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fibro!tsuna and the dark age
  • WARNINGS: ideation of self-mutilation, suicide, depression? it's dark. slightly funny. dark humor? morbid humor? tsuna at negative spoons.
  • ...
  • tsuna: i wonder if rearranging my spine would make everything hurt less.
  • reborn: that just might give you full body paralysis
  • tsuna: meaning i won't feel anything right? no pain? no pain no gain.
  • reborn: go to sleep
  • tsuna: I Can't
  • tsuna: It Hurts
  • ...
  • tsuna: how much does a kidney go for on the black market?
  • reborn: tsuna, why
  • tsuna: so i can give it salvation from being in this suffering pain-infused body of mine. it Deserves a Better Life
  • tsuna: speaking of, how about livers? does being riddled with painkillers lower its market value any?
  • reborn: you can't be the vongola boss if you take part in black market organ trade
  • tsuna: that's the best news i've heard in my entire life!
  • ...
  • tsuna: is it true that you can't feel anything once you reach third degree bur--
  • reborn: Stop
  • ...
  • reborn: maman, does tsuna ask you these things too? it's not very healthy of him.
  • nana, way too chipper: oh, of course! he's such an inquisitive boy. i try to answer everything i can.
  • tsuna: mom knows A Lot of stuff.
  • nana: only to satisfy that curiosity of yours, tsu-kun. please don't actually do any of that, though.
  • tsuna: uh, yeah. of course not.
  • tsuna: it all sounds very painful to go through
  • tsuna: i don't like pain
  • tsuna: haha,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: what doesn't kill me leaves me awake at 2am wishing it did
  • reborn: i know. i'm the one you keep up at night while wishing you were dead
  • reborn: which reminds me
  • reborn: is that why you were up at 2am googling 'how to safely get a spinal cord injury'?
  • tsuna: you're the mind-reader, you tell me
  • reborn: all i hear in your mind is constant screaming
  • tsuna: then?? why are you still asking
  • ...
  • tsuna: the only reason i wake up in the morning is to see if i'm still alive
  • tsuna: and if i am, how do i fix it
  • gokudera: that's so inspirational, juudaime..
  • tsuna: you're a good friend, gokudera.
  • tsuna: although it's kind of worrying that you think my depressive tendency is inspirational

Since ’I’ve brought up the food topic last time, I can’t help but wonder about how Well-Done Steaks taste. 

Pieces of meat that are cast in a kindled flame for a prolonged amount of time, they are fabled to taste a lot better than their raw counterparts. Only, they are at the possession of hunters, and I don’t know how and when I’ll get my claws on–

…one? Strange, it’s right here before me. Why is it floating?

O-Oh! I didn’t …see you there? How did you appear out of nowhere?

…I’m sorry, I’m just shocked at your sudden appearance. So you’re an Elder Chameleos, it’s really true that you guys can turn invisible at will, haha. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and I’d like to try this if you don’t mind.

…It definitely tastes better than raw meat, Thank you so much for this, @elderchameleos, I don’t really know how I can repay you for this opportunity, but I really do appreciate it.

lostthehat  asked:

I don't know why (probably the 'because no budget') but that answers about Doctor Who questions post made me remember that time that one guy did not believe you when you said bbc used cardboard daleks and then you were like bam, evidence. cardboard daleks. love them cardboard daleks.

Oh GOD, I fucked that guy UP, I was just talking about him at Gallifrey, haha  

He was all, ‘They absolutely did not use cardboard cut outs of Daleks in the black and white series’, and I was like ‘fucker, do you want to fight me about the Troughton era, we will GO, and you will LOSE.’

I brought out photos where the perspective is off, I brought out sourced essays and books talking about them, I brought out magazine interviews, I brought out gifs where you can see them nearly falling over.

He slinked away after trying, “well, they weren’t technically corrugated cardboard’  

Don’t even pull that shit, asshole, do not pretend this was semantics when you just got destroyed on a basic fact that you were shoving down people’s throats as truth.  

