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“beauty and the beast” where beauty’s dad comes home with the rose and is like oh shit oh shit this terrible monster says i have to come live with him forever because i picked his favorite flower and beauty just goes fuck that and puts on her pants and marches down to the beast’s castle herself

and she’s expecting this horrifying dark fortress but it’s actually sort of just a normal castle with big rose bushes and furniture that’s sometimes alive

and she thinks, i can work with this

and the beast comes out and he’s like don’t look at me i am a hideous monster and beauty’s like dude you’re like a talking tiger in a cape are you kidding you’re AWESOME can i pet you can i stroke your paws can you give me a ride

and he’s like what and she goes around the castle like okay we’ll put curtains here and expand the kitchen and this could be a really cute breakfast nook

and the beast is confused because isn’t she supposed to be terrified and hate him and he had all these intimidating speeches planned and he’s like uh aren’t you going to try to run away

and beauty’s all are you kidding this is a magic castle i’m going to live here forever

so they just sort of settle in together and one day beauty goes home for the weekend to visit her family and they’re all amazed that she’s alive and her sisters go WHY DIDN’T THE HUGE MONSTER EAT YOU TO DEATH and she’s like nahhh he’s basically just a big cat he’s kind of cute actually sometimes he plays with yarn when he thinks i’m not looking

and she explains how it’s really not that bad, all the dishes wash themselves and i get all these gorgeous dresses for free because the castle doesn’t know what else to do with them and yeah there are flowers everywhere but hey that’s his hobby y'know i’m not gonna discourage that man

and then one day while beauty’s re-alphabetizing her magic library and trying to decide where to put that enchanted mirror the beast comes up and he’s like hey so this is awkward but are you like………………………………..in love with me……?????????

and beauty’s like oh uh wow haha um sorry no you’re…sort of a tiger

and the beast is like thank goodness because if you were i’d have to turn back into a human and i've kind of gotten used to being a big lion thing with horns and the ability to speak english for some reason like why would i want to go back to being a spindly little man and then beauty laughs and she’s like okay well can you go catch us a wild boar for dinner, dear

and they end up getting married in the end just because it’s easier to explain that way, you know, a single lady ~~living alone with a man~~ even if he’s not actually a man, and that’s fine with them because beauty was never really into the whole boys and sex thing and the beast (whose name is jeff) is honestly more interested in his flowers

and whenever any of the other ladies in the village give her any shit beauty is just like, oh, you don’t like my crepes? well you know my husband, who is literally a tiger, loves them and then everyone leaves her alone, which is really all she ever wanted

and she goes back to her magic castle and sits down with a book in front of the fire and rests her feet on her cat husband and nobody bothers her ever again

can that happen

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Pining keith recs would be a gods end

i’m assuming that you mean godsend but then again tbh pining!keith could probably end a god too

anyway, sorry this took so long! it tends to happen bc i feel the need to give as many fics as possible haha but yeah here it is:  

Thanks for asking! More ficrecs can be found here

edit: added 2 more fics bc i was going through our library and remembered them :3c (coincidentally they’re both written by mutuals aha) 

Me: what was your name again? sorry, I have trouble with my memory
Older customer: oh haha, me too! But at least I have excuse for having a bad memory, you’re too young for that!
Me: haha, yeah! It’s not like I was traumatized so badly that it literally impaired how my brain functions now, haha!

today i reached that point of the game, and i totally forgot how desperately demyx died/vanished. i know, nobodies have no feelings, but isn’t it the same, when you remember what the feeling was? so, even if he shows sora, that he doesn’t feel anything, i wondered what he thought, when he realized, that this will be the last song he plays.

Celebrity Crush (Finn Wolfhard Imagine)

Hey guys! so this is my first ever imagine. ik it’s really short so sorry about that haha and I’m also really sorry if it’s cringey or really bad, but I hope I could get better in the next ones :) I hope you enjoy it!

Part 2

 “Yeah! that was definitely a fun scene to film,” Noah said, with the other boys nodding in agreement.

“I bet it was,” James Cordon said, “So guys, what’s your favourite show on Netflix right now?” James moved on to the next question.

Finn didn’t even have to think about his answer. There’s only one show that he has been obsessed with lately. Sure, the show was a big hit on Netflix, but he knew a big part of his obsession was because you were starring in it, and he started having a huge crush on you the minute he saw you in the first episode. He was just about to answer, but Gaten beat him to it.

“Y/N Y/L/N’s show is pretty amazing,” he said. “The whole cast is, actually.”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” James agreed, “ have the rest of you guys been watching it too?”

“Of course, in fact, Finn is a huge fan of the show. Right Finn?” Caleb teased, wiggling his eyebrows a little at Finn.

“Shut up” Finn blushed.

“Ohh I think I know what’s going on,” James smirked, “Does a certain someone have a crush on, perhaps, Y/N Y/L/N?” James joined Caleb with teasing Finn.

“Finn gushes about her the whole time, it’s pretty funny actually,” Noah chuckled.

“Oh my god Y/N is so pretty!” Caleb mimicked Finn in a slightly high pitched voice. The rest of the of the boys laughed, except Finn of course. His face was no different from a tomato at this point.

“Is that true Finn?” James asked amusingly.

“Well yeah, I guess. She’s really talented and a great actress. I mean who wouldn’t like her? She’s amazing.” It took everything in Finn to not ramble on and on about how perfect he thinks Y/N is. He didn’t need to be embarrassed even more, if that was even possible.

Luckily, James changed the subject by asking the next question, and Finn have never been as grateful for something as the attention not being on him after this huge embarrassing moment anymore.

