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Hi! Love your blog! Can I request youngmin as your best friend who secretly has a crush on you? or youngmin boyfriend? you can choose hahaah

hi paca anons… i’m here to fulfill yo wishes so why not do both  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i’m just gonna do an adult!au for this request bcoz older youngmin sounds like a hawt dawg

edit: i just realise that youngmin IS an adult. omfg i’m such a child. don’t mind me being me lol.

  • that handy-man bestie who brings you ice cream and cake when you’re down and is willing to stay by your side until you fall asleep
  • the person who you call when your current boyfriend cheated/broke up with you and when drinking is a must
  • he’ll be the one to take you home 
  • your only male friend who knows the passcode to your apartment
  • his office (let’s say that he’s an accountant/business man because why not lol) is two buildings away from your workplace so the two of you go out for dinner a lot
  • catching a ride in his car every morning to work 
  • it’s as if you two are a couple who live together because his car has your blanket/cushions/personal belongings and fav songs
  • you singing in the car and showing off your ‘rapping skills’ 
  • “yeah you sound great” he means it but if anyone else heard you they’ll be like????
  • ALWAYS opens the door for you 
  • small talks be like “i think i left my tie at your house…” “oh yeah i think i’m free on the 9th, let’s catch a movie at my place” “i bought you chinese!”
  • people always mistaken you guys as a couple because of how close you are
  • you’d be like “lol we’re not a couple” and youngmin will be like (with a pained face) “yeah… we’re not…”
  • you’re totally oblivious to his feelings because he’s always treated you so nicely that you can’t seem to find the boundary between friendship and love
  • when you start hanging out with this one male colleague a lot and canceling your plans with youngmin he’ll be like “ok…” /lookin like a kicked paca.
  • when you repeatedly ditch him he’ll get really anxious
  • he’ll catch you coming back from your outings with your male colleague and confront you “why are you hanging out with him so much?” he’d say, because it’s a bit pitiful to say ‘why aren’t you hanging out with me?’
  • YOU:“…because we won’t work out”
  • YM: “what do you mean we won’t work out?”
  • YOU: “i need to stop leaning on you for everything you know… we’d both need to be with someone in the end and-”
  • he’ll just kiss you before you can continue; it’s pretty passionate but gentle at the same time
  • “…you don’t need to stop leaning on me” he would look at you straight in the eye “because i’ll make things work”
  • you ran away from him after that
  • a lot of avoiding and blushing on your part
  • youngmin’s patient so he gives you your space but once he can’t handle it, he’ll go for his second confrontation
  • “well hello there bestie” he’ll be pretty sarcastic
  • “h-hi youngmin haha fancy seeing you here” you’d be nervous as hell like your bestfriend of like forever??? kissed you 
  • “yeah well it was kinda hard meeting you in the first place but just tell me honestly- you feel the same way right?” he’s taking the chance and pretends to be 1000000 times cockier than his pure soul is
  • you’d be red and blushing but realises????? wait a minute maybe i like him too?
  • youngmin as a boyfriend is the kind who tries to sleepover at your place as much as he can
  • “oh whoops look at that light… it’s dead i guess it’s gonna take me a day’s worth to change it” “oh no i think i’ll need to help you with house cleaning” “…i came with food! let’s watch some movies”
  • when you two are at his place, he’ll almost be begging for you to stay “you don’t know this but i’m afraid of being alone” “… youngmin you’re one of the most independent and bravest person i’ve ever known” “…you don’t know me well enough” “ok there goes 15 years worth of friendship buddy” “/sigh. stop trying to friendzone me… your boyfriend” 

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*paca anons just hit me up again if you need more bf!youngmin because i kinda felt like the post was too long :( hope you enjoyed it <3

Bbrae Day 3: Inner Demons

Sorry if my drawings are kinda crude, guys, but I’m very simple-minded……like Beast Boy! …haha yeah I’m not funny……..like Beast Boy….lol okay I’ll stop now...and so my drawings are very simple as well. There is literally nothing amazing about them. I’m not even gonna color any bbrae stuff because I don’t have the right coloring pencils.

Oh well.

But speaking literally here, there is next to nothing about the below picture of Beast Boy or Raven that I would change.

External image

They both look so adorable (to me). I mean, with Beast Boy cuddled up in Raven’s cloak while leaning on her for support, and then Raven with her cheek pressed to Beast Boy’s forehead as she desperately suppresses her Demon side and then THEIR HANDS LOCKED TOGETHER AND- *fangirl scream*

By the way I find it ironic that Beast Boy is usually the one who’s always smiling while Raven almost never smiles, but then their Inner Demons are the exact opposite. The Beast is always serious and intense and stuff, while Rae’s Demon form normally has a wicked smile that goes along with her cutting remarks.

External image