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Do you ever get sick of people constantly calling you 'Jacks's girlfriend"? Bc I sure would

I do, and it is very disheartening to only be seen as an attachment to someone but I try not to let it get to me.
I think it’s important to remind myself that “jacksepticeye’s girlfriend” is some peoples only reference to me. That’s all they know me as! Showing them that I am more than that is what I put my energy into these days haha


Ok I’m bored so ima tell y’all a wild ass story that happened to me first semester of my college experience; the story of when I got laced by a wild thot with some CRACK. Let’s get into the tea gorls

So I went to art school for communications design. I dont go there no more because it was hella racist, but a different story for a different day. The campus I went to was way up north, in Utica. Never heard of it? Didn’t think you would. Just imagine if the worst neighborhood in Detroit was an entire town with like no people and cows. I don’t know about y’all but at my school we had this thing called late night where we get snacks and shit in the cafeteria after dinner. I was one of 6 black boys in my entire school so it was always dry. So this particular late night I had got a pink wig and started fucking around and giving these crackers some life to entertain myself. My extra ass being who I was did stand-up for the entire night. Since it was early in the school year tho I aint really have no solid friends, so the people who I was gonna go smoke with finished their food and left me like some fucking snakes. When I was done I was deep in my feelings lol because bitch…..you gon spark up…..without me???

I was like “y’know what idgaf, I don’t need you niggas” because I’m likable, right? I could talk to anyone I wanted and make friends. That’s what my dumb ass thought even though I knew damn well these all were some back woods ass white people from Cousin Fucker Nowhere. So I’m standing in front of the dorms like “ok, if I was a white person who loved giving free weed to negroes, what would I look like?” and as though Satan himself heard me, this girl wearing dem Jerusalem B.Cs (you know what I’m talmbout) and a bright jacket that had to be from the thrift store because it smelled like pickled dick and horse radish extract walked past. I was like DING DING DING, gotcha Becky!! So I was like “omg hi sis, I always see you in class and I think your style is so cool blah blah” and all that fake shit. Naturally Linda felt gassed af and immediately offered to let me smoke with her. Yeah, yah boi got it like that.

But mama ain’t raise no fool and I seent Get Out so I don’t go nowhere with a white person without at least one other poc with me. So this couple I’m good friends with now was walking out of the dorms, we just gon call them Peanut & Jelly. They were quiet and both shy people so they didnt hang out much yet. They were also native and latino which was good enough for me so my loud ass was like “Aye, y’all smoke??” it’s 2017 so of course they smoke and I invite them to come smoke some of Margret’s weed. Consider it reparations. Since they ain’t have no friends they were happy to come join us. Smh y’all if you see this I’m so sorry I got y’all into this lmao. Anyway Trisha was like “Super duper the more the merrier, let’s go :))” with her wild ass. But I remembered I still had some of my own weed left so we ran to my room and got it, but I ain’t have no bag to carry it in. So Ingrid said “Oh, I have a bag you can put it in” and pulled out this ashy ass ziploc bag. RED FLAG NUMBER ONE. But my clueless ass thought she just had some plaster or some shit in there before since we went to an art school. Smdh.

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Shortly before we depart Peanut and I are getting everything together and making sure there’s no smell. While this is happening Jelly watches Rebecca spread some “dust” on her gums. RED FLAG NUMBER TWO. This nigga thought it was candy dust or something. No one in this equation is particularly bright. But anywhore, we started making moves to this parking lot/roof that we usually hung out at. I was hoping my friends fake asses would be there so I could ditch Jill’s ass. Peanut & Jelly I ain’t mind because they were cool once you got them to talk. I could tell they weren’t feelin Harriet tho lol and tbh neither was I but would your ass turn down a completely free spark up??? Didn’t think so. We get to the roof finally and I start checking my jacket to find I forgot my mini bong in my room. So Elizabeth is like “Oooh awesome we can smoke out of my pipe!” and I’m like lol you bougie ass bitch just call it a bowl. But my fake ass just said “Litty gorl, load that shit up!” thats exactly what I get. She starts loading her “pipe” up and I notice both my weed and hers lookin a lil ashy. AND THATS RED FLAG NUMBER THREE

It’s like 11 at night tho and we only had street lights so I didn’t wanna call Susan out and end up lookin a fool if it was nothing. So I just let her do her thing and pull out my lighter so we can make it do what it do ya feel? So we smokin and I’m having a pretty good time. I feel proud of myself and shit for scamming little Mary Ellen and getting a full spark up after my niggas rolled out on me. I’m like “haha bitch you did that and you high as fuck”. Me being the funny nigga I am in my head, I make myself laugh. Then I realize for someone who smokes pretty regularly and only had two hits, I was already shmizzed for some reason. I look over at Peanut & Jelly and both them niggas lookin like

“Already??? Huh, that’s weird”, young nigga Kam thought to himself. But once again it was free weed so I shut my Nancy Drew ass up and let it go. Debra passes the “pipe” to me and I hit it harder this time because I ain’t pay for it so ima get mines. Because I hit it so hard I kinda taste it and bitch, that shit tasted like Mary J. Bliges leather boots and plastic. So I’m like “yo Amanda, what’s good with your bowl the weed taste weird?” And it ain’t like weed has a particularly good taste but I know it damn sure don’t taste like that. Emily proceeds to say “I don’t think anything’s wrong with the weed, might be the other stuff tho” As soon as she said that shady shit Peanut and I’s heads snapped to look at her like “Bitch….what other stuff??”

Jelly at this point is checked the fuck out, like this nigga is walking through space or some shit. That might just be him tho cause that nigga always acts weird when he high smh. That ain’t the point tho. This raggedy Ann ass hoe starts giggling and laughing like someone said something fuckin funny. I’m sitting there confused and high as shit still got the fucking pink wig on, Peanut got her ass riled up and with good reason because we both know we just asked ole girl a question. So Peanut says one more gain “Did you put some shit in the fucking weed?”. By now I think Amber realizes the joke is nay and she’s close to getting stomped out. Here comes the climax of the story y’all. This bitch gon roll her eyes like we being extra and say “lol it’s fine, we just smoked out of my crack pipe and I haven’t cleaned it yet” When I tell you the entire world went silent, I heard SZA wheezing into her microphone miles away. My ass, Peanut ass, and even Jelly incapacitated ass was all like


Jelly just started laughing like he just heard the funniest thing ever in his whole life. Peanut was staring at Tina like she was preparing her alibi for the police when they find that lil girl’s body. And me, you ask? I was just thinkin bout my girl Whitney. Like sis, is this how it started for you? I was looking at Rachel all hurt. Et tu Becky? All a nigga wanted was some weed and now my ass sitting on a roof high off crack. Suddenly time returns to normal and the only thing my faded ass can muster is a “Pardon me???” Helen continues to chuckle like she Tiffany Haddish up in this bitch and tells us that she smokes crack and weed out of that bowl sometimes, and that we had placed the collective weed in her coke bag. Jelly stupid ass still in the corner laughing to keep from crying because I knew that baby voiced nigga was scared. I’m so astounded at this point that I can’t even drag this wild ass bitch. Peanut however, is not me. Lort I never seen anyone but my momma yolk somebody up so fast! She smooth slid across that asphalt like

Grabbed Ellie, and said “BITCH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??” and started shaking that bitch like she was tryna give her shaken baby syndrome. Jelly managed to get himself together enough to try and keep his girl from going to jail. What was I doing? Well I knew I had a choice, I could help Peanut throw Taylor off the roof, or I could help Jelly keep our good sis from catchin a charge. So I chose the smartest option. MY ASS STARTED TO HIT FOOT.

