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If I were to write a character that I wanted to be perceived as a horrible unredeemable villain that should only die here are a few things I would not do:

- Attach him to the old golden trio as their troubled and manipulated son and easily the last Skywalker. Or at the least the last piece of the Solo/Skywalker-Organa line, two of the most beloved characters

- “There is still light in him”

- Have a horrible bald demon canonly in his head since before he was born

- Give cute details on his birth and say shit like, “he was vulnerable to everything”

- Have him oppose the destruction of the Hosnian system

- Holding off from turning to the first order until his early twenties that means he resisted Snoke for that long

- Have a scene with Darth Vader’s mask to purposely show that Kylo is Not Vader in any way and will likely never amount to Vader because thats what Kylo wants

- “I’m being torn apart” –so that means your not really 100% dedicated to this are you

- “I will finish what you started” and what was that again that Vader started? Oh yea a redemption arc, okay

- Having compassion for the enemy

- Have this happen in general: this Kylo face + plus the hand touch?? (there isn’t a lot of hate here, despite what just happened. Han is not angry with him, it is forgiving)

and many more

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I found a few youtubers who are aesthetically pleasing and love to study at the same time (jem, catcreature **doesnt study in a traditional way bc art student, clahrah, etc.) What about you carol? Planning on starting a yt channel? Haha

i’ve thought about it but it probably wont be happening for a while, and i don’t think i’ll make it a study focused channel bc i already have two social medias dedicated to that. if i do start a youtube channel, i’d probably do vlogs/ootds/just general lifestyle stuff (like heyclaire and clothesencounters!!) ✨

edit: i’m planning on going to seoul next summer, so if i do i might vlog it and start my youtube channel then!! maybe. we’ll see sfgsldkfjg

first day of GED studies

i think the course is set in a way thats mostly accessible to you, so if you have a busy life you can do it at literally any point in the day or in the next few days or something so

kinda waiting a bit to actually start it

its early morning and i kinda just wanna enjoy some peace without having to worry my ass off about classes ya know?

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What if j mom come home 😂 and interpret the romance moments

haha she’s out of town so it wont happen ;) thats why zhan came in the first place

also what if this is the extension of this???

I’m at my best friend Nick’s house and I was making food and I absentmindedly started singing some of the sounds from a song that she played for us at the Secret Session. Not any lyrics, just the sound of some of the instrumentation.

I didn’t even realize I was doing it and then Nick was like, “what is that? what’s that from?” and I realized what I had just done and I was like, “UHHHHHH. I just made it up” and he goes, “I liked it. It sounded like a real song. You should make it into a song”

Haha OOPS SORRY I WONT HAPPEN AGAIN but hey @taylorswift, if my bad impression of it was well received then I’m sure the actual thing will be even more appreciated 😅


Members: Jungkook (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: None I think

Words: 3,927

I was really bored so I wrote this. Enjoy and I hope you like it!


You never know, when you gonna meet someone.

Jungkook was an international student in your University. Not much people knew he was famous boy from Bangtan. But you and few of your friends obviously knew. You have been fan of BTS since they debuted. When you first find out that Jungkook is in you University you obviously couldn’t believe.


“Y/N!!!, Y/F/N,” One of your friends screamed running into the library and looking for both of you. “What happened you look like you’ve seen a ghost’‘ you giggled. It took her around 5 minutes to calm herself and began to talk. ’'I went to administration office to pay for a dorm, because my card somehow isn’t working-” she started, “Y/F/N is that what happened? ” you looked at her with confused face… “Y/N Let me finish, so I went to the office, and All I see… All I see… JEON JUNGKOOK standing there with his luggage” You widened your eyes as soon as you heard JEON JUNGKOOK. “ HAHA, good joke Y/F/N all of us know that it wont happen. ” you turned your face away straight to your books. “Go and check if you don’t believe me” . You actually were really curious now.. Why would she prank you all of sudden. “Okay but you are pranking me I wont forgive you”. You had no idea why but your heart start beating fast when you were making your way to the administration office. When you get there, before you opened the door you looked at your friend “See, right now I will prove you that you are pranking me”

You opened the door still looking at your friend, when you felt something massive bumping into you. You freeze for a second then took a look at the person in front of you. You quickly moved away. “Im sorry are you okay?” he politely asked,you were just standing with your mouth half open, you nodded as a response. “Mr.Jeon, your dorm keys” The lady from the office ran to give him the keys. You were still standing in the same position thinking to yourself how it is possible. It was true. Jeon Jungkook was studying in the same University as you.


