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Hear me out again. Modern AU. Edward Kenway owns a strip club called PIRATE BOOTY and it is manned by the jackdaw crew AHAHAHAHAHA Adewale is the manager (because we all know he really manages the ship 😉) and Edward is the guy constantly at the bar drinking and everyone thinks he's a regular drunk but he can hold his liquor well and will smash a guy over the head with a bottle if they try anything suss. Haha my brain is killing me. I hope this is entertaining you and you feel better soon 😘

Omg yes! And each night he closes out the show. He’ll make up a game called ‘pin the booty on the pirate’ but it’s really just us sticking money into his pants (or whatever he’s wearing down there haha). He gets up on the bar and dances sometimes as well although Adé hates it. And I’m pretty sure he walks around the club like this most of the time…

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I absolutely love your let's play provocative tag! It's so fun to see how you and a-s-d respond to each other and what sort of hole you dig yourself deeper into haha. I hope that doesn't come off weird! It's so entertaining and I really adore it, honest! Thank you for doing what you're doing :)

it isn’t weird at all! it’s oddly entertaining even for me haha, that’s why i do it :) glad you like it!

So I just wanna take a moment to share this lovely sketch @lateforerebor made of Varlen looking super done because I friggin love it SO MUCH. It just endlessly entertains me every time I see it haha. You are such a dear <3 

I can’t help but wonder what he’s looking at…