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Get Pranked

Pairing: Clint x F!Reader


a clint x reader where everyone is having a prank war?

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Y/N.

Clint: babe

Clint: babe!

Clint: BABE

You: Did someone text me? Not sure.


You: Oh it’s my love. Hey.

Clint: loki managed to prank me

Clint: that means I’m losing the war I started. If I get pranked again, I’m defeated.

Clint: that makes me sad.

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Without a doubt ♡ Ethan

Request: ‘’can you do one where ethan is dating a girl who’s not a size two she’s a little bigger and when they are out fans stop them and one girl calls her fat and saying she probably can’t even wear his clothes like a normal gf cause they don’t fit so she goes back to the apt and cries and he is panicked cause he can’t find her and he rushes home and asked what happened and cuddles her tells her that’s she’s perfect he doesn’t want a size 2 girl her loves her and falls asleep in his shirt happy‘’

Response: Thanks for requesting :) I am finally done with school so I’m going to start posting more regularly now! I hope you like it xx (I suck at titles but oh well haha)

Warning: I don’t speak English so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Tonight had just been perfect. The stars were out and shining, the city was bustling and your stomach was full of delicious food you just ate at your favourite restaurant. You brush your head against Ethans large arm while he strokes his thumb over your entwined fingers. With closed eyes you inhale the cold but fresh air while Ethan and you walk down the street, on the way back to his apartment. It felt like the world was at peace and there were no problems. Of course there were, but you liked the illusion.

‘Are you tired?’ Ethan asks softly. The sound of his voice vibrates through his arm to your ear that was pressed to his arm. ‘A little,’ you respond, letting out a deep yawn. Ethan chuckles and tightens his grip around your waist. ‘Just hold on, baby. We’ll be home in a few minutes.’

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen, you think as you see a group of girls walking down the other side of the street. Most of them were busy on their phone, but a few weren’t and recognise Ethan. Their eyes grow big and they stand still so abruptly that the girls behind them bump into them. ‘Ethan? Ethan Dolan?!’ They don’t even look if a car could ride them over when they run towards you and your boyfriend. A few seconds later you are surrounded by a whole group of giggling excited girls.

‘Ethan, Ethan! Can you make a selfie with me?’ several girls ask him, but before Ethan answers he focuses his eyes on you. ‘Is it okay?’ ‘Sure, E! Don’t worry ‘bout me,’ you say. He smiles at you lovingly before he pays attention to his fans. You let go of his warm hand and take a few steps back so could give him and the fans some space.

You absolutely loved seeing E interacting with his fans. He took the time for every single one of them and tried to answer all of their questions, always staying kind and polite. You didn’t even felt uncomfortable when he kissed a fan on the cheek, because you knew it was only because they asked and there was no meaning behind it. And you could know, because damn, he kissed you in a whole different way. Your cheeks heat up at the thought of his soft kisses and the touch of his hands. The entire time Ethan was taking pictures with the girls his eyes would flicker from them back to you, making sure everything was okay.

Suddenly you notice a few girls who already got a picture standing a meter away from the whole group. They were whispering while looking at you from head to toe, which gave you an unpleasant feeling. Were they judging you? One of them, a beautiful tall, blond girl, walks up to you. She doesn’t even say hi. ‘You are Ethans girlfriend, aren’t you?’ The way she said it made you feel even smaller than you already were next to her. You frown your eyebrows, surprised that she talked like she was so much better than you.

‘Yes, I am.’ The girl clicks her tongue disapprovingly. ‘Oh,’ was all she said. You knew you shouldn’t care, but you did anyway. ‘Why?’ The girl let out a small, humorous laugh. ‘Have you even looked at yourself? It surprises me that Ethan still wants to walk next you. I bet you don’t even fit into his clothes.’ It felt like someone just smacked you in the face. ‘What do you mean by that?’ The girl rolls her eyes. ‘Are you dumb or something? You look like a pig. Ethan deserves a girl who is just as pretty as him, and you definitely aren’t.’

Wow, that hurt. Really bad. You don’t know what to say, so just stare at her. How in the world could someone say that? Doesn’t she have feelings? Just until now you realise you were crying; your sight was getting blurry. You look at Ethan who was laughing at something a fan said to him. You angrily wipe the tears from your cheeks and start walking back to the apartment. You just couldn’t stay here anymore.

You were running up the stairs, going to Ethans bedroom. You crawl onto the bed and burry yourself under the covers, trying to hide yourself from the negative thoughts that were now filling your head. Most of the time you were pretty confident, but when someone said something like that to you your self-esteem was hard to find. You knew you weren’t the skinniest girl, but you had never considered yourself as fat.

Yes, you weren’t a size two and you were little curvy, but Ethan always pointed out he liked that about you, just as everything else about your appearance. Now you start thinking that he only said that because he wanted to make you feel good. And perhaps the girl was right; maybe you should tried to lose weight.

When Ethan realised you were gone, he apologized to the fans and quickly went home. He didn’t even want to think about what could have happened to you or what he would do if you weren’t at his apartment. When he reaches his apartment he’s totally out of breath, but still runs up the stairs with to steps at a time.

‘Y/N?!’ Ethan yells. ‘Shit, Y/N!’ he says when he sees you on the bed, wrapped in his sheets. ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I was scared that something had happened to you!,’ he says loudly, sounding a little angry. When you don’t answer because of your uncontrollable crying, he lowers his voice. ‘Babe, what’s wrong? What happened?’

‘Nothing, please leave me alone,’ you say with a muffled voice. Ethan walks up to the bed, sitting down at the side. ‘I’m not leaving until you say what happened. Please,’ he adds when you don’t move or answer. He sounds miserable, like it was his fault you were crying in his bed. With a sigh you pull the sheets back and look at him. His face is worried and his mouth is a thin line, but of course he still looked amazing.

‘Do you think I’m fat?’ you quietly ask. Ethan blinks his eyes a few times as if he didn’t heard what you said. ‘What?’ ‘You heard me.’ Ethan shoots closer to you. ‘Of course I don’t think you’re fat! Who even made you think that?’ Your lips tremble, trying to hold back the tears. ‘T-This girl said… That I’m…’ You start crying again, hiding your face behind your hands.

‘Hey, hey… Come here,’ Ethan says softly while he puts his arms around you, pressing you gently against his chest. He smelled heavenly. He smelled like home. ‘Sshh… It’s okay,’ he calms you down. When you slowly stop crying, he pulls back and rests his large hands on your thighs. ‘Y/N, you should never let people get to you… I know it’s hard, but they are just jealous. Believe me. You are stunning and I love your curves! No one can tell me otherwise.’

You look at him. ‘Even my thighs? And my belly?’ you ask, looking up to him. ‘Yes,’ Ethan answers immediately. ‘Even when my hair is a mess and I look like a panda?’ you ask. ‘Without a doubt,’ he chuckles and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your nose. You put your hands on his cheeks and kiss his warm lips.

Ethan could taste the salt of your tears. He kisses them away while stroking your thighs. He knew you weren’t in the mood now, so after a minute he slowly pulls back, looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever seen. ‘Do you want to stay tonight?’ he whispers, stroking your cheek. ‘I would love to, but I don’t have any clean clothes with me…’ you answer.

Ethan stands up, walks to his drawers and comes back with a clean t-shirt. You raise your arms and pull your sweater over your head. You notice Ethan staring at your chest when you unclasp your bra.

Ethans fingertips stroking your arms while he helps you putting on his shirt made you get goosebumps on your whole body. You both take off your pants and get comfortable in bed, laying down in a spooning position. ‘I love you, E,’ you whisper. ‘I love you so much more. Good night, Y/N,’ Ethan says and places a sweet kiss on your cheek.

RFA + V & Saeran - Soulmate AU

This is kinda random, but I thought why not. 

P.s No one asked for this Lololol 

 So basically, AU stands for ‘Alternate Universe’, and for this each character gets a different soulmate au. Aka how they meet their soulmate or how they would find them. 

 707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi 

Soulmate AU: world becomes brighter when meeting soulmate. 

  •  Everything was always dull to this hacker(same everyone in the RFA)
  • his mother never found her soulmate, so why would he find his??
  • Never thought he’d find his soulmate because of his job 
  • not even Vanderwood had one 
  • Seven craved for someone to literally light up his world 
  • it wasn’t that dark, but then again, that’s all he knew 
  • Maybe it was a family curse (Seven ur like the second youngest in the group shush) 
  • Decided to go stock up on some PhD Pepper one Midnight so he could finish his assignment 
  • Was walking out of store with like two cases of PhD pepper in his hands when someone crashed into him
  •  I mean literally crashed
  •  this person was running at full speed towards the entrance and crashed into this tomato boy 
  • “Oh my gosh I’m so sorr-”
  •  They didn’t even get to finish their sentence before a flash of light encased both of their visions 
  • When they could see again, they were both shocked
  • Seven marvels at how light the world suddenly became
  •  Then it dawns on him, 
  • “Oh my god!”
  •  He completely forgets about his precious soda and hugs the person tightly
  • “My soulmate!”
  • was the happiest boyo in the world at the moment 
  • workers overhearing this and clapped
  •  They exchanged numbers and Seven did a full search on the poor person once he got home
  •  was already and love
  •  spammed the chatroom with heart emojis lmao

 (The rest of the RFA is below)

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susansepticeye  asked:

Hi Kellie! I got a little question. When did you bought that Billy Cipher t-shirt you were wearing in that selfie you took yesterday? (Also, you look cute af, just saying :D )

Oh I bought it at Vermont ComicCon! like a year ago haha, I just don’t post much pics of what clothes I have, but yeah its really cool cause Gravity falls is fucking great B)

sUSAN NO NOT YOU TOO HOW DARE YOU :P <3 you cutie what the heck

The World Never Wanted Me

Pairing: Ray Toro x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summmary: Sequel to The Five of Us Are Dying (x). After a sold-out show in Boise, you and Ray are the only members of My Chemical Romance that don’t immediately get mobbed by fans begging for autographs. It’s a little depressing….until it gives you and Ray a chance for a much-needed heart-to-heart. 4/4 of my The Five Of Us… Alternate Endings series. Sorry for taking so long to post this! lol

There was really nothing like the lingering euphoria you felt after playing live. Drumming for hours left you bone-tired and dripping with sweat, but, damn, it felt so good to hear the crowd roaring their appreciation for the way you’d played your heart out on that stage. You’d really gone apeshit tonight, beating the fuck out of those skins with your sticks. And the kids in the pit had seemed to really love it.