Its been one month since Jungkook is in your Campus. A lot of girls were trying to get close to him, become friends. However he was always on his own. You wanted to go and at least talk to him for once, know how it is to talk to him, know what kind of person he is but you never got the courage to even say Hi to him. You had a massive crush on him but you never showed it. Your friends were shocked that you were actually so calm about the fact that he is studying in the same uni, “Y/N since Kookie is with us in the campus, you are so quiet.. you never talk about him anymore.. why? ” your friend asked you with confused look. “I don’t know, maybe I realised that I have no chances with him so what’s the point” . A lot of girls were after him so why would he like you.. This thoughts were running through your mind every time you saw him. It was true that you caught him staring at you few times, but you never talked about it, you decided not to get your hopes up. Even though your friends noticed this as well.

It was Tuesday, 10pm. You were going back to your dorm. It wasn’t far away from the library but you had to pass little park. It was dark and you were kind of scared so you put your headphones in and started to listen to BTS. You were walking though the alleys when you saw someone jogging towards you. “who the hell is bothered to run this late” you thought and kept on walking. When the person was passing you, you didn’t even looked at the face. You remained walking when you felt someone grabbing your shoulder. “Ahhh” you screamed. It was dark and you got so scared. The person pulled your headphones out, “Shhh I called you but I guess you didn’t hear me, well now you do right?” You took a closer look the person in front of you. It was Jungkook. You widened your eyes and opened your mouth. “Im sorry for scaring you, I didn’t mean to” He gave you his sweet bunny smile along with a apologetic look. “It-Its okay, why were you calling me then?’'  it was your first time speaking to him. ’'do you remember me? we are on the same Ca-” ‘Campus I know’’ you finished his sentence. “Im Jungkook” he said still smiling, “Y/N” you answered him giving small smile. “'Why are you here so late? Girls shouldn’t walk alone in the park at this hour” He  said, still smiling “Well I guess I had no choice, since all of my friends are already home” both of you giggled. He was so sweet. You were so happy you met him even though at first you thought someone is kidnapping you. “So if you allow me, can I walk with you? ” He asked you looking straight in your eyes. You got so gassed but kept in cool outside. “Sure, why not” you said and both of you started walking towards the dorms, he asked you about what subject you are studying and how is university overall, you asked him the same. You were walking really slowly so you had more time together. You really loved it, his voice, smile, giggles and all. He asked you what music you are listening to. In this moment you freeze, you couldn’t say that you are listening to Kpop, more closely, BTS. You were afraid that it will scare him away. “Rock, pop, usually I listen to everything if I like it”  You answered and saw him nodding. “Jungkook?” you hesitantly asked. “hm?” he hummed and looked at you. “It might be weird but some times I caught you staring at me and as soon as I looked at you, you looked away. Why is that? ” you asked, now or never. You saw him getting kind of embarrassed. He was about to speak out when you felt a rain drop on your nose. immediately it start raining. He grabbed your hand and ran towards the closest tree. “I think I have umbrella in my bag” you said and started to look for it in your bag. He stopped you and lifted your head up so you were facing him. You heart started to beat even faster. “Do you still want me to answer?” you nodded. He got really close to you so your bodies were touching. He looked deep in your eyes. He placed one of his hands on your waist and second on your cheek. He moved even closer that you could feel his hot breath on your face. It felt like your heart will rip your chest and jump out. He closed his eyes and touched your lips with his. He lightly kissed you. You closed your eyes as well and give in into the kiss. When he felt that you kissed him back, the kiss turned into something more passionate. You could feel that his tongue is begging for the entrance so you opened your mouth slightly to give him better access. Your tongues were fighting together for dominance.  His lips were so soft, You placed your hands around his neck and both of you remained kissing till you ran out of air. You pulled away and looked at him with shocked eyes. “Was my answer enough for your question?” he looked at you smiling, “yeah..” you could feel your cheeks going red and hot. He giggled and pulled you into a hug. After you found your umbrella in your bag, he walked you home. “Goodnight, sleep well” he said, giving you a warm hug. “Goodnight” you whispered loud enough for him to hear you. He gave you a light peck on your forehead and left. It was hard for you to fall asleep. You kept on replaying everything that happened in the park. You were so happy and excited that You didn’t even notice that you felt asleep from being so exhausted.

