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i figured youre the person to send this to bc not only do i like your writing it is also partially all your fault. anyway i started reading ur fic and /i loved it/ but its only 2 chapters long so i moved to read a different fic and i already got through 12 chapters but its,, unfinished. and yall upload like...once in a bajillion years (dont stress abt this i want u to take ur time!!) so anyway my question is what should i read? your all time favourites? doesnt even have to be hs really thank!!!

aaaa firstly im glad you loved it and i do apologize that i am such a slow ass writer because honestly i, too, want to see this fucking fic being completed one day. 

and boy do i have recommendations haha… i mean apart from my uh… 180 ao3 bookmarks i read a loooot of fics (mostly shippy ones) in my spare time. imma just card through and pick some that i especially love.

so here’s a list of fic recs!! (with links)

  • scrimshaw is a really good vriska/rose/aradia KINDA western au fic that has some… amazing scenes in it. (im talkin fighting on the back of a dragon here dude its insane)

  • black tie is equally as touching as it is hilarious and i love it. (rosemary with dirk/john hints… kinda? kanaya and dirk have a pesterchum convo about the marriage and it is Gud)

  • tonight alone (explicit) has some dirk/jake with dirk being drunk and calling him for…. You Know.  i really like how its kinda bittersweet? 

  • the road is long but bitches be slammin’ god so this writer? of this here fic? i am convinced is a god amongst men. fucking….. incredible prose in everything they write so i’m just going to like…. rec you to read everything that they’ve written that piques your interest. (dirk/jake, kinda)

  • a fatal error has ocurred is… unfinished, yes, and probably won’t be updated for a while, but man im telling you to read it, mortior’s hal is perhaps the fucking best ive seen so far. its…. great. love it….. (hal/dirk)

  • something involving arson …what more could you ask for. the title has it all. (dirk/john)

  • cold water oh this one will absolutely kill you. please mind the tags in this ok. its really good but also… torture. (i wouldn’t really call it… shippy…) 

  • iller than ill WILL MAKE YOU COMBUST OUT OF RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE CONTENT. its fucking great dude. sawtooth and squarewave take care of dirk when he feels sick and its…… cute. (dirk and his robo children brother dudes)

  • i’m at the combination dunkin donuts & urgent care god. both funny and cute and definitely should have been longer even tho i have no idea how it could be extended. its just so good. (dave/karkat)

  • who’s asking will probably make you laugh one second and then cry. i… honestly think about it all the time?? dirk manages to contact his bro. and. well. you know their situation ): (dirk and dave centric)

  • sinking fear in quiet steps is…………..hoooo it is sad. im a sucker for sads being faced with comforting hugs and talks. and this is really well written. dirk struggles with dealing with suddenly living in society and having a brother. (dirk and dave centric)

  • detective pony see this is the type of fic that i expect everyone has read at this point and if they haven’t then…. wyd… 
    its an altered book that dirk made for jane and like. the only thing along with theatre of coolty (how do i fucking explain what that is) which has dirk completely and wonderfully in character. (just fucking dirk)

  • in the end well. humanity disappears one day and dave and john are alone in the world. just as sad as you can imagine. (john/dave)

  • bear and bull this fic just has such incredible emotions and an ability to make me cry because….. gay… ACTUALLY okay this is another AUTHOR which i have to rec. just look through their entire ao3 acc and you will find a goldmine dude. another favorite of theirs is like… an adventure time au thing? its great. (john/dave)

  • like one sundered star K SO THIS IS INCREDIBLY LONG. but bear with me. listen. hear me out. the characters are nearly all in fucking character. and it includes almost every fucking character. listen. if you want to have something good to read for a Long While, read this. (it has a lot of ships, not REALLY even a main character? honestly?) also its like my favorite of all time if imma b honest.

OKAY and that will have to be all for now haha. i have more favorites obviously but this list is already long and i am a sleepy dude rn so until you’ve read through all these then i hope these will suffice!!!


Haha sorry for the onslaught of Peri, but this was actually a concept I had done forever ago and I’m finally giving a small glimpse of publicly.

Basically when I freelanced last year in July, I had done a series of Fairies Haute Couture sketches in my spare time between projects, doing different fashion designs for all the girls of the Fairies series. It was a ton of fun, but I was sort of hoarding all of the illustrations in secret all this time because you’re never quite sure if what you draw for fun might be picked up and turned into an actual product project.

