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Missed Connection (Bucky x Reader)

Requested by: @swtltlmrvlgrl
Summary: Can you do a ‘missed connection’ with Bucky? Like you talked to him on a bus or train for an hour but at the end you didn’t get his name or number? (will they meet again or not? I leave it to you haha)

A/N: Thank you for requesting this!! I’m sorry it took so long but this was so much fun to write omg <3 I hope it’s what you were looking for  and enjoy!
(also yes that’s the hogwarts express lmfao)

Word Count: 2945
Warnings: mention of family death / mention of spreading ashes kind of thing… 

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Disclaimer: I don’t speak Romanian… Sorry if it’s wrong rip

iartă-mă… scuze… scuzati-ma…” 
(Pardon me… Sorry… Excuse me…)

You pushed your way through the crowded train, mumbling your apologies as you gripped your small suitcase tightly by your side.

It was mid summer and, finally having gotten some time off work, you’d flown to Romania for a few weeks.

Your mother had often spoken of her childhood in Bucharest when you were young, and when she’d passed away just over a year ago you’d decided to save up and see the places of her stories for yourself. You were now on the last few days of your trip and so far it had been an absolutely amazing journey. Bucharest was beautiful, the people were kind and as you got to know the country your mother had once called home, you quickly fell in love.

To be honest, you didn’t want to leave, but you didn’t have a choice so there you were.

To wrap up the trip you were spending your last weekend in Romania out in the countryside by a small farm called the “Cabana alb”. It was just outside the city and your mother had spent much of her summers there. It was her favourite place on the planet and where you had decided to spread her ashes.

And by “just outside the city”, you meant a two-hour train ride away.

Honestly, you hadn’t expected it to be that busy, but there you were squeezing through the crowded halls in search of an empty compartment to rest. They were, of course, all full. Until you happened across one at the back of the train.

You wrapped your knuckles softly against the glass before sliding the door open, catching the attention of it’s only occupant.

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I’m so sad that Night In The Woods is over now! I felt I had to contribute some sort of something for the game because it was so incredible and I loved every minute of it. Not quite the way I wanted this to turn out, but I think it’s still pretty neat! I wanted to so something for the background and have him do the wa-psh, or wave or something, but this took a long time as it is now. Haha. It was still loads of fun to make. I think he’s very cute.

I determined that if @therealjacksepticeye was in the game, he’d for sure be a badger. So, here we are! I tried to make it look as much like the style of the game as I could with my lack of art skills. Hope I did okay, you guys tell me.

So!! I did the art style challenge thing and!! Wow! It’s so weird to see that I have an actual style haha, plus, it was nice to go back and revisit styles that I used to draw a load and that inspired me! Fun Fact: May from Pokemon Advanced was the first person/thing I ever really tried to draw! Which is why I opted to do that style instead of the games or the updated SuMo style!

Top Row: My style, Pokemon Advanced, Gravity Falls
Middle Row: Rick and Morty, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Adventure Time
Bottom Row: Soul Eater, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton


“So frustrating… To think that Obi’s the one by your side when you made your decision… But I like to see the two of you together. So even if it’s frustrating, it’s fine…”


this is for you @zxtlx ! i’m sorry it took me so long omg

Genre: Slight Angst , Slight Fluff

Request: can i have a mark scenario based on Twice’s TT(lowkey wants him to dance to it cough)?but a fluffy ending please!thank you:)

A/N: yay another mark scenario !! it’d be so cute if he danced to it omg ahh HAHA . anyways , thanks for requesting and i had fun writing this omg ( since twice is one of my top few favourite girl groups yay ), enjoy reading ~


I’m in two minds,

In an awkward situation

I just stare and say baby

Everyday I only imagine without asking

I talk casually and say your name baby,

But we don’t even know each other

You peered your head behind the block of lockers , your eyes glued to tall and skinny boy standing at the end of the hallway , back facing you . Your eyes followed his every move and never once left him , since you were so lost in his perfection .