But the thing is, he never actually thought that the whole internet would blow up after the fans watched the interview. A ship name has been made, which was trending after the interview was released with a couple of minutes, with thousands of tweets by the fans saying how Finn and Y/N would be perfect together. Hell, there were even some edits of them too.

Lots of fans were also trying to draw Y/N’s attention to the interview by tweeting her a couple of hundred times. When she finally did watch the interview, she had to play it a couple of times to finally believe that it was true.

Did…my celebrity crush just say I’m amazing?

she couldn’t actually believe it. Finn freaking Wolfhard had a crush on her too.

“@ Y/NY/L/N: My life is officially complete. I can die peacefully now.” She tweeted with the link of the interview following her words.

“If being called talented by Finn Wolfhard doesn’t make my mom proud of me, I don’t know what will.” She tweeted again. The fans freaked out after reading those two tweets, followed by some others of Y/N gushing about Finn some more.

No amount of fans’ excitement and tweets containing fangirls’ incomprehensible language could come close to describing how Finn felt knowing that Y/N liked him too. He kept running around the hotel room he shared with the other boys with his fists in the air and the biggest smile on his face.

After the boys urged him to message her, and saying that he would be a complete idiot if he didn’t, he finally found the courage and did it, and it was the best decision he has ever made.


Originally posted by starefantasisedroolrepeat

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Prompt: “He/She will always be more important to you. I get that now.”

Warnings: Attempted angst to just a tad bit of fluff, jealousy/insecurity. Reader is also around 16 so I’m not sure if that counts or not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Extra: @winchesters-favorite-girl gave me this little gem during her live stream and we both agreed that angst is great and I’ve never actually written it before, so this one’s for you, Katie!

P.S: Go give Katie’s profile a look! She’s awesome and is such a nice person, plus her writing is absolutely amazing ;) 

To say you were upset was an understatement. 

It’s been obvious since the first time Dean had seen her, your brother had some kind of connection with Claire Novak. 

You couldn’t blame Dean, really. His best friend, Castiel, had basically killed Claire’s father-not on purpose, of course-and her mom had died later too. She lived a long time of her life in darkness of never really knowing what had happened to her father, and, in a way, Sam, and Dean were the same in relation to Mary for a long time. 

You, on the other hand, had met Sam and Dean when you were only a young pre-teen and they had been in their late twenties. Your mom had been killed and the boys had interviewed you for the case, not knowing that there was any type or relation between you three from John. So, of course, you hadn’t known Sam and Dean as long as Claire had, which just made you even more upset since you weren’t as connected to them as she was. 

You were currently back in Sioux Falls with your brothers to visit Jody after a particularly long hunt in upper South Dakota, and after being introduced and planning to stay the night, Dean and Claire had started chatting it up. 

You didn’t know why it made your blood boil so much. Claire was only 18, while you were younger by a simple two years. It really wasn’t much when you thought about it, but it was also two more years that she had known Sam and Dean. This wasn’t the first time this had happened though, and you always felt more excluded every time than the last when it did.

You started zoning into your own head and realizing that Dean probably like Claire more than you. It was stupid to think, but you couldn’t help it with seeing the way he spoke to her so easily, laughing in the conversation-thing she didn’t do with you. You felt your eyes line with tears as you stared in front of you, your own thoughts becoming too much as you tried to blink back the water in your eyes.

Sam turned his head and looked at you with concern, noticing how you were slouched into the couch with your arms over your chest and eyes glossed over. You didn’t look angry or upset, but you had that look on your face where you were feeling so much you couldn’t convey it-and that was a look that only your brothers knew.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Sam said, taking a sip of the beer Jody had graciously given him, “you okay?” 

All conversation stopped and all eyes turned to you as you tried to sink deeper into Jody’s couch. Dean’s brow furrowed at you and Claire just simply stared while Alex and Jody looked between you and Sam. 

“Fine.” You mumbled sadly, avoiding eye contact with either of your brothers. Your eyes still remained on the floor and the awkward tension in the room suddenly made you feel like your gut was twisting. 

“You sure, sweetheart?” Jody asked kindly, glancing at Sam when she realized you weren’t going to look at her. “You want to talk about it?”

“M’fine.” You said again, voice cracking as you stood up and felt a few tears flow down your face as you walked to the front door, opening it and slipping out and closing the door behind you. You stood outside and sat on the porch, covering your face in your hands and letting out a sob. 

What was so different about you and Claire? You both hunted, you were both the same age, you both did okay in school, plus various other things. Was she just better than you in general? Did Dean ever even want to have a sister in the first place, or maybe he just wanted someone to be close with without all the extra baggage?

You pressed your face harder against your hands to try and muffle your sobs when the front door squeaked open. You didn’t realize it when the door shut and someone sat next to you and placed a hand on your shoulder. You involuntarily flinched and the hand slipped away, causing you to pull your hands down and see Dean sitting next to you, looking concerned. 

You sniffled and Dean opened his mouth to say something but closed it just as fast. You were semi-grateful since you didn’t really want to talk right now, especially to Dean. You pulled your knees closer to you and folded your arms across them, placing your head in your arms.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Dean asked, and you shook your head in between your arms. “Okay…” Dean said awkwardly, placing a hand on your back and rubbing up and down softly. 

After a few moments of silence and Dean rubbing your back, you got up enough courage to speak.

“I feel like you hate me…” You said into your arms, your voice muffled from the sleeves of your hoodie. 

“What?” Dean asked in concern, his hand stopping movements on your back as you reluctantly lifted your head to look at him with a tear streaked face and puffy eyes. 

“I feel like you hate me.” You repeated, stealing a glance at Dean. “Not, like, all the time! Just, whenever your around… ugh…” You struggled with getting your words out and shoved your face in your hands again. 