That shit wasn’t none of my business no more!! Bitch the link up is over! The deck is DONE. I could already hear my momma belt whoopin my crack head ass in my mind, no thank you ma’am! My black ass was done for the night. As I’m running back towards campus I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around to find Jelly running behind me, dragging Peanut along by the hand. Chloe however, is nowhere to be found. I ain’t stop running tho. Was it fear, was it anger, was it the adrenaline pushing me to run? Nah I was on crack so it was prolly that lol. We run until we’re two blocks away from campus and I’m finally too tired to run, which surprised me because I always assumed crackheads were just like the enegizer bunny. So we’re catching our breath and I’m tryna keep from falling over because I feel hella whoozy, but I manage to ask “What happened to Bobby?” Peanut proceeds to tell me she took one good fist, and dropped Katy like a bad habit. I was proud of sis too because she’s twig thin and I thought she was meek af. We start walking back to the dorms and all 3 of us are just silent. Ain’t nobody got shit to say bitch we on crack. Peanut and I lived 2 doors down from each other so they go in her room and I go in mine after we say our good nights. I go in my room and my roommate is there with his boyfriend. Immediately my roommate is like “lol you’re high af” and my overly trusting ass gon tell him “This girl laced the weed with crack”. This cracker ass bitch gon look at me and say “oh really…..are you ok?” like I just got into a small argument. Like nigga….I GOT LACED WITH CRACK DO I LOOK OK???

So I sit down and start watching videos on my laptop to try and distract myself from my anxiety because a nigga was SHOOKT to the core. My roommate and his boyfriend were just watching me like I was a good ass episode of something. I don’t blame ‘em tho, I looked wild af. I was twitching, teetering, and sweating like shit even though it was late September in upstate New York. Now this fake ass bitch gon take a snapchat video of my crackhead ass trippin and put it on his story for everyone to see. Needless to say after that day ain’t nobody fuck with Molly ever again. One good thing did come out of it tho, Peanut, Jelly, and I became real tight after that. And what became of Becky you ask? She made sure to steer clear of all 3 of us and my friends lol because they threatened to cut that hoe. Moral of the story children? Don’t trust white people.

Track and Fuck

In the haze of the afternoon I can feel my uniform shirt starts to cling on to my back in places as it was soaked with my sweat. I was wondering what I am doing here. It was the annual national school games season and it was the first time our school’s track and field athletic went into the finals. Our overly excited principal got the entire school down to support our student athletic. I was constantly drinking up as the heat was unbearable. I can’t wait for the race to be over.

Everyone left the stadium after the prize presentation ceremony and awaits for the bus back to school. It was then, when I felt a pressure sensation radiating from my bladder. I needed to pee , all the drinking earlier must had contributed to it. I excused myself from my class and ran towards the nearest toilet.

The toilet was packed with the student supporters from Raffles. All of the cubicles and urinals were occupied. The pressure in my bladder increased and I needed to release myself badly. I remembered that there’s another toilet near level two and it was away from the main entrance, there shouldn’t be much people using it. I ran out of the toilet and make my way to the toilet.

I make my way to the second floor toilet, holding my bladder that was about to burst soon! Upon arrival, the toilet was rather empty, I quickly head to the nearest urinal and relived myself. I went to the sink to wash my hands once I was done. While washing my hands, I heard some weird noises. It sounded like a combination of heavy breathing and moaning sound, I decided to find out where the sound was coming from. I looked around the toilet, the sound was coming from the last cubicle in the toilet. I was uncertain if I should go near but curiosity got me. I carefully walked towards the last cubicle, making sure that I will not arouse any suspicion.

As I went closer, I noticed the sound getting more intense, the cubicle door was locked. Someone was in there, I was very curious to find out what’s going on in there. I went into the cubicle next to it and peep into next door to see what’s happening in there. I saw a guy in dark green singlet sitting on the toilet seat. As I took a closer look, I could recognised that he was one of Raffles’s track and field student athletic. He was half naked with his tights pulled down to his knees. He was holding his phone with one hand, and jerking himself with the other hand. With earpiece plugged in, this Raffles boy was completely unaware of the surrounding. I took a look at what he was watching on his phone and to my disbelief he was watching some gay porn on his phone.

I could not believe my eyes, the scene in front of me was indescribably erotic. I took out my phone and went straight to camera mode, I wanted to record the scene down. I must have been too eger to record the scene down that I forgotten to switch to video mode before pressing the button. Bright flash started beaming out of my phone as it captured image of the scene in front of me. The Raffles boy was completely caught off guard as the bright gleaming flash blinded his eyes.

“WTF!” the Raffles boy yelled out as he recovered from the shock and caught me in act. He quickly pulled up his tights while tucking his hardon in. He unlocked the cubicle door and dashed out towards me. I was panicking and didn’t knew what to do as I stood there awaiting for my doom.

The Raffles boy pushed through the door of the cubicle door I was in and snatched my phone away before pushing me off. I fell onto the toilet seat still shaking from fear.

He went into the gallery on my phone and saw his photo. He was blushing from embarrassment as he started swiping through my gallery to see if there’s any more pictures of him taken. That’s when he discovered photos of naked men on my phone. Those were images I gathered from tumblr, mostly gay porn. My secrets were laid bare in front of this Raffles boy.

“I… am sorry… I am… so so so sorry…” I stuttered as I tried my best to apologize. My hands were trembling as I gathered myself to say those words.

“Hey! Hey! It’s ok… Calm down… It’s ok alright… I forgive you, just calm down first.” The Raffles boy said, his voice sounded angelic and calming but that was not enough to calm me down. I was still shaking from fear as I kept on apologizing. I was about to burst into tears.

Upon seeing that, the Raffles boy went up to me and gave a tight hug. He whispered into my ears. “Hush … shh… it’s ok…”

I found comfort in his touch as he huddled beside me. I could smell him as his sweaty scent starts to invade my senses. I hugged him back. I could feel the wetness from his sweaty singlet but I wasn’t bothered by it at all, all I wanted to was to find comfort in his arms.

“It’s ok.. I am not gonna hurt you” the Raffles boy said as he gave me a few pat on my back assuring me. I recovered from the shock and started to gather myself.

“Here you go, don’t do it again alright.” The Raffles boy said as he returned my phone back.

