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Hey! Just wanna say I'm totally on board for some JanSsum shipping. Do it up! :) ♡ please



TOKEN: Clyde!
CLYDE: Hi! *turns around* Hehe, what a surprise to find you guys here, right?
TOKEN: What are you talking about? It’s your birthday.
TOKEN: We always go here on our birthdays.
CLYDE: Whaaat? It’s my birthday? I totally forgot!

TOKEN: Okay, Clyde. Cut it. What’s up?
TOKEN: It’s one thing for Craig to have left our group. I get it, he needs space now.
TOKEN:  But why you?
CLYDE: Craig’s my best friend!
TOKEN: But what about me?
CLYDE: I… I just can’t, ‘kay?
TOKEN: Seriously, Clyde, what the hell is up with you?
CLYDE: You like me, right?
TOKEN: What?
CLYDE: I fucking knew it! My best friend has a crush on me!

TOKEN: I thought Craig’s your best friend.
CLYDE: You both are! And just admit it! Don’t be like Tweek and Craig!
TOKEN: *sighs* I… yes, but I know you like Kevin and-
CLYDE: This isn’t about Kevin! Or anyone else! I just, man, this is freaking me out! This changes everything! It’s like- it’s…
TOKEN: Hey, this doesn’t have to change anything. I don’t expect anything.
CLYDE: It’s just… I have to think about it, okay?
TOKEN: Clyde-
CLYDE: I just need space. Being around you confuses me way too much.
TOKEN: Okay. But don’t cut me off like Craig did with Tweek.
CLYDE: Promise. 

TOKEN: Happy Birthday by the way.
CLYDE: Thanks, bro.
TOKEN: So I guess you’ll go hang with Craig and Thomas now?
CLYDE: … Yeah. I guess our group’s going to be separated for the time being. Sorry, man.  Tell that Tweek and Jimmy too. *goes away*

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OMG I'VE DONE THAT BEFORE EXCEPT IT WAS AT A LIBRARY. I dropped like 5 books trying to pull out 1 on a high shelf and the cute librarian said, "hey need some help?" But all I said was, "the books are on the floor" instead of saying thank you or something. D: I love your new boxer comic btw, it always makes me laugh when their eyes do this (ФДФ) it reminds me of cats.

Whaaat haha! That’s actually kind of smooth to get someone’s attention ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (takes notes) I feel like i’d be more embarassed than actually trying to look like in need of help. Also thank u ! /// (´•ω•`)♡

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⭐Hello :)⭐ I just woke up and I have to go to the library today and tomorrow as well to study for my first exam this semester😴 I'd rather sleep some more but oh well Hope you're doing well😆

hello hello! i hope your study and exams went well! i would rather sleep than do exams as well haha :))

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compliment/s: your handwriting is so unique!! i hope you have a lovely day ♡

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yes hello excuse me but can you explain this whole thing of shadow kuroko gate of the zone WHAT WAIT WHAAAT??

haha hello!! i’m still in shock but i saw it coming! i already explained it (kinda) in this post but i will share some hints and try my best to explain them!

remember this most memorable scene in this series???

he said he will make kagami the number one in japan

but also remember that fight (it was more like tension) between those two and kagami said he didn’t think they can win just by working together and it caught kuroko off guard. then in the next episode, he went after kagami and confronted him

he said he wants to become stronger and become the number one team in japan with everyone else

which is hinted to this


i thought this was a hint to kuroko being able to enter the zone but if he can’t do it then he can guard the second door to the zone! but tbh i don’t think it’s actually the second door to the zone. i think it’s an illusion. kuroko guarding the door is an ability that shows they can win by working together as a team. and that’s when aomine cried

because he wasn’t able to open the door and you know why?? because he thought he was the strongest and was so focused on playing individually and wanted to win but he lost the chance to become stronger… and that’s because he left kuroko and his teammates behind. teiko played individually and the team didn’t care about anything else besides winning

kuroko no basuke is basically about teamwork