“You…” Dean said slowly, trying not to make you cry again. “You think I hate you?” 

“No!” You said, taking your face out of your hands, and looking at your brother while letting out a sigh. “I don’t think you totally hate me, just when…” You let out an exasperated sigh and looked at Dean, whose face was filled with worry.

“When Claire’s around.” You finished. You looked at Dean, who nodded slowly at you, trying to get you to continue so he could understand. 

“It’s just, I’m always excluded whenever we come over here and you hang out with her. And then the days after you’ll barely talk to me.” There was silence as you talked, Dean listening intently to you so he could understand your point. 

She’ll always be more important to you. I get that now. But.. just… am I just not good enough for you or something?” You asked seriously, feeling bad after because of the way Dean’s face fell and turned into one of hurt. 

“(Y/N),” Dean started, looking at you sadly, “I can never hate you. You’re my baby sister. And Claire isn’t more important than you. You’re the only teenage girl I need in my life. Why would you think otherwise?”

“Just…” You let out a sigh and started to twiddle your thumbs in your lap. “I don’t know. You’ve known her longer and she just seems cool and more like you than I am and-” 

“Hey.” Dean said softly, cutting you off suddenly. “You’re your own person, (Y/N). You don’t have to be like me for me to like hanging out with you. She’s never going to replace you, you know that, right? Do you know why?” 

You stayed silent as Dean placed a hand on your shoulder. 

“Because you’re my baby sister. And no one else can fill that job but you.” 

You looked at Dean with tear filled eyes and sniffled, him wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close to him. 

“Sorry I was stupid…” You mumbled, burying your face into the leather of Dean’s jacket. 

“You’re not stupid, kiddo.” Dean replied, giving your shoulder a squeeze. “But you know that I love you, right?” 

“Yeah, I know” You sniffled, wrapping your free arm around Dean. “I love you too, Dean.”


I’m legit half asleep while writing this and it’s so bad but I hope you guys enjoy, haha.

Sunshine (Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! Okay first off this isn’t exactly an Avengers imagine as I only wrote like three characters buuuuut it’s not like a specific romance imagine either so yeah haha, secondly, so sorry anon but I didn’t write that they were watching football together, I just wrote that they were watching a series, I hope you don’t mind😅Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Hey Darling :) Can I ask you for an imagine ? :) I really have a bad time at the Moment and thought of some cheering up. Maybe something where you’re also an avenger and the others also notice you’re Feeling down lately. So to get you in a better mood, Steve & Bucky take you out for some ice cream and later watch Football together. Slowly you start to feel better and later you fall asleep cuddled together with them on the Sofa. I hope this is okay with you :)

You dragged your feet to the kitchen, not in the mood for anything at all now. It was just one of those days where you wake up and just feel like crap for no reason but well not really no reason, you almost jeopardized the mission yesterday by getting your cover blown.

Sighing, you saw Tony pouring a cup of coffee for himself. He glanced at you before immediately turning around to grab your cup from the cabinet above. “Coffee?”

You gave him a look and sigh. “Do you even have to ask?”

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Besides being trans I also hc Peter as having adhd and I love thinking about spiderman being obsessed with fidget spinners okay. Does the suit have pockets? Probably and my guess is he has like three fidget spinners on him at all times. Peter chilling on a roof ledge just playing with his fidget spinner. Also he could attach it to his webs and use it as a yoyo and shit. He can just smack a villain in the head with his fidget spinner the possibilities are endless

haha i’ve actually discussed him having adhd here before as have other, and the idea of him using spinners for that and for autism headcanons!! bc there’s no way peter parker is neurotypical, like i’m sorry but that boy is on the spectrum and that isn’t a bad thing.

but yeah, peter parker having a few spinners on him bc each one is different and one even has a really neat texture. peter clicking his pen a lot and it gets on everyone’s nerves so ned gets him one of those little cubes with loads of different buttons. peter pulling out his hair way too much to the point where he always has his hand on his head, and aunt may has to try and find him a new way to stim bc that hair thing is getting a bit destructive. peter jiggling his leg and tapping his foot, bouncing on the balls of his feet. peter flapping his hands and bouncing around. peter chewing on his sleeves, peter carrying around a bookmark so he can play with the tassel attached to it, peter lowkey still loving those textured kids books that have different types of fabrics to feel.

just stimming peter, man, has to get that energy out.

bluebeancutie  asked:

May I ask why you changed the Jumin one? Did people get upset over it?

[please dont reblog]

It was a sensitive topic so I get where both sides are coming from ^__^;;
I have never watched 50 shades nor have I any intention of doing so (I don’t really like nsfw stuff in general as well – I have like 1.5% knowledge about any of it other than the basic stuff you accidentally learn about in high school and i don’t want to find out more thanks to previous unpleasant childhood experiences lol)

&& the entire meme was based off a canon in-game 707 thought bubble about “50 Shades of Chairman-To-Be” [screenshot in previous posts] ((+++so much of the fandom was seeing Jumin as someone who would /watch/ it)) so i thought it was okay

but I’m glad people took the time to politely explain why the movie is problematic because I wouldn’t have known otherwise ^__^ while the reference was very tiny and indirect, i felt like it was sending messages that i think jumin is the same as this grey guy – i don’t btw, which is why he is asking for mc’s consent unlike the grey person guy (afaik…idk) – i think jumin is precious if you treat him right too. his obsession still creeps me out though haha but still - fave! ;;;

i don’t like remembering it but i personally know the feeling of having your consent disregarded ; ; ;; ;;; ;; so yeah idk – i definitely have no bad intentions with the previous comic – i just booked on the fact that it was referenced in the game ;; i’m sorry! please don’t hate me

why do i feel like i dont have the right to draw jumin anymore… or anything MM at all because i might mess up some more lololol rip maybe i should take a break

i went to the zoo and i may have taken a lot of pictures for the sole purpose of drawing on them…

anyway have fun boys

【33】The Ammo Dump - Isaac and Brendan

Duty gets boring at night. Poor connection with phones doesn’t make it any better.