“I am sorry, I just can’t control myself. The scene of you wanking is just too hot ” I said remorsefully as I confessed my feelings to him.

“Haha, well I don’t usually masturbate in public but it’s been weeks since I last released myself due to the competition and I can’t control myself too. So we are even now.” The Raffles boy replied as he stifled a grin.

“Haha ermm… so now what?” I asked

“Nothing , you are free to go.” He replied.

I was relieved that he let me off so easily, a few minutes ago I was still panicking with thoughts of what will happen to me. I should really get going before he changes his mind but a part of me wanted to stay. I stood there rooted to the ground, my body was unwilling to leave this Raffles boy.

“Don’t want to go is it? Don’t go then you got to help me out already.” The Raffles boy chuckled as he joking delivered that statement.

Somehow his words ignited the courage within me, I went up to him and planted my lips on his. He was caught by surprise at first but his raging hormones took over him. He pulled me closer to him, at first his kiss was small and gentle but then it grew bigger and more intense. He tasted tentatively with his tongue as he traced it across the bottom of my lip. The caress of his lips was so soft. Soon we started swallowing each other making the kisses even more intense. I let out a moan and so did he while his warm breath traveled into my face.

Our hands were busily fondling with each other’s body. I can feel his toned abs underneath the thin singlet he was wearing. He was playing with my nipples as he playful pinch them underneath my school uniform, every touch was intensifying. Lust completely delved into me as I got down on my knees, kneeling in front of the Raffles boy. I pulled his tights down as his manhood sprigged to life. In front of me was a 7inch cut dick waiting to be sucked. I didn’t managed to get a good view of it just now but oh boy he’s 7inch dick is beautiful, with just the right amount of veins popping out.

I looked up at the Raffles boy as he grabbed hold of his manhood and gave my face a few smacks with it before placing his shaft at my lips. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his shaft. I moved and started going to town on his dick. I was slobbering in it, I used my tongue, deep throated right off the bat. He was moaning in ecstasy as he gripped hold of my head pushing his dick deeper into my mouth. I was gagging as his 7inch dick hits the back of my throat.

“You like the taste of my dick huh?” The Raffles boy said as he continued fucking my mouth. His moaning started to get intensified as I could feel his dick twitching in my mouth. I knew he was close but I wanted to spend more time with him. I stopped sucking him and moved on to licking his balls instead. He probably knew I wanted more as he gave me the cheeky look with a grin on his face. It didn’t took him long to pop the question. “Can I fuck you” he asked as I nodded my head.

I got up as he guided me to turn my body around with my back facing him. He reached out to my school pants and unbuckled them before pulling them down to my knees. He grabbed my dick with my underwear still on as he felt the percum at the tip of my dick. 

“So horny huh?” He whispered into my ears as he pulled my undies down. I bent myself over with my hands holding on to the toilet bowl’s water tank as I prepared myself with what’s about to come.

Shortly after I felt a warm sensation around my butt crack. It felt warm and wet, it was definitely not a dick, the feeling was a little ticklish and very much pleasurable. I could tell that the Raffles boy’s face was very near my ass as I can feel him exhaling, it was then that I figured out he was rimming me. He was exploring my ass with his tongue as he moves around my butt crack sending shivers all around my body. I was moaning uncontrollably as the sensation felt so good especially when he was near my boyhole.

He gave my ass a few slaps before he spat on his hands. Using his saliva he lubed up his shaft and my boyhole. I was all prepared to receive this Raffles boy.

He slipped two fingers into me, preparing my boyhole for his 7inch shaft while constantly reminding me to relax myself. Once he felt that I was loose enough to take his manhood, he removed his fingers from my boyhole and spat more saliva on his hands before rubbing them onto his shaft.

“I am going in.” The raffles boy warned.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard” I begged. I was leaking badly from all the rimming and fingering earlier, I just want this Raffles boy’s manhood in my boyhole so badly.

He placed his dick at my butt crack before positioning it at my boyhole. He entered my boyhole stretching it wide with his 7inch shaft. I was moaning out loud, both from the pain and pleasure he was giving me. He covered my mouth with his hands to muffled the moaning sound as I was making too much noise. Soon his entire 7inch shaft was in as he continued pushing deeper into my boyhole hitting my prostate. He remained in that position for a while, soon the pain had subsided and I was feeling more pleasure instead. The Raffles boy started thrusting in and out out my boyhole. Everytime he goes in, he will make sure that he went in deep and hard hitting my prostrate. He was penetrating and fucking me till a point of no return. It didn’t took him long to stimulate me enough to made me auto cum. I cummed as I unload shots after shots of cum all over the toilet seat.

I Guess the sight of me auto cumming was too much for him to handle as he increased his pace and thrust me even harder.

“Ah fuckkkk, I am cumming in you” The Raffles boy moaned as his body started twitching before he unloaded massive shorts of his man load in me. I can feel his warm cum filling up my entire boyhole, some of his shots went deep in.

Both of us was catching our breaths as our body was recovering from the massive ejaculation. The raffles boy was still in me as his dick starts to turn flaccid. Shortly I started feeling something warm in me. The Raffles boy was pissing in my boyhole. Warm jets of pee was flowing into me as he emptied his bladder into me.

“That’s for taking my photo!” The Raffles boy joked before pulling out his already soft dick once he’s done.

I turned around and sat on the toilet bowl to empty my bowel. Warm flow of the Raffles boy’s urine mixed with cum flowed out of my boyhole. The Raffles boy helped me to wipe my ass clean once I was done. The both of us got dress and left the cubical.

That night when I reached home, I saw the image of the Raffles boy still in my phone, did he leave it on purpose ?

Part 2 : https://nottiboyjc.tumblr.com/post/167975085395/track-and-fuck-2-exclusive-story

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I hope you enjoyed my story. A little introduction about myself, I am a local JC student who likes writing notti school related stories. Writing alone is a lonely journey, if you enjoyed my stories please help to reblog and share them. Feel free to give me any feedback or ideas for future stories to cum. I do hope to reach out to students who are currently studying too. If you are a student and enjoys reading my stories, send me a picture of you in school, it could be a notti image of you in school uniform or any photos taken in school and who knows you might receive something special in your inbox. Be with me in my journey to cum. Also, if you enjoyed reading my stories and would like to show a token of appreciation$$, pm me to find out how you can do so. Happy cumming :)

Please practice safe sex and use condom :P

Interview: Abby Ramsay

Today we’re joined by Abby Ramsay. Abby is a phenomenal model and actress in LA. She uses her art to raise awareness of issues close to her heart. Her Instagram has recently blown up a bit after she gave an interview about social media. Abby is a fellow ace feminist, which is always awesome to see. She’s incredibly passionate, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Well, I am an actress and model out in LA. I show off my work mostly through Instagram. Just creating these images and stories, whether they be moving or still, really gives me this outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideals that I can’t always put into words.  

