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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

You know, every time I saw games on itch.io with “pay what you want” as the price, and you could just download them for free, I always thought that probably didn’t work. Like, people would just download it for free, right?

My completely free game has been up for about 5 hours and I’ve gotten just over 100 dollars in “sales.”

You people are so nice honestly. Thank you all so much!

Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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wish I could sing, wish I could write agh, wish I could do anything, can’t express myself, I am dying, what am I to do? oh hell, art means the world to me but I can’t do any of it? haha kill me :) :) x 

  • AT: Erbluhen. You should go rest.
  • EE: I am fine...
  • AT: You've been doing this for a long time. Please don't make me repeat myself. Go rest.
  • EE: But if I dont stay... who will heal you and Apostasia?
  • AT: I can manage without you.
  • EE: Haha... are you saying you don't need me anymore?
  • AT: You know that's not what I meant.
  • EE: I cant let you have all the fun by yourself.
  • AT: Erbluhen...
  • EE: No, I'm fine. Really. Please don't worry about me.
  • -EE collapses-
  • AT: ... Erbluhen! Damn it, Erbluhen, wake up!
  • EE: ... A...rme....
  • AT: I told you to rest!
  • EE: Im fine...
  • AT: This is fine to you? You've collapsed!
  • EE: Please, Arme... Stop overreacting... You dont look cool when you overreact like that...
  • AT: This is no time for joke.
  • EE: I just need...
  • AT: ...What? What do you need...?
  • EE: I need...
  • AT: Tell me.
  • EE: S...
  • AT: S...?
  • EE: Stamina pot......
  • AT: ....
  • -throws a stack of 100 stamina pots at EE's head-
  • EE: OW that hurt
  • AT: GET UP.
  • EE: But Im tired.
  • EE: I dun wanna-

Obviously the person on the right. Don’t freak out, I’m not actually Halsey (nor that cool and beautiful haha). Or am I? No, I’m not. I’m just a person who couldn’t find a decent picture of myself which was worthy to share and isn’t like 2 years old or something..

Anika - 22 - Germany. 

I’m just your average college students who pretends she knows what she’s doing. 


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so... Do you hate ace ppl or just the word we use for non-ace folks?

Lmao of course I don’t hate ace people!!! Why would I? I’m somewhere on the ace spectrum myself but I just don’t label myself that way. I don’t like the term “allosexuals” because in my opinion it’s unspecific and groups LGBT+ people with their oppressors. And almost every time I’ve seen it used it’s been in a derogatory manner. “Allo” means different or other so like, who is allosexual? How sexual do you have to be to be “allosexual?” Hypersexual? What about demisexual people? What about ace people who still have sex? What about celibate people? It’s just not a good term in my opinion and I’d never use it to describe myself or anyone else. People don’t know and don’t need to know how sexy I am haha

Quick Theory

Forgive me if someone’s already come to this conclusion, but I haven’t seen it around so I’m just going to share my thoughts. (Although I am fairly new to the fandom so haha excuse me if I’m wrong.)

I’ve always wondered if the Clustered Gems/Gem Mutants/Fusion Experiments were something more. Like I get that they are punishment or experiments or potential super weapons or whatever but what if they’re also something else?  

I mean I think that a lot of people would do about anything to save a family member (including myself) especially if it was one of their younger siblings…

…And for immortal beings like the Diamonds there’s probably nothing they wouldn’t do to save or bring back Pink Diamond.

I’d like to believe that if everything we heard about Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond is true, Rose at least showed them (as proof Pink’s dead?) or gave them Pink’s shards. (As much as we know there is no reason not to, not even Rose can heal a shattered Gem, right? And we now know that there are other Roses kept in bubbles and we can probably assume none of them could heal her either, even if they were freed.)

So, what if the Gem Mutants are more than just horrible experiments?

What if they’re a family’s desperate attempt to bring back their sister?

Before the new episodes I wasn’t sure if the Diamond’s cared about each other enough to go to that extreme but after seeing not only Blue’s reaction but also Yellow’s I think we can come to the conclusion that they cared about Pink a lot. So much so that Blue is still mourning Pink thousands of years later.

So what wouldn’t they do to fix Pink?

(Of course I’m not excusing the Diamond’s actions, these are just my thoughts.)

What do y’all think?

What I am Writing

@dimpled-halo  and @a-writerwrites tagged me to do this. Jacky. Lisa. You don’t realize what you’re asking. There are so many!!! i mean, I know you knew there were a lot but… (Also, I think four of these were my prompts for the HL 2016 Exchange but it’s not looking like I’m going to get a fic so I just started them myself.)

Currently actively trying to finish:

1.How To Love: The medieval royalty au I have currently started on AO3 for Rearviewdreamer that is in desperate need of an update. Prince! Harry

2. Fic for the Mpreg fic exchange. Of course, I can’t say more right now.

3. For Reasons We Don’t Understand (You Will Find Me): Co-write with Rearviewdreamer. About formerly dead Harry and Louis learning to cope with their second life.