“Recruit Ahmad, Recruit Jie Wei,…” Brendan’s Platoon Commander was reading out the name list of those who are down for guard duty this coming guard duty. Being in the enhanced batch, they would only likely only serve one time or no guard duty at all. He prayed with all his might that he wouldn’t be called. Life in Tekong was boring enough. He wouldn’t want to stay in here for another day.

“And… Recruit Brendan. All 9 of you will be down for guard duty this Saturday. If you have legit reasons you cannot serve, come and find me.” Brendan’s Platoon Commander finished his piece and walked away. Those that didn’t got called were damn relieved and quickly ran up to enjoy their admin time.

“Sigh… Fucking guard duty.” Brendan cursed as he walked back to bunk. Friday night came, he watched as the rest of his friends marched their way to the ferry terminal. Brendan was the only one from the Platoon down for guard duty, with a mixture of others from the 3 other Platoons. As the night fell, Brendan sat on his bed with the lights off. He browsed the porn he downloaded in case he needed it.

He peeled off his Navy Blue Byford underwear and PT shorts to his knee and started jerking himself to the moans and actions of the hunk in the porn. He was getting harder, growing to a glorious 6.5”. His Platoon Sergeant, Isaac was down as one of the guard commanders for tomorrow’s duty, unknown to Brendan.

Isaac was bored in bunk, when he suddenly recalled that Brendan was down for duty as well, and since it wasn’t lights out timing yet, Isaac decided to find Brendan for a small chat. As Isaac made his way down, Brendan was still wanking away to his porn on his bed. Brendan was sleeping at a bed which one can see from the door.

As Isaac opened the door and switched on the lights, Brendan jumped and used his shorts to cover himself. Isaac turned around and apologised. “Woahhh shit. Sorry! Didn’t know that you were relieving yourself. Err you can continue, I’ll take it that I didn’t see anything.” Isaac said and went out, turning the lights off. “Sergeant Isaac! Ser…” Brendan tried to call out to Isaac but he had already left.

Isaac’s heart was beating fast. His pants was stirring. “Fuck. That was… hot.” Isaac thought in his mind. He caught his favorite recruit jerking off. Brendan was so embarrassed. He remembered that he had Isaac’s number and decided to text him. He was so embarrassed he lost his erection instantaneously.

“Hey Sergeant Isaac… I’m sorry for what happened just now… Please don’t report me to OC sir…” Brendan typed. *Beep beep* Isaac looked at his phone as he was about to sleep. “What a silly boy. How I hope I could join him.” Isaac thought in his mind. “Haha, so many days never release, normal la. We’re all guys. Book out can bang your gal liao. :P” Isaac typed and sent.

After reading Isaac’s message, Brendan was relieved. Isaac was Brendan’s Sergeant crush as well. He was thankful to Isaac for giving him so many fitness tips from the start of BMT, and also the heart to heart session sometimes at night. He didn’t have the “Sergeant airs” at all and was close to the recruits. Isaac was small sized but packed a punch. His muscles were well defined and those abs Brendan would die for.

Looking at what Isaac typed, he figured that maybe Isaac was straight. Slightly thrilled to be caught by Isaac, but also embarrassed at the same time. Poor Brendan. Brendan set his alarm and went to sleep. The next day, Brendan woke up early to pack his stuff for guard duty. As he fell in for strength accounting, he saw Isaac, with his smittening smile as always.

“Morning Sergeant…” Brendan said sheepishly. “Morning! Don’t worry about it la.” Isaac gave a brotherly pat on Brendan’s back and winked to reassure him. After all was accounted, they had their out ration breakfast and waited for the tonner at the carpark area for those assigned to Rocky hill and the Ammo Dump, which was deep inside Tekong.

Brendan was assigned to Ammo Dump along with a few other recruits. Isaac was the only sergeant with the other recruits. “Woah, we’re going to Ammo Dump. Excited anot? Heard it’s damn quiet there at night, pretty scary leh.” Isaac said to Brendan. Brendan smiled. The tonner started noisily and rocked its way to Rocky Hill. As the tonner drove pass School 4, it made its way into the forests and it started to got even quieter.

They passed some really old buildings and thick vegetation and a range as well before finally reaching the Ammo Dump. The recruits dismounted and swapped with the duty personnel yesterday in the room and Isaac did a hand take over from the other sergeant. As the tonner drove away with the personnel yesterday, it was all quiet again.

Signal was bad there. Brendan can’t even get any internet access. The day passed by and he did his duty. Soon, it was dark already. Other than the lights outside the Ammo Dump lighting the area up, the rest was pitch dark. Brendan finished his last patrolling duty and came back in. Isaac woke up from his slumber.

“Woi, Isaac come here, talk to me. I’m bored. Haha.” Isaac said, signalling Brendan to sit beside him. His patrolling partner went to bed and the next shift guys went out to do their duty. “Hmmm so what do you like to do during your free time… other than jacking off?” Isaac asked. Brendan blushed. “HAHAHA. Joking la. Your hobbies?” Isaac said.

“I sing and record them. Covers of Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, etc.” Brendan said. “Omg, Ed Sheeran my favourite. Eh show leh show leh I’m sure you got your singing vids.” Isaac said excitedly. “I shy leh. Haha.” Brendan replied. “Show la.” Isaac pouted. Brendan relented and showed him some of the videos. Isaac held on Brendan’s phone and watched the videos intently.