I like to use my art to bring attention to topics like asexuality, body positivity, feminism, and mental illness as those are all things that are close to me.

I also like combining them. Everything I do is done with the mindset of “just because I am asexual does not mean I am not sexy or desirable.” but also “Just because I am viewed as sexy or desirable does not mean I can’t be asexual.”

What inspires you?

Just the idea that I can use what I love to help people. The industry that I am in has the potential to have your voice be heard by many people all over the world. If I have the opportunity to use my platform to change it for the better then I want to do it.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have been acting since I was about 5 years old. Granted at the time the only reason I was in these musicals was because I was a really good singer at a young age, but they fed my love of storytelling. I would create plays at home and act them out for my parents, and it really blossomed into a passion by middle school. I fought long and hard with my parents (especially my mom) to let me try to get an agent, and they eventually gave in. I was a freshman in High School (2012 I believe) when I was signed with a small agency, and they sent me on my first few jobs. I was in love!

The agency also dealt with modeling, so the first photoshoot I ever did was with them. I was really shy in front of the camera at first. I had dealt with a lot of body positivity issues in the past, but the longer I was in front of the camera the more I enjoyed it. I actually felt really comfortable with myself.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Hmmmm. I guess I like to keep things natural. I have never been an over the top character actor (I mean it’s fun, but I have my preferences) so I usually try to take scenes to a more organic place. I do the same thing with my modeling. I always try to get a few pictures that represent me. There’s this idea that when you are modeling you can never smile and you always have to be sultry, but when I am working and talking to the photographer I like to smile and laugh and just be myself. Those end up being some of the best pictures.

I also do this hand on head leaning back pose a LOT. My friends give me a hard time about it haha. But it’s like my signature pose now I guess.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

It is not going to be easy, but with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck you can make your art your life.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I usually just say I am asexual, but for me that means that I don’t find people sexually attractive, and I am just not interested in sex. I’m not sex repulsed and I am aesthetically and romantically attracted to people, but I would much rather kiss and cuddle than have sex.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

There have been a couple instances. When you have your work online, you usually get some not so pleasant remarks from people. You get people who want to “fix you” you which is the one that bothers me the most.

But even outside the internet, I have had some encounters that have been less than ideal. I had a teacher at my college basically say that I was too pretty to be asexual and that it would be a waste. I know she didn’t mean it the way it came out, but it’s one of the reasons we need more visibility.

I also had a fellow acting student come to the conclusion that she did not like me because she thought asexuality was stupid. I never quite understood the logic behind that.

And it’s also hard, especially in acting, because Hollywood is so sexed up that there is just this assumption that every character interaction is because they want to bone.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

OK, the idea that “you just haven’t found the right person yet” or “you won’t know unless you try” pisses me off. I have gotten both and my general response to that is “you could give me a cheap piece of raw fish or a $200 piece of raw fish, it doesn’t chance that fact that I don’t like raw fish.” and “I have never been shot before, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy that either.”

There is also the idea that if you have a mental illness or if you have been in an abusive relationship or raped that your asexuality is just a byproduct. You know, whether it is or isn’t that shouldn’t make their identity any less legitimate.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

You are not broken. I promise you. Your feelings are completely normal. You are a valid part of the LGBTQIA community, and though we may be a smaller group, we are full of love, no matter where we fall on the spectrum. Just be yourself.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Instagram is abbysworldsastage.

