umm.. Six days.” she said as she placed the tray on your lap. “Can I ask you something?” you asked holding her hand. “Sure, anything.” “Okay, who’s my donor?” you asked looking up at her. She froze. “Umm.. Hello? Who’s my donor?” you asked again. “I… Don’t know, I’ll ask the doctor.” she replied as she left. You waited and waited till she came back with the doctor, “Finally.” you smiled. “Hey Y/N! Can I call you Y/N?” the doctor greeted. “Hey! Yeah! So who’s my donor?” you asked. The doctor came up to you, looking right at you, without saying a word, “Doctor, come on. I have the right to know who my donor is okay?” you giggled. “The donor told me to keep this anonymous.” “I don’t care, I won’t tell anyone, come on.” you begged.”I think it be better if you talk to your friends first.” he replied. “Friends? What do you mean?” you asked getting furious. You were about to say another word when Niall came in. It was awkward. “I’ll leave you two alone.” the doctor said breaking the silence as he went out with the nurse. “But I need to know!” you yelled.

Niall dragged a chair and sat right beside you, “What’s wrong?” you asked him. He looked pale, like he’s been crying for hours. He didn’t say a word, he took an envelope from the pocket of his jacket and gave it to you. “What’s this?” you asked. He smiled weakly and held your hand. You pulled your hand away and read the front of the envelope, “Kitten.” you spoke as tears started to fall from your eyes. “I’m sorry.” Niall said with his cracked voice. “No…” you said in denial. You stood up, took the needle out of your right arm, took the tubes off and went outside. “Y/N! Come back!” Niall pleaded. You ignored him and ran as fast as you can until your chest started to hurt as it gets heavier, you sat on the floor right in front of a giant window as you took the letter out of the envelope.

You started to read, realising that it was Harry’s handwriting.

“Hey kitten.”

“I hope you’re okay! I heard that surgeries hurt a lot! I saw you earlier today, you were so beautiful sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to wake you up though.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t mean any of this to happen. I’m sorry for getting mad at you. I’m sorry about the girls. I’m sorry for not caring.I’m sorry.”

“Anyway, enough of the sorrys! I don’t want to make you cry! Please don’t cry! It’s going to be okay!”

“Kitten, remember when we went hiking with the boys? You were so scared of the snake I caught! You were so adorable! You cried when I threw the snake at you, I’m still sorry about that by the way. The moment you cried and laughed and got pissed at me was the moment I realise that I’m actually falling for you.”

“Remember that night when we stargazed? Yeah, when I said my first I love you? That was real. I do love you.”

“Life is funny. The next thing you know is you fall in love with your best friend.”

“I was going to take you to see a movie the other day! I was going to kidnap you! But the doctor told me not to! So I didn’t! God I’m so cheesy.”

“To be completely honest, I suck at writing letters, you know that.”

“Now, what else? Ah!”

“I wrote this because I want you to promise me something.”


“Okay, I want you to promise me that you’re gonna ace the final exams and got into the college you always wanted! Have fun at college! Go to parties! Meet some guys!”

“I also want you to promise that you’re gonna travel the world before you’re 30 like we planned! I want you to see the world. Don’t you worry about me ‘cuz I’ll be right beside you. I want you to see Maldives! It’s absolutely beautiful there!”

“I want you to promise me that you’ll learn to cook better! ‘Cuz I don’t want your future husband to get food poisoning like I did!”

“I’m joking! Haha! But still, learn how to cook!”

“Hmm… I want you to promise me that you’re gonna smile even when the skies are grey, because your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world that could actually brighten up someone’s day!”

“I want you to keep your head up and never stop believing, achieve your dreams ‘cuz I know that you’re capable of doing it!”

“Promise me that you’ll always help a person in need like you always do, ‘cuz that’s the best feature of you! You’re a super smart, beautiful, kind, and amazing girl and I want the whole world to know that.”

“The world needs to know how amazing you are kitten, don’t forget it.”

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you at all. I really don’t. You’re the most beautiful person on the inside and outside! I’ve never met someone like you. Ever. I am lucky that I got the chance to meet you!”

“I’m so thankful for the times we had. For the fights, cuddles, kisses, everything. I’m thankful that I get to know the real you! I get to see you sing to one of my songs like crazy! I get to see you smile looking at little kids. I get to see you giving me the silent treatment. I get to see you study for your tests.”

“Most of all, I get to see you happy.”

“I support every choices you’re going to choose in the future, ‘cuz I know that you’ll always choose the right path.”

“Ohh, I’m also thankful that you were so sweet and kind to me!”

“I know that everyone hate my jokes but you didn’t. You laughed even though you know it’s not funny. You listen to every little things I said that’s not even important. You came to our show on my birthday! The surprise on stage was so sweet! I’ll always remember that!”

“Thank you so much for letting me enter your life, and ruin it a bit haha!”

“Thank you for letting me hold you close to my heart.”

“Kitten, I was so scared, if I leave you, you’re gonna fall into someone’s arms, not mine, and you’re gonna make much more meaningful memories with them. But I’m not scared anymore.”

“I actually want you to be happy with another guy.”

“I don’t care who.”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“I know that you’re smart enough to know the right and wrong, the good and bad. Believe me, I’ll always be there for you, no matter where you are.”

“This is how.”

“If you’re having a rough day, just look at the sky. If you see a super small star, that’s me! It means that I’ll always be looking at you from the clouds. I’ll always take care of you. You’ll always be in my heart.”

“When there are no stars, look at the window. If you see the sun shining through, that’s also me. I’ll aways be there to make you feel warm. The point is, I’ll always be with you.”

“You don’t know how much this hurts. Writing this letter. Seeing you cry right now, hurts.”

“I don’t want you to cry, please smile.”

“Wipe that tears of your face babe.”

“Y/N, kitten, baby, sweetheart, haha.”

“There you go! There’s that adorable smile I long for!”

“By the way, I made Niall promise to take care of you while I’m away! Don’t worry, you can trust him, because I do. He’s a great guy, and you know that! And also, he’s the best mate and brother I’ve ever had!”


“I want you to know that we’ll meet again someday, somehow.”

“I’ll always visit you in your dreams, always!”

“Don’t ever forget that you’re Y/N Y/L/N. The most beautiful, sweetest, kind, smartest girl I’ve ever met! Now go and share that to the world! I know this is not fair to you, I’m sorry for that.”

“Okay fine this is my last sorry.”

“I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I don’t know if you noticed but I held your hand when I came to visit you.”

“Haha that’t not important, I know I know.”

“Someday you’re gonna look back to this day and the days that we spent together as the best memories of your life I hope! I hope that I could be one of those people that’s gonna be forever in your heart because you’re forever in mine.”

“I love you so so so much. I love you so so so so much! I love you I love you I love you! Times a million! And then times a million more!”

“Thank you for the amazing 2 years we had! Not even a single regret out of it! I’ll think of you until the last breath that came out of me! Even though I stopped living, that doesn’t mean that you have to, too!”


“Do not cry! Do not think of me as it like I’m gone forever!”

“I PROMISE YOU that we’re gonna meet again someday.”

“That you’re gonna be back in my arms again.”

“Then we’ll be together forever and ever and ever and ever!”

“I’ll wait for you, wherever I am. I’ll always wait for you.”

“I love you kitten.”


Harry x


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