“Wa… not bad ah. Singapore’s next JJ Lin? Haha.” Isaac teased. “No la… I’m so amateurish…” Brendan shyly said. “Haha ok la. Hmm I see if got more.” Isaac said as he swiped left and videos. Murphy’s law came true. As Isaac swiped, he chanced onto the porn Brendan was watching. It was two local hunks fucking each other. “Ohh yeah… fuck yeah…” moaned the hunks in the video.

Brendan hurriedly snatched his phone back and turned off the video. Isaac sat there stunned. “I’m so fucking sorry Sergeant.” Brendan grabbed his phone and ran out. “Hey wait!” Isaac called out to Brendan as he ran after him. Brendan ran onto the road in the front of the Ammo Dump and turned right. Isaac ran after him and caught him by the arm about 20 meters away.

“Hey it’s ok! What’s wrong?” Isaac said. “I’m so thoroughly embarrassed.” Brendan turned away and struggled. “Embarrassed about what? Being gay? What’s the big deal? I’m gay too!” Isaac grabbed Brendan firmly. Brendan stopped struggling. Brendan looked into Isaac’s eyes. “You're… gay?” Brendan said. Isaac nodded confidently. There stared at each other for a good 10 seconds.

Brendan was of similar size to Isaac. He leaned his head forward and kissed Isaac. Isaac closed his eyes. “This feels wrong… but I’ve been wanting you, Sergeant.” Brendan confessed and groped Isaac’s groin. “Mmmm fuck… You’re my favourite recruit too…” Isaac was busy kissing Brendan, wrestling with his tongue.

Brendan unbuttoned Isaac’s number 4 and took it off. Isaac figured out it was too open to make out there and wanted to do it somewhere else. He held Brendan’s hands and went deeper into the grass near the Ammo Dump. Isaac went on his knees and unbuttoned Brendan’s pants and peeled off his Byford underwear. Brendan moaned as his 6.5” came to life.

“Mmmm fuck. You’re so big… mmm” Isaac moaned as he slurped on Brendan’s tool hungrily. “Mmm yeah, suck it hard like you’ve been dying for it.” Brendan held Isaac’s head and rocked it to his rhythm. Isaac pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and said to Brendan: “Fuck me Brendan. Breed my ass.” Brendan was shocked. “Here…? I don’t have…” Brendan stuttered.

Isaac took out a condom pack and a small convenient sized lube packet from his wallet in his pocket. “Ever ready, babe.” Isaac winked. Brendan smiled and wore the condom clumsily in the dark and lubed Isaac’s ass and whatever the remaining of the lube on his dick. “Make it a quick fuck ok? Before the others realise we’re gone.” Isaac said, guiding Brendan’s dick into his ass.

“Mmmm fuck. Oh fuck. Ahhhh fuck.” Brendan’s dick slipped in smoothly and Isaac moaned away. They fucked in doggy style, with Brendan’s dick ravaging Isaac’s insides. Brendan held Isaac’s waist firmly and pounded. His scrotum slapped on Isaac’s bubble butt. It was a pretty noisy affair with the pounding and moaning.

Brendan grunted as he fucked, pushing it deeper with each thrust. “You’re hitting it… the spot… fuck… ahhhh…” Isaac moaned as Brendan’s monster massaged his prostate. Brendan played with Isaac’s dick by cupping his dick head and rubbing it. Isaac suddenly shuddered and out came his cum, spewing onto Brendan’s right hand.

Brendan could feel the impact of every shot. “Oh FUCK. Urgh…” Isaac continued to spew his load. 10, 11, 12 shots in total. Brendan smeared the cum on his hands on the tree next to him. “That was fucking hot, Isaac.” Brendan patted Isaac. “Fuck… fuck… I couldn’t take it. Your dick… it’s doing such a good job to my spot.” Isaac panted.

All of a sudden, they could hear a tonner approaching. Brendan hugged Isaac, still hard and knelt on the grass. They crouched until the tonner drove away, with Brendan still hard inside him. They just assumed kneeling position and Brendan continued to fuck Isaac hard. Isaac moaned away as the sensation came back. “I’m near… I’m Cumming!”

Brendan gave a few hard pound and shot his load into the condom. “FUCK!” Brendan grunted. He grasp Isaac’s waist hard with each shot. Isaac and Brendan were both drenched in sweat. Brendan pulled out and tied the condom. Isaac took it and swung his hand back and aimed it at a large metal container filled with trash. Isaac grabbed Brendan’s head and kissed him.

“Thanks man. I haven’t had a good fuck for ages man.” Isaac said. They embraced each other and wiped each other’s sweat off. “We should get going.” Isaac and Brendan got dressed and sneaked back into the office in Ammo Dump. As they sat down, they had a good laugh. “That was wild… definitely the best outdoor fuck I had…” Brendan giggled.

“Ya sia… hahaha.” Isaac laughed back. The guys from the present shift came back. “Err Sergeant. We patrolling that time we kinda hear got some moaning from the bush sia. We scared it’s the pontianak leh.” Recruit Ahmad said. Isaac looked at Brendan and burst out laughing. “Pontianak your head la. I can assure you it’s not. Go to sleep.” Ahmad went back, looking confused.

“So he actually heard us… haha” Brendan laughed. “Yeah… Pontianak.. hahaha.” Isaac couldn’t control his laughter. Both Brendan and Isaac fell asleep beside each other until daybreak. Much adventures await them when they get back to company line…


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1st Published 11 December 2017


Marini: Its fucking 5am what am I doing with my life. Anyways sorry that I can`t reply you guys and answering some ask too due to sickness. Trust me the ideas are not that fresh when it comes to me sick. Anywho still working on this animatic. Here’s mah hooman versions of Cuphead and Mugman in progress! 


