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idk if you care but it seems like you like messages so here is something that really made me feel things, i was scrolling through your nicky tag and theres that pic of when he played for dynamo moscow with the fans holding up a sign and on his jersey in the drawing they actually wrote an affectionate diminutive nickname for him Kolya as if his name were the russian nikolai and that is very cute to me agh

I do like messages, but not when you hurt me like this. ;__; I assume you’re referring to this, which presumably came from this cute video

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And oh, anon, Kolya is absolutely adorable to me, as well. I guess that’s an almost no-brainer, when you think about it, but still, I’m just so happy they seem to have loved him over there. (In the video, I think they actually just called him Nikolai? Haha.) And his Dynamo teammates must have called him Kolya!! Sans Ovi, I assume, because Ovi’s been on the personal warpath to get Backy to stick since the beginning of time or something.

Not gonna lie, though, watching Nicky wear those jerseys make me emotionally compromised in ways I’m not ready to admit. 

Bnha fans right now
  • Anime fans: haha wow this sports tournament really lightens up the mood, the competition between Todoroki and Deku is exhilarating, I'm getting hyped!
  • Manga fans: what the fuck, what the actual fuck?? Her fucking body is being deteriorated by her father so her blood cells and skin can be turned into drugs?? What kind of cruel asshole is he and how do i make sure he dies??

Drew this real quick
Can I just express how much I love this adorable little potato?

Seriously, I usually like the ‘Idiots’
but he’s my favorite in All Out!!

and there’s almost zero fanart for him out there, so I’m going to make filling the internet with him my job haha

I suck at body types, so I had to redraw his face a few times because he looked like a child lol

But I really like the result~

Just fixed my stupid typo haha;;