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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 2. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

          But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

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           "So that’s his name? Just… V?“ Silver giggled into the phone. "It sounds cute already.”

           "Right?“ You grinned. "Oh my gosh. I’m so nervous. Should I message him first or wait for him to message me?”

           "I would wait.“ Silver suggested. "Besides, you’re at work right now. You need to be in a place where you can really be into the messaging. Plus you don’t want to be too eager or come off desperate.”

           "Alright.“ You exhaled excitedly. "I’ll just wait until after work then I’ll message him first.”

           "You go girl! I’m so happy for you!“

           "Ahh! I hope he’s not creepy.” You bit your lip nervously.

           "Keep us updated. Even if he is a creep, you can take him.“ Silver snorted.

           "You’re right.”

           "Get back to work. Who knows what trouble the guys are getting into over there.“

           ”‘Kay ~ I’ll let you know how it goes!“ You hung up and spun your chair around. Immediately, you jumped out of your seat as you finally spotted Jimin blinking cutely and sitting on your desk patiently.

           "Holy shit, Chims!”

           He smiled and swung his legs adorably as he sang. “Who you talking about?”

           You blushed, “Um I got my perfect match on that dating app.”

           "Ahh.“ he nodded. "V?”

           "Just how long were you sitting there?“ You smacked him and he laughed.

           "You should be more aware of your surroundings.” he crossed his arms.

           "Did you finish your client early again? You really need to take it easy!“ You furrowed your brows.

           "Not this time. She actually wanted a Gentleman persona today so I grabbed one of the trainees in the break room.”

           You groaned, “You’re supposed to tell me before you switch people around!”

           "Well, I was but you were on the phone.“ he grinned.

           You glared at him then turned on the monitor. Jimin scooted beside you to take a look too, and his lips curled up smugly.

           "Well looks like things are going well.”

           You sighed and turned it off, relieved yet annoyed.

           "You forget I’m a flexible personality.“ He propped his legs up on the arms of your wheelie chair. "You’re the one who assigned me to be an aggressor.”

           "You’re also the one who said you preferred to be an aggressor because you didn’t want to be the same as Hobi.“ You tried to push his feet away so you could spin in your chair, but he didn’t budge.

           "Back to this V guy.” Jimin smirked.

           "There’s nothing to say yet, Chims. We just got matched with each other.“

           Jimin grabbed your hand and glanced at your watch. "How long has it been since you got the notification?”

           "Umm 15 minutes?“

           He smiled, "He’ll message you in two hours.”

           "Why two hours?“

           "It’s not too long of a time period that he comes off as too nonchalant but it’s not too short that he looks too eager.”

           "I don’t know…“ You were skeptical.

           "That’s just how all guys are.” Jimin shrugged.

           Suddenly, your phone vibrated and both of your eyes zoomed to the screen. Your face brightened while Jimin’s was surprised when you saw:

           V: I finally found you!

           V: Well the app did…but I found you!Yay!

           V: Oh, and Hi perfect match :)

           Your heart fluttered at the light hearted and enthusiastic messages. Jimin’s face contorted to one of judgment as he read over your shoulder.

           "What is he in middle school? What is with that smiley? And all those exclamation points?“

           You elbowed Jimin. "Shut up. It’s cute!”

           Jimin made a face behind you then rested his chin on your shoulder. “What’re you going to reply?”

           "Jimin.“ You scolded. "I know we tell each other everything, but I need your nose out of my texts.”

           He rolled his eyes as he straightened up, “Like I care. I’m just wondering what’s going to happen to your little Tae ~ that brings linner and goodies now that you’ve found your 'perfect match’.”

           You hummed, “Well neither one is anything serious so I don’t see the issue.”

           "That’s my girl.“ Jimin snickered as he patted your head. "Well, I’ll be in the break room then. Make sure I’m awake for my next client, love.”

           You nodded distractedly as you continued to stare at the messages on your screen. He was your perfect match right? So wouldn’t just being yourself be okay?

           "Ah whatever.“ You hissed, choosing to ignore all the preconceptions messaging right away might create.

           Coffeegirl: Hey! Yeah, I was getting anxious that they wouldn’t find anyone for me haha

           Immediately, a reply came, bringing a smile to your face.

           V: Hehe, I had faith I’d find you.