I got the “OK” to post those illustrations finally, so here’s the designs of Peri in her Couture dress! The first image is the updated drawing (aka, the better one) I did a month or so ago, the second image is the original drawing I did back in July when I freelanced. I’m not gonna post all my designs for all the fairies on tumblr right away, some of the other old sketches need updated drawings too, so it’s still an ongoing project :D keep an eye out for updates though if you wanna see the rest!


>>Tinkerbell’s Couture<<

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Because I'm a nosy bitch who likes to get all up in her feels about love and romance and shit, and has a tendency to come at relative strangers with a string of questions like they are doing one of those couch interviews from When Harry Met Sally... what is you & Mr. Cake's couch story? How did you two meet? Were you friends first? Who made the first move? How did he propose (or maybe you did)? Story time please?!?

Lmao. I’m actually super shocked that anyone cares about this. But you asked for it, so prepare for the most uninteresting story ever, haha. (Putting it under the cut to spare people’s eyes.)

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11 Questions Tag

Tagged by @olafrina aah I’ve never been tagged in one of these before ahaha. I’d love to be friends btw!!

Rules: Answer 11 Questions from the people who tag you, then make 11 more for the next people you tag.


1. Fave past time?

🖤 I’d have to say it’s writing, I think that’s the only thing I do in my spare time these days haha.

2. Do you have any cool talents? If yes, what are they?

🖤 Maybe kind of strange but I’m really good at whistling. 😂😂 I can whistle any note, whistle with my mouth wide open, whistle breathing in rather than blowing out, and whistle loudly like a train whistle pfhaha

3. How many people do you have in your family?

🖤 I have a really big family lolol. I have three older siblings, and three younger siblings. Including my parents it’s 9 altogether🙈

4. If you were ever stuck in the worst place you could think of with your bias, what would you do?

🖤 The worst place to be stuck with him would probably be a room full of strangers 😂😂 I know Woozi’s personality is shy, and I’m super shy, so we’d probably both be too shy to do anything. I guess I would try to talk to him at least ahaha.

5. Who did you lie to recently, and what about?

🖤 I’m not really one for lying 🤔 umm maybe

Someone: “Have you done anything productive today??”

Me: “yes”

6. Explain what you think love is.

🖤 From experience I think love is when you hate something/doing something, but when someone you love gives it to you/does it with you, suddenly you don’t hate it anymore.

7. What are the top three things in your bucket list?

🖤 One: study mandarin to fluency

Two: see seventeen in person

Three: Figure out my future

8. Whats the last thing you ate?

🖤 pudding 😌

9. Any pet peeves?

🖤 When I’m talking to someone/showing them something, and they look at their phone the whole time.

10. What do you value most in life?

🖤 CHEEZY but my friends and family tbh.

11. Lastly, shall we get to know each other?

🖤 Yes!! I’m a bit shy when it comes to approaching people for myself, but I’m always interested in making new friends. I would be happy to chat with people, or anything really hahaha. Send me your life story and your financial problems, I’m happy just hearing from people 😂😂😂


11 Questions for you!! Feel free to skip any questions that make you uncomfortable!!!

  1. When it comes to dating, do you have an ideal ‘type’?
  2. What was the exact moment you knew that your bias was your bias in seventeen?
  3. What’s your favorite musical genre? (Aside from kpop)
  4. Within the fandom, what’s your least favorite ongoing joke/meme? Or just something you don’t like about the fandom.
  5. What’s your favorite part about yourself? Physically, or personality-wise.
  6. If you could meet seventeen in any scenario, what would it be?
  7. Do you speak a second language? More? If so, which ones?
  8. What was the first group that got you into kpop?
  9. What’s your ult OTP?
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up? Or if ur already grown up, what are you? Haha
  11. Finally, is there anyone on Tumblr you want to be friends with?


Tagging some people I see a lot, but haven’t talked to much, or at all, but I think seem like cool dudes: @honorificabilitudinitatibusa @onews-chicken-line @diamond-encrusted-sebongies @allotherusernamesweretaken3578 @precious-woozi

I don’t know that many people on Tumblr so that’s all I could think of 😓 thanks again for tagging me @olafrina !!💕

He doesn't want you to become an idol.