4. We Will Find A Way (Through the Dark): The Blind! Harry soulmate Au I just posted part of here. By popular demand.

5.Fake Dating Au. 

Working on when I have time or get stuck on the others:

6. August Rush Au: Where Harry’s kid he’s only just found out about has gone missing, Louis is a former one night stand who had always wished for more, and music brings everyone together.

7. Catch and Release Au: Where Harry’s fiance Liam passed away just before they were supposed to get married. Now, Harry is unraveling secrets he didn’t know Liam was keeping and having to deal with Liam’s annoying best friend Louis along the way. Hate to love.

8.What’s Your Number Au: Where Harry is the lothario next door neighbor who helps Louis track down his exes when he worries about what having more than 20 lovers in his life might mean about him. So he refuses to go over his current number, even when Harry would be a very tempting 21.

9.Sing Au: This is based off of a really old movie.The bad boy and the popular, straight-laced one are paired together as captains for the annual Sing musical competition at their school.

10. White Oleander Au:Teenager Harry is forced to go into foster care when his mother kills her former lover. Life is not a bowl of cherries. Eventually he meets Louis in one of the group homes. And Louis may be exactly what he needs.

11: The Fae Au: Where Louis is the prince of the Unseelie fae and Niall is the prince of the Seelie fae and Harry is an empath caught in the middle.Betrothed to Niall but seduced by Louis.

12. This Foolish Magic: Medieval au where everyone is born with some kind of magic but Harry hasn’t figured out his gift yet. When he meets Louis on his quest to figure himself out, weird and wonderful things begin to happen. Featuring Zayn with nature magic, Liam with storm magic, shapeshifter Niall, and Louis who talks to animals.

13. Love Is A Mix Tape: Harry is in a coma after a bad motorcycle accident and Louis is devastated that he never got to know the boy he’s had a secret crush on for ages. But then a disc finds it’s way into Louis’ possession. It seems, even in a hospital bed, Harry has a story to tell.

14. Love You Through it: Warning: sadness and angst. This is a cancer fic (no one dies) where Harry’s daughter is diagnosed and Louis is the nurse that he talks to that helps him get through dealing with his daughters treatments and all of the unknowns. It was requested for an exchange and I wasn’t going to do it but then my dad passed away from cancer (really quickly. He was diagnosed Jan 3rd and passed away Jan 21st) so this became my catharsis. 

15. To Cold Outside (For Angels to Fly): Prostitute!Louis, Guardian Angel! Harry

16. Because I Said So Au: Harry has horrible taste in significant others, so when his mother butts her nose in, putting out an add for someone to date her son, Louis decides he’s a good candidate. Even if Harry’s mother doesn’t agree.

17. Porn to Be Wild: Popstar Harry stumbles across a cute guy writing porn about him in the library he’s ducked into to hide out from fans. So he decides to show him what Harry Styles porn really looks like. (This is almost finished. Literally all that’s left to write is the Larry smut.)

18.Cupcake Wars Au

19. Sequel to Have A Little Faith In Me: Told from Liam’s perspective.

20: Sequel to Keep Holding On: Larry parenting stuff.

21. Part 2 of Hallway Boyfriends: All over school boyfriends.

22. Dive: Harry doesn’t believe in love. Or he does but he’s had it drilled into him that he’snot worth loving. Louis sets out to prove otherwise.

23. Rock On (Like You Don’t Miss Me): Ever since Harry’s band hit it big in the industry, his ex has been trying to get him to take him back. Harry struggles with saying no because he still loves the guy but he knows he’s only asking for heartbreak if he does. Enter Louis to save the day.

24. Someone Turn Me Up, I’m Speaking My Mind: Pump Up The Volume Au where Louis runs a pirate radio station and the parents and school administration want him shut down. Harry is the eccentric and alluring boy that urges him on. (*whispers* pick someone who’s supportive)

25. Leave This Blue Neighborhood: 1970s au where Harry Styles is a gangly 16 year old who has a crush on the boy across the street. 18-year-old Louis Tomlinson is beauty incarnate. In a time when homosexuality is shunned, Louis flaunts his male lovers and Harry secretly yearns to be one of them. A chance meeting gives Harry a chance at friendship and possibly a whole lot more. 

26. Hawksong Au (it’s a book) - Shapeshifter au, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage (kinda), royalty, I mean this one has everything.

27. Victorian Larry 

28. I Kinda Need A Hero (Is It You) - After a really bad breakup, Louis has trouble finding reasons to smile. So the boy that works in the flower shop across the street decides to give him some. Cue flirting through flowers and  cute notes.

29. Actor Au

30. Powerful: Soulmate superpowers au

31. Seven Deadly Sons: The devil had seven sons, each the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins. Harry Styles has no idea he’s one of them until he wakes up on his 18th birthday and everything is different. It seem’s he’s the embodiment of Lust. Louis is the angel sent to send the brothers back to Hell now that the last one has gained his powers. Unfortunately, powers or no, Harry Styles is a loving and gentle young man, which puts a big crimp in Louis’ plans. How do you kill someone you’re falling for?