“Dude, we were amazing out there!” Frank grinned as the five of you walked backstage.

“Hell yeah, good job out there tonight, everybody,” Gerard agreed, bringing a bottle of water to his sore mouth.

“Ray, you fucking killed that guitar solo, dude,” Mikey complimented as he wiped sweat from his brow with his jacket sleeve.

“I dunno, I think the real star tonight was Y/N,” Ray smiled softly at you. “Seriously, your drum solo was amazing.”

“It wasn’t that different from the one I did the night before,” you shrugged modestly.

“That one was amazing, too, though!” Mikey laughed. “You’ve given a lot of great performances lately.”

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“I’m just happy that the solos are there in the set for Y/N and I, to give us each a chance to really show off what we can do,” Ray confessed. “Because, I feel like the majority of the attention isn’t usually on us, and it’s good to have eyes on you for a change.”

You agreed with what Ray was saying. When the band was playing, most of the crowd would primarily focus on Gerard. It made sense – he was the frontman, after all. He was the one who spoke to the crowd and got them revved up. He was a very charismatic leader, and that was part of why My Chemical Romance was so successful.

But, even when the fans turned their attention to other band members, it was usually Frank, or sometimes Mikey, that they would call out to, or try and grab the hand of if they were close to the edge of the stage. You were always in the back behind your kit, the furthest away from the barricade, so you never really got that attention. You and Ray were the two quietest in interviews, too. That was part of why the fans seemed less likely to pick you two as their favorite members.

You had your reasons for keeping your mouth shut to the press, though. The last time an interviewer had tried to put the focus on you, you’d let your inexperience with talking on camera cause you to reveal a secret that nobody was supposed to know. You’d admitted you had a crush on one of your bandmates.

To this day, nobody knew it was Ray. You wanted to keep it that way. So, maybe it was a good thing that you kind of…..faded into the background sometimes (at least, as much as someone could fade who was a member of a world-famous, platinum-selling music group).

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anonymous asked:

why do you ship kaisoo like they are real?

Excellent question. I will actually give you a list of my own opinions and reasoning about why I think kd is actually real, think of it as my essay plan.  screw it. I am currently half way done and this is an essay. 

1. They go way back. Predebut: ji hates coffee, he even has a hard time knowing what coffee and fish sauce taste like, but he said in eggso second box that he goes to the coffee shop every day with ksoo. what is this courtship. and don’t forget the selfies. butt to dick ones. 

2. Closeness. Hell ksoo loves eggso, and jongin does too, that IS a fact. But absolutely no one can deny how close they are. In eggso showtime, there is a footage of ksoo being so adorable, like a second dad to ji’s pups. Think about this, ji might not even have chances to visit his pups frequently, yet there ksoo is, being a dad. Do you think this is evidence that they visit each other’s home very often? who knows. 

3. The looks. There are numerous gifs showing ji intensely staring at ksoo when he is doing absolutely NOTHING. And yo know that look when you love someone and if you are like me, stare at fy blog’s hd pictures with sparks in my eyes and a small smile on my face? that is the lok ji gives to ksoo. Oh, and never forget the gulping and starring ksoo did when he stared at JI dancing. It even got slightly out of pg. And Let me recall. Ksoo literally said he will fall in love with him seeing him dance on stage. (because he is sexy)

4. The compliments. In eggso second box interview they just can’t stop complimenting each other. Let’s remember the rules here, it is 200% common for bros to playfully BURN each other, say e.g what ji said about ch_en in their interview, uh huh. @ch_en, ji would never date you if you are a girl!! sorry mate! But what if kd are lovers. Ofc lovers are used to genuinely complimenting each other, they just can’t help falling in love with the other’s flaws as well. whipped

5. Jagiyah. ofc i had to include this. This is self explanatory. moving on. 

read more

6. ksoo’s tentativeness towards JI. ksoo cares about everyone in eggso. He is, I believe, a caring and loving person under his manliness. And this should be highlighted, because no matter how much he wants to keep his stage-self on stage, he always shows a soft spot for ji. He does it to cyeol, and others too, but this is worth mentioning because off and on stage, he is the one most frequently seen to hold ji’s chair, hold him, check up on him when he is injured etc. (other members also pamper Ji too ofc) 

6. body languages and touches. Things are getting real because this is almost scientific. Body language is a uni subject, it involves unconscious actions of humans and those often don’t lie. And body lang for intimacy are as following: grooming partner’s clothing: e.g when ksoo always picks dust off ji’s clothes, or helping ji tie a ribbon on his shirt. Doing these are often considered rude if you are not close or intimate with the other. And ofc neck touches, torso touches and UPPER ARMS touches are often seen in kd interactions. These are sensitive areas humans protect against people they are not close to, since these are where your vital organs, or most of your sensory neurons are. These touches are often only occur between real lovers. (more at my senpai @sleepingsoo @cckaisoo @kaisooology )

7. special mention about kd’s touches often involve touching each other with THEIR WHOLE HAND. e.g spread fingers + the whole of palms touching the other like they can’t get enough. This happen very frequently between lovers, (esp places like inner thighs, sides neck which occur abit less less between close bros.) 

- another sepcial mention: their body always unconsciously face each other, this is a strong sign of attraction. 

8. s-m’s cockblock program. It is fairly obvious. All their events are cockblocked by members, and they are never in fan signs tgt. s-m never shipped them, thats a fact. Like what did we really get? ok maybe a cute little photo with ksoo’s head on ji’s shoulder, a fansign with their desks miles apart, a probably script - checked interview. oh and what else? lets be real, look at xiu_chen, they get shoutouts, and ofc recently se-soo, how come they don’t get cock blocked. shady mofos trying so hard to hide things aren’t they? But honestly, you guys fail at making things natural, you only cause suspicion, so just let them interact with peace please, I trust them they know their responsibilities, they probably care more about their career than shady mofos will ever care about them as humans.

9. April first’s secret night. All I can say is, shady mofos probably ganged up with dispatch to make a fairly huge april fools joke. haha fools be fooled. Honestly look at their facial expression, and tensed non confident body gestures that night. some can argue ksoo is just supporting his bro and sad that his bro is sad. but he cried. He only ever cried twice on stage(?) once his eyes was wet during mama2014, but on april fools, he shows how he empathized enough to the extent that he even slipped his true feelings on stage. I say he must be involved, rather than just sympathizing his bro at the side. And don’t forget their secret glances, when someone is truly sad or in misery, their faces don’t lie. How would you feel if your loved one is announced to be dating someone else, and to top that is getting hate from ‘fans?’ I would cry till I am dry. 

10. couple clothes. esp the mickey ones and the bracelet

11. the head touch head selfies. yall really aint gotta be so close every time. 

12. late night valentines movie date. and we had BLURRY PHOTOS NOT HD ONES THAT SHOW FACES AND NO DISGUISE. cough

13. hell ksoo is close to t-min. isn’t it just so normal for someone to be close with your hoe’s bro. it makes sense. 

14. they never stopped. yes there were dry periods, but couples can sometimes fight too, and we know so little about what is going on with their off stage life. just remember, couples don’t need to kiss hug and touch 24/7 to maintain a relationship. even my parents only see each other like i dont know, 12 hours a day and they are still very strong. (I’ve never seen them kiss or even hug in my whole entire life and I am 18, i don’t know what to feel, BUT THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER AND IN LOVE OKAY)

13. KD make each other happy and extremely joyous. needless to say, things ifans or even kfans can do for their idols is very limited. All I wish for my idols, is that they are happy. And I can see they make each other so, truly, and genuinely. They laugh at small inside jokes, they look at each other when embarrassed, they mention each other all the time in interviews, they smile they joke they laugh, they touch and they are there for each other. What more is needed to say? relationship #goals#

nope please don’t come to me and ask me how I would react if they are actually dating girls, because despite this, I love them individually. This is never about me approving or disapproving any relationships. This is about me seeing they make each other happy, there are bases that they are actually in love, and I want to protect them, esp from people who send hate to idols for being non straight or think idols can never be non straight, or say that its wrong for idols to be non straight.

you try having someone tell you you can’t be straight for your entire life and that you have to hide for being straight. You try bro you try. 

ps am i intruding their privacy?i still dont have their credit card number phone no sex tape home address, hell i don’t even know their moms name, so please don’t ruin my nice asks streaks neither tysm. 

more analysis and spams at @kaisdonuts @jongsooyah @magiclitchii @jonginsacne @faakeid  etc etc etc goodbye @ me for random shoutouts

i have so much more opinion, but you are probably bored before reading this sentence so peace out and spread kaisoo love everyone.

end. Remember to buy my book, it will be released never.

Thumbs Up

[Namjin] fluff; drabble/oneshot/idrk

Based on my prompt ‘you gave me the first thumbs down on my dating profile and I am not happy’

“Down. Down. Down. Hmm…nah. Down.” Seokjin sighs, thumbing through the suggested people on his dating profile. To be honest, Seokjin wasn’t even looking for a date; he just liked all the thumbs up and comments he would get on his profile. It did wonders for his already huge ego. You wouldn’t know that if you met him anywhere else except the dating website though. He was an angel to everyone he met, never seeming cocky or self-absorbed. And he wasn’t. He just liked getting compliments as much as the next person.

