haha this is one of my favorite pics


ayyy i found the schmoodles from when my work sent me to this all day seminar thing in DC and i drew the backs of a lot of people’s heads! also i had to include that last pic from my sketchbook bc i drew it going into my 19th hour in a row of painful heartburn (different day lolz) and now when i look at it… haha idk it just remains one of my favorite selfie doodles to date


YES! Can’t wait to see little Todo soon. I just loved the first half of this episode so much. I loved the conversation between Todo and Deku. I loved how Deku was analyzing him. I loved how Kacchan heard the whole thing. There was so much Todo-volution in this episode.

We got a bit of backstory!!!! 

(haha get it? BACK story…..yeah okay I’ll go)

Nice TodoDeku shots

This L’Oreal shot

And my favorite part of this whole series! 

Look how flustered Deku looks! I can’t wait for more Todo stuff (ahemTodoVSBakugouahem) this season. I’m really enjoying it.

Anywho, here are the Todo pics from season 2 thus far:

Ep 18 Part One and Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5


Meeting Robin ♥️ (Writing on mobile full of feels and happiness so might be a bit unstructured with pics and text lol)

Sooo I met Robin today at the Heroes & Villain Fan fest!! Aaaaaaaah! It was so amazing and he is a pure cupcake of kittens! As we know since before! Ugh. So me and my friend went right to his booth for the autograph! It took a long very worthy wait until he showed up ♥️♥️ And it felt so unreal to just see him IRL. Ugh he was so nice and cute. I came to the three first in line but then he had to go to photo op. And when he left from his chair we happened to make eye contact aaaah because he saw my shirt, the oswald’s club, and also my sidebar for like 2 years now heh, and he shined and said aaah I love your shirt! And gave me the cutest smile and a wink!! Omg! And i just got so hit by surprise and just heeeeh thank you so much!!! :333. So then we in line got these cupouns thing so we would get first in line when he would be back aftet op, so that was really nice! So then we went back a bit later and got to almost front. And so I took up my photo I wanted sign, one of my favs ever of Robin! And so his manager I think it was sat first to like structure stuffs and she was soo impressed by the pic haha like “woaaah that is an amazing pic where it’s from??” And I said it was one of my favs ever and she just yeaah it’s beautiful! THEN I got up to Robin aaaaah, and to get that eye contact was just so magical and he was smiling and shining like he always is uuuugh ♥️ So we said hii! and nice to meet you! And I told him here this is one of my absolute favorite pics of you!! Because it’s just so stunning and perfect aaaah. And he said it was a really nice picture! And asked my name and I told him so! And he smiled so nice and then we took the selfie and to get to just touch this amazing cupcake for a selfie hug, guess I was just a total blushing mess all throuh it lol. Then I said thank you so much and he said thank you and have a nice day and again how he thought my shirt was amazing :3.

Then it was the panel, which was lovely too and to see all the other casts too ♥️ But yas Robin is my fav as you might know heh. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THIS AND I FEEL SO HAPPY AND FUZZY INSIDE ♥️♥️He is the sweetest ♥️♥️

And yes that is an emoji on me, I prefer to stay lowkey faceanon :P But maybe some of you recognize me from my outfit anyway if you were there ;)


i can’t believe dan’s light up shoes inspired me to do this whole thing, jfc lmao. open the top pic in a new tab for full view, tumblr’s dimensions are so shitty!! I guess this is kinda a follow up to the GQ one I made?? I might start a mini-fashion series or smth haha

also i like when they both wear all black c: 
p.s i’m also doing commissions 

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You probably have answered this before, but which Zelink incarnation is your favorite?

This is a tough question because I love them ALL ;A; 

Every Link & Zelda incarnation is special for me (I’m trash, I know haha) BUT! if I had to pick just one I’ll always go with Skyward Sword zelink. 

I have tons of reasons. The main one is that, ss is a game that made buy a Wii and I had never been more hyped for a LoZ game in my LIFE. It’s just that, when Nintendo showed the game on the E3 back in 2011… Aahh!! it’s a moment that I will never forget. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING but they surprised me with the plot, the characters, the music (Ballad of the goddess/Zelda’s lullaby)… the loftwings… and the cherry on top is how beautiful the dynamics between Link and Zelda are in this game (God bless all the expressions and emotions Link has in this game!)