He was an asshole in general in that chat.  He absolutely deserved it. 

fibro!tsuna and The Management (of stress) (and therefore pain)
  • reborn: you've been staring at your phone for 10 minutes?? what, are you watching paint dry or something?
  • tsuna: *is watching instagram clips of paint being mixed*
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn:
  • reborn: .... *sits on his shoulder and watches with him*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i know i said 'on wednesdays i wear pink and watch bob ross reruns in my pajamas'
  • tsuna: but why did all of you feel the need to join me??
  • yamamoto: haha what do you mean all of us? it's just me and hayato.
  • gokudera: stop calling me that!
  • tsuna: that's two of you! two!! that's..
  • tsuna: that's two more than i've ever had over at my house before
  • gokudera: don't worry, juudaime! i'll visit you every day from now on! at every hour of the day!
  • tsuna: no, please don't, that will make it worse
  • yamamoto: make what worse?
  • tsuna: Everything
  • ...
  • nana: welcome home, tsu-kun! how was school?
  • tsuna, in his head: i am literally vibrating with stress. and also pain, but mostly stress. my chest thuds like it's housing a palpitating lovecraftian creature. like the heart under edgar allen poe's floorboards. i feel cold sweat on my skin. i am cold. and tired. i wish to murder something.
  • tsuna, out loud: i could use a nap before dinner.
  • also tsuna: *internally screaming like a banshee from hell*
  • ...
  • reborn: why don't you take a walk and cool your head? exercise is good for you, dame-tsuna.
  • tsuna: *takes one (1) step out of the house*
  • tsuna: *is bombarded with 'dame-tsuna's and 'loser whiner tsuna's and 'faker tsuna's*
  • tsuna: *turns right around, falls back into bed*
  • reborn: ??
  • tsuna: I Cannot Handle The Outside
  • ...
  • mochida: well well well, if it isn't no good tsuna finally showing his face. what's that? are you using your phone during school hours?
  • mochida: that's against regulations. gee, i wonder what the disciplinary committee chairman would say if he knew.
  • mochida: and look, you're even making kyouko-chan complicit with your rule-breaking! you vile vermin.
  • mochida: i bet you're watching PORN, aren't you. filth, how dare you make kyouko-chan look at something so vulgar-
  • phone: *squeaky kitten sounds*
  • mochida:
  • mochida: *hovers behind them, watching cute animal clips over their shoulders*
  • hibari: *in the tree branches above them, doing the same thing*
  • ...
  • tsuna: i Cannot Wait for today to be over and for tomorrow to be here
  • reborn: you're rather optimistic lately
  • tsuna: the stress of not knowing what tomorrow will bring is killing me
  • tsuna: like, probably literally killing me
  • tsuna: i feel like i'm dying
  • reborn: you feel like that every day
  • tsuna: Meeeelting Iiiin My Skiiiiin

Someone send help. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Excuse me and enjoy yourselves as usual. :’D

The things I tend to draw… //shakes head. haha

anonymous asked:

hey bonneyboo (why did i do that), i don't know if you're accepting requests, but if you are, can you do one where juvia can control people with their blood? it's been in my head ever since and i watched avatar with my siblings. and i know she'll be horrified about that. (oh no, the things i think about juviboo)

I am a HUGE fan of Avatar, so imagine how happy I was to get this request? HAHA Anyways, here comes the drama!

The first time it happened, she had been in a mission with Gray. It was supposed to be an easy mission but somehow, they found themselves in the middle of a life or death battle. Gray was fighting off three mages, Juvia fought with three more and the Fairy Tail Mages had advantage.

Until a seventh man appeared out of nowhere with a long dagger, coming out of the bushes, and running straight to Gray, clearly intending to stab him in the back.

Juvia saw the whole scene as if it was in slow-motion. She remembered the memory she had during the Games about Gray dying to protect her and how much it hurt – more than she thought she could bear – and there was no way in hell she was going through that again.

Not if she could help it.

By instinct, she raised her hands in the direction of the assailant. The Water Mage had no idea what she was going to do to stop him, she was too far away to stop him with her water, but somehow, she knew something was going to happen.

All she needed to do was to just stop him.

His hand was holding the dagger tightly and he was almost stabbing the clueless Ice Mage.

Stop. Him.

With a surge of power like she never felt before, Juvia focused on the man – she could feel each drop of his blood through his veins, she could do anything she wanted with it – and just before the blade connected with Gray’s back, his whole body froze.