32. It Ain’t About the Money: Harry is in an arranged marriage and it’s customary for Harry to remain a virgin but his soon-to-be husband wants him to learn how to please a man, so he hires a prostitute to teach him. Harry wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. 

Whew! I think that’s it. 

I tag @all-these-larrythings and anyone else who’s up to it!

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What would you do if someone you love so dearly keep hurting you over and over again? Will you stay or leave ?

to be honest i have no idea myself, i am in that situation right now and i guess i am staying because i can’t live without her haha.

“I am not letting your father go!” Chase said to the girl as he slammed his hands on his table once again. She was starting to become frustrating and he didn’t need this at the moment. Her father was caught trespassing on his land, so he had every right to lock him up, no matter what the girl said. He sat there at the head of the table with his legs crossed, trying to think about what to do with this girl. She wasn’t going to leave easily, so what could he do? Frankie fixed the hood on his head so she couldn’t see the rest of him and just saw a bit of his face. A curse set by a witch had turned him into a not so attractive male. His face was filled with scars and hairless, he had cuts and bruises all over his body, there was hair growing in place he didn’t even know could grow hair. Not only did he look ugly, but he felt ugly. All of this was his fault, and if he just let the witch inside on that rainy day, this wouldn’t be happening. Now to reverse the curse, he had to find true love, which was a slight struggle considering he never left his house. “Fine, since I see you are not leaving without a fight, I will let your father go on one condition.” He slowly stood up as he crossed his arms over his chest. “You exchange your freedom for your father’s. I will let him go, but you have to stay.” Honestly he didn’t know what she would say, but Frankie was not letting this be overlooked. He could hear his maids and caretakers taking in the corner just begging him to let the poor girl go, but he wasn’t having it. “The choice is now yours.” 

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I would like to make friends and be kind, be more patient. But currently I don't love myself, I don't respect myself, and I don't have any confidence. I want to socialize (and have support) but at the same time I feel I am not ready and don't want to be a burden to others. I don't know what to say and how to react to people.. actually I do know, but it seems fake now. Almost everyone seem so FAKE. It's like waking up in the Matrix but I'm the only one awake and am so troubled. Haha silly example

Being aware of all these “flaws” all at once makes it hard to organize them and tackle them… Pick one thing you really want to change and start slowly working on that, step by step, day by day - by conquering small challenges. Once you’ve mastered one thing, it will become a chainreaction. Hardest is to be patient and not try to change all at once, all the time… Everyone around you has issues with them self and might look at the world through a similar scope - just like you. Feeling alienated, alone, isolated, trying to be “of worth” to others, proving them self… (just you might do that in a different way than the other person. Someone does that by spending horrid amounts of time and care on their appearance, others try having best grades or be pioneer in something, you might try proving it by being kind and nice and friendly… someone else might go round punching people in the nose thinking how alpha and powerful it feels…). Maybe they don’t feel that way all the time, but there always comes a moment or a thought “man, I’m alone” in everyone’s life. Noone is safe from that, no matter how confident they seem. So chin up and try your luck in small steps! If there’s a thing as Matrix, possibly everyone has their personal one - not being aware of others and the world. Don’t worry too much about it, focus on your self and become the person you wish to be!


YAYYYYYYYYYY!! Finally finished my contest piece. It took a bit of tweaking here and there to get it it there. Though there are parts that could have been better I very pleased with it as a hole

So the contest is about personas and what I deiced to do was how how the characters I create are apart of me. Some of these characters I am proud to share my brain with… others I fear too haha!

I represented my myself in a simple drawing (I look pretty plain) with the other side of my head being a skull, showing what lies beneath the surface. Above my head is Darsiron, acting creepy as usual. Next to him is Diaris and to his right is Joanna Noosemen and Orus. Below Jo is her her other form Iperis and below Iperis is of course Phoenix Borozi. The creature forming from my chest is the Narra Beast

I would welcome any feedback you guys can give me on this piece and if you have any questions about it… I loved doing this work as I have not done anything like this before. Just happy it’s finished WOOOH! 

potatosarevegitable  asked:

Love the stuff your doing and, What got you into taking lewd pictures of yourself?

Thanks ♥ Uhm.. idk actually, I always save photos of japanese ero models I like haha and I guess I just wanted to try by myself. 
Also I see it as an exciting secret between me-the people here, since irl I have almost no friends and would never show myself as I do here  ^^’  
But please continue seeing me as a cute blogger girl and not as this ugly little failure I actually am qvq

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I've literally never followed someone so fast, LOVE your art art style

I get a fair amount of messages like this, and I am very flattered, but I want to clarify that I am not an artist, I LOVE art and animation but I don’t even know what a layer is and only have mspaint on my computer haha

I do write a whole lot- almost to a fault, but I think I need to improve some before I call myself an ‘artist’ at it :0

No worries tho, thanks for the message!