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kic 3 update

so drinking last night was not the best decision?? i don’t make good decisions???

anyway i’m still fixing up this chapter because reading over it now there are a lot of problems lololol. i don’t wanna keep “dangling” an update in front of your faces though because i know it’s a bummer waiting for an update and not getting it so when the chapter does go up i’ll give like?? a one hour warning? as i put it into ao3 and give a final skim, yeah?? thanks so much for being patient!! i really appreciate not getting pitchfork-y asks about my horrible update timings. i can’t say if it’ll be up by the end of today since i’ll be working on it around my tutoring job so let’s just see how it goes. 

meanwhile, i’ve went ahead and tagged all the little prompts and drabbles i’ve written in kic verse! so u can still revel in kic verse while not really being in kic verse haha lol yikes

aliesdaliance  asked:

I'm sorry you feel shitty about your writing--BUT I wanted to let you know, I love your fic so much, I think it's one of the best fics I ever read (like seriously--the plot/story is phenomenal) and I hope you feel better about your writing ability bc you really are talented (also a super good artist-holy shit wow)

thanks so much for support my dude!! ;;o;; i feel bad now with all these super awesome msgs im receiving haha! idk writings never been my forte, so its something im not confident doing, unlike other things ;;u;;

Hello~ So here is my 2nd follow forever! I just realized that i’ve been on tumblr for 2 years now like wow so much time wasted haha

Please don’t mind the shitty edit i made it on my phone and sorry yongguk and youngjae :((((


21vip // 2ne1s

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we-gonna-make-quiche // winkkiss92 // yongguksanal // yooyounggay

Well i think i’m done, sorry if i forgot anyone ;;

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Wow, I hit 1k faster than I thought!  I know I already did a follow forever, but I wanted to do a more expansive list, so here it is!  Yes, I know the graphic is quite shitty and hard to look at, sorry about that.  Also, please don’t be offended if your name isn’t on the graphic, as you can tell I ran out of room and I have shitty gifing skills haha.  I probably forgot a bunch of people so I’ll probably update this, but hopefully I got everyone.  So, without further ado, here’s Kawomari’s 1k follow forever!  Favourites are bolded!

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