The next day you spent more than usually in front of your mirror fixing yourself! You couldn’t wait to see Jungkook. You obviously told your best friend of what happened yesterday, but she was the only one that knew and you wanted it to stay this way. When you went out of your dorm, you went to meet your friends.

You guys greeted each other and made your way to your first lecture. Throughout the whole time instead of paying attention to the lecture, your mind was somewhere else. It was with Jungkook. Still in the part under the tree kissing passionately. No matter how many times you tried to bring yourself back to reality, it failed. This guy really took over your brain. After one hour that actually seemed like the eternity, you rushed to the library with your best friend. Hoping that Jungkook will be there too.

“Is he here?” You asked your bestie as soon as you entered library. “Nope I don’t see him” she answered and went straight to one of the desk to start on the work. You joined her and began on reviewing last lecture. After hour and a half you felt like your is kicking your leg. “here” she looked at the front door and you followed. He came, carrying his books and notes. He noticed you and as soon as he did he smiled at you. You answered him with a smile as well. You thought he will come to the same desk but he went to the other side of the library. You kind of felt like someone stabbed you right in your back. “Maybe he don’t want people to know” you thought to yourself. “Or maybe he just played around yesterday” another thought hunted your mind.

You stayed in the library for long, you didn’t even realised it was this late. You packed up your stuff and rushed outside.

“Y/N” You heard familiar voice calling you from the back. You turned around and saw Jungkook with a bunny smile running towards you. “Hey” he said giving you a peck on your cheek. “Hi Jungkook”  you smiled warmly at this handsome guy. “what are you doing here so late?” you asked him with worrying voice. “I haven’t seen you leaving earlier, and I haven’t seen you going through the park either so I came here hoping I will see you” he was so cute, he gave you such a warm smile that you completely forgot about the fact that he ignored you for the whole day. You were about to speak but he was first “I also didn’t want you to go through that park alone, I would worry” He said giving you butterflies in your stomach. “So you came all the way here? Just for me?” You asked making him giggle. “obviously” he said with this attitude face he is always giving. You laughed and made your way home. “earlier when you came to the library, why didn’t you joined me and my friend?” you asked out of the curiosity. “Ahh that.. I don’t want people to talk… Im sorry for that” was he scared of the rumors? Or was that because he was an Idol and you were just normal girl. Whatever it was he had no idea that you knew about Him being a Korean Idol. It seemed like he don’t want to tell you ether about his real life. “‘Its perfectly fine, I just wanted to know” you told him and smiled. He took your hand and walked you home. For another days he was messaging you with “Good mornings” as well as “Good Nights”. Though the day he would spam you with selfies and other messages. In the evenings you usually met in the park when no one was there. You could say that both of you were secretly dating. Two weeks have passed and he still didn’t tell you about him being a member of BTS. Also you never told him that you know about it. You felt guilty at some point that you were hiding it from him. But he did the same.

You were getting ready for your another secret date with your now boyfriend Jungkook. He told you to meet you in the park as always. You made your way to the place where he was waiting for you. You decided that you will tell him today. You couldn’t lie to him anymore.

“Kookie!” You called our for him. He saw you and ran towards you. He hugged you tight. He always did it. Hugged you like there is no tomorrow. He took you by the lake in the park and both of you were sitting in silent for about 15 min. “'Jungkook? Can I tell you something” You started of taking a deep breath. “Can I say something first?” He asked and you nodded. “I really like you, Y/N. Its been only 2 weeks but I really do. You are so different from other girls here. I think that’s why I really like you.. But im really sorry that we can meet only in evenings. I will fix it soon” he said, looking into your eyes, after what he said “you are so different from other girls” you felt so guilty that u hid from him that you know about his life. You had no idea how to say it so he wont get mad. “is there anything to fix, Jungkook?” fix what? you though to yourself.. was he trying to tell you? “just some stuff” He gave you a cute smile. “Jagi, I have to go now.” you looked at him shocked. “What? where? you just came and we didn’t even..” You said but he cut you off “Good night, sleep tight, I will message you tomorrow morning”. He softly kissed your lips and went in his dorm direction, leaving you alone in the park. What was he hiding from you? Where was he rushing. Million thoughts ran through your mind when you were making your way back home.

