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Null / male / ??? / doesn’t know you.

A young man with retrograde amnesia and yes, he doesn’t know why and how he found himself confined in a certain facility where strange people come in and out everyday to experiment on him, he hear them say that they must nullify him. These people would even conduct what they call a ‘special physical experiment’ on him, he doesn’t recall exactly how, but he knows the pain for sure and he’s not able to do anything but to regret his existence everyday. He’d be injected with different sort of drugs everyday that apparently contributed to his messed up head– there are even cases when his mind would breakdown and would reset due to trauma and pain. But at the end of the day, the strange people would make sure he doesn’t die. Because he is too weak to even break out, add to that his messed up head, Null can’t keep count of how long he’s been locked in that facility. On one miraculous day though, he was able to escape.

He’s not good at tending to his own wounds. Nobody minded telling him where he’s from or his actual name. His right eye can’t see anymore, seems like it was nullified and it only reflects the color of the galaxy. Gullible child. When he got out he’s afraid of falling asleep or losing consciousness cause he thinks he’s mind would reset again. Doesn’t like being cold. A big crybaby. Tired. Needs help.

I wonder what’s up with him and why those people were using him.

They robbed all the stars.

※ do not use & reupload without permission.

A tiny kissy from a tiny goop
just accept the kissy, it’ll make him happy


Person B kisses Person A’s cheek for the first time, and both are blushing firetruck red, but smiling at each other. @otpprompts

I started drawing this in July and back then I thought it was a good idea haha.

Anyway I was thinking about how Dorian was holding up with being affectionate until he knew for sure the Inquisitor wants more. All those things he never thought he will have a chance to do, simple things like kiss on the cheek, are suddenly real. It’s a brand new territory for him. After the first night with Vaxus he decided to give it a try. And Maker save him, it’s so embarrassing and so wonderful at the same time.

madam-mim  asked:

Okay, so I have a question regarding the Loverboy AU. How did you come up with the name? Because to me, in my native language, a loverboy is someone who seduces girls, pretends to be their boyfriend and forces them into prostitution. Kind of like that. So when I first read about the Loverboy AU, I was kind of shocked tbh. But it's not like that, is it?

Haha uhhh it is definitely NOT like that at all?? In my language loverboy is just a nickname for a male lover, which is basically why I chose it. I was calling it ‘house party au’ but I didn’t like that, so I just randomly decided to call it loverboy for the time being. Honestly, I didn’t expect but like 5 people to like the AU so I didn’t think too long or hard about what I called it. I just  could see any of the boys calling the other “loverboy” affectionately and decided it was a good nickname for the AU :)

the other day my friend and i were talking about what would happen if garmadon still had his shadow powers… so the story behind this is that kai is too cocky and bets that he could easily beat garmadon in a fight, and when kai goes to actually try garmadon kinda uses his shadow powers to disappear and then kai just gets rekt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Drilling Things (Feat. Harry’s Derriere)

So, one anon suggested that I draw Louis being frustrated assembling IKEA furniture, and another anon suggested Harry doing squats/workout. I thought, why not combine both prompts in a crazy way? And throw in baby related stuff! 

Not gonna lie, I had way too much fun making the bum jiggle!

You can come say hi or suggest me a prompt too, any ship/combo is fine :) If I find inspiration I might do it. 


I asked you folks for prompts and this very nice anon suggested Jaspidot + fusion dance + failing fusion dance and falling into an accidental kiss, which was the cutest friggin thing

except I accidentally made an entire storyboard and didn’t have time to do the kissy scene, so I just rounded it off with local asshole fusion Dravite stomping onstage like a frigginnn jerk

So here’s a completed Jaspidot fusion dance instead. I’m not even sure what the hell that dance is, but it was supposed to be robo dance + ballerina + some hip-hop-y vibes on Jasper’s end. I have this headcanon that on Homeworld, pearls were replaced by peridots as the tech-y gems, so Peri gets some robotized ballerina’ing as her dance style as a small nod to Pearl’s own.

and this contains so many mistakes, but it also has over 20 frames and it only took a couple hours to do, so I’m just not gonna say anything and hope it’s not too much of an eyesore.


Slayer visits us often actually! We exchange many stories and enjoy each others’ company for awhile before they leave.

paypal donations

hi, so
i don’t really publish personal posts on this blog all too often but i need to ask for a favor

simply put, i need a car. i currently walk, bike, or ride the bus everywhere i need to go. that works out decently enough, however, it severely limits my options as far as employment, meaning i can only apply places that are within walking, biking, or bus riding distance which only gets me so far. on top of that, my home life is not stable enough to be comfortable, so i would like a car to be able to safely leave if the situation were to escalate any further. for now, i am not in any immediate danger but i want to start preparing for the worst.

that being said, donations would go towards saving up for a car, as well as saving up for supporting myself if it ever came to that.

my boyfriend @polyfinn has offered to draw or design things for ppl who donate, also, if anyone is interested.

you can donate @ paypal.me/kierita. if you can’t donate, just reblogging this post to signal boost would also be lovely. thank you so much!!!!

- kieran

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