His compliments were well-deserved too. Anyone who didn’t know Seokjin personally could easily mistake him for a model. He had bright eyes, plump lips, a well-defined jaw line and always perfectly styled dark hair. Everywhere Seokjin went he received compliments on his looks, whether it be from relatives at family gatherings or girls in Seokjin’s cooking class. So it’s no surprise that Seokjin is shocked when he receives his first thumbs down on the dating website.

“What the fuck?!” Seokjin exclaims when a notification with a thumbs down pops up in his dating profile. He clicks on it and his mouth hangs open as he looks at the small, measly number ‘1’ that has appeared in the thumbs down category.

He clicks on the profile of the person who had caused him to receive the first thumbs down on his profile thus breaking his perfect streak of positive responses. The page loads to a profile with the name “Rap Monster” in big, bold letters.

“Who the fuck calls themselves that on a dating website?!” he mutters to himself. The next thing Seokjin notices is the lack of a profile picture. Instead there’s a picture of a pair of expensive looking headphones. Seokjin scoffs to himself. This guy just seems like even more of a loser by the minute. That is, until Seokjin reaches the About Me and Interests pages. They’re all filled out with detailed answers that seem more like poetic lyrics than an actual response. But they’re enticing nonetheless, Seokjin notes. There’s even an attached audio titled “Moi”. Out of plain curiosity, Seokjin clicks the file and finds himself captivated in the beat that flows out of his phone. Soon, a voice rapping, that he assumes is Rap Monster, joins the fast-paced beat and Seokjin can’t stop listening. He finds himself nodding along to the beat and before he can remember that he’s supposed to hate this person, the music stops. The rap sounded like it had been about Rap Monster’s childhood, but Seokjin wasn’t too sure.

“Wait. Why do I care? This guys seems like a bitch,” he says to himself. But he saves the audio just this one time.


Rap Monster: Hello! Thank you for saving my music. I take that you liked it? That means a lot to me!

Seokjin chokes on his water. He was at the gym working out when his phone alerted him of a new message.

Seokjin: Umm…I don’t know what you’re talking about? I didn’t save anything? Who are you by the way? Sorry I don’t think I’ve ever seen your profile.

Rap Monster: Oh it’s you…

Rap Monster: That was an automated message that goes out every time someone saves my file

Rap Monster: And you don’t have to lie haha it’s okay. I have an application that shows me who’s visited my profile and who’s saved my audio.

“Of course he does. What a little shit” Seokjin grumbles to himself, mentally cursing his luck.

Seokjin: Isn’t that like an invasion of privacy? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Rap Monster: Haha it’s not. The government does it so why can’t I? It’s quite useful in fact.

Seokjin: Sounds a bit creepy.

Seokjin: Actually, scratch that.

Seokjin: Sounds a LOT creepy.

Rap Monster: Haha I think the princess is just upset she got her first thumbs down on her profile, huh? ;)

Seokjin: Excuse me?!

Rap Monster: What? You know it’s true

Seokjin: Shut up.

Seokjin: I don’t even care

Seokjin: Especially coming from someone who calls themselves “Rap Monster” on a dating website

Rap Monster:

Rap Monster: Touché

Seokjin smirks in satisfaction and goes back to doing his pushups. He lasts exactly five whole minutes before curiosity gets the best of him. Pulling his phone back out, he types.

Seokjin: Just out of curiosity tho, why’d you do it?

Rap Monster: Do what?

Seokjin: Give me a thumbs down?

Rap Monster: Um isn’t it obvious???

Rap Monster: There’s nothing on your profile?!?!

Seokjin: My face is on it!

Seokjin: So is my name!

Rap Monster: Yeah and that’s it

Rap Monster: Everything else just says ‘look at my profile pic—‘nuff said’ -.-

Seokjin: At least I have a profile pic!

Rap Monster: Yeah well looks aren’t everything.

Rap Monster: Some people prefer actually getting to know the person

Seokjin: Looks are the only thing some people have.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation. A weird heavy feeling on both sides even through text. Finally, Rap Monster replied.

Rap Monster: I’m sure that’s not true

Seokjin: It is

Rap Monster: Come on, there’s nothing you think is interesting about you besides your face?

Seokjin: What does it matter? You didn’t even like my face

Rap Monster: I never said that…

Seokjin: So you do like my face?

Rap Monster: I’m rolling my eyes at you

Rap Monster: Of course I do

Rap Monster: You would have to be blind not to

Seokjin: True. And to answer your question, I like cooking and playing Mario but that’s hardly interesting and something worth putting onto a dating website

Rap Monster: I think it’s interesting

Rap Monster: Well if you’re good at cooking anyway


Rap Monster: Woah woah woah sorry!

Rap Monster: It’s just I’ve never tried it

Rap Monster: Wanna change that? ;)

Seokjin: Are you asking me on a date right now?

Seokjin: Where I have to cook?!

Rap Monster: Ummm…yes?

Seokjin: You’re weird

Seokjin: It’s a date.

Rap Monster: Hahaha

Rap Monster: Oh by the way I’m Kim Namjoon

Rap Monster: And here’s a picture of me in case you’re curious (which I know you are)

Seokjin clicks on the picture and his eyes widen when he sees the blond god looking up at him through a selfie. He doesn’t reply but instead goes to Namjoon’s profile and clicks the thumbs up button. Seokjin grins when he sees the number next to his own profile’s thumbs down button change back to a zero and the thumbs up button go one higher.  

this was so bad i’m so sorry pls dont hate me i have summer work cramming to do 

Sometimes Sorry isn’t Enough. P1

A/N :- SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED ANYTHING SCHOOL STARTED AND LIKE BOOM.  Also I have a request to write and it involves smut… and smut is hard to write :/

Summary:- So basically Sam x reader, when he’s soulless he tried killing you so Dean wont get his soul back blah blah! You move away scared of Sam and he doesnt know why x enjoy

Also, part two?

“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” Sam raised his heavy hand with a silver knife occupying it. You were trying to get out of the rops, Soulless Sam had put you in with a horrible rag in your mouth. This is it, this how you were going to die. By the hands of your lover. You didn’t stop the tears streaming down your face since it seemed pointless, why would he stop at the sight of your discomfort? Amidst your tears you prayed for Cas, hoping he could come but they were blocked since Sam angel proofed the whole place.You felt your heart beating against your chest while you shut your burning eyes. You begged Sam but they were muffled by the rag making them inaudible. You let out what seemed to be a shaky breath and waited for fate to occur.

But the blow never came, you heard Sam fall to the ground and your eyes shot wide open. You could hear your pulse pounding in your skull and your whole face was now throbbing. Slowly looking up you see Dean and you were ecstatic. Letting out shaky breaths of air you were now crying, shaking your body violently in the process. Dean’s heart broke at your scared posture,he hated Sam for this. He hated knowing that you were definitely afraid of him now and that won’t change for a long time.

Dean rushed over to your exhausted frame, he saw how the wash of relief caused your head to limp from side to side. Dean carefully ripped off the ropes and removed the rag so you could finally breathe with ease.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I’m so damn sorry” You heard the struggle in Dean’s voice, the struggle to keep strong. The truth is he was tired, we all were.Sam was taking a toll on everyone, hell this isn’t the first innocent person he’s tied to the chair to kill. He once tried to kill Bobby and that should’ve been a clear sign that you weren’t safe. But you held onto the sheer hope that Sam would return to you, sleeping in your arms once more.

“I did it, Y/N. I finally did it. We’re gonna save Sam.” With your heart still rapidly beating you looked over to your once gentle and sweet boyfriend. Normally, his calmed face could soothe you in a heartbeat but now that face belonged to a robot that made you want to cower.

“H-how?” With a shaky breath you slowly rose from your death chair. The events of the last 5 minutes still played in your head and it was still overwhelming, but you’re stronger than this, you’re a damn Y/L/N. You can get over it. You swallowed your pain and worries, preparing yourself for one thing only, Sam.

“Death. I did what he asked and he’s going to do it, Y/N. We’re saving Sam, our Sam.” With happiness now invading his eyes, you nodded shaking away all the tears that pricked your y/e/c eyes. Walking across the creaky floor of Bobby’s living room, you grabbed a needed glass of water.

“So what do we do now?” The water washed down your throat, hydrating it once more.

“Take him to the panic room… and Death will put his soul back in.” Gulping the last sip of water, you wiped the beads that were dripping on your chin.

“Fine let’s do this.”


“Sorry Y/N, I just don’t need you.” You felt the sweat dripping from your forehead to your neck.The ropes burned into your wrist while you frantically attempted to get out of them. The rag which muffled your pleads was slowly unravelling, choking you in the process. You stared up at your loving boyfriend with one thing in your mind. This isn’t him so don’t be scared, this isn’t your Sam. Your eyes burning from the endless tears and your throat throbbing from the endless screams. Your body was fighting but your mind was telling you to give up, that sleep will get rid of all the pain. Slowly shutting your eyes you waited. Sam grabbed a handful of your hair and forcefully pulled your hair back, straining your now visible neck. He brought down his heavy hand, slicing your neck causing you to bleed out immensely.

You awoke from your restless slumber gasping and struggling for air. Your hand flew to your throat, checking for any traces of blood. When there was nothing you bought your shaky hands to your face in an attempt to breathe normally. Your hair was now sticking to your skin from the sweat evident everywhere. Looking around your dark room, you saw the body of your boyfriend rest next to you. For a second you thought it was Sam which caused you to scramble far away, but it wasn’t him. Andrew stirred, slowly waking up to your frantic state.

“Hey baby, you okay?” His deep sleep ridden voice instantly bought you comfort. Though it was nothing like Sam’s.