I’m sorry I had a hard time making Kris’.. so I kind of didn’t put it in. I hope this is fine and enough, though~ <3 I also kind of put feelings into Chen’s bc oh Chen haha.

Luhan: “Can’t you see I’m trying to spare you? You’re one of the very few things that feel real in my life.. do you know what that means?”

Chanyeol: “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Kai: “I don’t want you to talk to me until you get that idea out of your head.”

Sehun: “An idol… I understand what you’re trying to say… but it’s.. different.”

Chen: “Right, an idol. Do you understands what that means you’ll have to do? You wouldn’t even be allowed to date. Not even because I’m an idol, you simply wouldn’t have time to date. I know that your dream is probably more important than your love for me, but at least try to think this one through. Don’t just act on stupidity and what you see on TV.”

“Oh I’ll just start a fanblog what could possibly go wrong”. Ha. UHHHH big day on tumblr dot com, I’m already dead from before but I’m so shocked how invested everyone is in this comic!! My inbox kinda blew up, but at least I figured out how to answer some of them privately! Again, I totally know how tumblr works. 

Asking for spoilers is noooooo fun, but thanks @yizukikhons and @skydaz-e

Thanks so much @the-spare-change-gang, @prince-everhard, @cartoonsys and many others who have expressed either love/loathing for the Gaster I’ve cooked up here. My read on the fandom was that it was fairly pro-Gaster so I’m very… amused how quickly y’all are turning on him. 

l-l-lick ma’ balls! Haha!! yeah! I say that all the time

(I’m swearing a lot on here and I get the feeling some of you are quite young I’m so sorry @asianpankake )

I love drawing inebriated Sans it’s becoming……… a very serious problem in my life @everburningstar what do I do

Ohhh thank you @obviouslyobsessive! I can answer this, but it’s probably pretty disappointing:

Here are the materials I used to create Darker Yet Darker. I wanted to keep the materials very simple because I have a tendency to get very precious with things and I was worried it would get out of hand. (It got out of hand anyway). The sketchbooks are 5.5x8″, $3 from my local art store. I’ve murdered two of them with my skeleton problems so far. I usually ink with a Pentel Pocket Brush and ink with Microns HOWEVER when I’m just doodling or sketching, I’ll use these cheap brush pens from Daiso (the Japanese $2 store near my place). The pens are $2 each but they’re very nice for the price. Not as much range as the Pentel, which makes it less stressful. Whenever the tip gets kind of wonky I mark it with Washi tape and break out a new one. I use the Washi’d ones for spot fills. The Washi tape is also from Daiso but it sucks, do not recommend. I wanted it to be cute but that’ll learn me. I’m going back to painter’s tape to mark old pens from now on. As you can see many pens have died in the service of crying skeletons. The blue pen at the top is also a $2 Daiso felt that I like, very little give at all, but very smooth. I use it for lettering and hatching. 

I do layouts in nonphoto blue, but the layouts are very simple. Just panels and gestures. I go straight to ink and if I screw up, well, that’s it. Live with it. 

Scan it in (sometimes it doesn’t scan perfectly), clean out the blue, and do spot colours in Pshop. The rest of the comics on here are in Manga Studio. 

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hey! ive never done this before... but i thought it'd be fun, for the both of us hopefully, haha, but anyway, you're an incredible writer, and your nalu stories kill me (seriously wow) so if you're still doing it, good ol' nalu for no. 20? have fun and thanks for giving me something to read in my spare time x

No. 20: “All I could think about was that kiss”

thank you for sending me this! sorry for the wait! Sort of an AU where Lucy’s reflexes weren’t quick enough to stop that lil kiss from before..eh?

All I could think about was that kiss. 

I didn’t know what bothered me more, the fact that it happened, that I actually let it happen, or that my mind was falling into such a craze because of it. It followed me like a cloud I couldn’t get rid of. It just stayed there, hovering above me and shaking little sparkly snowflakes on me to remind me of the overwhelming shakiness I had felt in that split moment. My insides had twisted up into a giant pretzel I couldn’t unknot for a good few hours, and apparently was still having trouble with.