           And so, you two eased into a comfortable conversation. It was frightening, how easily it flowed from topic to topic. Neither of you spared any details to answer each other’s questions. You both shared the belief that honesty is the foundation of any relationship and besides, neither of you had anything to lose by telling a stranger personal things about yourself.

           V, you found, also worked a few odd jobs, but his main career was a veterinarian. He owned a cat and dog, and he had his own apartment. He had to work other jobs because he was only part time at the animal clinic and he wanted to save up to open his own one day. You admired his hard working personality and his aspirations right away.

           Time flew without you noticing.

           "Oh mannn.” Jimin whined as you locked up. “Now that you work after, we can’t walk home together anymore.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Good. So now you can actually stay at your own house for once.”

           Jimin pouted and you shook your head.

           "I have work Chims. Go sleep in your own bed or find someone else to sleep with you.“

           "Fine. Go have fun with your little ball of fluff.” He scrunched his face as he dug his hands into his pockets.

           You laughed, “You know I will. And you better use protection, Mister.”

           "Don’t I always?“ Jimin grinned.

           "Like I would know.” You rolled your eyes. “I’ll catch you later.”

           "See ya.“ Jimin waved as he watched you scurry to the Burlesque Bar, wanting to escape from the cold as fast as possible.

           "Y/N!” Tae spread his arms out and hugged you warmly.

           You were a bit surprised from the open affection, but you welcomed it.

           "We just saw each other earlier, Tae.“ You giggled.

           Tae grinned, "Yeah, but it’s been a few hours.”

           You blushed.

           "Girls, let’s get changed and we’re going to start learning the first few pieces. Let’s go, go, go!“ the manager instructed.

           Tae smiled happily, "Have fun! I’ll be watching ~”

           You nodded as you hurried backstage to get into your first full costume; the scent of Taehyung lingered on your skin.

           The next few days seemed to pass like a dream. Your mood was visibly brighter and you felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders, a burden that you didn’t even know was there. You constantly felt butterflies as you waited for V’s replies and you never had to wait long. You talked about random things and deep philosophies, and there was never a boring topic. Sometimes he was a little out there, but that was quite endearing to you too.

           V: You know, sometimes I wonder if people live on the stars and then look at Earth as one of their moons.

           Coffeegirl: V, it’s 4 in the morning.

           V: Sorry, did I wake you?

           Coffeegirl: No, I have to be up cause I didn’t shower last night. Sorry if that’s tmi.

           V: Haha not at all. Sometimes, if I don’t leave my house I don’t shower because I don’t feel dirty.

           You chuckled as you rolled out of bed. It made waking up so much easier when you had something to look forward to.

           V: Since you’re up, GOOD MORNING! :D

           Coffeegirl: Good morning V ~

           V: Are you opposed to corny pick up lines?

           Coffeegirl: I’m opposed to their main purpose of picking up girls with just a line, but I love them if you’re trying to get me to laugh.

           V: Perfect haha I haven’t heard your laugh, but I already know it’s going to be pretty.

           Coffeegirl: Was that the pick up line?

           V: Haha no! Why? Did it work? Did that make you laugh?

           Coffeegirl: It made me smile?

           V: Close enough :)

           V: Okay here’s the pick-up line: Are you coffee? (Say 'why?’)

           Coffeegirl: lol why?

           V: Because you make my heart race and keep me energized ~

           You covered your mouth giddily. It felt stupid to have something so small give you butterflies, but it still made you laugh nonetheless.

           V: Did you laugh? :D

           Coffeegirl: haha I really tried not to, but I did.

           V: Yay ^_^ my mission of the day is complete!

           Coffeegirl: Your mission?

           V: I wanna make you laugh at least once every day!

           Your heart flipped over at his sweet comment.

           Coffeegirl: Why?

           V: Because I think girls are prettiest when they’re laughing or smiling loudly. And it makes ME happy if I’m the one that made them.

           Coffeegirl: You know, sometimes I wonder if stars are just exploding planets, but it happens so slowly that it looks like they’re constantly shining.

           V: Wow, that’s a good point. Beats my star critters theory. Hmmm, I’ll get back to you with a better thought.  

           You couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. Things were just so easy with him.

           When you weren’t chatting with V, you were spending time with Taehyung during work. Even on stage, your eyes naturally gravitated to him working behind the bar. And without fail, he was smiling and watching your performance attentively. It’s not like you were new to having male attention, but it was the first time you couldn’t exactly read their intentions. What did Taehyung think of you exactly? Did he like you? Did he just want to be friends? And what did you want from him?