As soon as he turned around , he caught your eyes staring deeply at him . Your face flushed up and you turned around to run away , hoping that he did not see you . You ran as fast as you could , slowly stopping when you realised no one else was behind you . You tried to catch your breath as you sat on the floor , tired from all the running .

Everyday seemed the same , nothing seemed to be working out for you .

He was the popular and goodlooking kid everyone else went crazy over while you were only an average student who seemed to have no friends since you were always too caught up in your studies .

You adored him . In fact , you like him , for about a year now . He seemed so friendly and genuinely nice to everyone else when you first got into the school . He greeted everyone politely and never once got arrogant about the compliments he got from his other admirers . He was always the top few in his classes and he worked hard to achieve the things he wanted - he was beyond perfection to you .

As much as you wanted to talk to him and make friends , you were scared and too shy , afraid that you might come out as ’ too desperate ’ . You were used to being left out , not being noticed and your shy nature did not help in any way at all .

All you could do was call out his name in darkness with him probably not knowing your existence .


The innocent doll

I sit and lie down all day,

Time flies

What’s with the dull skin again

Keep wanting to just complain

Mom keeps bothering me why ?

You rested your head on the pillow and refreshed the page on your phone again and again - still no updates from him .

You hated the holidays . When everyone else was going out to have fun , travelling to different countries , and spending quality time with their loved ones , you mostly stayed at home all day and did nothing else than the usual - using your phone and watching endless dramas and shows .

And most of all , you couldn’t see him . You couldn’t see how he was doing , what he was up to and it killed you .

You wanted to know how your crush was doing .

You wanted to know what he was up to during the holidays ,

But you couldn’t , your mother was strict with you and she hardly ever allowed you to go out and have fun , which probably explained why you had only a few friends . All that she cared about was your academics and studies as she often suppressed your enjoyment with work and assessments to do .

The day passed quickly with you spending most of the time in bed , mind filled with thoughts of him .

Yet another day passed without seeing him , the only one who could make you feel so much better .

You wanted to let everything out , your feelings for him and the amount of stress you were facing , but you couldn’t - the words just couldn’t seem to come out of your mouth .

You had so many complains you wanted to ranted on about , yet you were afraid of the consequences .


Think I’m all grown up now

I’m free to make my own choices, but why

Why can’t I have it my way

The more I try to push you away,

The more I’m drawn and attracted to you baby

You stood frozen in your spot , unable to comprehend what just happened . Your face was flushed red and your eyes and mouth were both wide open .

The boy infront of you slowly disappeared into the crowd of people , leaving you standing alone in the hallway , your bag and books in your arms .

“ Oh my , i’m so sorry , are you okay ? ” you said out nervously while trying to collect your books that were lying on the floor messily .

“ Haha it’s okay , here let me help you . ”

The familiar voice caught your attention and you looked up to meet the eyes of the boy infront of you .

Immediately , you gasped and dropped your books again from the shock .

He was only a few inches away from you . Mark Lee , your crush , was standing infront of you and talked to you .

“ Er … Is everything okay Y/N ? ” he said out once more , his eyes following your every movement .

“ Oh yes Mark i’m fine , wait did you just say my name , how do you know my name- ” you paused and looked down , trying to hide your face .

He gave a small laugh and pointed to your nametag , “ It’s written here , Y/N ” he smiled and asked , “ Well .. how do you know mine , i don’t think we’ve been in the same classes together ”

Your heart beat quickened and you hurriedly grabbed your books , avoiding his question . You stood up almost immediately and he followed suit . Avoiding his stare , you said softly , “ T-Thanks for helping .. See you around in school .. ”

You saw him frown a little from your quick response but soon smiled and greeted you goodbye , “ Yes bye Y/N , have a great day , nice meeting you . ”

You told yourself you had to get over him as soon as school started again . You didn’t want to give yourself false hope like that anymore , you had to stop your feelings from developing even more .