“Yeah yeah, just another nightmare.” Andrew grabbed your hand, running his fingers across your knuckles. You stared into his hazel green eyes, comparing them ,as you usually do, to Sam’s. You felt guilty, you didn’t love Andrew and he knew that. After leaving Sam and Dean you went to the one place you knew you’d be accepted. Andrew’s. He was your best friend growing up, you two grew up in this life together. So you told him everything. You left out the fact that the people you were with were the Winchester’s, since they were on everyone’s bad side but you told him about Sam. He deserved to know. He took your broken body in and promised to live the apple pie life with you. That should make you love him but you were cursed, cursed to live life in love with Sam.

“Wanna talk about it?” He sweetly whispered afraid of pushing you on the edge.

“Nah I’m just going to grab a glass of water, go back to sleep hun.” You kissed your boyfriends forehead and grabbed your phone, making your way into the kitchen. The blaring white screen made you squint your eyes as your thumb hovered over the contact D.W. You hadn’t messaged him in weeks and you felt guilty knowing he was probably worried.

When you dragged Sam down to the panic room, Death put his soul back in but you couldn’t stay. Every thing was a reminder of how he tried to kill you, a chair, rope, silver or even cloth. Dean tried to convince you to stay but he ultimately stopped when he realised you had made up your mind the minute Sam tied you up. You promised to stay in contact and message each other once every two days but you stopped when he started telling you about Sam. How much he misses you, or how he found out he was soulless. You were furious when Dean told you Sam knew he wasn’t in hell for a year, but his soul was. If Sam remembers then the wall breaks, so don’t scratch the wall. That was Death’s clear instructions. It frustrated you how those boys don’t understand how dangerous some things could be. Sighing you looked at the time and thought Dean was most probably still awake.

To: D.W

Hey still alive. Had another nightmare, for the 20th time this week, and it’s only Tuesday. :) I’m fine though, hows uhm… you know who?

From: D.W


I’m just so happy to hear from you, you don’t understand. What’s Sam now, freaking Voldemort? (Did I make the correct reference?)

He’s not doing well Y/N. I mean he’s physically fine but everyday he asks me about you and I always say I haven’t seen you since Lawrence. Which was last year, Y/N. He’s going to kill me if he finds out I knew where you are and that I’m lying to him.

You smiled at your best friends antics, you missed him. You missed them. You missed Bobby’s complains whenever Dean would trail grease into the house, or Dean effortlessly throwing you over his shoulders when you’d win a bar game, you missed Cas’s naive questions about human life which made you compare him to an innocent child. But what you missed the most was waking up next to Sam in the morning with him kissing your nose. Or the way his hair looked in the sunlight and how he’d laugh at the simplest things you’d do.

To: D.W

It’s “he who shall not be named” loser.  (You took a selfie of your Harry Potter shirt, making devil horns, sticking your tongue out in the process.)

I’m rocking my PJ’s tonight.

My apple pie life does need some investigation.I’m so damn bored, Dean. I wouldn’t mind a visit from you. You’re not lying, you’re protecting him. What would happen if he found out? Hell would come running in, that’s what. This is best, you and I both know that. Look I gotta go, I have an early shift at the cafe tomorrow, night Dean x GO TO SLEEP DEAN!

From: Dean

Wow sorry dumbledork haha… I wanna make that my wallpaper. You look hideous, what is up with your hair. KIDDING KIDDING You look beautiful, Y/N.

Actually I can drop by tomorrow? I have a hunt three towns over and you’re on the way, I can drop by and have a cup of tea. (that’s what normal people do right?)

Hey it’s either boring apple pie life or 24/7 surveillance in the panic room. This is best :) Night Y/N.

P.s you tell anyone I used that side ways smiley thing, I’ll get Cas to smite you.

Dean put his phone on the side table and looked over to his resting brother. Ever since he got his soul back it felt like everything was normal. Except one thing was missing, you. Sam keeps racking his brain over you, everyday he’d ask the same thing. “Any word from Y/N?” and Dean would reply with the same thing, ‘shut up Sammy’ or ‘I’ll tell you if she does.’ Everyday Dean felt guilty lying to Sam, he normally drowned the guilt in immense amount of alcohol but nothing could fill the hole you left.

When Dean woke up he saw Sam hunched over at the table with the newspaper in his hand, he was dressed in his running clothes which brought back nostalgic memories. Whenever Sam would go out for a run, you and Dean would stay back and cuddle in a brotherly sister way. He would jump into your bed and you’d rest your head on his shoulder waiting for Sam to get back. He missed those things, the pranks, the laughs, the hardships the three of you would go through together. He missed feeling like a family.

“Morning, hey any word from Y/N?” Dean rolled his eyes and grumbled at the question. But when Dean didn’t reply with the usual “Damn Sammy shut up”, Sam got worried and excited.

“You have, haven’t you?”

“Sammy loo-”

“No Dean… tell me what’s going on!” With a deep breathe Dean looked at his slightly frightened brother. Dean shook his head as he slowly got up out of bed. Grabbing his phone, he walked over to where his little brother sat.

“I have, Sammy. For 5 months.” Sam sat there, shocked. He looked at his older brother in betrayal. Sam thought Dean knew how much he loved you. He knew how much sleep Sam lost over you, over the thought of never seeing you again. So how could he hide that from him.

“W-What?” Stuttering, Sam questioned his guilty brother.

“I’ve been keeping tabs on her, Sammy. Okay, I’m sorry. After Lawrence we both moved in with Lisa and when soulless you found us we went with.” Sam kept quiet with his jaw tensing, more than usual.

“What did I do Dean?” Tears threatened to fall from Sam’s eyes as countless scenarios invaded his mind.

“Sam it wasn’t you.” Hearing that made Sam furiously close his eyes. It still was him, it was Sam Winchester. It wasn’t a shifter or it wasn’t possession it was  him. Sam stood up, leaning over Dean menacingly.

“What. Did. I. Do. Dean?” Dean sighed in defeat and he looked up at his wary brother. Cursing, he sat down at the table waiting for Sam to follow.

“You’re not gonna like this Sammy, you’re not.” When Sam didn’t reply Dean continued.

“You should know she’s out of the game. She’s not hunting, she lives with another guy named Andrew. He was her friend growing up and their families hunted together. Don’t worry I did a full check up on him and he cleared. So 5 months ago.” Dean continued with what he tried to forgot. He didn’t want Sam to remember what he did, he actually wanted to bury that memory deep into the Earth but if he wanted things to be normal, then Sam needed to know.

“So she left Sammy. She was too scared man, I couldn’t do anything. I tried, I did but she had a right to leave.” Sam let the tears flow, the thought of him attempting to kill the love of his life sickened him. He felt like throwing up all contents of his breakfast but he managed to keep it together.

“I need to set things right Dean” Dean felt a slight jab at his heart hearing his little brothers broken and vulnerable voice.

“There’s a case. She’s expecting me today. How about you come with?” When the words left Dean’s lips Sam instantly jumped out of his chair and began packing. A smile crept onto Dean’s face at the thought of things possibly returning to normal but will you forgive him? He knew this was crossing the line but the three of you needed it, whether you hated Dean or not.

Shawn Mendes - Flirting with Style(s) (smut)

Request: Could you make an imagine where Y/N and Shawn are in an after party of ( whatever awards you like) they’re just best friend and Shawn get’s like really jealous cause , in the after party famous guys start to flirt with her ( cause let’s pretend that she’s like gorgeous haha) And Shawn literally drags here out of the party and in the car ( it’s a big car ) Shawn tells her that she’s only his and that he has the biggest crush on her and then they have like the sexiest and best sex in the car

So this is the last imagine of 2015. The blog started on the 6th of August, meaning it has been almost five months and it’s incredible how many of you are interested in the imagines! Hope you all be having a great new year and see you in 2016 as well! Have fun tonight!


“Who is ready for a fun night out?” Shawn asked rhetorically as he walked into my bedroom. I raised my hand excited and quickly did the last touches on my makeup. “You look great,” he complimented standing next to me and looking at us in the mirror.

“Let’s take a selfie,” I suggested pulling my phone out. He wrapped one of his arms around me, I hugged his neck and then we did some silly faces as I snapped the photo. “We look great! I’m gonna post it,” I announced immediately uploading it to my Instagram.

“Caption it with the title “Hands off, he is all mine” so we could blow up the internet!” Shawn laughed.

We finally could leave and after we made some ridiculous videos on the backseat of the car we arrived to the location of the party. We walked in and I tried not to show my excitement that I was in a room full with famous people.

“Oh my God, is that Harry Styles over there?” I gasped as I saw the familiar, long, curly hair that I saw so many times before but only on the screen of my laptop.

“I think he is,” Shawn nodded, but didn’t really cared about my fangirling moment.

“I want to talk to him,” I stated with my eyes glued to my celebrity crush. He was talking to some guy, holding a glass of – as I thought – scotch and was just casually looking like a Greek God.

“Don’t act like a fan, it’s a serious party, no one came here to deal with fans, it’s their free time, Y/N,” Shawn lectured me with a sudden mood change. A few minutes ago he was totally fine, we were laughing over stupid jokes, now he was scolding me like I was a little kid.

“Woah, okay dad, I’ll be a good girl,” I said rolling my eyes.

We headed towards the bar and got a drink for ourselves, some of our friends came up to us and we were having a good time. Shawn’s grumpy mood disappeared as soon as we started to chit-chat with our old friends. I didn’t know what had gotten into him earlier. A bit later I excused myself, because my brother was calling me. I quickly looked for a quieter place and answered the call. He called me every once in a while, we just liked to be updated on each other since he already moved out. I told him that I was at a party and promised him that I would call him later. I tugged my phone back to my purse and I was about to go back to the guys when I bumped into someone.

“Oh my God, I’m so sor- What the Hell,” I gasped as I looked up at the other person and found myself in front of Harry Styles. “I mean, ehm, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you,” I gibbered and I felt myself blushing as he looked at me with a soft smile.