Juvia was breathing heavily, holding on to her power knowing that just a second’s weakness and she would release whatever she had grasped and the blade would go on its course. It hurt so much she could barely speak.

“Gra-” She tried to speak doing her best to stay focused, but came out as just a little louder than a whisper. She could feel something hot and wet coming down her nose, but didn’t pay much attention to it, preferring to gather strength to call her boyfriend. “Gray-sama!”

The Ice Mage’s attention snapped back at her and his eyes widened her direction. Noticing the man behind him, Gray took a step aside. “What the hell?” Noticing the dagger, Gray disarmed the man and punched him in the face.

Only then, Juvia let go.

She fell to her knees, she rested her forehead on the dirt; she could barely breathe, her whole body was shaking and her vision had black dots dancing around. Juvia felt sick.

“Shit.” She heard Gray say and two seconds later, Gray was kneeling next to her, an arm around her shoulder. “Juvia? Juvia, come on! Look at me.” The blunette kept her position.

“I couldn’t move!” A male voice said, and Juvia could hear the fear in his voice. “What did she do to me? She was inside of me, I could feel! What is she?”

“If you don’t want to end up like your buddies over there, I suggest you to leave right now!” Gray yelled and there was a big thud when he used his magic to scare off the man probably by creating something of ice. She heard footsteps getting far away and then Gray was talking to her again. “Juvia, why are you bleeding?”

The blunette didn’t understand his words fully; why was she bleeding? With her breathing more in control, she finally sat straight – which was a bad idea, the black dots in her vision became worse – and Gray promptly brought her closer to his body.

“Alright, don’t worry. I got you.” He said that over and over again. “Damn it, Juvia, you are so pale.” She closed her eyes, her vision almost all black. “No, no, no… Don’t faint on me.”

“Not gonna faint.” She managed to mutter.

“Could’ve fooled me.” Gray told her. “I don’t see a bruise anywhere, not even on your nose. What happened?”

Juvia opened her eyes and looked up at the Ice Mage – he looked so concerned it warmed up her heart. “He was going to stab you. Juvia stopped him.”

A bit of understanding passed his expression. “The dagger.” She nodded. “How did you stop him, exactly? He wasn’t wet.” She must’ve made an awful expression, because he immediately said, as gently as he could: “Alright, calm down. You don’t have to tell me, okay?”

She shook her head a hid her face on his chest. “Juvia… stopped his body. I couldn’t let him hurt you, Juvia won’t survive if she has to see you bleed to death again. Juvia felt the blood in his veins and she just… she stopped him.”

“What?” His tone was surprised. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“Neither did Juvia.”

“It makes sense.” Gray told her. “Blood is mostly water.”

She could feel her eyes getting wetter. “My own magic hurt me when I did that, it… attacked me; Juvia could barely breathe, she was shaking and her knees gave in. It knew it wasn’t right, it shouldn’t be done, but I couldn’t let him hurt you.” She looked up to him, the black dots were gone, but her vision was blurry because of her tears. “Please, don’t hate me. I didn’t know I could do that. It was awful. Please don’t tell anyone, please. They’ll hate me if they know.”

“Hey, no one will hate you, Juvia, come on.” He caressed her back. “I certainly don’t. I’m more worried what it did to you.” Gray cleaned the blood that came from her nose with his thumb.

“What if there’s something wrong with me?” She asked in a terrified whisper. “What if I do it again?”

Gray’s arms tightened around her. “I know better than anyone how it is to fear your own power, how to lose control; and not once you gave up on me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you and if there were, I wouldn’t give up on you.” He touched her cheek. “I can help you bury this new power or help you master it, it’s your choice. Don’t do this like I did, okay?” Feeling a bit relieved, she nodded. “Alright. Right now, though, I am taking you to a doctor.” She opened her mouth to argue, but he didn’t let her speak. “That’s not negotiable. You didn’t see yourself, I did.” Gray stared at her, kindly. “You helped me carry my fears, let me help you carry yours.”

Juvia teared up and nodded. She was still terrified of her own power, still worried what she could do, but knowing Gray was there with her made her feel safer than ever before.

He would help her, like she helped him. 

