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Hey! Just wanna say I'm totally on board for some JanSsum shipping. Do it up! :) ♡ please



TOKEN: Clyde!
CLYDE: Hi! *turns around* Hehe, what a surprise to find you guys here, right?
TOKEN: What are you talking about? It’s your birthday.
TOKEN: We always go here on our birthdays.
CLYDE: Whaaat? It’s my birthday? I totally forgot!

TOKEN: Okay, Clyde. Cut it. What’s up?
TOKEN: It’s one thing for Craig to have left our group. I get it, he needs space now.
TOKEN:  But why you?
CLYDE: Craig’s my best friend!
TOKEN: But what about me?
CLYDE: I… I just can’t, ‘kay?
TOKEN: Seriously, Clyde, what the hell is up with you?
CLYDE: You like me, right?
TOKEN: What?
CLYDE: I fucking knew it! My best friend has a crush on me!

TOKEN: I thought Craig’s your best friend.
CLYDE: You both are! And just admit it! Don’t be like Tweek and Craig!
TOKEN: *sighs* I… yes, but I know you like Kevin and-
CLYDE: This isn’t about Kevin! Or anyone else! I just, man, this is freaking me out! This changes everything! It’s like- it’s…
TOKEN: Hey, this doesn’t have to change anything. I don’t expect anything.
CLYDE: It’s just… I have to think about it, okay?
TOKEN: Clyde-
CLYDE: I just need space. Being around you confuses me way too much.
TOKEN: Okay. But don’t cut me off like Craig did with Tweek.
CLYDE: Promise. 

TOKEN: Happy Birthday by the way.
CLYDE: Thanks, bro.
TOKEN: So I guess you’ll go hang with Craig and Thomas now?
CLYDE: … Yeah. I guess our group’s going to be separated for the time being. Sorry, man.  Tell that Tweek and Jimmy too. *goes away*