It only lasted a second. Maybe not even that long. It wasn’t like I was expecting it, who could expect something like that from him? From Asuka? Who the hell asks that kind of question? 

And who the hell actually tries to kiss someone just because a little girl told them to?

He had turned towards me and the moment flashed by so quickly. Everything was a mess, a blurry mess. He said something about the ‘end of the world’ and just came at me. It wasn’t that he was rushing it or anything, but with my impeccable on the spot thinking, I wasn’t nearly prepared enough to think of how to dodge it. 

Then he did it. He had successfully caught me off guard and pressed his lips right on mine. My muscles were rigid and my I feared that so were my lips. Then again, why was I concerned with how well I kissed him anyways?

I felt his hand grab my shirt in that moment, in that mere second he had against again me. It was deeper than expected, he had ultimately parted my lips with his, and there I go again. Remembering every microscopic detail of that one second before I had shoved him away into a cackling Asuka.

I could still feel it in every shirt I wore, how he had twisted the fabric in his fist to pull us an inch closer, how he tilted his head so evenly right before we met and did it all in one swift motion as if this were something natural for him.

I resistantly wondered if he kissed like that every time.

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  • Anyone: So what do you do with your spare time? Any projects you're working on right now?
  • Me, thinking of my ND blog: Haha...uh...(starts sweating)...yup I am definitely working hard on things.
  • Anyone: Like what?
  • Me, sweat running down my face: There are some doors that should never be opened


I went to clean out some folders the other day and I stumbled upon my old works. Some made me cringe a lot haha. Here’s something that didn’t make me cringe as much as the others. Anyway, here’s Burton’s Catwoman chilling out.

[ENG TRANS] Daesung on MINI Mag ~D-LITE is BACK~

Mag Scan Source: WheneverDS.com (Thank you!)

Translated by mmvvip



Q: Solo tour you held this year from June to August was very successful, bringing in more audiences that last year’s tour.  I believe that the numbers of your fans are increasing. What were the differences between this year and last year’s tour?

D: Last year’s tour was my very fist solo tour, so I had in mind to bring in more and more people inside my “world”.  However for this year, the audiences who came were the ones who came to my last tour and already know my world, so I kept in mind that this tour is the moment that we ALL share and make.  The fact that the venues were bigger this year than the last years’ showed that I was able to appeal to many people during last year’s shows.

Q: You probably had many difficulties?

D:  I didn’t have a lot of time to work on my album D’SLOVE, so I regret that I didn’t have enough time to promote it.

Q: I thought that your Japanese got better this year.

D: People have told me that the MC part of my concert is very funny, and it was one of the most enjoyable moments for myself too.  I’m so glad I got to talk about my thoughts and connect with the audience.  I want to learn furthermore and know more of Japanese expressions.

Q:  Do you still study Japanese these days?

D: It’s already been 5 years since we made our debut in Japan, but when we go back to Korea, we still have a Japanese teacher that we learn from.  I feel that I learned so much Japanese and got better at it during the solo activities.  In BIGBANG, I am not the talkative one.  I don’t even do SNS. I honestly don’t like talking about my thoughts.  But when I do my solo activities, I have to talk about myself so I think I got better and better during D’SLOVE activities.

Q: You’ve gone to many parts of Japan; which food did you like?

D: I love beef tongue so I ate a lot of them at Sendai (Sendai is famous for beef tongue). We got them in our catering and I was able to eat all of the good tongues during this tour (laughs)


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon, which is the title song for new mini album DIRAITO, was originally written by G-DRAGON and the Japanese lyrics were written by HYADAIN. It is a special combination.

D: I love trot and I’ve always wanted to sing them.  The lyrics Hyadain wrote in Japanese are very very funny and I loved it so I decided I want him to write for DAEBAKIYA also.

Q: It is perfect for end-of-the-year parties.  Do you have any advice for those people who want to sing it?

D:  I think you will be able to get the courage to sing it by drinking alcohol (laughs)  There isn’t any party without alcohol right? Just grab one near you and you will be able to have the courage and sing it with your loud voice.  So the secret is alcohol (laugh)


Q: You’ve changed your hairstyle into a very adult-like style. Why is this?

D: I don’t even know why but I think I did it for my solo activities.  During D’slove tour, I kept thinking about myself and my music so I think my character became ‘darker/deeper’.

