haha that would be weird


Ecstatic, I really am. Exhausted to be honest, but what could I expect - he is half lion, half stag. 

oh man i just realize i can apply every alien au premise to like supercorp and-

  • alien just landed in my backyard and wants to be taken to meet the president but the president is really far away so road trip
  • confused alien anthropologist does not get humans at all
  • alien abduction for science purposes but oops fell in love with the human
  • accidental alien abduction and oh shit to do let me crazy anti-human aunt know i smuggled you on board. 
  • area 51??? you’re the alien my mom captured and i’m supposed to hate you but
  • twilight but like with aliens ( “i know what you are?” “say it.” “an alien.” )
  • alien apocalypse when they take over the planet and oops haha what no im not an alien spy that would be weird, viva the resistance 
  • roswell???
  • stitch au???

one thing i really loved about a series of unfortunate events as a kid was how they introduced a word or phrase, gave a definition, and used it throughout that book. 

it was really neat and it meant i didn’t have to ask my mom what a word meant every few chapters, and i really appreciate that, and my mom probably would have, too. 

Imagine the boys finally finding out all that happened when Maya “became Riley” and they were trying to “find Maya again” and Zay being like “hahahahaha omg Lucas that’s so funny because that happened while you always talked about how much you like Maya for who she is and what makes her different from Riley”. And everyone being a bit awkward lol but Zay just continues “…like when you said you love that she makes fun of you but you also know that she cares about you cause she didn’t want you to get hurt on the bull…” And Lucas starting to panic a little and being like OK ZAY WE GET IT but Zay is in a flow and he can’t seem to understand the awkward situation “…and when you told mrs Hunter what a great mom she is…” (And Maya is like hahaha you did WHAT???) “…and when you said in front of the whole class that you thought deep down Maya is beautiful. That’s so funny bc she could’ve really needed to hear that when she was having her identity crisis hahaha”. And everyone just finally realise how much Lucas cares about Maya and also how Maya’s always been herself. Wouldn’t that be crazy hahahahah it would be so weird, almost like the show actually made sense lol

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Tyler Posey is currently dating/seeing a fan. On her tposeyfr_ twitter she hints about seeing him and on her personal snapchat and on her private twitter naomie_vmae she posts all this shit about being at his house and how shes on the set of teen wolf today. Is he hurting this bad that he had to rebound with a stan? It makes me sad

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well, I personally wouldn’t like to date someone who’s occupied with tweeting about me, but who knows what kind of relationship they have and as long as he’s aware that she’s doing it. Also her personal Twitter is private and the other one only has typical Fanpage info on it as far as a short glance could tell me. He’s old enough to know what he’s doing and since i don’t know anything about her, I can’t judge her. Might be a nice girl for all we know.

I just found it interesting to see him behind the camera on that movie he does with Schnabel. Really seems like he’s more interested than that, so maybe Posey Stans should stop ranting about how he doesn’t get acting jobs and support his passion behind the camera ;)

I think it’s sweet when people gain many followers at once & make a post introducing themselves, but I also can’t relate because when I gained a lot of followers earlier, I had to actually stop myself from making a post telling everyone to unfollow me again kdfgbjth

hey guys! so this is something ive wanted to talk about for a lil while!

basically when i started this blog i was really really paranoid about irl people finding me so i wanted to change my name so i went by sam, but that’s not my real name! my real name is grace. and im a lot less paranoid now, so if people could start calling me grace, that would be super cool!!

sorry about this haha ik it’s weird

Next up in my favs list we have this nice duo :3c Asahi’s so big and cute he’s like a teddy bear, and Noya is so friggin cool!! Finally got the hang of drawing Asahi, it’s actually really fun // there may be more!! This one had a few mistakes TvT but I like it still!

oh my jesus this gmmore is killing me haha why are they so weird. it would literally be so much easier and less embarrassing for them to just kiss each other tbh. but only stevie would do this for them im convinced. they’re all so fucking cute what the hell… and eddie with his rhink stash… lort

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I feel like the one weird thing about having voiceovers now is... the different accents the characters have? It kind of makes me giggle, hearing Zelda with an english accent now, cause I never imagined her with one, haha. But of course it would sound weird for her to have, say, a southern american accent too, since her "voice" was always just the voice you hear in your head when you read things, right? Other than her little "ah!"s and other small sounds the loz characters make...

Haha. Imagining her sounding southern american. I don’t think I’d like Zelda having a southern american accent >_> probably because I live in the south and I’m too familiar with what that sounds like. (Although, there’s sounding southern and then there’s sounding like a redneck- two very different things.)

…I can’t imagine regal/dutiful Zelda with a southern twang as much as I can for TP Link LOL but maybe that’s bc I think that would be funny and I’ve been talking about that silly headcanon forever and a day

I never imagined them with an American-English accent. I always thought Hylians would have something else other than that? Idk why…

Shipping vs. Casual Shipping

SHIPPING: I will fight to the death for this couple to become canon, look at this chemistry, look how cute they are together, this is a practical and feasible relationship, THEY ARE ADORABLE THEY MUST BE CANON!!!!

CASUAL SHIPPING: haha, yeah, I read fanfic and whatever, but it would be pretty freakin’ weird if they actually got together, y’know? like really if that actually happens just …

This may be weird to say but, when you’re feeling bad do you imagine your favorite characters like cheering you up? Or what they would think of you? Because I do haha. Like I imagine weird stuff I’m like “Wow what would Pinkie Pie tell me to do?” or “Princess Luna was stuck in the moon for years, you can deal with this.” or “Twilight would be mad if you didn’t finish your homework.” and it’s ridiculous but it helps lol.