Yet just when you thought everything was going to turn out fine , this happened and your feelings started coming back again .


Do you realize what’s going on inside me

Don’t disappear from my view like this

This time for sure, I’ll be the first to talk

He flashed you his smile again as he nodded his head , happy that you got the correct answer from his question .

You tried to stop yourself from blushing but you couldn’t help but smile back at him .

The way his eyebrows would furrow together when he was trying to understand the questions and the way his nose would scrunch up when he didn’t understand them made your heart feel as though it was going to explode anytime soon , and his smiles always made you feel so warm .

Unexpectedly , he started talking to you during breaks after that day when he saw that you were always sitting alone in the cafeteria .

The empty seats beside you were now filled with his group of friends and himself . He often asked you out on study dates together and you couldn’t bring yourself to reject him .

Every single time study dates happen you never fail to go back home feeling all happy and fuzzy .

“ Hey sorry Y/N , sorry i have to leave early today , i have things on . ” he said while packing his books into his backpack . You shook your head and assured him “ No it’s okay Mark , we can always go study together another day ! ” He smiled at you and pat your head , before waving goodbye and rushing out of the library .

The silent atmosphere made you rest your head on the table as you finally let out a deep breath .

As much as you knew he had other things he had to attend to , you wanted him to stay with you together , only the both of you .

You hesitated before pressing the contact number on your phone .

“ Hey Mark .. I was just wondering , want to head to the newly opened cafe near our school tomorrow ? It’s okay if you don’t want to- ”

He cut you off with an excited tone , “ Sure , yes of course ! It’ll be on me since i left early today this afternoon ”

You smiled to yourself at his response,

you finally had the courage to ask him out , after one month of getting to know each other .


I start humming and before I know it

I feel so irritated, I’m so upset

I’m normally not like this

I love you so much

Your eyes never once left the pair sitting infront of you . You tried to focus on using your phone but her whining and voice kept distracting you .

“ Aw Mark you’re so cute .. Can you help me with my homework later on , you’re so smart too ” she said while fluttering her eyelashes and pouting her lips . You notice Mark lower his head a little as he rubbed his hand at the back of his neck . “ Yeah .. Sure ” he said out softly , briefly catching eye contact with you then looking away quickly .

She continued her endless flirting , stealing glances at your facial expressions and smirking when she saw that you were obviously affected .

“ Bye Mark , see you later ” she said and smiled sweetly to him , then glaring at you and walking away .

You could feel your blood boiling and you resisted the urge to roll your eyes back at her since Mark was staring at you now .

“ Y/N i’m sorry for that just now .. She’s my tablemate- ”

“ It’s okay Mark , you don’t have to explain anything to me , i don’t own you .. ”

He paused and bit his lips when he noticed the change in your tone when you spoke . He tried to look at you but your eyes kept avoiding his .

The atmosphere became awkward and the both of you sat in your seats not saying a word .

“ I’ll go talk to her Y/N , i swear i don’t have feelings for her , don’t misunderstand . ” he said while standing up .

You sighed while shaking your head , “ No Mark , it’s really fine , i’m just not in my best mood today .. ”

His expression softened as he sat back down again , holding your hand .

“ Then let me make it better , you’re so much more important to me than her homework ”

You stared at him confused , wanting to apologise for your actions but he cut you off ,

“ Look , you’re the only girl i want and i love , don’t ever doubt that and now’s the right time to confess the feelings i’ve had for you the past few months . ”

You hid your face under your hands , unable to resist the tears of joy and you heard the movements of him changing his seat to sit beside you .

A pair of arms hugged you from the side , as he placed his head on your shoulder ,

“ I love you so much ”

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Meihem one shot chapter 3!