Q:  “Darker/deeper” meaning you are calmer and became an adult?

D: But I believe becoming an adult isn’t a good thing for a guy.  I think that guys should not forget about its youthful soul.  So I want to say that I still have a heart of a baby or an elementary school kid (laughs)

Q: But I think you are grown up.

D: I am a grown up baby (laughs)

Q: What kind of moments do you feel you are grown up?

D: I now have more responsibility towards work.  When I’m doing solo, I carry all the responsibility right? But when something big happens during these activities, it effects not only me but all the people around me.  When I think about these things, I feel that I’ve grown and I try to think more about these responsibilities now.

Q: What troubles did you have during solo activities?

D: Everything is troublesome because I have to make the entire 2~3 hours of the concert.  I keep worrying about how to make the enjoyable time with the staffs working with me.  I think that the preparation before the tour is the most important.  That way I can make the concert very enjoyable.  The year I have solo tour is the most enjoyable year.

Q:  Please give us a hint of how DOME TOUR will be like!

D:  Hint? Our strongest thing is the energy and the characters of each of us when we get together.  It’s a secret but we may sing songs that the fans wanted to hear for a long time.  Honestly, we are preparing for it right now and I have a headache.  We can’t even gather as five frequently so we talk using chat room. We are currently discussing with Japanese staffs.

Q: Opening act would be IKON this year.  WINNER already made a successful debut in Japan.  Do you communicate with them? Who are you keeping an eye on?

D: We don’t really have frequent chances to communicate, but we recently had a YG Family tour so I got to talk with them.  I feel that I don’t need to give any advice to WINNER or Team B because they already have the outstanding skills. As for Team B, they are still trainees but each of them have their own character and they enjoy the stage; I have no worries.  WINNER is really good too.  I keep an eye on JINWOO.  Because I want to experience his face (laughs)  If you have that kind of handsome face, you don’t need to work so hard on things. But he is such a hard worker. I’m always fascinated.  He is a good guy and I want to give him more advice.  By the way I am joking about his looks (that I want to experience it) (laughs)

Q: Final words to the readers?

D: Have you been preparing for parties? You have to prepare your stomach too.  We are preparing for the fun dome tour so please come see us.  Nalbwa Gwisoon is perfect for end-of-the-year season so please sing and dance to it.


Q: What did you buy recently?

D: Smoked chicken breast.  I bought 10 of them yesterday. You can get them at SEIYU(grocery store). It is very good.  I recommend.  SEIYU sells smoked chicken breast! We are selling dome tour tickets! YAY! …I feel like I’m doing my job now.  I feel so grown (laughs)

Q: Japanese word you learned recently?

D: ROUNYAKUNANYO (trans: men and women of all ages).  I want men and women of all ages to enjoy Nalbwa Gwisoon! I’m doing promotions again. This is a great interview (haha)

Q: What kinds of little behavior/gestures of a girl that you’ve fell for?

D: My heart is on stop now so I don’t know (laughs) hmmm.. smile?

Q: What do you do during spare time?

D: I went to hot springs all by myself. Without managers/staffs. I even asked a random lady to take a picture at the station.

Q: No one noticed you?

D: There weren’t many people in the first place.  Not even on the bullet train.  I didn’t meet anyone at the inn so I was able to relax.  I enjoy being alone because I get excited like a little kid.

Q: What food do you like recently?

D: Konnyaku. Japanese convenience stores started selling ODEN. In Korea, we have oden that we must microwave but it is way better system in Japan.  I buy all the konnaku at the store.

Q: Which member do you frequently contact?

D: We have a chat room so I talk with everyone.

Q: Do you talk about dome tour?

D: No. We only talk about the tour for like, 1-2 minutes.  Five of us are ‘pros’ so we only talk about those important things quickly and get done with the conversation.  Then we talk about things that aren’t really important. Like, Where are you? I’m here. Where are you? (laughs)

GSNK Chapter 71 preview © grolia @ tumblr

When this chapter will be scanlated in full is pretty unclear atm because right now I’m in that beautiful time of my life that’s called exams.

For now, you guys can make do with the first page I did during the little procrastination time I could spare to get the gist of what the hell Nozaki is doing in this chapter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