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there are those characters that HAVE to die because it would make no sense for their character to just leave the show and move, or something like that …

and then there’s those characters who’s death serves no purpose and could’ve easily been avoided or written off if the actors wanted to leave and you just stare into the sun and scream into the abyss because that didn’t need to happen.

There have been a million thoughts and emotions going through my head and I kind of need to put them somewhere.  This is a word vomit that may be a little bit braggy, but you know what, sometimes you need to toot your own horn.

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Would you ever post pictures of all of your tattoos in a masterpost?

sorry it took me SOOO long to answer this!!! these are not aaaaaall of them i have a bad luck 13 cat on my back, another angel on my arm and a devil on my other arm but its most of them !!! im too lazy to take pics of those but rn but u can see them in photos of me haha xoxo 

Called It

A/N Time for some love for Kai… hope you like it xoxo

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You were sitting in EXO’s dorm, currently watching a movie with Kai and Baekhyun. Well you weren’t really watching a movie, you were throwing popcorn at Jongin, hoping he wouldn’t notice the little pieces you were gently trying to confetti into his hair.

‘Yahhhh y/n stop i’m trying to watch the movie’. Jongin shook his head trying to get all of the popcorn out of his brown locks. You pouted at him, huffing and stuffing a handful of the popcorn into your mouth. you looked at the screen still pouting. when you felt movement next to you. You looked to the side of you to see that your best friend had shuffled next to you. He pouted at you, leaning his head on your shoulder. You scoffed and threw a piece of your popcorn at his face, it lightly bouncing off of his nose and onto his lap.

‘Y/n’. He dragged out your name looking up at you.

‘what?’ You asked, eyes not leaving the screen.

‘I’m sorry’, you looked down to see the beautiful smile of your best friend, there was no sincerity at all, you knew he was joking around, but that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering at his beautiful features. A small smile tugged at your lips and you giggled shaking your head letting him rest his in our lap. 

you looked up to see Baekhyun looking at you, seemingly annoyed (even though you knew it was fake), you had only just noticed the movie had been paused while your little exchange with Jongin happened. ‘Are you quite finished’, he teased, you nodded smiling broadly at the sassy man before he dramatically flipped his hair, a broad smile on his face as he resumed the film.

You looked down and Jongin was staring up at you still smiling. You booped his nose playfully, making faces at him. when he turned back to the film you couldn’t seem to concentrate. So you started picking out the makeshift confetti from Jongin’s hair, combing your hands through it. making him hum a little. Throughout your friendship, you always did this to help each other relax, the other boys teased you about how couply you seemed, but you knew that wasn’t the case, and even though that was disappointing you grew to get over it. 

you looked at your phone that laid on the arm of the chair, pressing the button to light up the screen, that’s when you saw the time. You jumped up quickly, making Jongin fall off your lap in the process.

‘Yahhhh what now’. Baekhyun moaned.

‘I have an interview in 10 minutes I have to go!’ you panicked. you looked down to a shocked Kai on the floor, and you couldn’t help but to giggle at his expression. He smiled up at you laughing also. You helped him up, his tall frame towering over yours. unexpectedly he hugged you tight, swaying you from side to side.

‘Do you have to leave?’ he voiced, his voice muffled by the fact that his face was pushed into your hair. 

‘I’m afraid so, buuuuuut i’ll be back in like a few hours so you can stop suffocating me now.’ you laughed, he pulled away from you, still holding your shoulders. ‘Promise?’ he smiled.

‘Promise.’ you giggled. ‘Now I need to go because i’m gonna be late.’ 

Jongin walked you to the door giving you one last tight squeeze before you rushed out of the door, shouting a quick goodbye to Baekhyun as you left. 

As Jongin walked back to the living room, he caught Baekhyun eyeing him as if he was trying to figure something out. 

‘By the Gods! You love her don’t you!?’ Jongin was caught off guard by his shorter friends exclamation.

‘Yahhh shut up!’ Jongin shouted throwing a pillow at his friends face, blushing and shoving popcorn into his mouth just like the girl he loved did previously.

‘Called it’, Baekhyun smiled looking at his blushing friend. Jongin smiled to himself eating his popcorn, counting down the minutes until she came back to him again. 

A/N thought i’d do some Kai fluff because why not. it seemed short to me, but I really wanted to post it, and it may not be amazing because i wrote this at 3am but I hope someone likes it haha  xoxo

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hey queen vic. i know you're sick and just got off tour but i wanted to make sure you saw my last message and went through and felt the love. haha. ily. xoxo, iliana

I saw! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond. Still sick and kind of in a whirlwind. But love you!!

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Yeah some of the girls in the queue before me were like 'oh I have the name of his cologne screenshotted on my phone' & I was like wtf that's a bit extreme. Then I walked out of the M&G and was like wait what is it called?😂

Shawn Mendes not only blessing our eyes and ears but our nose as well haha xoxo


hey guys! i’m really excited to release my first printables! these are floral-inspired daily planners that feature a schedule, a to-do list, water/exercise trackers, and more! i originally made these because i found i couldn’t find any that met what i wanted in a planner, and i hope these help you too! 

these come in five different colors:

  • cotton candy (x)
  • rosary (x)
  • grape (x)
  • lilypad (x)
  • sunflower (x)

please like & reblog if you’re going to use them! i’d love to hear feedback as well (please tell me if the links are broken or if you aren’t able to download them haha) & thanks to everyone!! xoxo