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Everytime you reblog something from me, I check what it is, and it's always, without a doubt, the stupidest thing i've reblogged during the week. And it makes me laugh everytime.

Um the stupidest content is always the best! It’s really not hard to entertain me haha. I’m glad it makes you laugh haha :D

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literally i love you and all your opinions on disney discourse / disney in general, especially because i'm a cast member now (i work at a regular disney store) and just the things that my other cast members say / the way they act *eye emoji* i rlly didn't realize how much drama is amongst disney fans, thank you for always keeping the humor alive

You’re welcome! I try. People take Disney dramatics way too seriously and i don’t get it. It’s so funny though like the comedy writes itself!!! People need to remember Disney may be our biggest passion but it’s also not worth have the dramatics we go through with it haha

… although it does keep me entertained so please keep it up too?

You Gotta Love Me Harder.

We had come to this party together so why was I now sitting alone? I huffed a deep breath of frustration and chugged the cup of water in front of me before placing it down and heading off. Gareth had somehow convinced me to leave my comfortable bed only a few hours ago to accompany him to a friend’s place for a celebratory bash. What the hell we were celebrating, I wasn’t sure.

And now he was off somewhere chatting it up with people while I sat alone in a room full of strangers. Grand. What a friend.

My eyes scoured the faces of the people surrounding me, thankful I was sober and able to see well. I had begun walking forward into a crowded space when I felt the splash of a drink to my chest.

“Oh I am soooo sorry,” I heard a voice say while my eyes immediately ran down to my soiled shirt.

“Ugh. Why me?” I groaned, throwing my head back in exasperation. I took my bare hand to the blouse, thinking somehow magically I could wipe away the gruesome stain.

“I am really sorry for this,” I heard the same voice repeat. “Here,” I could see a white napkin being handed my way and I took it quickly, muttering an ungrateful ‘thanks’ with my head still bowed. I expected the figure to disappear after that but he just remained standing right there. I looked up, meeting the apologetic blueish green eyes of the slimly built man.

His face was fairly unfamiliar which was unfortunate because from what I could see right now he was quite handsome. His blonde hair had been spiked into a miniature mohawk and it seemed the color only made his eyes that much more bright.

I immediately felt bad for my rude introduction. His first impression of me was probably that I was a bitch but I couldn’t help it when my friend had abandoned me in an unfamiliar place and now I had strong liquor wetting my chest.

“It’s okay. Thank you for the…” I held up the flimsy, and now wet, paper in my hand while I searched for my words. “…napkin,” I completed.

The stranger offered me a polite smile and held out his hand. “I’m Jordan. And your name?”

“Y/N.” I tossed the napkin mindlessly to the floor and shook his hand.

“That’s a beautiful name,” he complimented.  “Why haven’t I seen you around here before?”

I simply shrugged unsure of what my answer should be. “I don’t even know whose home this is,” I admitted. “I was brought here by a friend. Maybe you two run in the same circles but…that’s probably why we don’t know each other. I don’t get out that often,” I admitted.

I was such a homebody and sometimes that wasn’t a good thing. I missed out on a lot of things others got the pleasure to enjoy.

I could see Jordan’s eyes following my every movement and engulfing every feature of mine from my eyes to my lips and even my hips as they filled the shape of my jeans. “Well that’s too bad. I guess I should be grateful I spilled my drink on you or else I wouldn’t be talking to you now, huh?”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself. That drink spill was no fun for me,” I joked.

“Haha, you’re right you’re right. I’m sorry again. Do you mind entertaining me with a dance? I guess I could embarrass myself dancing to make it up to you.” The faintest smile from him showed a glimmer of his white teeth as he tried to entice me into the deal.

I agreed.

He let me lead the way into the crowded room where everyone stood dancing, either in large groups or as a couple. The beat of a fast song pumped through the speakers, sending vibrations through the floor under our feet. I immediately began to move my hips to the beat, grinding myself against him as he stood comfortably close behind me.

For once, I was finally having a good time here as I lost myself to the music, mouthing the familiar lyrics and winding my hips. I was in a groove until I felt the pressure of someone easing between me and Jordan.

I turned my head slightly to see what the issue was only to see Gareth cutting in between us. “Mind if I take over? Of course you don’t,” he spoke to the both of us.

I let out a small laugh in disbelief. This guy was really trying to block my chances. I could see from the look on Jordan’s face he was unsure of what to do aside from back off and away from the awkward threesome we were in at the moment. I didn’t expect him to completely jolt off but he did, pointing off to the other room where we had come from probably to let me know where to find him once I got rid of this weirdo.

“What the hell are you doing, Gareth? You just ruined my dance,” I grimaced.

But he didn’t care. He just shrugged without a care in the world. “You were off beat anyway. I saved you the embarrassment. Who is that guy anyway?” He turned his head to get another look at Jordan but unfortunately for him he was already off and out of sight.

“A new friend who now probably thinks I’m stupid. I hope you’re happy.” I began walking away but Gareth quickly pulled me back tightly to him, keeping a grip on my arm.

“Where were you anyway?” I continued. “You just left me alone in this place I’ve never been and then you ruin my dance with the one person who was polite enough to entertain me like you should have been doing.”

“I get you’re bothered I left you but chill out,” he commented. I was currently wondering why I had let him drag me off to this stupid party anyway. I should have just stayed at home like I planned on doing.

“I get you like to ruin my evening but chill out,” I mocked.

He let out a bitter laugh. “Excuse me that I don’t like seeing you dance with other guys.” Immediately I rolled my eyes. He always pulled the jealous card when it was convenient for him. We weren’t officially together but rather just friends…who found ourselves in each others bed from time to time but he had no claims on me and I surely had none on him either because he always willing to entertain a pretty blonde in the room.

“You were probably off dancing with some other girl so don’t pull this act with me, Gareth.”

Now was his turn to be completely honest and he never had any problem with the task. “I was actually but maybe I should have been with you instead.”

I folded my arms over my chest, laughing in disbelief. “Oh you think?” He so easily said the most ridiculous things.

“Let’s just stop doing this.” His voice held a somewhat exhausted tone.

“Stop doing what?” I questioned for more information.

He took a moment to sigh before breaking off into his long statement, disregarding the loud pounding of music that could drown out half his words if I wasn’t able to read his lips so well. “You know I like you. We do everything couples do. We go out together, we call each other little nicknames, we have sex…why can’t we just be together?”

“Because you’re the type of guy who can’t commit himself to one woman,” I admitted. It was the main reason I was okay with keeping our relationship where it stood as I was afraid if I got serious with Gareth he’d find a way to cheat and break my heart.

“But I will be if we’re together. You’re different, Y/N. Don’t think I don’t know that. I’ve been around you long enough. I just…” he took a moment to search for the words. “I should have done this a long time ago and not at some stupid party but I want you to be my girlfriend. Seriously. And I hope you know that I’m not taking a no. If I have to beg you, I will.”

I wanted to hide the grin that was threatening to expose itself on my face but I couldn’t. This was a moment I had thought about multiple times but I never thought it would happen, especially like this and where we were.

“I just want you to know that this won’t be easy. I’m way harder to please once you become my boyfriend,” I warned.

He took my right hand into his left and raised it to his lips, placing a gentle kiss to my skin. “I’ll find a way to keep you satisfied.”