This is for @plumpkin-pumpkin , a one shot based on some of her magnificent art of Mei and Junkrat having too much to drink, and it leads to some hot hate sex haha. I love you and thank you for being my Meihem Valentine! I’m sorry it took so long to write it, but I wanted to give you one hell of a story, and I hope you love it. This was all for you, my dear.

Obviously this chapter is very nsfw so have fun.


New Ink! 💉🔓

So that’s.. *counts with fingers* …like 20 tattos so far, will I get more..? WHO KNOWS! haha anyways go this 2 peices done today, took 2-3 hours to do even tho they’re simple and samll yes it takes that long. A little back story for this two tattos. First the little flower branch on my caller bone, as alot of you may be award that I’m a nature fanatic and enthusiats, I simple wanted something of mother nature on my body😌🌷 simples as that. Now onto my favorite one..the alien on my arm 😍😁 fun fact about me, I belive in aliens yup! that’s right you’re girl here strognly belives that we’re not alone in this planet that there’s something MORE out there. I do not wear a tinfole hat to try to “communicate” with the extra terestrial life 😂😂😂😂 that’s only in moves that they do that, that’s not REAL and just plain dumb, lmao but to each their own. So that’s the back stroy for this dope tats S/O to the guy that was making me laugh through this process, you’re hilarious man  😂😂😂😂

P.S i know haven’t been active that much on here… been having too much on my plate lately so I hope you guys don’t mind seeing my face on your dash? |_・)
I'm such a shameless shameless girl >/////>

I’m *so* sorry, I just couldn’t resist after someone sent the “Handplates” question to the wrong ask blog,I just found it so hilarious ehehehe ^//////^;

(Please forgive me if you saw this already! o////////o

…ordon'tcareforit >///////>)

((Hanako! Thank you so much for this gift! Sorry it took me so long to get around to replying. Such a fun idea, this really made me smile haha! You nailed DS Gaster’s expressiveness too!

Also, I noticed in your submission that the original image wasn’t included! I hope you don’t mind I edited it by adding the picture. 

The link to the original post is here. c:

Thanks again! And Happy Holidays. :D <33))

Jungkook’s ideal type

What Jungkook has said before about his ideal type (personality-wise):

older, sexy/charming, good wife, smart, is nice, someone who likes him,

  • Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts and the things I interpret his ideal type to be. In no way am I saying that it’s 100% accurate because I don’t know Jungkook personally…  (probably never will TT)… and only he will ever know his ideal type.


I think someone mature would suit Jungkook pretty well. Someone who shows this in the way they act and deal with things, always putting a mature twist to the way they view things, which doesn’t mean that the person has to be older.

I imagine him to like someone who can be many things, someone who has many charms without them even knowing.
Those charms probably only he will be able to pick up.
Since this was put up against ‘cute’, I think he chose 'sexy/charming’ because he would like for her to have those moments, when she is unintentionally sexy, which might not seem so to her.

Good wife
Someone who can be motherly. He’s the youngest inside Bangtan and even his own family, people will want to take care of him and I think he likes that or at least he doesn’t mind it.
He has also said before that he likes girls that are good at cooking, in general I think he likes his ideal type to be a caring person.
But I think he’d also like it when there are times when he is the one being protective and caring, he’s a man after all… Young man… Fetus man…

When you pay attention you will see that Jungkook often times will look at Namjoon in awe, especially when he speaks English.
Jungkook likes to do things well and is quite meticulous and I can imagine that he’d love for his significant other to be 'smart’, as in the way she portrays herself, not necessarily academically but just as a human being, giving him the 
opportunity to learn from her even if it is the smallest of things.

Someone who has a high tolerance level. He’s such a dork and likes to troll other people a lot, messing with others.
Someone who takes it lightly and laughs with him openly, even joining in, will fit his persona quite well. He is an easy going kid, so it would make sense for him to like someone with the same trait.
I think a nice person for him is someone who smiles a lot and in general is polite and friendly to the people around her.
Someone who is genuine, someone who emits warmth through their aura. I think these are traits that would initially catch his eye.