To those who likes them as heroes yes I respect your taste fellow C&M fans but to me I like them more as baddies and by their stories to begin with. So yeah I chose the bad ending of C&M as my inspiration :D.

UPDATE: I FORGOT THEIR HAIR STRAND. Screw it is 5am Mar not to mention ya exhausted from went to the clinic TWICE…. NIGHT2!

you're mine

Anon: please write some kickthepj smut please

Different Anon: Please write a makeup with either Dan or P.J. xx make it dirty and tipsy

A/N: Right, so i kinda altered the request a little bit but all i have to say now, is prepare for rough PJ. *bum bum bummm* - miranda

I stumble through my door, tripping over my extremely high heels, giggling at the voices in my head, and rewinding the memories of the warm night I just spent over and over again. One of my very close girlfriends is getting married and of course, we had a kickass bachelorette party. To be blunt, I was shit faced drunk and way too happy and horny at the moment. The half naked, ripped guys practically throwing themselves at me really got me going, but unfortunately couldn’t seal the deal. I didn’t tell PJ I was going to a strip club because I know he definitely wouldn’t approve, but what he does know won’t hurt him, right?

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Sang Woo, attachment style, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and Yoon Bum.

I have seen many readers suspecting Bum to have BPD, but I also believe Sang Woo may suffer from BPD. As someone else had done a very detailed overview of Sang Woo and BPD (Part 1, Part 2), I’ll be quite brief about my own stand (and support) on this. 

(Warning: this mini essay of mine will undoubtedly be messy as I did not plan for smooth segue nor am I that organised to plan an essay before writing. This applies to my academic works as well; I’m more of a let’s-just-write-and-see-where-it-goes kind of person. Do not be like me. You will regret it by the time you’re half way through the essay and you have no idea what you’re talking).

Now while BPD is associated with self-harming behaviour and ‘clinging’ dependency, they may also funnel their aggression to external environment (i.e. externalised aggression (EA)). Individual with BPD exhibiting EA can (note it is in bold) perpetuate domestic violence, assault of those who are familiar to the individuals (e.g. friends, acquaintance) and aggressive criminal behaviour such as murder in the form of familicide and serial killing (this is very, very rare. Its rarity level is on par to unicorn) (Gross, 2007; Sansone et al., 2012). 

Many men suffering from BPD are more likely to be misdiagnosed as anti-social personality disorder (ASPD) compared to women who are more correlated with BPD, although comorbidity (co-occurrence of more than one disorder) between BPD and ASPD can and do happen (For review, see Bateman et al., 2008).

It is interesting to note that many clinicians calls for BPD to be considered as not as a personality disorder, but as an attachment disorder (unfortunately for many neither DSM-V(1) or ICD-10(2) has not made this change). Many clinicians suggest the BPD’s core psychopathology arises within the domain of interpersonal relations (e.g. intolerance of aloneness) (See, Adler, 1993; Benjamin, 1986; Gunderson, 1984, 1996; Masterson, 1972)

Our attachment we form with our primary caregiver as a baby provides a basis to how we navigate our relationship with others as adults (Bowlby, 1969). Many empirical evidences suggests insecure and to some extent, avoidant and disorganised attachment are prevalent amongst individuals with BPD (e.g. Meyer et al., 2001). 

I believe Sang Woo fits the criteria for insecure attachment. While we cannot actually turn Sang Woo into a baby and into a room with a two-way mirror, bring back his dead mother and have her go in and out of the room while observing a stranger’s and his mother’s interaction with baby Sang Woo as well as his own response and interaction with them (AKA Strange Situation experiment designed to measure attachment) (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970), we can see estimate from the glimpses we have seen of his past interaction with his mother and more importantly, his social skills as adults and particularly his relationship with Bum, we can ‘guess’ his attachment to his mother was most likely to be insecure.

For more information about the experiment ‘Strange situation’: Experiment video

Random trivia: Today, while this experiment certainly gave great deal of insight into potential how the bond humans develop, this is considered very unethical from modern point of view. One of experimenter’s ethical guides is bringing no physical or mental harm to the participant and in the video; babies are obviously in high distress. 

Another example is ‘Little Albert’ who the experimenters wanted to find out about classical/operant conditioning so decided to traumatise an innocent baby named Albert (No, not Albert as in the Albert Wesker like in the Resident Evil haha, yeah sorry I’m bad at making jokes) and they made him develop phobia against furry objects as well as animal (e.g. dogs). Unfortunately for our Albert, he grew up to develop wide range of phobia including furry objects. His parent was paid only $1 for Albert’s participation and sadly, Albert (not his real name) passed away at the age of 6.

What is an insecure attachment?

Ainsworth (1979) put forward the ‘caregiver sensitivity hypothesis’ to explain for different attachment types. It suggest child’s attachment type depends on their primary caregiver (i.e. mothers usually) behaviour toward the child.

Insecure attachment is more likely to form if a mother is less ‘sensitive’, ‘emotionally available’ ‘inconsistent’ and ‘attentive’ to the child. This meant sometimes the child’s needs were met while sometimes they were ignored by the primary caregiver therefore the child come to believe communication of needs has no influence on their parent/guardian. 

Children with insecure attachment showed conflicting behaviours mirroring their caregiver’s. The children are often feels distrustful or suspicious of their mother, but they also act desperate toward and cling to their mothers and highly distressed when the mother leaves them, even for a while but when the mother approaches them, they ignore or even, push them away. 

