haha what is shading

JuminZen Week - Day 6: Cherry Blossoms Festival // Food

Did I choose this prompt just to show off my vacation photos of cherry blossoms from my trip to Korea two years ago? YOU BET. Also, they’re eating ddeokbokki coz it was EVERYWHERE when I went to Korea.

haven’t contributed jack to tumblr in ages lmao but here’s a cute pic of the best gal/justice wife because this doodle was too good


Do you have to be special? Do people have to recognize you, no matter what? I don’t think so. At the very least, not when it comes to this child…

Hi anon,

Ah thank you so much for you kind words ;u; This makes me so happy!

I will try my best to answer your question and explain how I shade but please keep in mind that I’m usually winging everything when it comes to art and I’m far from being professional. So, I have no idea how helpful this will be ^^’

Okay, first about my base colours, I usually pick them in this area (I avoid grey without any colour nuances, and too light or dark colours). I try to pick base colours you can clearly distinguish. (My base colours used to be very dull and I found it helpful to not always work with a white background.) It also helped me a lot to draw with a set palette I didn’t pick on my own, There are tons of really nice palette challenges floating around here. 

For shading skin, I pick a slightly more redish tone and choose something that fits ranging from going straight down or down left at a 45°angle. 
I finish off my shading by blurring the darker tone around the edges to make it look softer.

For shading clothes and hair, I pick from a range going straight down or down right at a 45° angle. I finish off with the blur brush but not as excessively as for skin (sometimes not at all for hair). It’s leads to more vibrant results going up or down the colour wheel a bit (depending on which colour you work with).

In general, when it comes to shading, I try out a few colours first before I settle for one that I like best, also I’m usually finishing of with the blur brush. I never shade with black and the darker base colour the shorter is the distance to the shading tone and it’s more on the right, too. I keep the more saturated tones for shading and don’t use them as a base. I’d recommend not picking too greyish shading colours as well, as they make the shading dull.

Hope this helps a bit ;u;     

Warrior Queens


valentine’s day gift for my gf, cloudgeals feat. asgzc


[Old artwork from several months ago.]

I wanted to bring in another OC, Cerys.

She’s 22 years old and she can a bit strict regarding rules and authority. She’s also good at reading body gestures and emotions, which Rein hates a lot, but she sees right though him anyway lmao. Cerys has been sheltered most of her life and always had a clear distinction of what she could and couldn’t do, but with every experience she encounters and everyone she meets, she becomes more open-minded. It wasn’t until she was assign to work with Rein and was exposed to his unpredictable and unconventional work attitude and brash personality that she begins to unwind. Her and Rein are not actually in an official relationship, but they do rely on each other a lot to keep one another balanced.