“I don’t mind beautiful girls bumping into me,” he said tugging her hair behind his ears. He was flirting with me, oh God, Harry Styles was flirting with me! “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Y/N. And you are Harry,” I said before I could stop myself, but he just let out a soft chuckle.

“Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He raised his glass at me and I couldn’t be more nervous. He was like the guy of my dreams. I mean, after Shawn, because I couldn’t help but have feelings for him. I basically spent half of my life with him and he was a great guy with even greater look, no one could resist him. But I learned a long time ago how to push my feelings for him to the back of my mind and this way I could totally concentrate on the handsome singer in front of me.

“You look really great in this dress, I saw you before, I just didn’t want to bother you, but I’m glad you ran into me,” he said smirking at me.

“Well, you are not bad yourself too, Mr. Styles,” I giggled taking a look at his plain blue shirt and extra skinny, black jeans.

“Thank you. May I buy you a drink?” he asked nodding towards the bar. I was about to say the biggest yes of my life, when someone answered his question for me.

“She is not interested.” I turned towards the voice and saw Shawn standing next to us with a not so happy expression on his face.

“What?” I snapped immediately at him not understanding what was going on.

“You are not interested,” he repeated himself again stepping closer and he looked at Harry, who was totally confused about the happenings.

“I don’t think you have a word in it,” I said, but instead of replying anything, Shawn just grabbed my wrist and started to drag me out of the whole room. “What the Hell is your problem?!” I said trying to shake his hand off, but he was stronger. He didn’t say anything, he just pulled me out of the building and tugged me to the backseat of the limo that brought us. “Will you tell me what’s gotten into you?” I asked with wide eyes. He pushed a button and a dark glass appeared between us and the driver so he couldn’t see or hear us. The he pushed the button of the speaker and said: “Just drive around until I tell you to stop.”

Then he finally turned to me, but instead of giving me an explanation he pressed his lips to mine. I was shocked by his sudden actions, but of course I returned it as soon as I realized what was happening. His hungry lips covered mine like they were meant to be pressed against each other, his hands were on my waist and I hugged his neck to me. Long minutes passed by before we could pull away. He pressed his forehead against mine and we both were breathing heavily because of the wild make out session we just had.

“You can’t flirt with Harry Styles or anyone else because I want you all to myself,” he murmured giving me one more peck on the lips.

“Shawn, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I asked exhaling sharply.

“Because I didn’t want to scare you off, but I also didn’t want Harry Styles to steal you from me, so I had to make the first move now.”

I let out a small chuckle and pulled him in for another kiss. And then another one and another one. We quickly started to make out again and somehow I moved to sit on his lap. His hands cupped my ass perfectly and I couldn’t help but desire more of him. I had been dreaming of him admitting his feelings towards me and now that it finally happened, I was willing to get the best out of it.

“Shawn,” I moaned as his hands travelled under my dress. I was already unbuttoning his shirt, but I wanted to tell him what I exactly wanted.

“Yes baby?” he mumbled with his mouth pressed to the skin of my neck.

“I want you, now,” I told him running my fingers through his hair.

“Your wish is my command.” With one simple move he unzipped my dress and in fell to my waist. I got rid of it as Shawn finished his shirt and threw it to the floor of the limo. I ran my hands through his perfect, muscular upper body and couldn’t help but grind my crotch against him and I would feel him already being hard. We freed ourselves from the last pieces of clothing and after he rolled a condom on and I positioned my opening to the tip. I looked at him before lowering myself and both of us moaned at the same time as he filled me completely.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as I started to move and his thrusts also met with my movements.

“You feel so good,” he moaned, he was hugging me with one of his arm and his other hand was taking care of my exposed breasts. Our lips crashed from time to time and I could feel my climax taking over me.

“Shawn,” I moaned his name and held onto his shoulders.

“Come on, baby, cum for me,” he whispered into my ears and then sucked on the skin on my neck. A moment later a loud scream escaped from my mouth and I brought Shawn with myself. He moaned my name as he came and after a few more thrusts I collapsed to his chest.

That was the most amazing thing I had ever participated in. Sex never felt that good before and Shawn could make me addictive to him within about twenty minutes.

I managed to calm myself down as he was running his hands up and down softly on my bare back.

“Shawn?” I spoke up with my eyes still closed.


“If jealousy brings this out of you, I’m gonna flirt with every guy that comes to my way.”

He just chuckled at my statement and kissed the top of head.


A/N: so I’m not a huge Jack Dail girl so I’m sorry this is really inaccurate cause I’m not really familiar with him but I’m just gonna try and make it cute😊

Your boyfriend, Jack, is coming back from New Jersey today from visiting Ethan and Grayson Dolan.  Since you haven’t seen him in a while you decided that you would surprise him at the airport and bring him back home.  You wanted to look cute but it was a long car ride so you needed something comfortable.  You threw on a black bralette, a pair of overalls, your green Doc Martens and aviator sunglasses before heading out the door.  Then you quickly french braid your hair and throw the bottom of it in the bun.  (A/N: I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS)  Since you had some extra time you run to Starbucks on the way to the airport and get your favorite drink.  


You got there and head to Jack’s gate he will be getting out of. You are presently surprised when a few fans are waiting to see Jack, happily greet you and ask for selfies and other pictures.  When the plane finally begins to unload you ask the fans to not tell Jack you are there and hide behind a pillar.  After Jack comes out of the gate and greets and takes pictures with all the fans you sneak up behind him, cover his eyes and say, “Guess whoooo?”

“Y/N!” he says excitedly before turning around and engulfing you in his arms.  You kiss his nose and he says, “I’m so happy you’re here babe,” before kissing your lips passionately.  The fans giggle and one says, “Jack you should do a girlfriend tag with Y/N.”

“That’s an awesome idea guys, we will get right on that,” he says with a wink. After thanking the fans you head to the car and once you are seated and begin driving Jack asks, “Do you want to film that video when we get home Y/N?”

“Sure,” you respond with a smile, “anyway that I can spend time with you.  I have missed you so much.  How were Ethan, Grayson and Aaron?”

“I missed you too Y/N,” he says before kissing your cheek, “ and the guys were awesome.  We really had a rad time.”  You continue to talk about his trip until you arrive at Jack’s house.  


Jack drops his stuff off in his room and talks to his mom for a bit before setting up the camera and lighting for the youtube video. You research the questions as he is doing this and in a few minutes you are ready to start.  Jack turns on the camera and says, “ Hey guys what is up? Today I’m here with my lovely girlfriend Y/N and we are going to be doing the girlfriend boyfriend tag thingy,” causing you to giggle.  You answer all the question and if you both answer it right you kiss but if one of you doesn’t then the other person get’s to hit them in the face with a plate of whipped cream.  (A/N: Sorry if that makes no sense whatsoever haha)  

By the end of the video you both are covered in whipped cream even though most of the questions were answered correctly.  Jack finishes the video by saying, “All right guys that’s it for today but please this a big thumbs up and subscribe for weekly videos,” before giving you a quick peck on the lips.  “I love you Y/N,” he says.

“I love you more Jack.”

“Not possible.”

Seventeen as Insta users
  • <p> <b>Seungcheol:</b> That one guy who's always questioning why kids under 13 are even on there, probably patrols smol kids' instas to keep pedos away. Stalks that one lifestyle blogger<p/><b>Jeonghan:</b> That one lifestyle blogger that Seungcheol stalks. Life is better than yours and you know it. Also too beautiful???<p/><b>Joshua:</b> Really friendly, also has a super artsy insta. Every once in a while will say some "I'm holier than thou" shit.<p/><b>Junhui:</b> That greasy ass dude that got his kik in his bio. Shirtless mirror selfies for days, practically has a fanbase.<p/><b>Soonyoung:</b> Takes pictures in the gym. Takes a picture with every kid or animal that he meets???? Alsways taking pics with dogs?? Also makes THE WORST pun to ever touch the internet.<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Runs a grunge aesthetic insta. Takes super tumblr-esque photos with his sweater paw over his mouth. Song lyrics everywhere.<p/><b>Jihoon:</b> Never on insta. Posts every 5000 days. Sometimes makes song covers<p/><b>Seokmin:</b> People dk (haha lol) why they even follow him. Later on they realize its because his smile is just too infectious. Makes videos of him hitting notes high enough to shatter glass. Intimidates everyone by accident because they're so popular but so nice<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> I stg. This kid takes hella pics with his plushies. Also takes pics of his food. Always going out somewhere????<p/><b>Minghao:</b> That one ulzzang who you never remember you follow. Too aesthetic? Takes selfies right after waking up and looks perfect???????????<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> Makes those hella funny short videos where he rants about stupid people in his life. Also makes videos singing and blessing your soul. Will drag anyone who's ignorant. Friends with that memey dude<p/><b>Vernon:</b> That memey dude. Actually posts pics of weed cause he thinks he's cool. Song lyrics in his bio. Always uses outdated memes and says deep stuff (usually cause he's under the influence of weed)<p/><b>Dino:</b> Goddamn sweetheart. Takes the best selfies you've ever seen and blesses you. Has a fanbase of grown ass women (and Seungcheol) who will literally rip apart anyone who sexualizes him.<p/></p>

yuuriinlove  asked:

Nalu “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” if you don't mind :3

Great choice >:D

For forgottenwhispersxo, ‘cause she’s drunk again. :D

Hot steam rose around Lucy, warming her wet skin where it was not submerged in water. Sweetly scented bubbles slipped through her hands as she tried to grab a hold of the foam around her.

She leaned back with a happy sigh, grabbing a towel to dry her hands. There was not much she loved more than taking a lenghty bath to shake off the day’s agitation.

And what better company was there than a glass of red wine and a good book?

Lucy was just about to reach over to grab her copy of ‘Bad Omens’ when her phone started vibrating. Her hand swayed and instead grabbed the little device, that had been resting right beside the book.

She leaned back against the stone of her bathtub to read the text. Levy, asking if she had time tomorrow. After answering, she decided to get a look at herself. It had been a few days too long since her last selfie session had passed.

