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@Mr. E: Yeah, that was the answer I was expecting. I know the feeling really, I write too and recently had to take multiple chapters to handle a situation due to the size of my cast (in the teens and they were each interacting with a singular individual outside of the main group). Still I was just thinking on the group dynamics and how they function when I was making the suggestions. Keep up all the fun we're all having here.

Mr.e: haha yeha it gets pretty surprising. I mean i understand why some people in the star vs series just don’t get some screentime. It’s really hard to balance out plot, filler and growth. no worries, I do have something planned but we’ll see where we go. thanks for asking at least and i hope you keep enjoying the story. 

band camp: a summary
  • me: it's too early for this
  • me: oh marching right I remember this
  • me: wow look at that butterf- OH RIGHT SET
  • me: of course it only gets hot when we start to go over drill
  • me: wait is that my dot 2 yards in front of me
  • me: fuck wait what comes after this
  • me: oh it's that part
  • me: when are we going to water break
  • me: 5 minutes has never been so glorious
  • me: when are we going to water break again
  • me: I didn't forget anything that time somebody give me an award
  • me once band camp's over: oh that wasn't so long!
  • me waiting for the next session to start: fuck