Who likes him
Someone who likes him for him, with all the little things he is self conscious about. You ever notice how he doesn’t like to show his face when he is not wearing make-up?
His daily life consists of people taking pictures of him, close up and in high quality, there ought to be things he’d like to hide.
Remember how he used to be quiet and reserved? It’s only recently that he came out of his shell, being comfortable enough to show his true self in front of the camera and the Bangtan members.
I think when he said this, he meant for her to like him for who he really is, with all the good and bad attributes. He wants to feel comfortable enough around her to show her these sides of him.

Now I said that someone who tolerates a lot would suit him but at the same time I think she also has to be able to push back and stand firm against his playfulness, just so he doesn’t get too much free reign.
Jungkook will probably find that quite attractive about her, since he is someone who can clearly state the things he likes and doesn’t like, he would admire that side of her.

Personality wise, I think it would be a little bit of everything. Some moments she can be cute, unintentionally, and he will find that endearing, then she can be a tomboy when they’re just having fun, playing games or whatever.

Which basically means that I don’t want to narrow it down to just one thing because a person has so many facets to them and is rarely ever just one thing.
And that is what makes people so beautiful, right?

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— — —

This is sooo long. I think I got a little bit carried away there haha :D
Anon, I hope you like it, sorry that it took me awhile to get to this request.
I wanted to make sure that my opinion on who would be his ideal type, or rather who I think would suit him, isn’t just something I came up with out of the blue ^^


Captain Swan/Harry Potter crossover

“Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” 

For my wonderful CS valentine, lovedbyhook! I know I originally said I was going to make a Lieutenant Duckling graphic for you, but when you mentioned a CS/HP crossover I just had to take on the challenge :) If I was more talented with writing AUs I would have written a little blurb, but I hope the graphic is enough! Have a wonderful day Marina!! <3 <3

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Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I love your art. The characters as you draw them are so adorable and precious. I loved how you used pictures for dialogue instead of words in the comic where Yuuri gets amnesia. It was fun and so readily understandable that I thought if everyone could adopt your idea for online comics, no-one would need to translate anything anymore, haha.

Thank you! I’m sorry it took so long to reply but your ask makes me very happy and I’ve been needing that boost lately, so I kept it in my mail box for a bit.

I’m so flattered, but I think that no-dialogue comic only worked out because it presented a very simple and complete story. Most comics with words that are 1-10 pages long - and I’m talking about all comics, not only mine - depict specific moments in time instead of whole stories (with expositions, climaxes, resolutions, etc). They are able to express language-based humour and explore multiple themes in a more in-depth way using less frames. Comics with no dialogue, in my opinion, are more effective with stories that feature the passage of time, or ones that want to immortalize a specific moment in time. So, I guess comics with and without words both have their own worth.

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Cuddly 2young, its sounds more like "let's make jaebum jealous". but seriously it's so cute

Ahh, honestly, my darling! It’s so true!

Jaebum was trying to ignore what 2young were up to by keeping his back turned to their cuddling even though his awkwardness was still obvious

BUT JINYOUNG AND YOUNGJAE WERE TOTALLY WANTING HIM TO NOTICE. Even though they really are cute and cuddly together… there is no doubt in my mind that they were trying to make him jealous during this moment. I mean, just look at their faces!

They were totally checking in with him to see how he was reacting to their cute cuddle session, and they look far from innocent about it! Not that I should be surprised. I mean, making Jaebum jealous with their cute interactions is one of 2young’s specialties! And also why loving 2youngjae is so beautifully and dangerously addictive… I mean, just think about this iconic moment!

Markbum are being all cute, and then Jinyoung deliberately puts his arm around Youngjae and instigates some really adorable 2young cuddles, and then totally watches as Jaebum’s face falls. AND YOU KNOW THAT WAS HIS INTENT. The timing was just so deliberate… and 2young both end up with such lowkey cheeky expression!