With the front camera on, she admired her features, and the way her cheeks had become a rosy red from the heat. Positively cute.

Too cute to let it go to waste.

Lifting her left, bubble-covered hand up, she brought the glass of red wine to her lips and gave the phone her best bedroom look. The result was more than satisfying, and with a chuckle she decided that the woman who would most appreciate this work of art had to be her drinking buddy, Cana.

Bet you’d like a bite of this.

Oh, she’d show her. Maybe this, finally, would be enough to make the brunette lose her composure. Her thumb pressed enter, and she put the phone back down, exchanging it for the book.

It didn’t take long until another vibration ripped her from the story. Would she ever be able to finish it? Putting it down once again, she quickly snatched her phone up, excited for the response.

It was not what she had expected.


The face that grinned at her from the screen was most definitely not her friend. But what it was, definitely, was dashing.

She stared for a moment longer, her eyes resting on the thumbs up he motioned with his hand, until her senses kicked back in.

A million questions shot through her head.

“Oh please, don’t let this be the wrong number.” she murmureed to herself. This would be embarassing enough as it was.

Are you a friend of Cana’s?

This time, she didn’t put the phone back down. When her screen flashed up, she almost dropped it into the water.

Who? Nope! I think you got the wrong number, haha. But it was a nice pic! Happy thought so too! :p

What?! She bent forwards so fast that a big wave almost swashed over the edge of the tub.

You showed the picture to a friend?! 

What?? Oh, nono, Happy is my cat! :D

How should I have known that???

…true, I guess. Sorry haha. Anyways, I’m Natsu. Nice to meet ya!

Lucy stared at the screen in disbelief. Had he just introduced himself after she had accidentally sent him a selfie? And had they just started a conversation?? How did that happen? 

And, most importantly, what should she do now?

Her heart had begun pounding. She was enjoying this, and she knew it. It seemed so easy talking to him. For a moment, she pondered her possibilities. Her index finger moved over the screen, scrolling back up to the picture.

What caught her eye first, again, was his salmon hair that stood wild and untamed on his head. And indeed, behind him, on what probably was a bed, she caught sight of a furry tail. But his eyes - they were so captivating, sparkling as if they knew a secret. Which they did, she realized. Her embarassing selfie.

The decision had been made before she even realized it, had it not?

She found herself mesmerized by this stranger, and she needed to know more about him.

I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you too:)

Shivers travelled down her spine when she sent the message, and she wondered what would happen now. Was this the beginning of something… grand? Or, more likely, would he laugh at her and never write again? Oh dear.

She sunk deeper into the water, until it reached her chin, holding the phone up as if it were her saving grace.

“Please answer.” she pleaded. Then: “God, Lucy, get a grip on yourself.”

She shook her head, trying to rid herself of all the scenarios her mind was spinning. This would be okay. She had nothing to lose.

“You got this.”

Then her phone beeped, and she almost fainted.

So… tomorrow, at ‘The Fairy’s Tail’? 4pm ok?

Under the cut you will find a MASSIVE MASTERLIST of potential post/gif starters (and also some comebacks that could be used in an already pending conversation) in case you’re in need of some. They were all found around the Internet, so I don’t have a direct link where I found them. So the credit goes to whoever came up with them. None of these are sorted out by gender, and they’re neither carved out for any specific characters, just so you know, but feel free to use or edit them as you like.

The masterlist will most likely be updated whenever I find more sentences for potential starters, but please like or reblog this post if you find this helpful.

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Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

Anonymus’s requested:

“imagine milex pretending to date for publicity’s sake or some shit but then it turns real and can you please write this?”

sooo I am still working on this one and I loved the idea (thanks anon) but I’m gonna make it chaptered and you can find any kind of writing there also nswf stuff so stay ready and yeah enjoy :) I dont know if it turned out that good and/or if you like it at all. I’m going to certainly carry on with it and chapter 2 will come soon. 

thanks and enjoy xx

Together For The Media (Chapter 1/?)

“I can’t believe it. They’re doing it again.”

Miles said as he put the newspaper down.

He was having breakfast in a nice terrace in London. It was a sunny weather and he was wearing sunglasses. Also his best mate, Alex, sitting infront of him wore his shades. He just couldn’t stay without them.
He sipped at his cappuccino and raised a brow to Miles with a questionly expression.

“The media is talking about the thing again. They are still wondering if we’re dating or not.”

“Tsk! That’s ridiculous. Read out loud.”

Miles read from the article:

“The Last Shadow Puppets have been seen together again, roaming through the streets of the wild London town. Last night the two british musicians spent their whole time together going from restaurants to pubs and discos. Like a real couple. Why are those two lads spending so much time together? The answer could only be one of those two options:

1- they are working on a second TLSP album.

2- they are really dating and can’t have enough of each other.

But it is true actually that the fans of the two band members, Miles Kane (27) and Alex Turner (27), do really enjoy the idea of them being together. They create several Twitter and Facebook and other social network pages called “Milex” (the ship name of Miles and Alex as a pair) or similar names, where they ship those two love birds together. One is simply, the boys are not trying to hide their secret relationship and I think it’s finally the time to stop pretending to just simply being “Bezzies” and start to snog the hell out of each other even in public cause the sexual tension between them is unbearable and you can clearly notice it.”

“I don’t believe this!” Chuckled Alex not as bewildered as he really was.

“Damn mate! They really think we are dating..” he chuckled too a little “and they actually like it… At this pic we do really look a little gay,don’t we?”

He showed Alex a picture under the article of them two last night: they are both drunk and are stumbling across the sidewalk and Miles holds Alex under his right arm and stares at him while Alex is snuggling into his mate’s chest with his eyes closed.

“Wow” Alex raised his brows “I really can’t remember this, mate.”
He was clearly wrong tho’. He remembers a little from last night and he remembers enjoying and loving Miles’ scent and having him so close. He has always loved it, and he would never admit it but it was true. And it was also true that he was a little disappointed when Miles fell asleep that quickly when they arrived home and went to bed.

“Neither can I” chuckled Miles.


After breakfast they went walking through the park when suddenly two fans came giggling over them “hi..ehh.. Can we have an autograph, please?”

“Sure” said Miles cool and Alex just smiled and nodded.

While they were signing one of the fans said “you are so cute together, i love you.”

Alex looked up at her bewildered “together in what sense?” he asked acting smooth.

“As lovers.” Said the other girl smiling at them.

Miles looked at Alex and laughed quietly.

“Haha a lot of people are saying this bu-” Alex was interrupted by Miles

“That’s really cute! Thank you so much. We appreciate it.”

Alex was confused by Miles’ action and was about to ask him something but his mate put an arm around his shoulder and said

“He is the really cute one..” looking at Alex.

“Aww” the both girls giggled and fangirled a little.

“What the fuck, mate-” Alex whispered confused.


“Can we take a selfie all together?” The girls asked.

“Sure” answered Miles all nonchalantly, and they all posed for the selfie. Miles posed by giving Alex a kiss on the cheek and Alex acted a little surprised by raising his eyebrows, but he was really surprised actually.

The girls thanked them and leaved.

“No seriously mate WHAT THE FUCK??!” Alex blurted out all of a sudden removing his sunglasses for watching Miles better.

Miles laughed for Al’s behavior

“Pretty cool, isn’t it? Acting to be a couple haha”

“This is not cool Miles! And there’s nothing to laugh about. Those girls are going to post the pic in Instagram or Twitter or some other shit and they are going to make everyone believe it’s true and we are going to get overflown by reporter’s questions and I don-”

“Keep calm, mate. Keep calm. It’s not such a big problem tho’. We’re gonna act like we’re together infront of everyone. Together for the media!”

Alex just looked at him wide eyed and bewildered.

“Come on! It’s fucking amazing! They love it, Alex! They love it. Let’s satisfy our audience for a little. And I think my manager wouldn’t have anything against it neither.”

“Miles…” Alex was massaging his forehead “why should we do that..? I don’t know if it’s a good idea, you know? They are going to start questioning everything. And we’re going to loose some fans cause unfortunately a big part of the society doesn’t still accept homosexual people..”

“Alex!” Miles stopped him again “they are going to love it!” He smiled at him.

Alex sighed. “The only thing that is keeping me a bit less stressed is your sureness.”

“That’s it. And look over there!” He pointed at a paparazzi who was positioning himself behind the bushes for stealing some snaps.
“Let’s start it now. Let’s show him we love each other.”

“Ehh… Miles.. i don’t want to snog you I think..”

Miles shushed him by putting his hand behind Al’s neck and pulling him closer.

“We can do this.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed Alex.

“Wha-” Alex was so surprised and bewildered and confused. He didn’t know what to do but after a while he just gave in and he actually did really love it. Miles’ lips felt so soft and the wetness turned him on very much. He always wanted to kiss Miles that deeply, they never went that far. He leaned his head a little and opened his mouth for Miles to let his tongue enter. It felt fucking amazing. He loved it. He wanted to moan into the kiss but he swallowed them all cause he didn’t want Miles to have any doubts about him. The paparazzi was snapping frantically.
Miles gave in more by letting his tongue twirl deeper and stronger against Alex’s. The older one started to whine quietly, he just couldn’t afford to hold it back now and his heart was beating really quickly. Miles took him by the waist and pulled him closer. Alex was wondering if Miles was enjoying this too but then he snapped out of it and pulled away carefully.
“o-okay.. Stop..” He looked away, embarrassed.

Miles smiled at him “you’re a quite good kisser, Turner. Have to admit it.”

“You did all the work” Alex murmured, looking down.

Miles was happy to bring out the shy and clumsy Alex back instead of the cocky rockstar.

“I think the paparazzi got the best of it… I’m happy I’m going to experience this again soon.” Said Miles smiling and heading away.

“Wh-what..?” Alex followed him, frowning.

