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Imagine your OTP/Prompt
  • A: Why did you break into my store!?
  • B: *tied up by A* Haha, yeah... uh...
  • A: ... *glaring*
  • B: It's uh... It's a really funny story...
  • A: Funny 'haha' or funny 'I was disowned by my family and thrown out to fend for myself at the age of 12'
  • B: ...
  • A: ...
  • B: How the fuck...
  • A: Do you not read the signs of the shops you break into?
  • B: What? Why?
  • A: *drags B outside and points to sign*
  • Sign: Madame/Monsieur A Psychic and Fortune Teller

Other moms showing pictures on their phone: our youngest just turned 15 and our eldest is off to college to become an architect, they grow up so fast. I will say I’m glad we stopped when we did though, two was a bit of a handful haha.

Me, a cool tumblr mom: ha ha yea tell me about it.

Other moms: but you don’t have any???

Me: sure I do *whips out phone and starts scrolling through tumblr* this one is Julia, she’s 72 and she knits sweaters for homeless shelters, and this one writes unbeLIEVABLE stucky fanfic, just the Best ™. This one does amazing korassami fanart. This one is probably going to be president one day, this one is sad a lot but that’s okay we love them anyway, this one just came out as non binary and we love them unconditionally, this one is dealing with some awful health stuff but they’re coping so well I’m so proud, this one just got into community college and I cried I was so happy for them, this one keeps asking me Pratchett meta questions which is amazing. This one’s my ‘trashcan’ gay daughter and I love her, she’s not really a trashcan but she thinks it’s funny to call herself one so we humor her, we’re very proud of her, this one draws me fanart of my ocs which makes me happy, this one gets easily overwhelmed by social situations but they’re getting there, this one sends me bad books to read all the time, this one…

A meeting with Katie McGrath, probably
  • Producers: So, Lena wants to be Kara's friend.
  • Katie: Haha yeah sure ;) ;)
  • Producers: ... No, she really wants to.
  • Katie: I get it. I get it.
  • Producers: Katie... Lena isn't gay.
  • Katie:
  • Katie:
  • Katie: Then why am I here? Why did you hire me? Why did you choose me to play Lena?
  • Producers: Because you auditioned?
  • Katie: Because I thought she was super into Kara.
  • Producers:
  • Katie:
  • Producers:
  • Katie:
  • Producers: Fine, do whatever you want.
rogue one: a character summary

jyn: hi hello I’m a protagonist oh where did I get the blaster? haha not important lol

cassian: i’m hot and everyone loves me

K-2SO: there’s a 99.9% chance I will punch you in the face if you tell me how to pilot my own ship again

chirrut: the force is with me i’m one with the- wait why the fuck did you blindfold me i’m blind asshole

baze: chirrut how many times do I have to tell you to leave the air conditioning on 72 degrees, jesus

bodhi: i didn’t really want this job but also the empire sucks so it happened

galen: have you seen my son, his name is nemo, i’m looking for my son

krennic: listen pal I just wanna do my fuckin job but no one will let me do my job, please just let me have credit for the death star i’m desperate

saw: how many stormtrooper parts do you think it’ll take before I become a transformer

vader: my grandson thinks he’s more emo than I am? my grandson is wrong

bonus grand moff tarkin: hello I’m here to steal your cake

tbh Henry is sketchy as all hell but that is precisely why i adoRE HIM.


but real talk: it makes me incredibly happy that we actually get to see his eyes opened in Heroes. they’re gorgeous. what did we do to deserve this? bless.

anyways yeah. so Henry is incredibly sketchy…but…also rlly sweet? like. sure he and his crows will casually tear people limb from limb. but then they would prob just as quickly make you a bouquet out of the limbs?

wow how nice and thoughtful. A+++ Henry. we love u. bless u.

  • Yugi: oh hi Ryou what did you do for Halloween?
  • Ryou: nothing much really, I watched a movie, ate some candies, that kind of stuff
  • Yugi: ok
  • Yugi: wait why are you limping
  • Ryou: I might have sprained my ankle a little
  • Yugi: how?
  • Ryou: uuuuh running?
  • Yugi: you- you were fine yesterday
  • Ryou: yeees haha
  • Yugi: ...what did you do for Halloween
  • Ryou: don't worry I managed to banish it

Some more Plushtrap I did awhile back. It kind of goes with the other one I posted the other day. I don’t know why I did this you all know by now I draw weird things when tired I’m sorry.