These children then grow up to have a preoccupied attachment patterns that resembles the pathology of BPD which are the need for reassurance and approval, excessive dependency on their partner or someone they are close to, fear of rejection and are reject-sensitive etc.

Now we have seen that Sang Woo came from a very abusive household and seeing this manhwa is Korean, we can assume that his household was a very typical Korean household: patriarchal household (in Sang Woo’s case with angry father) and emphasis on the mother’s role as a provider of emotional wealth and rearing of the children. As a Korean, this picture is very familiar; of course, patriarchal household =/= Eastern-restricted custom.

We can clearly see his mother was very protective and very likely to be the primary caregiver of Sang Woo from her husband and his father’s wrath. Maternal instinct to protect their child is a very strong and compelling force; however the mother also knew that she has to be alive to be able to protect Sang Woo from his father.

 It is most likely that the Sang Woo’s father threatened to abuse Sang Woo (more and in worse way than he already does) if his mother don’t do what he says. This could very likely mean that Sang Woo’s father wanted thing done in a way he likes, for example, wanting no signs of having a presence of a child living within the house. This puts huge pressure on the mother who knows if she doesn’t do what he says, his wrath would fall on her and then on Sang Woo who in the father’s eyes, ‘the root of all problems.’

To try and hide signs of children in the house is very difficult; Sang Woo, who probably wanted to play with toys freely out on the floor, want to cry, want to play, want to run around, just generally want to be a child and telling the child not to be a child is something children won’t understand because their mental capacity isn’t as developed as adults. 

Because of this, sometimes mothers tend to resort restricting their children often in harsh way and quite interestingly, the child comes to feel more angry and resentful of non-abusing parent than toward the abuser themselves. So Sang Woo, as a child, would probably have been very confused as he did not know whether the next time he saw his mother looking at him, it’d be a loving hug or her being cold towards him.

There were hints Sang Woo might have murdered his mother so it could be that, Sang Woo felt betrayed and confused at his mother who were supposed to be his protector, the only one in the world who understood and loved him acting in a way he saw was no better than his father, who he probably remembers as being nothing but violent, unloving, neglectful to the point Sang Woo probably sees him as a stranger who also happened to live with him and his mother. 

We don’t know what happened to Sang Woo’s mother, but if he did murder her it could have been that she was thinking of abandoning Sang Woo and her husband, unable to bear such living no longer and Sang Woo snaps, or her leaving him to his father for another man, or he killed her because as he grew up he came to see her as a weak mother who did not love her son as much as she perhaps did of her husband; who was so weak and selfish that she didn’t even leave Sang Woo’s father earlier or when she had the chance to take him away from the abuse if she really loved Sang Woo. 

He probably thought that being in the street, starving and cold and with nowhere else to go was much more better than being under a roof that was no better than hell. Because he’d still have his mother who had proven she loved him and that’s all he wanted and needed.

BPD + ASPD = Perfect Match or Chaos?

Now this brings to the question since there are conflicts whether Bum suffers from BPD or Sang Woo suffers from ASPD and let’s say, for the sake of this argument, Bum suffers from BPD and Sang Woo has ASPD. 

How would the two mental disorder clash and if they end up having a relationship, could they have mutual respect for one another and make the relationship work or would they eventually cannibalise each other with their deceitful nature?

I, for the life of me, cannot remember where, but I read somewhere that pathologies of BPD’s subconsciously need and seek those with ASPD and such setup may work (“Opposite attracts”). 

Such relationship can become very pathological that resembles a strange, unhealthy cat and mouse game and this is a course typical in such relationship (think of Joker and Harley Quinn). 

Pushing buttons to see how they respond; making use of their fear of abandonment against them; knowing they won’t actually leave and would just keep taking it. It’d be a continuous circle through idealisation and devaluation.

·         One (ASPD) takes nothing personally (e.g. Borderline accusation/insults); the other (BPD) takes everything personally.

·         Psychopathic detachment can diffuse Borderline reactive rage

·         BPD extreme emotion can be sufficiently ‘loud’ to penetrate psychopathic flattened affect

·         BPD idealises and feeds into the narcissism and need to be approved that ASPD has.

·         The non-judgmental approach of a ASPD can counter black/white thinking of a Borderline, in the ‘quiet’ times when they’re receptive to logic.

·         Because of ASPD’s ‘fearlessness’ attributes, they are not so bothered about the ‘walking on eggshells’ aspect of BPD.

·         The ASPD love bombs BPD, flooding the BPD with affection and making them think as though they are special, ‘consoling’ BPD’s fear of abandonment desires.

·         The BPD might be more oblivious to gas-lighting(3) and dowsing. Their fear of abandonment and senses off self-emptiness (which is a trait in ASPD also) and their unstable self-image can be ‘easy’ for ASPD to manipulate.

·         BPD may appreciate the optimism and drive of ASPD.

·         BPD and ASPD tend to be reckless and impulsive, but this can mean accepting of the others impulsiveness.

·         Those BPD may also be more desensitised and have higher threshold for the abuses (abuses are not confined to physical, it can also mean emotional), as they typically do not internalize things as other individual (whether they have BPD or depression or have no known diagnosis) would internalise the same situation.

·         But ASPD will abandon (eventually) and with the abandonment issue of BPD, it will not end well. But if they are stabilised by that point, they’ll usually breathe a sigh of relief as they chuck up the deuces.

BUT! This is not to say those with ASPD or BPD or other mental disorder will end up killing or doing some sort of horrendous crimes or acts! Certain portrayal of certain mental disorder does not mean everyone will follow that same path.