Jungkook’s POV.

“Hyung, should I tell her just like that..?” I asked Taehyung hoping he will give me some good advice like he always did. “Jungkookie, you should. If you will carry this on in this lie it can end really bad. ” He comforted you with his rectangle smile he always have. “But how… how should I tell her” I continued waiting for him to give me at least some small tips. “Naturally. Take her somewhere and tell her. It cant be that bad Jungkook.. You just need to be honest with her, remember that me and hyungs will always support you and her too” I just nodded following his words. He was right, I had to tell her before it gets too far.

End of POV.

As Jungkook promised, he messaged you as soon as he woke up.

You couldn’t wait to meet him. You didn’t know if it was more because you were curious of what he wants to tell you or more because you missed him. You took all your stuff and went for your first lecture. Throughout the while time you couldn’t stop thinking about Jungkook and what exactly happened yesterday that he was in such a rush.

After two hours of listening to your professor you decided to go to the library and start on your research. You had two hours till another lecture and then you could go and meet your Boyfriend. You tried your best on your report but again the events from last night hunted your brain. You called your best friend to come because you felt like you wanted to talk to someone. After she came you weren’t really bothered to move to the cafeteria so you stayed by the computers as there was not much people as well. “Ugh it is really frustrating now. Yesterday we met for only 5 minutes because he had to rush somewhere. I wish I could tell him from the beginning. Now as I think of it, it is not that hard.’'  You started off and as soon as you did she had weird expression on her face. Something like she wanted you to stop talking but you ignored it and continued. ” you know Y/F/N I should have just said’’ She cut you off “Y/N…” But you ignored her again continuing your sentence “Jungkook, I know you. I Know you are from BTS. I FREAKING LOVED SINCE YOU DEBUTED.’'  You wanted to say more but this time Your friend shut you up ’'Y/N Shut up!!!” She yelled at you. You looked at her with widen eyes. Why was she acting like this all of sudden. She gave you a sign to turn around and you gulped.

You turned your chair and all you knew was that Jungkook was behind you throughout the whole time you were talking. You couldn’t tell if his face expression was more of a mad or sad. It was something in between. The only thing you could tell is that you hurt him. You stood up from your chair feeling your face getting hot and your eyes getting wet. “Jungkook.. I…” You said trying to get closer to him but as soon as he saw you getting near he shook his head and left. You could feel your insides squeezing and your knees along with your whole body getting weak. You collapsed onto the chair and you looked at Jungkook disappearing between the buildings. Your friend tried to comfort you as you felt that your face was getting completely wet and your lips getting salty from your tears.

Jungkook’s POV.

She knew. For this whole time she knew who I was and she didn’t even say anything. I was hurt. But it was my fault too. I should have told her straight away who I was. I couldn’t tell if I was sad or mad. But more sad I guess. I was afraid that I will lose her but I had to take a break from everything and think. Deeply. There was only one place I could go for now. The park. The only place I was able to meet her.

End of POV

After 15 minutes of crying you had to go and find him. You had to clear everything up. You loved him and losing him was the last thing that could happen. You were running around the campus, looking for him but he was nowhere. Nowhere where you were. You realised that the only place you haven’t  checked was the park. You didn’t really expected to find him there in this situation but you had nothing to lose anyway. You ran to the place where you always met him. It was a miracle that you found him there sitting on one of the benches.

While reading the rest listen to DAUGTRY - ITS NOT OVER

You were breathless from all this running. You slowly made your way towards Jungkook. He was siting emotionless looking blankly into the empty spaces in front of him. You sat next to him, he knew that you were there yet he didn’t looked at you. You were sitting quietly for good couple of minutes with no words being said. “Jungkook” You started off waiting for him to respond but he didn’t. “Jungkook please talk to me” You tried everything for him to reply but he still remained quiet. He wasn’t even looking at you. He was in his own world. You slowly were giving up. “Jungkook I was running around to find you so we can talk and clean everything up but as I see now you don’t want to so what’s the point. ” You lifted yourself up and made your way towards your dorm. While walking back home you could feel your eyes getting wet again. All of sudden someone hugged you from behind.