           During breaks, you made your way to his counter, where he always had food prepared for you, along with a few jokes and compliments. Taehyung was on all the girls’ radar as they continuously complimented his physique and his handsomeness in the changing quarters. It made you giggle internally, knowing that you were the closest to him out of everyone, although you weren’t exactly sure how or why that happened.

           But his subtle skinship didn’t go unnoticed because it always made your heart race without fail. Sometimes, he would help out with putting the microphones on the girls and his fingertips would brush against your bare skin as he adjusted it on you. When you asked for refills, his hand would find its way to cover yours as he grabbed the glass from your grasp. It was driving you insane because you were quite attracted to him– his bright personality and his gentle touches.

           You were usually the last girl to change out of costume, because you ended up practicing a little bit longer to make sure everything was perfect. So most of the time, you were alone in the dressing room as you packed up for the night.

           There was a timid knock on the door.

           "Come in?“ you called out curiously.

           Tae stepped in with his hands over his eyes. "I promise I’m not here to peep!”

           You chuckled as you stood up. “I’m dressed, don’t worry.”

           "Good.“ he grinned as he removed his hand from his eyes.

           "What’re you still doing here?”

           "Well I noticed you hadn’t left yet.“ he walked over and grabbed your scarf while you threw on your coat.

           "And?” You fluttered your eyes as he stepped forward, wrapping your scarf around your neck. Your heart was beating quickly as he reached around you, his face close to yours as he made sure your neck was covered and warm.

           "Just wanted to make sure you weren’t passed out or anything.“ he smiled as he stepped back. "You always work so hard.”

           Your body relaxed. What were you expecting him to do or say anyway? You glanced at his lips then at his face, staring at you curiously.

           "Do I have something on my face?“ he giggled.

           You shook your head. "Let’s go?”

           Taehyung grabbed your bag, which now held your barista clothes, your Club Masquerade clothes, and normal casual wear to enter and leave the Burlesque lounge. Gratefully, you smiled as you led the way out of the lounge and into the freezing tundra of winter.

           "Oh no! You don’t have a hat or anything and you’re still sweating!“ Tae’s eyes widened.

           "What?” You blinked.

           "You’re going to get sick. Here.“ He took off his beanie and pulled it over your head, fixing your hair to make sure it was tucked in and neat.

           "But what about you…” you trailed off.

           It really was warmer with the beanie covering your head and ears, but you worried about him. He waved his hand nonchalantly.

           "I don’t live too far so if I run, I’ll be okay.“ he giggled. "You still have a bit of a travel you said right?”

           You smiled and nodded.

           "You can always give it back to me tomorrow anyway! Get home safe okay?“ he waved.

           "Thanks, Tae!”

           You called out to his figure scurrying away into the direction of the wind. Once he disappeared, you shivered and buried your head into your scarf so that only your eyes were exposed to the frigid weather, smiling underneath it all.

           "So Saturday, you’re still good to come with me right?“ Jimin sat in front of your desk as you slipped into your leather stiletto boots.

           "Yeah. That office Christmas party you and Hoseok planned together?” You questioned. “I’m proud of both of you by the way. He was such a grouch at work, and you would always plan parties for an ulterior motive, but that all went away this year. I could cry.”

           Jimin clutched his chest, “How do you know me so well?”

           You laughed as you stood up, pulling down your skirt. Jimin whistled as you walked around in your heels, breaking them in.

           "I thought you were having a hard time making ends meet?“ he teased.

           "Silver gave these to me.” You rolled your eyes. “She said her best friend gave it to her, but she won’t be using them.”

           "Poor Hobi.“ Jimin frowned as he crossed his legs and eyed you strutting around. "But bless Silver for giving them to you.”

           You laughed, “She figured since I worked here and Burlesque, I’ll make better use of them, which is accurate.”

           "You’re going to wear those here?“ Jimin raised an eyebrow as you took a seat and crossed your legs seductively.

           "Problem?” You smirked.

           He swiftly made his way to you and leaned down, hovering over your face as he placed his hands on the arms of your chair for leverage.

           "And if I attack you because of how good you look in those?“

           "The stilettos go into your leg before your lips touch mine.” You retorted confidently, and he chuckled, straightening up.

           "Be honest. You’re wearing those just in case Taehyung swings by again.“ Jimin smirked.

           You unbuttoned your shirt a little more so that your cleavage was more obvious.