Thank you, Abby, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


‘  let me just make one thing clear… i have no clue what’s going on, ever, at any moment, at any point in time. who knows what’s going on? not me. not ever.  ’
‘  i would just like to publicly announce that i have no idea what i am doing  ’
‘  we came from the same star and we will come together again in the end  ’
‘  i have a ‘why am i like this’ moment at least five times a day  ’
‘  did i need it? no. did i buy it? yes.  ’
‘  the most dangerous game is resting your eyes after you turned off the alarm clock in the morning  ’
‘  petition for stars in the day time please???  ’
‘  i love it when i wake up and stretch and something cracks. makes me feel like a glo-stick  ’
‘  drop whatever you’re doing right now and climb a tree  ’
‘  the most fucked up part of adult life is how you can just decide to do things  ’
‘  i’m a person who wants to do lots of things trapped inside a body that wants to SLEEP at all times  ’
‘  i’m so tired but i’ll probably be awake until 3 am for no reason  ’
‘  time to kick my own ass. bitch had it coming for too long  ’
‘  honestly ‘thanks i hate it’ is one of the funniest phrases in the english language  ’
‘  do you ever wonder how many people have loved you and never told you?  ’
‘  the internets one true talent is making me sick of things i’ve never seen or read or heard  ’
‘  i’m permanently emotionally damaged but it’s chill, i’m chill  ’
‘  all cracker barrels are dimensionally linked. you could walk into a cracker barrel in georgia and walk out of one in arkansas and feel nothing  ’
‘  ‘you look different with makeup’????? you think i’m buying shit for hundreds of dollars to just keep looking like my ugly self … ok  ’
‘  why did the fray go off so hard in ‘how to save a life’?  ’
‘  anyone else bummed they have 2 sleep alone tonight and uh not in some1s arms  ’
‘  not to be too controversial but i like it when people are nice   ’
‘  the sun has no business tapping out at the tender hour of 5pm bitch i have depression  ’
‘  i forgot how fucking weird november is theres no afternoon its just night after 2pm  ’
‘  what time do you need me? i am unavailable whenever that time is  ’
‘  look i may have made a few typos and committed a few murders but nobody’s perfect okay  ’
‘  i guess at this point i should just consider dating myself  ’
‘  i’m aiming for the “she’s a badass and cute as hell but i wouldn’t touch her without asking” look  ’
‘  haha if you’re bored you could kiss me idk just sayin  ’
‘  i see you’re paying attention to someone who is not me. why is that.  ’
‘  80s music wont solve all my life’s problems but it certainly distracts me from them  ’
‘  i cant believe what walkie talkies are called  ’
‘  some people think life is like a rollercoaster but my life is more like one of those rides that spin really fast so you’re pinned to the wall and can’t do anything about it  ’
‘  hey girl do you want to make a fragile human connection in the vast and unfeeling infinity of a chaotic universe  ’
‘  all these fuckboys but who is the fuckfather  ’
‘  i love drunk me but i don’t trust her  ’
‘  do you have those people that you’d go anywhere with unconditionally, like they could say “lets go check out that dumpster” and you’d be like “im in”  ’
‘  nah sorry i cant go out tonight, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly 3 am  ’
‘  me: queen of having had enough  ’
‘  she needs a hug (i’m she)  ’
‘  is it acceptable to start an essay with “listen here you little shit”?  ’
‘  90% of my day is me being nervous  ’
‘  cons: i’m an asshole. pros: i’m your asshole.  ’
‘  give me 10 reasons why i shouldn’t just turn into a slug right now  ’
‘  are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch  ’
‘  dear soulmate, where the fuck are you  ’
‘  i’m so easily revitalized by small, loving gestures  ’
‘  i dont know what im feeling but there is a lot of it  ’
‘  let’s be friends with benefits. the benefits? you get to be friends with me  ’
‘  you ever just sit back and think like… yo… i really don’t care  ’
‘  im surprised no one has ever punched me in the face  ’
‘  what if mike was short for micycle  ’
‘  hey fellow regular kids what’s up  ’
‘  if u ever called me pretty i love you. ur pretty too  ’
‘  do you ever just ‘there’s probably something medically wrong with me but i’m just gonna ignore it and hope i don’t die’?  ’
‘  why did we stop building castles? i feel like humanity might live to regret that  ’
‘  i’ll never be as lazy as whoever named the fireplace  ’
‘  i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me  ’
‘  i can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation  ’
‘  she is beauty, she is grace, she got her feelings hurt 42 times today  ’
‘  13 years of school and im still not sure if its ‘grey’ or ‘gray’  ’
‘  hope u like bad girls because i’m bad at everything  ’
‘  got a problem with me? kiss me on the lips dude  ’
‘  too many songs about love. not enough songs about sword fights  ’
‘  don’t talk to me or my 78 insecurities ever again  ’
‘  i just did a tarot reading… it said ur a bitch  ’
‘  a good substitute for love and fulfillment? a crunchwrap supreme from taco bell  ’
‘  i fucked up? idk what you’re referring to but probably  ’
‘  *in a high-pitched mocking voice* “are you okay?” what the fuck.  ’
‘  how do u just….. not believe in aliens  ’
‘  a coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care  ’
‘  “you’re up early!” jokes on you i didn’t sleep at all and am in between energized and dying  ’
‘  dont wanna sound like a slut but i really need a hug right now  ’
‘  casual fan? no sorry i only know how to invest my whole livelihood into something and spend every waking moment thinking about said thing  ’
‘  i have a dozen hearts swirling around my head irl like that isnt a filter its permanent  ’
‘  i worry about you even when you say you’re fine  ’
‘  i will never hurt you. i will always stick by your side. i will always try to make you smile  ’
‘  true love: having to hold back your adorable, violent girlfriend to keep her from straight up murdering a dude  ’
‘  cute date idea: be nice to me  ’
‘  im so jealous of people who know what they want to do with their future i dont even know what t.v show to watch next  ’
‘  me? clingy? yes please don’t leave me  ’
‘  hey….,.,.. no offense but,,. i want someone to love and cherish me  ’
‘  i need someone to lay in bed with me for hours  ’
‘  dark hannah montana….. show me the worst of both worlds  ’
‘  someone has to say it: come on eileen is a fucking banger like that shit snaps,, a bop for the century  ’
‘  roses are red, i’m going to bed  ’
‘  bless netflix for creating the skip intro button honestly  ’
‘  they call me… 7 Knives. because that’s how many knives it takes me to cook things because i keep puttin em in the fuckin sink without thinking about it  ’
‘  i wanna burry my face in someone’s chest right now til i fall asleep and wake up 4 hours later just to find i’m still in their arms  ’
‘  the internet has ruined me honestly i’m numb to everything. it could be the end of the world and i’d be like “tag urself i’m the acid rain”  ’
‘  lately i have been…….dying to be in love…,..and that’s the mood sadly  ’
‘  not to be ns fw but i’d cry if someone kissed me on the cheek  ’
‘  sexting? nah. i’m into spexting. spooky texting. ever seen a ghost? hmu.  ’
‘  not to sound cocky as shit but i’m a fucking good person with a big heart and i deserve a lot more than the shitty hand life has dealt me this far  ’
‘  i say i love you a lot because i do  ’
‘  i’m sorry. i can’t come to the phone right now? why? oh. cause i hate talking on the phone please text me instead.  ’
‘  low on self esteem, so u run on mac & cheese  ’
‘  who’s gonna come lay with me in bed and let me wrap my legs and arms around u like a small bear  ’
‘  youre a coward if youre not on the way to my house right now to give me a kiss  ’
‘  my personality is like 90% the song i’m currently listening to  ’
‘  the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself  ’
‘  no offense @ life but can i have a breath.. a break… some slack…  ’
‘  the best kind of alcohol is a lot  ’
‘  911 i hate to be “that guy” but i glued myself to the ceiling again  ’
‘  having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch  ’

anonymous asked:


You know considering I liiiiterally just watched 1x19 in the last week or so I am now kicking myself XD

What? Ever since we got here, you been trying to pimp me out to Sarah. Just back off, all right?

Well, you like her don’t you? 

All right, you like her, she likes you, you’re both consenting adults…

What’s the point, Dean? We’ll just leave. We always leave.

Well I’m not talking about marriage, Sam.

You know, I don’t get it. What do you care if I hook up?

Cause then maybe you wouldn’t be so cranky all the time.

You know, seriously Sam, this isn’t about just hooking up, okay? I mean, I, I think that this Sarah girl could be good for you.

And… I don’t mean any disrespect but I’m sure this is about Jessica, right? Now I don’t know what it’s like to lose somebody like that…. but… I would think that she would want you to be happy.

God forbid have fun once in a while. Wouldn’t she?

Yeah I know she would.

And dammit not only am I annoyed I didn’t think of it immediately because I re-watched in the last week, but I also am responsible for these posts :P



And LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT THE SECOND ONE because wow did I think this was going to be relevant but come at it wrong, and I’m laughing at past!Me being nervous about this now (model the worst case scenario for all spec, but don’t get depressed like you think it will actually happen, it makes life so much easier :P)

In that post I randomly comment

I always think this is a very interesting Dean episode, because it’s overtly about Sam, and caricatures Dean in the background to a lot of surface level Dean traits. But there are tells that Dean might be PRESENTED this way but he’s still his usual smart cookie self underneath the partying and obsession with sex and so on

it’s pretty much an aside but when we get to the performing Dean nonsense… I mean Dean’s acting hard to try and get Sam to loosen up and have fun - have the hook up he was trying to get him in the open of the episode, and then to help him with Sarah, because he was putting on a massive cheer up act for Sam seeing him in such a bad way over Jess’s loss.

In the same way, now, Sam appears to have diligently researched how to make Dean happy based off of everything he’s ever learned about the surface comforts Dean goes for to make himself feel better, and has previously tried to push off on Sam. But of course the read on Dean in 1x19 where he’s smarter than he’s acting and he’s trying to help Sam seems to explain how Sam is reacting to him perfectly, if that’s how Dean thinks Sam ought to cope with loss. 

Which, tbh, now I’m confused because the first read in a LOL SAMMY KNOWS realm was actually that Sam doesn’t completely understand how bad it is for Dean, but this being a possible further Sam & Jess parallel to Dean losing Cas (which has happened a… weird… amount :P) does push this right back to Sammy knows territory, because of course Dean nudged around in Sam’s prickly feelings and rooted out at least the source, if not the why.