So I was in History
  • Teacher: What are you doing?
  • Me: Circling all the places that Prussia should have invaded. *shows map*
  • Teacher: Then why did you circle Canada?
  • Me: Because Matthew Williams is gorgeous.
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher:
  • Me: I can explain it to you if you want.
  • Teacher: I think I'd rather don't know. *sighs and walks away*
The Signs when threatened
  • Taurus: "Um, okay, yeah, I don't really care so I'm gonna go now."
  • Gemini: "Aha, you think you're touchy. That's cute."
  • Cancer: "I don't want to hurt you. You've got it all wrong. I'm not angry...I'm just disappointed."
  • Leo: "Oh my God don't start with me you don't know what you're getting yourself into man."
  • Virgo: "What? You think you're better than me? You think you're smart? You're gonna learn today."
  • Libra: "Okay, look sit down. Just sit down and take a deep breath, let's talk about this."
  • Scorpio: "Haha, let's go." *pulls out pocket knife*
  • Sagittarius: "Um, excuse me? Why must you be such an annoyance, I have other things I need to do."
  • Capricorn: "Dude I really don't have time for this so just say what you have to so I can leave."
First Love | Mark Tuan

My first ever scenario, which in this case involves YOU [anon] and our charming Mark Tuan from GOT7. I hope you guys like it?? ^^

The first request: “A cute scenario, where Mark meets up with his first love, after a few years. The girl is clueless about her being his first love”

The smell of kimchi never seemed to fail to put a smile on your face. It was a sign, a good one! You were finally back after being 3 years overseas for your studies. You loved the LA ocean breeze, but being back in Seoul made you tingle up like a little kid in a candy store.

”____ [YN], hurry up! We are going to be late for the party!” You heard your mom say annoyingly. Normally, you would have a good word back, but this time around, you actually missed that loud, yet sweet mother of yours. Quickly grabbing your clutch, you come downstairs, meeting your annoyed little brother. “Noona, you haven’t changed at all! Always so late with everything!” He sighed, as you gave him a little nudge.

“You know that Raymond’s son actually became a singer in this new group!” You heard your dad say in the car ride to the party. It hasn’t hit you yet, that you were actually going to be re-united with that quiet best friend of yours. “Yeah, they are really good, the way he does those tricks, it’s insane!” You heard your little brother commenting. 

After a good 45min drive, you finally reached the venue. It was quite a big place and lots of people have assembled for the party. “Is that little ___ [YN] ?” You heard a man ask your father as they hugged eachother. As you came closer to respectivaly bow and say your greetings, you see a strangely familiar guy with red hair standing next to that man. You looked at eachother for a good minute without saying a word. “Wow! She’s grown to be a beautiful woman, hasn’t she, Mark!” Your eyes widened at that point, it was him! That’s why he looked so familiar too you. As you blushed, you walked behind your parents to be seated at the same table as the Tuan family.

“So, Mark! We’ve been seeing you a lot on tv lately, you’re doing a great job!” You heard your mom say. “Thank you very much!” He said softly, while looking at you the whole time. 

“So, how have you been though, ___ [YN]? Was studying overseas fun?”

“I’m good! It was a lot of fun, though difficult at times, since I had to miss everyone here..” You responded. “I missed seeing my best friend, you know!” You said playfully. He blushed when you said that and you can’t help but laugh. It felt good, he hasn’t changed one bit, except for the fact that he matured, but he’s still the same old shy Mark.

As time passed by, the two of you catched up on a lot of things. He told you so much about the trainee life, how it has been ever since he made his debut and gave you some insight, yet funny information about his fellow GOT7 members. He seemd genuinly happy, which made you even happier for him.

“So, there was no time for you meeting up on some girls, huh?” You asked with a little smirk on your face. “No, not really.. No time and I wasn’t really interested in a lot of them..” He replied, whilst looking away.

“Really not? But, your a handsome ,sweet guy! There must have been someone out there…” You asked him eagerly, but he responded to you with the exact same question. “What about you? 3 years in LA and no boyfriend?”

“I did date, but nothings gotten serious.. I guess I’m not ready to commit myself to anyone right now.” You see him sigh in relief, yet confusion at the same time. “Why? Why do you look with that infamous confused look on your face?”