A researcher called Rosenhan conducted an experiment called ‘On being sane in insane places’. Long story short, he had mentally healthy patients (pseudopatients) going in for a psychiatric examination and told them to tell the doctors they were experiencing psychotic symptoms. 

After they were admitted, Rosenhan had instructed them prior to the institutionalisation that they should start acting ‘normal’ and ‘sane’ and see how many doctors/staff noticed and realised they were actually not mentally ill. No doctors or staff noticed during their stays, ranging from 7 to 52 days although the other patients quickly noticed they were mentally healthy and wasn’t mentally ill. 

The pseudopatients noticed how when they began to act ‘normal’, the staff and doctors labelled their behaviours and acts as some sort of psychotic symptoms. For example, a group of bored patients waiting outside the cafeteria for lunch early were said by a doctor to his students to be experiencing “oral-acquisitive” psychiatric symptoms.

Lesson from this study: don’t generalise what you see or heard of someone’s behaviour or actions with certain mental illness to other people who also have same disorder.

A/N: Planning on writing my ‘In the defense of Alois Trancy’ next - the character is horribly misunderstood and judged.


(1)   DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. The current updated edition is the 5th edition published in 2013 (DSM-V). Trivia: Majority of funding for DSM comes from pharmaceutical company. Hmmm…

(2)   ICD: The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems is a coding of diseases and signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or diseases, as classified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently in its 10th revision. Trivia: The ICD is actually the official mental health system for the US, but even many professionals do not realise this due to the dominance of the DSM.

(3)   Gas-lighting: manipulation of someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. This is similar to an operant conditioning (rewarding wanted behaviour, punishing unwanted behaviour) observed by B.F. Skinner. It induces the feeling of learned helplessness and erode their logicality by manipulating someone to think what they are experiencing is ‘not so bad’, causing gradual acceptance of abuse. Synonymous to ‘grooming’.


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Chapstick Challenge

–Where Carl and (reader) find themselves collecting the most random chapstick flavors when they find them on a run. 

Both are 17(or whatever age you prefer), up to date with Carl having one eye.

Minor smut and language.


It had been exactly two weeks since the accident that left Carl with one eye. He was still skittish around the others, keeping himself locked up in his room as much as he could; you being the only one that he would let see him in this state. Which he didn’t even like you to see him at first but you insisted.

“How many is there now?” Carl questioned, watching as you sat in front of him on his small bed. You quickly dumped the contents out of the dirty ziplock bag, tossing it to the side as you quickly counted the small tubes of chapstick.

“Five,” the two of you started the collection a few months after yall’s friendship turned into something more. Carl was always self conscious about having chapped lips when yall would kiss and thus the chapstick collection started. He nodded his head, turning it to the side slightly. You watched as he grabbed one tube, fast enough so you couldn’t see what flavor. His large fingers covered every inch of the chapstick as he rubbed it along his lips.

“What flavor?” he mumbled, pressing his lips to yours, lingering a second before pulling back.

“Hm,” your tongue darted out rubbing against your bottom lip. “Watermelon?”

“Wrong!” a laugh escaped his mouth, causing his eye to close slightly as you pouted. “It was strawberry, your turn.” he screwed his good eye together and breathed out. You darted for the blue colored one, knowing he would hate the taste; he had told you on multiple occasions that blue candy was his least favorite before the world went to hell. The smell of blueberries filled your nostrils as you slid the cold material on your damp lips.

“Okay,” the word fell from your mouth in a whisper as you planted a soft peck on his full lips.

“EW, gross what the hell!” his eye quickly opened, his nose scrunching up in disgust. “Fucking blueberry,” he grumbled, wiping his mouth hard to get the taste off. You giggled and leaned forward to kiss him again. “No way, not till that’s gone.”

“Your turn,” you placed your small hands on your eyes, puckering your lips out causing Carl to laugh again.

He picked up the peppermint flavored one, spreading it on his bottom lip before connecting his rough lips to yours. 

“Mmm,” you leaned forward, pressing your lips to his again, making sure to lick the content on his lips before you answered. Carl looked at you through his lashes, mouth parted slightly. “Peppermint.” you sing songed, grabbing another one. He watched your eyes, your hands, your every move until you placed the cap back on the tube, quickly placing his lips to yours, repeating your action by licking your lips.

“Fruit punch.” a victorious smile spread across his face. You  groan throwing your head back once you realized he had won this little game.

“Wait there’s one more. Bonus round.” you sent him a wink putting the chapstick on your lips. You barely had time to sit it down behind you before his lips were against yours. 

“One more,” he spoke, kissing you again before leaning back. “ One more,” he said once more, causing you to laugh. His lips were rough against yours, his hands cupping either side of your face, holding you still. A moan slipped up your throat as he bit down on your bottom lip, forcing his tongue into your mouth. His hands slid down your face, down your shoulders, making their way to your jean covered bottom. They cupped under your ass, his fingers wrapping around your inner thighs pulling you into his lap.

“Carl,” you breathed out trying to catch your breath while his lips trailed down your jawline and to your neck, where he began to suck and nibble on a patch of skin. Once he was sure there was a mark, he moved back to your lips, his hands tightening their grip on your legs causing you to tremble at the small distance between them and your heat.

“(Y/N), Carl!” Rick’s voice boomed from downstairs, pulling you back into reality. 

“Yeah?” you questioned back, mentally smacking yourself for your quivered voice.

“Dinner is ready, come eat!”

You opened your mouth to answer back, quickly closing it once more as Carl pressed his swollen lips to yours.

“It’s cherry.”


Okay so this is my first post on here, sorry if it’s bad but it’s currently four in the morning for me haha team no sleep, and I had this idea in my head and had to write it. So I hope you enjoy!