In Sam’s case it was because - ow fuck that hurts to think about - he didn’t want Sarah to get involved in their lives and die because of knowing him.

In Dean’s case… well is there some deeper level that even if Sam sort of knows it’s about losing Cas, he’s just not quite… getting… how deep down messed up traumatised Dean is about this?

I mean… hmm. :P 

Ah, yes, hello. I’m having some good old fashioned “I’m a burden to everyone” anxiety and depression and if you need me i’ll once again be underneath my desk.

avocados-of-law  asked:

Could we have some some Nya and Kai sibling headcannons??

enjoy <3

  • They always make fun of Kai for being a rubbish leader
    • Nya: “Who let Kai be in charge of breathing”
      Kai: “What are you talking about I am an excellent br-” *chokes*
  • Nya totally gets in the way of him flirting
    • Kai in the store: nya look at these sick cactus socks!!!
      *someone cute walks by*
      Kai: I mean,,, my shoulders are SUPER SORE from all the PUSH UPS I was doing this morning. I went easy on myself and only did 7000 just as a WARM UP. I didn’t even-
      Nya: Kai what are you talking about. You got up at 1pm, and yesterday you asked me to open a jar of salsa for you.
      Kai, sweating: hAHA NO NYA, I WAS DOING P USH UP S,, REMEMBER
  • “I’d sell you to Satan for a single corn chip”
    “Excuse me?! I’m worth at least 3 decent sized ones!!”
  • Nya: Kai have you seen my new eyeliner?
    Kai, walking out with flawless eye wings: no. I haven’t seen it at all. didn’t even know you had any.
  • Nya has to run around after Kai putting out all the things he set on fire
  • They duel all the time to see which of their elemental power is better
  • The ultimate dream team when they have gaming competitions, they’ll team up and murder everyone like they are so good
    • But when they’re against each other you’ve literally got to stop them from getting in a sibling fist fight ok
  • They get into wrestling matches more often than you’d think
    • “The only rule is no mercy”
    • They often have to be broken up because they’ve gotten in a fight over some stupid thing
    • Cole: *walks into a room at 6am with his coffee to see nya and Kai fighting each other over the last bowl of the good cereal*
      Also cole: *immediately walks back out the room*
    • When Ray and Maya show up again they’re like “what did we give birth to"
  • When Nya finds out about Kai’s water phobia she’s like lmao I knew you were always scared of me
  • “Here nya catch" *throws one of those giant yoga balls right at her face*
  • Kai uses all of her nice smelling shower gels and she is so mad because they were not cheap and Kai used up like half a bottle in one wash
  • They are also the masters of sneaking out and getting snacks without anyone knowing so they don’t have to share
    • Kai: great what are YOU doing here
      Nya: the same thing as you you idiot I’m going to cook a pizza
      Kai: half it with me and I’ll use my powers to cook it so no one will wake up to the sound of the oven being turned on
      Nya: … fine
  • Kai used to get super mad when Nya would try to get involved in battles because
    • one, can he not just have one thing where his cursed sister isn’t trying to one up him all the time
    • and two, he can’t afford to be watching her all the time she could get hurt and it would be all his fault and he can’t live with that guilt just go back inside
  • He gets a little grumpy sometimes because he’s supposed to be the example for her but he feels he’s awful and she’s actually better at it than him.
    • She’s level headed and a fast learner and sits him down long enough to think a plan and the repercussions through before he goes off and does it
    • Little does he know Nya is thinking the same, she wishes she were as brave and fearless as him, and that she were more careful to see when someone was taking a lend of her, like Kai sees, rather than just blindly accepting everyone she meets as family because she keeps getting hurt for it
  • When Nya first becomes a ninja and is really struggling, Kai was actually able to really give her some support.
    • He felt totally useless when he started out, he made some bad decisions, and he constantly feels like he’s behind the others.
    • When Nya says he gave her some really good advice he almost cried he was so happy it was the best day of his life
  • Instead of having 1 older brother nya now has 4 and one baby bro
  • This video - nya is the one that walks into the lamp and everyone else is the rest of the team
  • Also this video - Kai is RDJ Nya is Chris and Lloyd is Elizabeth
  • Kai: *sees any brother and sister duo on TV* Nya look it’s our fursonas
    Nya: can you not be a furry for just one minute of your life
    • Zuko and Azula are their fave duo because Kai gets his honour and Nya gets to be the kick ass older sister who’s better than her brother (she brushes over the whole evil part)
  • They always had to share a room when they were kids and they always argued, but when they lost their parents and moved into separate rooms they realised how much they hated being alone so they squished back into one room
  • When they do get their parents back, Kai takes a step back so Nya can get to know them more.
    • Kai remembers them but Nya has hardly any memory of them at all, and he wants to give her the opportunity to be with them alone so she can feel more included when they all do family stuff
  • “I don’t know but it’s probably Kai’s fault"
  • Will sing high school musical until the day they die and then will request it to be played at their funerals
    • ‘I don’t dance’ is an obvious classic
    • also ‘bet on it’
  • Ok so when me and my brother were little and we argued, my mum would make us give each other a sincere hug and say “I love you"
    • if we didn’t do that, we had to hug each other for 30 seconds
    • if we didn’t do that we had to give each other a kiss on the cheek and we were like pls no I do NOT want to
    • so yeah that’s totally what their parents made them do as kids and still make them do now
  • “Oh, you have a lame sword? Well we have a double edged blade that we can use to make a two headed fusion dragon so suck on that”
  • don’t tell anyone but Kai is so good at sewing ok he will make Nya clothes all the time and she will make him cool weapons that he doesn’t know how to use
  • Kai is like “check out these guns” and flexes and Nya is like “lmao same” and she has better biceps than Kai get wrekt boy
  • nya has definitely shaved kai’s head before and he has definitely drawn on her face while she sleeps
  • “kai WHY are you wearing my heels” “balance practice. also they make my legs look killer”
  • she looks after him really, teaches him how to swim so he doesn’t have to be as scared of water
    • he’s like “thanks you shouldn’t have to do that for me :(” and she’s like are you kidding?? because kai stepped up to be her dad and taught her stuff like how to ride a bike and how to drive a car and took her to all the information evenings at school and literally raised her by himself
    • he actually dropped out of school to be her full time carer and get a job and tutor her, and she never appreciated it as much as she should have so she’s doing what she can to make up for it now

Ask me ninjago headcanons

Before a dangerous mission, Damian and Raven wait outside a warehouse:

Damian: [looks at Raven and states] You are nervous. 

Raven: What gives you that idea?

Damian: The others may perceive your posture as relaxed, but I know you better, you are giving off the littlest tattle tales and-

Raven: [smirking] Have you been studying me?  

Damian: And you keep asking questions to avoid answering. A very effective technique that works wonders with the others, I should know, I use it myself all the time, but I am not like the others, am I?

Raven: [sighs].. fine.. I am nervous.. 