A magic spell to change the little piggy into a prince… ❄

‘’What will do you, now you became a part of what you despise the most ? You have to live with the consequences of your mistakes from now on. Reflect on that, Jamison. Your life is not meaningless. This is why we saved you.’’

‘’Your chest and neck has been damaged, in this battle. We had no choice to do this surgery an–’’


‘’Then ya’ could have left me die on the battlefield. This ain’t a life I want!’’




AU: Cocoon. It’s pretty stand-alone, though.
Pairings/OT3: Jongyu, Jongtae, Ontae, Onjongtae
Rating: R ???? For language and innuendo and fairly non-explicit discussion of kinks. 
Word count: 2800~
Content warnings: Mentions of food, mentions of various kinks. ETA: also there’s a short mention of someone choking on and coughing up a bite of food. It’s not vomiting exactly, but…vomit-adjacent I guess. 
Additional notes: This was heavily inspired by a conversation that @sluthyun and I had a couple months back about Jinki telling Jonghyun about his kinks. I forgot about this fic in my WIPs folder and then found it again yesterday and finished it up. Also, the chronology of this installment isn’t super crucial, but I imagine it happening shortly after “Cozy.” 

The thing about string cheese, Taemin thought, was that he was never quite sure if he liked it or not. It was certainly fascinating, and it was deeply satisfying to eat from a tactile and visual perspective, as he peeled away strands from each side of the slim length of cheese. But did he like it? He put one strand into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. He honestly had no idea.

Jonghyun was saying something to Jinki, in that soft, low voice that he used when he was saying something especially vulnerable and earnest. Which, granted, was a very frequent occurrence but Taemin felt he should probably listen. He lay sprawled on the carpet for a few moments longer, chewing the cheese and letting the soft notes of his boyfriend’s voice wash over him, not bothering to pick the stream of sounds apart into words, and then Jonghyun’s tone sharpened ever so slightly, and Taemin realized that he was saying Taemin’s name, and likely had been for some time.

Taemin tried to respond, realized too late that he was still chewing, and promptly choked. He sat up in a panic, coughing wildly until a wet clump of cheese flew back out of his throat, bypassed his waiting palm, and landed on the carpet.


He picked it up and popped it back into his mouth, and smiled genially at Jonghyun, who was staring down at him from his spot on the sofa with his forehead furrowed and his mouth slightly open. Worry? Confusion?

“You just ate it off the floor?” Jonghyun said, his voice crescendoing just the slightest bit. Ah. Disgust.

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  • The Founders of Hogwarts:
  • Slytherin: well great job everybody!
  • Ravenclaw: yeah this place will be great for education!
  • Hufflepuff: *snickers* hey...hey guys...guess what I did?
  • S & R: *???*
  • Hufflepuff: I...haha...I charmed all the staircases in the WHOLE Castle to move and change direction whenever they feel like it!!!! *laughs hysterically*
  • Ravenclaw: :O you? You decided to do that?
  • Hufflepuff: Ahuh :D
  • Slytherin: But why? What possible reason could you have?
  • Hufflepuff: *laughs* Because it is going to mess the students schedules up sooo badly! Just imagine the looks on their faces!!! *laughs some more*
  • Ravenclaw: Seriously? You did this...what? This we expected from Slytherin...
  • Slytherin: Hey!
  • Ravenclaw: ...But you...that's totally out of character!
  • Hufflepuff: *wipes away tears* Ahhh...I know right! I'm so awesome.
  • Gryffindor: *comes around the corner panting* Hey sorry I'm late you guys, some asshole charmed the stairs to change of their own free will.
  • Hufflepuff: *rolling on the floor laughing*

One chapter plus epilogue away from the ending of my book.  My head is just one giant screaming noise right now.  Who wants to write me 100k word fic of soft Bob and Alicia?  Or Zimbits?

haha no, I’m kidding.

But really this is the worst.  I’m going to sleep for three days when this is over I swear to god.  Why did I choose this career.  Why do I hate myself.


Oh ho ho look at this, my first little doodle dump on this blog! Hehehe these were really fun to do so if you’re wondering why I used blue pens is because I don’t have any read ones haha. (I know I messed up the jokers eyebrows in one of the doodles, that was the first joker I did fjdjfjnfjxjfjfj)

Expect more doodles some other time. I do have plans for a silly comic and hopefully I’ll get the motivation to do it!