“Now i have a good reason to feel those cute lips again some time.” He smiled at him “oh and for completing the mission..” He took Al’s hand and entwined their fingers.

Alex was surprised and his heart started to beat fast again.
“Damn..” He whispered and turned his head around, hiding the blush.


When Alex went home he tiredly fell on his bed and sighed. What the fuck are they actually doing.
He turned on the tv and the music channel was on. He was about to go to take a shower but suddenly the tv caught his attention. They were talking about him and Miles.

‘It’s actually weird to believe but it’s true. The Arctic Monkeys frontman has been caught snogging with the british musician, Miles Kane, who is also known as his best mate and the other member of their duo side project, The Last Shadow Puppets.’

“Oh shit..” He whispered to himself as he sat down to his bed, paying his fully attention to the tv.

'These are the pictures of the two musician kissing from today in London’s Hyde Park.’

The tv showed the paparazzi’s pics from this morning and Alex observed him. He had a strange feeling seeing how they both were kissing and how they actually gave in. He noticed that their eyes have been closed for the whole time and he smiled a little when he saw Miles’ hand on Alex’s waist in one pic.

'Today has also been posted a pic on Instagram of the two band members with two fans and the caption says: “met the cute couple MILEX today, it is real!”
Well, dear Miles Kane and Alex Turner. We are happy you finally stopped hiding your secret relationship and don’t feel ashamed over it. It’s a good example for young people to learn and lo-‘

He turned the tv off.
“This freaks me out..” He murmured to himself.
He went to the bathroom and took a long and hot bath, his mind sinking in the quicksand of his own confused thoughts.


He has been in the bath tub for how long now? 5 or 10 minutes must have passed. He was laying in the tub full of bubbles and only his head, half of his shoulders and his arms were outside. The rest was disappeared beneath the white and frothy shower gel.

Miles had always had the keys to Alex’s flat. He and the other Monkeys were the only ones whom he would ever give the copy of his keys.
Miles entered Alex flat and he heard the TV being on. He went to the bedroom expecting Alex to find there but there was no trace.

“Alex?” He called after him.
No answer. He decided to look at the bathroom and here he was, asleep. Miles chuckled a little when he saw his best mate sleeping in the tub. He closed the door and approached him, sitting on the tub counter.
He observed the older boy, he is beautiful. His hair all wet and messy, his eyes closed and lips a little parted. And Miles found it too adorable how a little lather was hanging from his chin.

He smiled to himself and wiped it away with one finger. Alex started to blink and he mumbled


(chapter 2 coming soon)

IMAGINE: Meeting Cameron Dallas


Okay I want to make one of these because there are so many imagines where a girl meets one of the boys and then he asks her to be his girlfriend almost immediately and that’s not realistic, so here’s something that might actually happen. Enjoy.


(y/n) - your name

(y/t/n) - your twitter name

(y/f/n) - your friend’s name

(y/f/t/n) - your friend’s twitter name

(y/c/n) - your city’s name


You had been waiting for hours on the (y/c/n) sidewalks in this dreaded line just to get a signature and maybe a picture with a boy from an app. You were seriously considering just leaving and going to the resturant across the street for a lemonade.

“Can we please just go to the place across the street and forget these boys?” You say turning to your friend. She was a little more obsessed with them than you.

“Are you crazy!” You knew it was a long shot. “This is could be the last time they come to (y/c/n)! We are NOT missing this opportunity.” (y/f/n) crossed her arms and stared forward trying to catch glimpses of the vine stars.

“ All right.” You say crossing over closer to the building trying to get some shade.

Hours later you finally make it to the front of the line and (y/f/n) is practically jumping out of her shorts. You grab her arm saying, “Calm down! I don’t know how they feel about crazy fans!”

She smiles and starts taking deep breaths, “What would I do without you?” She gives you a brief hug and then prepares to meet the boys. You didn’t want to say anything but you were kind of excited as well.

There are a couple more people in front of you and you’re both mentally preparing yourselves to meet them. Then there was a scream and a boy’s yelp. You and your friend look up startled. There was a girl on the ground and one of the boys, Cameron, was trying to get her up. She’d fainted. When she came to she began digging her nails into Cameron’s skin. he didn’t want to drop her on the ground again so he bore the pain and helped her to her feet. Cam looked a little shaken up but he took a few more pictures with the girl who had fainted and her friends. I knew they didn’t care for the crazy ones. You thought as you and your friend approached the table.

You both smiled widely. Your friend was shaking bad so you squeezed her hand. The boy on the end introduced himself, “Hi, I’m-”

“Aaron.” (y/f/n) answered. she blushed and stared at her feet.

“Sorry,” she replied bashfully.

“I see we’ve got an expert,” Aaron said smiling. Shawn, Matt, Cameron, Nash, Hayes, and Carter were there along with Aaron and they all introduced themselves without further interruption. We got signatures from all of them. Cameron was the last in line and as he stretched out his arm to hug (y/f/n), you noticed the red marks in his arms from the previous girl. He finished with your autographs and he took a picture with the two of you.

After Carter returned your phone to you, you turned to Cam and said, “Those are some pretty brutal battle scars on your arm.”

He laughed and pointed behind him, “Yeah, you should see the other guy.”

You smiled, “Or girl, considering it was a fan,” You look at him with questioning eyes. “But you love all your fans right?”

He leaned over and whispered in your ear, “Yeah but the crazy ones aren’t my favorite.”

You leaned into him and whispered, “Good thing you said that to me, some other fans aren’t as forgiving.”

He laughed and said aloud, “No. i really like fans like you and your friend here. Chill. Relaxed. Won’t dig huge manicured nails into my arm.”

You all laughed. “So I didn’t get your names.” he said it more like a question.

“I’m (y/f/n)! This is my best friend, (y/n),” (y/f/n) introduced. Then, whispering loudly enough so I could hear she added, “I’m the bigger fan though.” She giggled.

“Hey!” you replied punching her lightly in the arm.

“Well, (y/f/n), (y/n), it seems I’ve got more fans that want pictures so if I could kindly take your twitter users to remember you by that would be fantastic.” He gave a little bow being very formal. He pulled out his phone and queued up the search.

“Mine’s (y/f/t/n).” Your friend blurted out, “Sorry, this is exciting.” she gave a nervous laugh.

Cameron chuckled, “No, it’s cool, I love following you guys.” (y/f/n) smiled as she pulled out her phone and showed you the notification Cameron Dallas is now following (y/f/t/n).

“And yours?” He said looking at you expectantly.

“(y/t/n).” he typed something on the screen and then turned the phone off and slid it into his back pocket.

“thanks girls. have a great day in (y/c/n)!” Your friends jumped in and hugged Cameron around the waist, he hugged back and then kissed her on the cheek as she pulled away. She smiled so wide and blushed so hard that you thought she might explode. he pulled you into a hug as well and whispered into your ear, “Check your notifications.” He kissed you on the cheek and you pulled away with a smile and waved goodbye.

As you were walking away you heard Nash yell, “Cam you’re holding us up c'mon move faster!” You and your friend smiled and ran up the street laughing.

“Okay!” You say, “Can we go eat now, please!”

Your friend rolled her eyes, “I guess so, since you’re starving or whatever.” She smiled.

Once at the cute little restaurant you both settled for grilled sandwiches and lemonades.

“That was actually kind of cool,” you admitted.

“so is this sandwich is worth the wait?” Your friend giggled before taking a bite of her sandwich.

“maybe.” you say also taking a bite of your sandwich. Then you remembered. You almost dropped your sandwich.

“What! What?” Your friend asked noticing your sudden actions.

You excitement stopped “Cameron told me to check my notifications,” You say with air quotes, “Probably just because he followed me.” You pressed the power button on your phone and the lock screen lit up.

Cameron Dallas is now following (y/t/n)

Cameron Dallas sent you a direct message Wait, what!

You held up the phone to (y/f/n), “Look! Look! He sent me a direct message!” Your friend was just as excited as you, “Oh! MY! GOD! this is crazy! Open it! OPEN IT!” You hurriedly opened twitter and scanned your messages (not that you had many, most of them were from (y/f/n)) until your eyes landed on Cameron’s. This was unreal. “What does it say?!” your friend was more excited than you were about this.

You opened the message:

C: You have a beautiful smile.

You were expecting a hi or a hey but Cameron Dallas seemed able to sweep you of your feet with five simple words. You excitedly showed your friend. You were bouncing in your seat.

“Oh My God! That is so cute!” (y/f/n) was practically screaming. You both stood up and hugged one another and you were getting looks from other tables. You decided to box your sandwiches and take it back home. You decided to reply also not expecting a message back for a while considering he was meeting fans and you were a little skeptical.

Y: I’m sure you say that to every pretty girl you meet.

You slid your phone into your back pocket, not expecting a text back for at least a few hours. As you and your friend were walking away from the restaurant towards the subway your pocket buzzed, you pulled out the phone expecting your mom to be texting you concerning where you were and what time you’d be home. You were wrong, Dallas again. You showed it to your friend.

“He already texted you back!” she exclaimed, “Wow (y/n), you are one lucky girl.”

You smiled and opened the message:

C: Oh, so you think you’re pretty

Y: Oh, so you think you’re funny

C: Haha. You’re pretty funny though.

Y: So I’m pretty and funny?

C: Take it how you like it.

Y: You never answered my question.

C: What was that?

Y: That you message every potential girl you meet.

C: Kind of true, but I only text the ones back that I actually want to get to know better.

Y: That’s fair.

Y: Wait aren’t you meeting fans right now? Why are you texting me? Don’t keep them waiting.

C: Aw that’s sweet, you care about the fans?

Y: Well I know it’s hell to wait in line, so yeah I care.

Y: I am a fan.

C: No, the cops shut us down because there were too many girls swarming the table and blocking traffic.

C: We were causing a “public disturbance”

Y: Haha well seeing that one crazy fan freaked me out.