Damian: You shouldn’t be-

Raven: I know it’s bad for the mission.. I just can’t help it..

Damian: I was going to say that you are the second most powerful and stealthiest member of this team.. [smirking] You know.. after Logan. 

Raven: [lightly punches Damian on the arm] Ha Ha! Very funny, Robin. And thank you.

Damian: For what?

Raven: Don’t think I don’t see what you’re doing, you are trying to relax me.

Damian: [scratches the back of his neck] So.. Is it working?

Raven: A little.. [sighs] I just can’t shake off this uneasy feeling. 

Damian: Hmm..[grabs Raven’s hand and pulls her closer] You know.. Studies say that kissing relieves stress.

Raven: [Stumbles forward and puts a hand on Damian’s shoulder for equilibrium] Oh? Is that right? 

Damian: I never tried it myself, but maybe with the right study partner.. 

Raven: [Smirks and comes closer] So, is that what I am to you? Your guinea pig? 

Damian: [Leans in] Haha, it’s more likely that I am yours [smiles]

Raven: [Leans in] Maybe.. or maybe we are each other’s guinea pigs [kisses]

Damian: Hmm, I like that thought. [kisses back]


Took inspiration from: http://messysketchpad.tumblr.com/post/141022635819/im-a-hopeless-romantic-dont-you-know-the

“You’re a liar, but maybe I’m a liar, too.”

“Do you know what you’re getting into? They’re dangerous.”

“Stop trying to invite yourself over. Sometimes I need days to myself, too.”

“Yeah, haha, I’m a jerk ghost who loves sticking your keys into the freezer. Like that hasn’t been done a million times before! Seriously, get some new pranks- or well, maybe don’t.”

“If I look lost, it’s because I am, and have been for years now.”

“I’m always down to listen to more juicy gossip. Feed me your words.”


Hello y'all u/

Well, this must be my thousandth submission here but still my brain panics whenever I have to give people a first impression of me haha, so I’ll just introduce myself in a normal way this time and hope you won’t find me a weirdo (ow well, at least not a bad kind of weirdo). 

I am Matheus (you can go with Matt in case Matheus is too difficult to pronounce), a 17 year old, 5ft.6in. tall, male ape descendant who knows  what I’m doing with my life as much as a tea-leaf knows the history of the East India Company. And well, I live in a mostly harmless country called Brazil, down here in South America.  

One fun fact about me is that I hate starting paragraphs with a word I already used to start a paragraph before, so I had to add this unnecessary sentence just to satisfy my weird self, yay. Right so, I have an infinite amount of interests - from stupid memes to financial economics-, so just start talking about anything you want with me and I promise I’ll hold a conversation 🙃 Some stuff I really reaaally like though are: 

  • Cinema. I LOVE HORROR & DRAMA, but will watch anything, really. I also have a passion for movie post-production & dream of producing my own movie one day *cough* any movie producer companies over here? *cough*
  •  Music. I mostly listen to alternative bands such as Radiohead (Faust Arp is my alarm 😆), Keane, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, The Strokes, etc. & also I play the drums since I was 12 hehe
  • Writing. Not necessarily creative writing, just creating text out of anything. So hey, if you want someone to do your homework you can contact me too (neh jk, stop procrastinating on tumblr and go do your own homework ~ JKJK AGAIN, PROCRASTINATE JUST FOR A LITTLE LONGER AND GO EMAIL ME).
  • Reading. My favorite books are classic ones, specially Russian literature. But I read normal stuff too, like Percy Jackson, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and such haha

Perfect pen pal: human being (actually not necessarily… aliens you can hmu too). I’m opened to snail mail (never did it but sounds REALLY awesome) or just exchanging long emails (my emails are INSANELY long, almost a novel, so don’t get scared), it’s all up to you, fellow :) 

Contact me via electronic mail: mtdhorahora@outlook.com.br


Have a nice life, keep safe & don’t drink and drive (you can drink and email me though, that would be fun).


P.S.: Couldn’t find a good picture, so I’ll just upload a random one from my instagram.

Summoner/M!Corrin C-S Support

Written by Shauni


(y/n): Okay, let’s recap… I need around 5,000 more feathers if I wanna upgrade a new hero… I just ran out of Light’s Blessings this morning… Thirty-seven Dueling Crests is more than enough though, so that’s good. Aaaand I have zero orbs. Again. *sighs* Why am I like this?

Corrin: Summoner?

(y/n): Aah!

Corrin: Oh! My apologies, I didn’t mean to startle you…

(y/n): I-it’s okay, Corrin. Just nearly had a heart attack but, you know, I got used to it somehow. Did you need something?

Corrin: No, but this strange object fell from your pocket. I figured you didn’t want someone to step on it, so here you go.

(y/n): A strange object?… Oh God, that’s my phone!

Corrin: Your what?

(y/n): It’s… Phew, the screen is intact. You’d think after dropping it so many times on so many different surfaces I’d stop worrying, but I still do. Now more than ever. Thank you, Corrin. I wouldn’t have noticed until hours later.

Corrin: Don’t mention it. I’ll admit I am a bit curious now though. Is it important? You seem to care a whole lot about it.

(y/n): Indeed I do. Probably not as much as all those surveys about Millenials believe I am, but there are days when I interact more with it than with other people. Well… before I ended up here with no charger. Or electricity, for that matter.

Corrin: Um, come again?

(y/n): Haha, sorry, it must sound like I’m speaking nonsense. Forget it, it’s not important. Well, I gotta go now, Corrin. Thanks again for giving it back to me.

Corrin: You’re welcome… I’ll see you later, Summoner.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]


Corrin: Summoner, won’t you take a break? You’ve spent your whole afternoon inside that study. I’ve brought coffee.

(y/n): How kind of you. Did you make it yourself?

Corrin: No. Jakob did. The last time I tried to make coffee, Elise broke into tears after drinking a single mouthful… For everyone’s sake, I swore I’d never try again, so rest assured.

(y/n): Ha ha ha, oh my, are you really that bad at making coffee? Not that I’d do a better job at it. Anyway, thank you.

Corrin: You’re very welcome.

Corrin: …

(y/n): Corrin? Is something wrong? You’re staring into space.

Corrin: Ah, my apologies. I’ve been thinking about that strange device of yours lately. You left in a hurry last time and aroused my curiosity.

(y/n): You mean my phone?

Corrin: I believe that is the word you used. May I ask what is it exactly?

(y/n): Well… Ironically, I’d have to use it to give you a proper, exact definition, which I can’t, but I’ll try to explain with my own words. As you said, it’s a device. That allows you to… uh… have a conversation with someone when you two are apart.

Corrin: So this small object conveys… sound?

(y/n): That’s right. In my world, virtually everyone has one. Life is easier thanks to it. Unfortunately, it needs… stuff that doesn’t exist in Askr to work, like electronic signals, so it’s mostly useless here.

Corrin: Oh. So you can’t have a conversation with your family.

(y/n): … No, I can’t.