Really, for all that Jaebum is utter trash for both Youngjae and Jinyoung, he gets so awkward about seeing them being cute and touchy together sometimes! Like that time during their girl group stage VCR where Jaebum spots 2young being all ridiculous with their sexy dancing and just FREEZES.

And lets not forget about how awkward he was when he saw the touchy 2young moment happening during that one fansign last year!

And then there’s one of my favorite moments of Jaebum acting on his jealousy during the boyfriend version of Stop Stop It, where he throws himself onto the 2young hug so that he doesn’t have to watch! And can we just mention the way his eyes are fixed on Youngjae the whole time???

[GIF by jackandjael]

There are so many more moments that I could mention as well if I had the time and energy to hunt them all down, but it really does seem to be such a game with 2young to make Jaebum jealous over their interactions… and it definitely works! Jinyoung in particular seems to take great delight in Jaebum’s awkwardness over seeing the insanely adorable 2young moments… though Youngjae certainly isn’t innocent either! Ahh… 2young really do have so much fun making Jaebum jealous! Just like Mark, haha!

Breaking the Rules

100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

breaking the rules; au. after having writer’s block for approximately a million years, here’s the highly-requested teacher AU! also inspired by hehaihohum‘s awesome doodles :D

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so i was allowed to color some of @satoshini ’s doodles of the smolmurderchowski, and man i had fun! :3
sorry this took long though, i was fixing some small palette and saving errors. (>人<;)
anyway go follow them!!! good art right there if i do say so myself ( > ω



I didn’t have a chance to post at all last week so I’m going to try to do a quick round up now.

Sunday was spent with my best friend 😊 We went rollerskating (counts as cross training right??) and were both totally outdone by all the kids there haha 😅 It was a lot of fun though 😊 But I did fall for the first time and landed right on my coccyx 😣 it wasn’t so bad at the time but I could barely move for the rest of the evening!

Tuesday was long day. 7 miles of listening to my audiobook 😊 I don’t really remember much else from this run now… took some Ibuprofen for my back since it was still a bit sore and my leg felt fine I think, though perhaps the Ibuprofen masked that too. It was a little sore later, but not too bad.

Thursday was so hot! I think it hit almost 20 degrees which is hot for the UK! I was really clever and had a hard interval workout planned which I procrastinated doing until about midday 😧 I was aiming to do the intervals at about a 7:40 pace, but I only hit it for the first one because I got so hot. Lesson learnt! I got to spend the rest of the day working on the balcony with these two cuties though 😊

Friday was a short easy run, shortened a little more because I accidently went too far on Thursday and also because my body was feeling pretty bad.

I’ve also been getting some pain in the backs of my heels this week. I can’t remember exactly when it started and I don’t know what’s causing it, but I might have to back off a bit next week if it doesn’t improve 😞


The Earth is overrun with small children who want to bother Peridot

(btw it’s transparent so Dipper can chase Peridot all around your dash)


So I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the rwby fandom, and I’ve become a bit obsessed with OC teams. So this is just a little MV I made to give back I guess? I’m a huge nerd and I make nerdy things sometimes.

It took a long time to make this but it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to make another one someday with even more OCs, if there’s any interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this, I’m so sorry about the shitty quality but my computer physically could not handle rendering it any better, haha…

(So apparently when I watch it on mobile it looks a little off time and it’s REALLY ANNOYING and then when I watch it on my laptop it’s fine? I have no idea what tumblr is doing just take my trash, followers.Cries.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these amazing people:

@teambgfi-saga, @team-snst, @team-cacd, @ghost-church, @team-navy,  @team-pace, @teamdlia, @team-kaze-hunters, @huntsmen-team-sabl, @teamnova, @teamvcta, @teamdgtl, @team-cist, @team-star-huntresses, @huntersofhaven, @r3ally-bad-artblog, @team-umbr