           "Don’t do that. You look like a slut.” Jimin reached over and buttoned it again.

           You glared at him as you fumbled to unbutton it again. “You’re the only one that says that Chims.”

           "Cause I’m the only guy who will say it out loud! Everyone’s thinking it.“ Jimin fought to stop you.

           "They do not!” You yelled as you tried to pull his hands off.

           "They do!“

           "Umm…” a familiar voice echoed in the halls and you both froze.

           Jimin stepped back, keeping his hands up in the air.

           "Tae!“ You breathed, your face turning red immediately at being caught in a weird position.

           "Just in time!” Jimin grinned, already working to smooth things out.

           "Huh?“ Tae blinked.

           "Okay, so Y/N wants to unbutton one more button. What is your opinion on the matter?” Jimin threw his arm around Tae’s shoulder. “I for one say no because it makes her look easy.”

           Tae glanced over at you and you blushed, pulling down your skirt so it wasn’t too revealing. He studied your outfit intently then smiled.

           "Leave it as it is. One more button should be reserved for someone special.“ he winked brightly, leaving both you and Jimin stunned.

           You giggled shyly as you fixed your hair while Jimin was scowling beside Taehyung. This guy was completely unpredictable to him.

           "What’re you here for?” You smiled.

           "Oh right.“ Tae gently placed a box beside your desk. "As a friendly, neighborly gesture, we’re giving you guys some wine and other costumes that we haven’t used in a long time but they’re in almost brand new condition! We only have girl dancers and it felt a shame to throw away all these guy costumes, so maybe you guys will be able to put it to good use.”

           Jimin opened the box excitedly and laughed as he held up silk vests and bow ties, “Oh wow.”

           His eyes glimmered mischievously. Ideas were already brewing in his mind. You and Tae glanced at each other and giggled. Jimin looked like a child opening up his Christmas presents.

           "Take it to the break room and divide it up with the other guys.“ You instructed, knocking on the table to snap Jimin out of his maniacal thoughts.

           "Yes ma'am.” He slapped Tae’s back affably. “Thanks bro.”

           Tae chuckled, “Anytime.”

           Before Jimin stepped behind the veil, he glanced over at you and Taehyung chatting happily. He pursed his lips and headed to the break room.

           Saturday rolled around and you had slipped on a silk red dress, which hugged all your curves well and accentuated your fit figure. It had a subtle v-cut at the front but dipped seductively low at the back. Jimin had asked you to dress classily seductive and well, that was your forte. You styled your hair up so that the back design of your dress was more obvious and embellished the look with simple silver, dangling earrings. You threw on your black trench coat and grabbed your packed bag, since you were going to be sleeping over at the hotel the party was being hosted in.

           Y/N: You better be wearing what I told you to wear. I will legitly leave you if you didn’t.

           Jimin chuckled as he read the message when he pulled up to your house. He hopped out and scurried to your doorstep, knocking a playful rhythm onto your door. You opened it, already anticipating his arrival and smiled, seeing that he was in fact, wearing the black on black attired that you liked on him and had shamelessly requested.

           "Perfect. Come here.“ You ushered him in and pulled something out of your purse.

           He furrowed his brows and you wiggled the silk red skinny tie in front of him.

           "I know you hate ties, but still.”

           "I don’t hate ties.“ he chuckled.

           "Okay, it just reminds you of your fantasies so you don’t wear them often, but make an exception today.” You handed it to him.

           He shook his head. “Put it on me.”

           "What? You can put on your own goddamn tie.“

           "If you’re forcing me to wear it, you have to put it on me.” he stated firmly.

           You exhaled and popped his collar, carefully pulling the tie over his head without ruining his styled hair. Expertly, you tucked it underneath his collar and pulled the knot up. The entire time, he was watching your concentrated expression intently. You caught his gaze and raised an eyebrow.

           "What?“ You blinked. "Is the make-up too much?”

           He shook his head and chuckled. “Just wondering how many guys you did this for to get so good at tying ties.”

           You laughed, “My mother died early on, remember? So I had to help my disheveled father out.”

           Jimin glanced at your sad smile as you patted down his tie.

           "Not too tight?“

           "Will you tighten it if I’m bad?” he smirked.

           "And there he is.“ You patted his cheek playfully. "Please go home Red Mask. I came to escort Jimin today.”

           He chuckled at your teasing. “Let’s go? I brought the expensive car today, just for you.”