For a second you got scared and had a mini heart attack but you quickly recognised the person who was doing it. You pulled away and faced him. “Jungkook?” He couldn’t look you in the eye so his face was facing the ground.

“ Im really sorry. I was blown away when I heard you saying that you knew me. I was hurt but I was more hurt because It was my fault too. I didn’t know what to do.. I was afraid I will lose you because of it. I was scared that you are with me only because Im Jungkook from BTS. That you don’t love  me for being me. Im so stupid I know. But I can’t let you go now. Im really sorry Y/N..” His voice got quieter at the end and you could hear it cracking. You noticed that he was crying. After few seconds he faced you. “I was scared you are using me” This words were like a stab in your back. How could he think of it that way. “Jungkook why would you even think that I was using you. Yes I know you for such a long time. Im sorry for not telling you but I never thought of using you. I love you for being you. I love Jeon Jungkook from Busan. An amazing guy that makes me smile, laugh and now cry to but I love you. Not the famous Jungkook from Seoul.” He pulled you into a tight hug after you finished your sentence. This was different kind of hug. Something like “I will never let you go” hug or “Please don’t leave me” hug. “I know, I know now. Im sorry. I love you”. He said. You hugged him back and you could feel his hot, cracking breath  on your neck. He was crying you knew that “I love you too, I always did and I always will” it was the only thing you could say in that moment. He pulled away and took a deep breath. He looked at you and warmly smiled “Lets start over” he stretched his and out for you to reach it. You hold onto his hand as he said “Im Jeon Jungkook, A member of BTS that fell in love with you crazily” You giggled at his statement and this made him smile even wider. “Im Y/N a normal girl that love you to the moon and back.. and even 3km more.”

You could feel that this was a magical moment. Still holding your hand he got closer to you. Your heart was beating so fast. He let go of your hand and reached for your face. He cupped you face and pulled closer to his. He closed his eyes so you did as well. You felt his soft lips brushing yours and then he kissed you. It was new type of kiss. It was your favourite type of kiss. He kissed you passionately like there was no tomorrow. You could feel him smiling while kissing you. It was the best feeling every. He was yours and you were his.

You knew that its gonna take some time for everything to settle down. But both of you believed that this was the start of something good. ♥



So here it issssss!! I was about to upload it yesterday but had too much work to finish. Today I had to re-write it as in the middle of me finishing it off my laptop turned off and it didn’t saved.

Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, English is not my native language, still I hope you enjoy it. It turned to be quite long but yeah had lots of ideas. Comments are always welcomed.


Credits to the owners!

reactions to rucas fight:

(haha wont happen but one can only imagine)

zay: i stand by you through everything but not on this one buddy

maya: you think you could treat her like that and id let you off the hook?

farkle: you need to go and apologize now lucas now. I better not see her crying because of you ever again.

smackle: maybe you are more than just a pretty face

.+:。(╯✧∇✧)╯ S&P exclusive art livestream

o((*^▽^*))o Hey hey everybirdie !

For the past two weeks, I’ve been unfortunately very ,extremely busy. i didn’t want that you see meh in bad shapes .imah sowwy.

I wanted to apologize for that and soOOooo i was thinkin’ about an exclusive S&P livestream! That will be my first twitch livestream! hon hon

I dunno yet what I will work on tomorrow. Maybe Ken’s modelsheet, new jackaboy’s design and some concept art or maybe rough animations,full official art !? I dunno exactly !

So if you want to come ,ask questions , just talk or throw meh cookies …

i’m planning this livestream for tomorrow (sunday 27 , from 2 pm to 7 pm (french hour/timezone! ) ).  i will work all  the afternoon ,(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ so feel free to join me anytime!


I might start before or later. It depends of what i will draw or the amount of work i’ll have to deal with!

i wanted to do it today and then i saw jack was doin’ his own livestream  and i wanted to watch it  haha


Silver fox Ez?! In your neighborhood?? With the time skip it’s more likely than you think! (Of course he’d fox up hehe)

Silver fox Ashroad? Lmao like he’d live that long