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The description sounds like someone hired Kronk at FromSoft. "Oh yes the Dragonslayer Armour, the Armour for slaying the Ancient Dragons, like Ornstein who is a Dragonslayer and by which I mean is also the Old Dragonslayer. For the Dragonslayer Armour is also made to be his big brother cause he's the Sun's Firstborn the Firstborn of the Sun, the First Child of the Sun born first who is also the Slayer of Dragons. That guy."

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Fantastic photos from ‘Rose Fes’!


And it felt like family

Yesterday was Mother’s day (French date). Sun burning, wind caressing, food pleasing, laughs stimulating, hands pleasing, and nothing else mattered.

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I mean at this point I think we should just accept that Tommy is gonna be a girl. Haha

And sidenote the interaction with Naomi and Dacre here is priceless. She loved giving him grief about his comment.

Daddy took me for ice cream 🍦

Daddy took me to the Park for a picnic! It was so lovely and he said if I was a good girl he would take me for ice cream! Daddy took me to this cute ice cream parlour and when I was thinking about which one to choose he put me in little space quick as a flash by saying “You want the rainbow swirl?” He said it more as a statement than a question and I instantly regressed and felt adorable and clingy. I nodded shyly at Daddy and said “yes please” and the confusion on the ice cream ladies face was priceless haha she saw me going from this bad ass bitch looking at the chocolate ice cream flavours to a shy baby fluttering my eyelashes at Daddy in less than 2 seconds. I love when Daddy reminds me that I’m his little one by doing cute things. I love love love my Daddy!

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RFA with MC in a haunted house attraction? >:0c

Author’s note: Sorry if this is bad but I like it :’)


  • seriously, this poor child gets scared when he walks past a mirror at night
  • as soon as you get into the haunted house you can BET YOUR ASS he’s gonna cling to you
  • “Promise me you won’t leave my side, p-please”
  • your hand will probably be broken by the time it’s over
  • the clowns freak him out the most they remind him of when rika and he went to the carnival
  • even though this kid is shaking and has tears in his eyes 110% of the time, he’d still try to comfort you
  • “D-don’t worry, it’s o-okay” *SCREAMS*


  • poor Zen
  • he’ll try to be brave for you, putting on his macho face
  • “I’ll protect you from all of the monsters, babe.”
  • but as soon as something pops up around the corner he’d hiDE BEHIND YOU
  • after that he makes sure to hold on to you except when he thought jumin wasr you and grabbed onto him
  • every
  • single 
  • time
  • he get’s scared
  • his ponytail whips you in the face
  • “Those are some scary good looks there… don’t you think MC?”
  • “Zen there’s someone behind you”
  • *RUNS TO MC* “WHERE??”


  • after you two decided to wear matching zen costumes, she’d ask if you wanted to try the haunted house
  • being the angel she is, she would offer to go first
  • then someone would scare her and she’d made sure to stay at your side the rest of the night
  • she dropped her glasses like 8 times 
  • she screamed the loudest when a cat ran through the haunted house and cursed jumin under her breath
  • lots of hand holding and every once in a while she’d bury her head in your shoulder
  • “I-I know you’re scared MC, b-but that’s okay, I am too”


  • this damn trust fund boy has no fears except maybe his inevitable loneliness
  • literally would just straight up walk through the house with a blank expression
  • he would put his arm around MC just to make sure she doesn’t get too scared
  • “Remember, this isn’t real. Plus, I wouldn’t let any of them touch you.” protective jumin won’t let anyone touch his toy
  • Spends a little too much time admiring the haunted torture chamber
  • at some point you look over and he’S JUST ON HIS PHONE WORKING
  • when 707 screams “LOOK IT’S ELLY” to get his attention, Jumin literally drops his phone
  • that was probably the only time he was scared
  • after that 707 was never heard from again
  • he would never admit it, but he really liked the way you cling to him when you’re scared


  • he basically dragged you into the haunted house 
  • “Come on, it’ll be fun!”
  • you two would hold hands but at some point you’d get separated
  • when you look around for him hE’D POP UP AND SCARE YOU HALF TO DEATH
  • now he’s on the floor laughing
  • now you’re walking away
  • when he finally catches up to you he’s still smirking
  • but then he sees how legitimately petrified you are and starts to feel bad
  • he’d pull you into a hug 
  • “Hey, I’m sorry. You know I’d never let anything bad happen to you.”
  • after you accept his apology you make sure to get separated from him again

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Tyler and Ethan competing to keep your attention!…but it might end in disaster? Maybe not? Idk. You're the good writer here.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me, so of course and thank you! I hope you like it!

-Tyler and Ethan have had their eye on you ever since you moved to the house behind Mark
-they had met you when they were filming the arrow dodge challenge, because they broke your lamp
-when they all went over to apologize and offer to pay for it they thought that you were super cute
-and then when you refused to have them pay for it, they thought that you were super kind
-they couldn’t get their minds off of the kind next door neighbor
-they both asked Mark to hangout at his places often
-and when ever they did hangout together they were in the back yard
-Tyler could see over the fence, he tried not to look but he couldn’t help it sometimes when he saw you
-Ethan would purposefully throw stuff over the fence so he could run to your door and ask for it back
-one day you were gardening by the fence and a foot ball flew over, Tyler jogged up and peeked his head over to ask for it back
-you tossed it up and began to chat with him, he would casually flirt here and there but when Ethan heard he ran up to Tyler and told him to stop
-they got into an argument and one thing led to another and they ended up toppling over into the fence knocking over a section of it
-thankfully not into your garden of veggies
-you quickly stood up looking horrified,“Now this! This you can pay for!”
-the shocked looks on their faces were priceless
-“haha yeah okay”
-“I’m not joking.”