“Well, you know.. You.Are.Beautiful..” You shook your head and gave him a playfull punch on his arm. “Haha, noo.. I’m just me.. Your dorky/clueless ___ [YN]!” You said. 

“Yeah, clueless indeed.” He whispered. “Wait, what did you say?” You asked, but he grabbed you by your wrist and dragged you to talk more privately in the hallway.

“I said, yeah, you are clueless indeed!”
“I am not following you right now, Mark..” Scratching your head.
“Don’t you get why I didn’t want to date any other girl out there?” As he walked closer to you, leaving you pressed against the wall, looking down at his feet. He tilted your head up with his hand gently on you chin. 

“There’s only been one girl on my mind, this whole entire time.. My first love, but she left me 3 years ago, without giving me a chance…" 

It has hit you at that point and before you could say anything, he pressed his lips onto yours.

"You are the one, my one and only one”

The signs when someone says they don't like them

Aries- u wanna fukin go
Taurus- preety sure I didn’t ask but ok
Gemini-Awh thank yOU FUCKING BITCH
Cancer-Uhm….what tf did I do to you? *mutters* asshole
Leo-Hahaa. Okay but like why? I’m awesome.. Oh and fuck you
Virgo-oh wow fine, fine, fine, finE
Libra-*laughs* lmao nah.
Scorpio-*kills person*
Sagittarius- Bitch do u fr think I care about u or ur opinion…
Aquarius- *Struts away and flips the person off*
Capricorn-*quiet voice* what why? I h8u
Pisces-oh…haha I don’t care!whatever man*turns away low-key hurt*

Treasury or State
  • Hamilton: Treasury or State?
  • Washington: I know it's a lot to ask...
  • Hamilton: Treasury or State?
  • Washington: To leave behind the world you know...
  • Hamilton: Sir, do you want me to run the Treasury or State department?
  • What he means: Lol well hold up a second I said I need a RIGHT HAND MAN which is more likely to mean a vice president, considering I'm gonna be the P R E S I D E N T don't you think? haha. Why you jumpin' to the cabinet tho? Who even brought that up? YOU did, Alex, now just chill. Okay, so you don't wanna be my vice president—whatever, that's fine, but still...SECRETARY OF STATE?! Lmao okay what experience do you have in that tbh? Like why was that on the table in your mind? Of all people, you thought YOU would be the State secr—anyway. Smh. No. Just no. Just let me finish. You should've known that you had ONE thing you were good at. I mean you were my secretary during the war, and you're good with money...I think, so...anyways...
  • What he says: ...Treasury.
I Hate(LOVE) You
  • Will: how many times do I have to tell leave bigger gap between doing you death magic, Nico?
  • Nico: what the hell, will, it was just a shadow travel to N.Y.
  • Nico: I FINE ASS HOLE. I HATE YOU!!*spinning around and shadow travelling to his rooms in hades*
  • Will: wait NICO STOP!!!!!
  • *3 weeks later*
  • *in the mess hall*
  • Nico: Hay Jas haw have you been?
  • Jason: Nico! whe.......
  • Nico: you were worried about me?
  • Will: I-ii errrrrr I mean we-we where worried?
  • Nico: haha you cant take what you said back. YOU where worried about me. And don't worry I was just down with dad like You said you know tell me to go to hades.
  • Will: I-I-I wait you did what I said?
  • Nico: yer I did. Well it could be kinder cos you know that I said I hate you...
  • Will: *grimacing* yes why?
  • Nico: well it kinder the opposite to that actually...
  • Will: what do you mean?
  • Nico: think about it.
  • Will: You mmhhh like me?
  • Nico: haha getting there.
  • Will: *looking hopeful* You love me?
  • Nico: maybe a little
  • Jason: just kiss already!!!
  • Will: for ones I agree with him * Will pulls Nico in for a kiss and do you know what it beat every kiss ever under water ones*
never give an Exotic an Exo hat. NEVER

okay first one aka the creepy smile when scolding Tao

next, the aaaw-yiis-Chen-is-touching-me

third, the creepy saesang 

some one please kill me now, why do I even do this, showing my face on here.. I don’t know I guess I just don’t give a fuck haha 

last but not least, my fat Baozi face because I’m lil’ Baozi