C: Yeah. Imagine like thirty of them all at once.

Y: Wow.

C: Yeah it was crazy.

Y: Are you okay?

C: Aw now you care about me?

Y: Just answer the question Dallas.

C: No I’m fine but thanks for asking.

Y: I demand photo evidence.

C: You’re that worried about me?

Y: Don’t milk this.

C: All right. All right.


C: See. I’m fine.

Y: Good.

C: Look at you being my little protector.

Y: Shut up.

C: Okay okay, a little feisty aren’t we.

Y: Whatever.

C: I demand a selfie in return.

Y: What? Why? You already know what I look like.

C: I want to make sure you didn’t fall and hurt yourself plus it’s a courtesy to return a selfie.

Y: Fine


C: Wow thank you.

Y: It was just a courtesy selfie, calm down.

C: I had just remembered how beautiful you are.

Y: Stop this immediately.

Y: You’re making me blush.

C: This you be easier i I had your phone number.

Y: It would.

C: So? May I have it?

Y: Of course.

Y: x (xxx) xxx-xxxx

You two began texting back and forth like this. Facetimeing, snapchatting, all the usual stuff that people do when they’re talking, not dating. You figured out that you lived only a few hours apart in the same state. When Cameron wasn’t traveling the two of you hung out, but you never went on a formal date. Mostly you just walked through the city or spent time at a central location. For months, you were just “talking” until he finally asked you out to dinner. When he asked you out on this formal date you immediately called (y/f/n).

“Guess who’s going on a date with the Cameron Dallas tomorrow!” You said excitedly.

“You’ve already been on several dates with the Cameron Dallas,” she replied sarcastically.

“But a dinner date? At a fancy restaurant? A real, actual date!” You exclaimed now practically shouting into the phone.

“Wow! This is great!” Now she actually sounded excited for you. “But why are you telling me all of this?”

“Well number one, you’re my best friend, and number two, I need a shopping companion to get a nice dress.” You bite your lip, “So are you in?”

“Of course!” she screamed, “When?”

“I don’t know. Um, what are you doing now?”

“Absolutely Nothing!”

“Okay lets meet at the boutique on 5th Avenue.”

“see you there!”

The two of you enjoyed a day shopping and you were all ready for your date. You had to drive there yourself considering Cameron lived three cities away and you were meeting in the middle, as usual. You were checking your make-up at every stop because you wanted everything to be perfect when he saw you. You had bought a beautiful, little black dress that extended to just above your knee. Strapless with black wedges and straight hair that fell down your back. Simple makeup, just a pink gloss, and nude eyeshadow with black eyeliner and mascara. You were pretty proud of the outfit, and you hoped that he loved just as much as you did. When you arrived at the restaurant you waited in the car a few minutes, mentally preparing yourself to go in. Why am I doing this again? You think to yourself. The first time you’d met Cam you had to mentally prepare. You stepped out of the car and approached the restaurant. You opened the heavy wooden door and took a deep breath. The hostess painted on a plastic smile, “How may I help you?”

You give her a slight smile, “Um I’m here with the Dallas party.”

She scanned her list and flashed that plastic smile again, “Right this way ma'am.” As you were walking through the restaurant the hostess added, “He’s been here for almost twenty minutes waiting you know.”

Oh my god. You thought checking your phone, 8:31, you got here right on time. Why was he here so early? Did I get the time wrong? You looked up to see Cameron playing with his fork, waiting. When he saw you he immediately stood and straightened his jacket. The hostess left two menus on the table and left.

“(y/n),” was the only word he said.

“That’s me.” You say chuckling, “You clean up well Dallas.” You say tugging his collar and kissing him on the cheek.

He wrapped you in a hug and whispered in your ear, “You look so beautiful tonight.” You smile and kiss his cheek again. He then pulls your chair out and helps to settle you in before sitting in his own seat. You both scanned the menu and ordered drinks.

“So the hostess told me that you had been here twenty minutes before me?” You asked it more as a question than a statement.

Cameron turned beet red, “Yeah. I didn’t want to be late, I also waited in the car for like ten minutes before coming in.” He chuckled still reddening.

You reached across the table and grabbed his hand rubbing circles on the back with your thumb. “I think it’s sweet.” You say smiling, he was still red in the face.

You went through the rest of the dinner and talked like you normally did. You made fun of one another, made jokes, just made each other laugh. When the dinner was over and Cam had paid the bill he asked you to follow him, “I want to show you something fantastic.” He took your hand excitedly and waved goodbye to the hostess as you exited the building.

He guided you to the back of the building. “Where are we going?” You asked.

“Close you eyes,” Cam encouraged. “I’ll guide you,” he said taking both of your hands in his.

“Why should I trust you Dallas?” you smile while closing your eyes anyways.

“Ouch that really hurt my feelings.” He said with a laugh. He let go of you hands, “Okay. Open your eyes.” You opened your eyes to reveal a beautiful view. The mountains on the horizon were blanketed with thousands of bright stars on a navy background. Cameron wrapped his arms around your waist from behind.

“Wow,” was the only word you could muster.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” He said.

You turned and looked at him, “Who knew that Cameron Dallas was such a romantic?”

He shrugged and smiled, “I just needed someone beautiful to share it with.”

You smiled and kissed him. Not on the cheek, not on the nose, a real kiss, deep and meaningful. You pulled away and looked into his eyes, “There you go again Dallas, sweeping me off my feet.” He smiled pressing his forehead to yours.

“(y/n)?” He said.


“There’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“What’s that?” You say with a smile.

“Well I really have two questions, but I’ll start with this,” He was being funny even now. You were now smiling from ear to ear. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You tightened your hug and whispered into his ear, “Of course.” You buried your face in the crook of his neck.

“Hey, hey, hey wait I’ve still got another question.”

You look up at him, “Well I honestly doubt you can top the last one.”

He looked down at you smiling, he pokes out his bottom lip, pouting, “Can I have another kiss,” He smiles, “Please?”

You kiss him deeply. That was a perfect night, with a perfect guy, under the beautiful canopy of stars.

“How do you do it, Dallas?”

“I’ve got a gift,” he said jokingly. You both laugh and walk arm and arm back to the parking lot.


God! Okay I know that was really, really, really long. Sorry. For those of you that read all of that, bless your soul. I just hate the part 1, part 2 thing so I made it really long. Okay, I’m done making you read stuff! BUT THANK YOU!


With 2015 overhead, it marks almost four years on this site that instantaneously ruined every chance I had at a social life and seriously makes me question what I was doing before this. This year, I went through multiple URL, theme, and fandom changes, and reached not only 1,000, but more than 1,500 followers - 1.6K is not that far away either. (Seriously, where did all of you come from? This is really just a hodgepodge of lame & emotional text posts and reblogs.) But because so many of you are oddly sticking around for the long haul, I don’t think I’ve done a follow forever since 2012 so, here goes! Prepare for some love~

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anonymous asked:

could u describe the members of bap to me, and how they're looked at in the group/the group dynamics? I just thought I'd ask you since you're really funny and enjoy bap a lot so I think you're the best person to go to for this ☺


ok well lets start with yongguk. he’s the leader and rapper. hes one of those humanitarian activist dudes & he donates to alot of charities (apparently he donated a well to a village in africa in BAP’s name). hes also an art hoe. dude loves museums and art and all that!! oh he also has the deepest fuckin voice like damn. hes frequently referred to as the “dad” in BAP. all the other members really respect him and the youngest member, zelo, really idolizes him. hes also a workaholic!!

fun fact: he has an identical twin named yongnam

and next himchan, (MY BABY) this lil precious cinnamon roll looks super intimidating as hell tbh like he has the most unnerving gaze. but hes super sweet & loving and probably is the cheesiest with the fans next to daehyun. hes referred to as the “mom” in BAP cause hes rly nurturing to the other members. hes a former ulzzang (a person who is popular on the internet for being attractive) and struggled with his weight. (i think he had an eating disorder cause he was always talking about dieting even tho he was stick thin but ha gaining weight now and looks so happy & healthy and i am proud!!!)

fun fact: he can play 12 instruments, among those being traditional korean instruments

and daehyun!! this little shit right here ok. he never shuts up. always talking too much and sayin shit at the wrong time. hes the definition of an annoying little brother. BUT he has an amazing voice and hes cute and super cheesy so hes still lovable. oh hes also a giant foodie and his love for cheesecake is a common fandom joke. in the group hes like idk the life of the party i guess?? like he livens stuff up!!

fun fact: hes from busan and has a super thick busan accent but he usually just uses a seoul accent for some reason?? idk why alot of idols do that

youngjae: i honestly dont know too much about youngjae. besides hes the genius” of the group and he frequently makes sarcastic comments at daehyun. he also doesnt rly like taking selfies

fun fact: idk

AND MY ULTIMATE BIAS, JONGUP. he is… weird. hes the “4D” member (meaning odd/random) he doesnt really say too much???? but hes always smiling and just doing little odd stuff that makes everyone laugh.

favorite quotes of his:

“wow. american elevators go up just like korean ones”

“i was going to order something to drink but i ordered napkins instead”

“(points to fog machine) haha fart maker”

“for 10k i could have buy 6000 things of nesquik”

hes also a goooood ass dancer and tho he doesnt say much hes super charming and sweet!! hes the main dancer btw.

fun fact: is the youngest of 3 boys

and ZELO, MY SON. this dude is a fuckin amazing rapper. especially for his age. dude has been spittin fire for years, even when he first debuted when he was 15 he had that 🔥🔥🔥. hes also tall as hell. at least 6’3. he likes weird sock designs and skateboarding. hes referred to as the baby of the group or the “secret weapon” cause dudes got mega hidden talent. hes also a pretty good dancer too. he also doesnt say too much either. but he posts the most on social networks


AND THAT IS B.A.P (best absolute perfect) !!!!!!!