In short, ss for me its all I ever wanted. People can say what they want and I respect that, but that will never change my opinion or how much I enjoyed this game. Skyward Sword will always be my number 1 LoZ game.

This video of yungtown describes pretty well my feelings for both Link and Zelda. 

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And to top it all… it was quite lovely what the creators of this game admited hehehe it was something like:

and I could go on and on and on… But I’ll stahp right now hahaha 

thanks for asking :)


I just love how cute Todo looks in his casual wear, but also I’m so proud of him for seeing his mom. This would be my favorite thing out of the whole episode if it weren’t for Bakugou….because….

his reactions (or lack of)

were just


Btw, this one

was my favorite of them all. My favorite screen grab of all time possibly. Look at his cute little mouth! 

Haha, anywho……Did another post for today’s episode with a lot more pics over here (and some TodoDeku stuff)

Here are season’s 2 so far

Ep 24, Ep 23 (this one has 5 parts), Ep 22, Ep 21, Ep 20, Ep 19, Ep 18 Part Oneand Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5

Squall Week Day 3: favourite inner monologue / silence / sleepless nights

Why do people depend on each other? In the end you’re on your own. I’m fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to survive. I’m not a child anymore…That’s a lie. I don’t know anything. I’m confused. I don’t want to depend on anyone. How can I do that? Someone tell me…someone? So I’ll end up depending on others after all…

I ended up doing a similar style to Day One’s, lol…oh well. Also, I missed yesterday because I was sick all day, I hope to find the time to draw it and post it by the end of the week though!

I know there haven’t been any fun or fluffy pics yet but Monday’s definitely will be something cute, promise!

Anyways, this has always been one of my favorite scenes/quotes, all I want to do is give Squall a hug haha.

Harry’s reaction to James hitting that high note in Best Song Ever is my favorite thing ever, he’s like so proud! haha

bias selfie moodboard tag!

Hello there dlskhdlsahdladas yes, here we go.

So i was tagged by my lovely hobbit @minhwangs in this bias moodboard thing, i kinda SUCKSSSSSSSSs a lot at making these aesthetics kind of things but i tRiED really hard making this one, tried is the key word. NWAYS, pic is under cut bc im ugly af haha :) click to cry

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No matter what the future brings let’s face it together!

…I’ve been trying to play through FF Type-0 HD and it is making me think of my favs so here ya go! A super sparkly new years pic for a hopefully super sparkly new year! What better way to welcome the new year than swing dancing with your number one two three favorite person!! haha

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aaaa you're so sweet! 😁 and oh gosh, anatomy is the hardest thing to draw :( someone i know has always told said to pick simple pics and then try to mimic the art style. With the comparison btwn your drawing and the ref side by side, you'll improve! Hmm, a unique fact about myself would have to be that I'm really into aesthetics. I have a whole Pinterest account dedicated to them ^-^ my favorite characters are V and Jaehee, too. What about you? Maybe I'll try to draw yours haha! -cactus anon 🌵

Nooo cactus anon, you’re the sweet one here!! But I took your advice and mimicked a simple hand design and it turned out pretty good! Here’s another question for you, do you know how to use acrylic paints? I had to make a creative color wheel for my design class and it turned out pretty roughly, I never realized that painting could be so tough :( But aesthetics are so much fun to look at! Sometimes I’ll look up some pleasing aesthetics to calm my mind, it’s so soothing! V and Jaehee are both so wonderful and need more love! I didn’t really like Jaehee when I first played the game but when i did her route, I really grew attached to her, the poor woman just needs a break! And V is an precious pastel angel from above who needs some happiness in his life! But I honestly love all of the characters so much but if I had to pick one, it would be Seven! I loved him even before I played the game, his route ripped my heart out but he will always remain my favorite!! Ahh but you don’t have to draw me anything, I completely understand how time consuming art is (I spent five days on one painting rip) but I still want to see your art someday, I’m sure it’s as awesome as you are!! Okay here’s a question for you, what’s your favorite video game? I hope that you’re doing well cactus anon, I’m sorry for responding back so late, I love talking with you!! :D

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anything for one of my biggest inspirations! i hope it was worth the wait haha

(requests [off anon] are still open for anyone interested!)