Corrin: I-I’m sorry, Summoner. Upsetting you wasn’t my intention.

(y/n): … I know it wasn’t. It’s okay. I’m okay.

Corrin: Are you really?

(y/n): … It’s just… I don’t know how I feel, you see? Sometimes, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore. I’m not sad to be here – at least I don’t think so – but I’m not exactly happy either. I guess I was at first, but now… I have so many questions. What if this war lasts years? I assumed it wouldn’t take long to defeat Veronica and Bruno. But what if… what if it does? What if I’m stuck here for five, ten years?? Sure, my life maybe was kinda pointless, and very imperfect, but… I miss it so much.

(y/n): *turns phone on* I can’t call or text anyone here… but I have so many photographs in this. Here are my parents. Here’s my pet. This stupid thing is gonna run out of battery in one, maybe two days, and all I can think about is how I’ve read somewhere that the first thing you forget about someone is their voice. Then their face… Corrin, you know how it is to forget people, right? Do… do you know if it’s true?

Corrin: Summoner, I… I’m sorry. I don’t know.

(y/n): … I’m the one who’s sorry. You came to bring me coffee and I just made a spectacle of myself.

Corrin: Please don’t worry about it. You’re under pressure and you’re always taking care of everything. Frankly, I am amazed you didn’t crack sooner. Now, please, go get some rest.

(y/n): But I–

Corrin: No buts. A warm bath and some sleep won’t solve anything, but it will still do wonders. Believe me.

(y/n): … Alright, if you say so. See you next time, Corrin.

[(y/n) leaves.]

Corrin: … He/she left the phone on the desk. Hmm…

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]


(y/n): Huff… Huff… I’ve looked everywhere… Asked a dozen people… Where the hell is it?! I left it turned on, that I’m sure… It must have ran out of battery by now…

Corrin: Summoner!

(y/n): Ah, Corrin. Say, have you seen my phone?

Corrin: About that… Yes, you forgot it on your desk yesterday.

(y/n): That’s what I thought, but it wasn’t there when I went back in the study… Did you take it?

Corrin: Well… yes.

(y/n): Why you–

Corrin: Please let me explain. You said you were afraid to forget your loved ones’ faces if you couldn’t look at their pictures anymore, right?

(y/n): I… remember pathetically whimpering something along those lines.

Corrin: When you left, I had an idea. I found Subaki and showed him the family picture you showed me. He’s great at many things, you know? Well, I remembered painting is his forte as well.

(y/n): Painting…?

Corrin: I rushed him a bit and he managed to reproduce it. Look at this, Summoner. What do you think?

(y/n): !! That’s…

(y/n): … *sniffle*

Corrin: Summoner… I apologize for taking your ‘phone’ without permission. It turned black a few minutes after Subaki was done…

(y/n): It’s alright… It was going to run out of battery anyway. Thank you, Corrin, truly. I appreciate your gesture, more than I could ever express it, and it means so much to me. That painting is gorgeous.

Corrin: Glad to hear it. You should thank Subaki though. All I did was running away with something that belongs to you, but he spent hours on this masterpiece. When I explained how important it was, he dropped his training and gave it his best.

(y/n): Heheh… At least you didn’t ask Kagero… You’re right. I’ll go find him immediately. Again, you have all my thanks in the world.

Corrin: Don’t mention it, Summoner. It was my pleasure to bring your smile back.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]


Corrin: (y/n), may I borrow you for a moment?

(y/n): Certainly, Corrin. Did you need something?

Corrin: Not really… It’s just good to see you. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately, so now I feel uneasy when you’re not around.

(y/n): Haha, it’s true that we’re quite inseparable. I think the others noticed.

Corrin: They sure did. My siblings even called me overprotective. Heh. I guess I am. I’d like to just keep you where I can see you, so nothing bad can ever happen to you.

(y/n): Corrin?… What are you trying to tell me?

Corrin: I… I… Gods, I didn’t want to– I mean… I’ve felt overprotected my whole life, you know, but this time I want to do it myself. You are essential to this realm, so it’s only natural to protect you, I suppose…

(y/n): So… you’re saying you’ve got my back?

Corrin: W-well, yes… but I’m also saying that I’ve fallen for you.

(y/n): You WHAT?!

Corrin: I-I’m sorry, was that inappropriate? If you have someone waiting for you back home, just forget I said anything. I don’t know what I was thinking, we both have a world to go back to–

(y/n): No! Don’t shy away now… please. I have feelings for you as well.

Corrin: You…?

(y/n): Don’t you realize? You entered my life out of nowhere, and suddenly it was all about you. You’re so kind, Corrin. I love that about you.

Corrin: You do? That’s what people usually dislike about me.

(y/n): They’re idiots then. You always choose to do what is right, not what is easy. People are self-centered and unreasonable, but you forgive them anyway. When people try to deceive you, you’re kind anyway. You know giving your best will never be enough, and yet you do it anyway.

Corrin: *laughs* Isn’t that the definition of stupidity?

(y/n): This is just what you’re always told, not what you actually believe. Or am I wrong?

Corrin: No… No, you’re not. In fact, you are entirely right. Heh, you know me well.

(y/n): See? I had my eye on you since the beginning. And as for our worlds… For now, we are trapped here until further notice. So we can take the time to talk about what we’ll do when the time comes.

Corrin: Now is now, huh? Very well. (Y/n)… There are no words for how happy you’ve just made me.

(y/n): Corrin… Please never change. Kindness looks good on you.

[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]

Confession quote:

Corrin: I choose you. No matter what happens from this moment on, I know in my heart this is the one and only choice I’ll never regret.

A Drunk Mind Speaks A Sober Heart (Story #8)

  You put your PJ’s on getting ready to have a horror movie marathon. I begin making my way into the pantry to make some microwave popcorn, while it’s cooking I have an internal struggle with myself to either keep my phone on or off. I decided to compromise, I’ll leave it on but only on vibrate. I sit down on my bed surrounded by pillows and blankets, my bowl of popcorn in my lap. I begin to watch my first movie of the night, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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wish I could sing, wish I could write agh, wish I could do anything, can’t express myself, I am dying, what am I to do? oh hell, art means the world to me but I can’t do any of it? haha kill me :) :) x 

✓ ID #69833

Name: Narine
Age: 24
Country: Australia

Hello! Well, what can I say about myself. I am at the point of life where you’ll feel like you’re not doing or achieving anything in life that you’re proud of. My personality will include bubbly, talkative and nice. My interests is from a wide variety of things, mainly in the fun catergory. Haha! I’ve always wanted a pen pal that I could write too. A snail mail would be fun but the waiting time would be too much for me, as a talkative person. One that’s willing to share and listen to stories. Interesting or not, stories are stories. What you went through the whole week or day, the feelings you kept inside your heart that nobody else knows etc. 😊 Hoping to hear someone interested to chat! 🤓Email is preferred heh

Preferences: A friend. A person diary. A sharer. A listener.