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There were a few requests for deep sea/bio merms so here’s one of those..

fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

erro by @loverofpiggies

ikn by @comyet

Not Over Yet: Chapter 23

A/N: I write based on my inspiration, and I was motivated to write this chapter before chapter 22. That being said, this one is complete and I am only to finish writing the previous one. Since we won’t have an update for a while, here’s a little preview of what I have!

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Preview Ch 23: Dust Particles in the Morning Light…

Historia is, to put it lightly, filthy fucking rich.

Not only does her father own a theater, but a stadium too. A damn stadium. Yeah. And that goes without mentioning the fact that she’s a successful ballet dancer that goes by the stage name of Christa Lenz and tours and performs regularly. Mikasa had never realized just how wealthy her small friend is, always viewing her humbleness as a virtue of, well, leading a humble life. But she understands now that this is not the case. However amiable and amicable Historia may be, she’s practically royalty among all of them. A speckle of fire in an army of coals.

They traipse through the night to their destination, talking calmly among themselves. Mikasa’s heels pound against the ground, her skates wobbling in her hands, the red scarf around her neck heavy with the added weight of Connie’s rose brooch. From head to toe, she is redesigned, molded into this creature of the night. She peers up at the sky and there are no stars, only passing planes and light pollution. She’s carried back by Bertholdt’s sudden announcement.

“We’re here.”

Here. At Historia’s family-owned friggin’ stadium.

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Finally updating my commissions and prices! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

If you’d like to see more examples of what I have to offer, you can check out my art blog or my commissions tag to see commissions I’ve already done! 

I’m open to reference sheets, paintings, and designing characters, but I’ll consider those Special Cases; if you’re interested in anything not listed here, feel free to ask! 

Again, you can contact me at jordan_pagan@yahoo.com if you want to commission me! And if not, reblogs are always appreciated~ Thank you!


Speedwagon Foundation Report, September 1999
NY.SH.91599.2 - S39 & W99, Status Update:

The newest transfers to our New York facility seem to be settling in well, continuing their previous hobbies outside of time spent in the labs (see biological test report BS.90599.5). 

S39 continues to read as many books as can be acquired, with no seeming preference for subject matter. W99 seems to prefer movies, particularly of the action genre; barring any unforeseen ability to enjoy these movies on fast-forward, this is an easier hobby to provide for compared to S39′s reading speed. (However, S39′s other hobbies are far less stressful to local staff than W99′s fondness for sparring and parkour; see security report SR.90299.8)

Both are anxious to be cleared for visits from local Joestars (see submitted request form VC.90199b). Once Psychology approves them, it’s advised that clearance be given as soon as possible.

joseph joestar isn’t getting any younger, after all…

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So, I think I’ll wear it at the end

11th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Wondering what Eren gifted Levi? You’ll discover it in the upcoming updates!

Merry christmas guys! This update came with a bonus part of the @snkartists holiday challenge. Originally it was intended to focus on Eren’s gift for Levi but the ugly sweaters’ prompt came to fit perfectly with it.

I would have liked to draw more but I got pseudo artblocked I think so doing this was already a war agains’t my hand haha. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Also, I think this will be the last update from the uni au of the year. Seriously I need to thank you guys for the support since I started it, I never expected that a lot of people could have liked it so it makes me happy and willing to continue it.

Stay tuned in 2016!

Guys, I’m alive. I haven’t been active here in forever (although I still checked in everyday) because I had been caught up in school work & school stress. As of today, I’m now done with university. It feels weird, I honestly don’t know how I feel about the whole thing, I’m still too young to be a graduate but… I guess I am?

If you’re interested, here’s a sneak peek of what has taken my energy, time & soul over the past year. My graduating collection! (yes I’m -was?- in fashion school). I’m emotionally drained for the moment, but I should get back in activity soon. Please hit me up if you want a starter or anything, if you want to drop our thread and start a new one, or else. 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, Kent will be back!

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murderxbaby  asked:

Killua's hair in a headband. That's all. Thank you, and god bless.