           You grinned knowingly and nudged him, “The car that you never let anyone into?”

           "Well Hoseok has ridden in it cause he was there when we did the test drive.“

           "Eh.” You waved your hand nonchalantly. “That’s Hoseok. He doesn’t count.”

           You grabbed your things enthusiastically. “Let’s go! Woo!”

           He laughed as you scurried out before him. You had been begging him to drive you around ever since he had purchased it. He locked your door and followed you to his car, which you were marveling at with your mouth wide open and your eyes sparkling. He walked slowly to let you take pictures of it in awe, quite amused at your reaction.  

           You both arrived at the hotel and stepped out of the car, letting the valet take over from there. Jimin handed you the ticket for safe keeping and the present he was supposed to put up for the company Secret Santa raffle.

           "I swear Jimin. I hope this isn’t a sex toy.“ You chuckled as you shook the box skeptically.

           "What? Everyone secretly wants one for Christmas.” Jimin winked as he grabbed both of your bags from his trunk.

           "Well I hope Silver and Hobi get it.“

           "Oh no.” Jimin shook his head. “Hobi already has the one I gave him last Christmas.”

           "You suck at giving presents.“ You rolled your eyes.

           "Hey that large box of condoms was incredibly useful to you wasn’t it?” he giggled as you both made your way inside. “It’s a practical present. I put a lot of thought into it.”

           "Glow in the dark condoms are NOT fun for your information.“

           "No?” he chuckled. “I thought it was amusing.”

           You glared at him as he made his way to the front desk with an innocent smile plastered onto his face. You wondered how on Earth no one had figured out his true nature in the office. According to Silver though, he was completely different. You had seen his gentle side plenty of times before, but never for a prolonged period of time. It was usually in a public setting but he’d always shoot you a sneaky smirk or two when his conversation partner wasn’t looking.

           He handed the concierge your bags to place inside your room and grabbed the key card from them before returning to your side.

           "Here. I lose things.“ he handed you the key too and you shook your head, stuffing it into your purse along with the valet ticket. He pressed a gentle hand on your back and gestured in a certain direction. "Let’s go.”

           You followed his lead into a large decorated banquet hall. You had to squint with how bright it was when you stepped inside; blinded by the expensive things you would never be able to afford.  

           "Wow. It’s like a treasure chest in here.“ You giggled as you two found your assigned table.

           "People at the company are quite loaded.”

           You shook your head as you slipped your coat off, finally revealing your dress. Jimin’s jaw slackened as he took in your figure. You glanced over at him, feeling his gaze, and you smirked.

           "Does this suit your taste, Mr. Park?“

           Jimin bit his lip and stepped in front of you.

           "Makes me want to skip the party and get to that penthouse.”

           You laughed as you leaned forward, knowing his eyes were watching your every move. Smiling playfully, you reached around him so that your body brushed against his. His hands found its way to your waist to keep you from toppling over, but he stared at you expectantly as you didn’t break the eye contact as you moved closer to his face. He immediately chuckled as you lifted up the present that you had been reaching for.

           "Did I just make THE Park Jimin anticipate something?“ You batted your eyelashes. "I’m honored.”

           "You’re sneaky.“ he grinned as he released your hips so you could step back.

           "You seem to be losing your touch if something like that flustered you.” You smirked as you fixed up your dress.

           But before he could reply, you both heard a loud, congregated,  

           "MR. PARK!“

           A crowd of females hurried to greet him with bright, expectant eyes. You had to cover your face with the present you were holding to hide your amused smile.

           "Hey.” Jimin smiled warmly. “Great job on the decorations! It looks so festive.”

           "Really?“ They clearly hung onto his every word.

           Jimin nodded, "Thanks for taking up the hard work of decorating.”

           "No! Thank you, Mr. Park! We never dreamed we’d be having such an event until you came along.“ they cooed.

           "Yeah, Mr. Jung also turned around ever since you arrived!”

           Jimin laughed and scratched the back of his head, “I don’t think that was any of my doing.”

           "You also clean up very well, Mr. Park.“ Another complimented him, daring to get closer.

           You tried to slowly walk backwards, praying to go unnoticed from his crowd of fans and just go find Silver and Hoseok, but Jimin grabbed your wrist, causing you to stumble forward into his chest. They all gasped a little as he took the present you were hiding behind and revealed your face. They were finally aware of your presence.

           "Oh you must be Mr. Park’s girlfriend!” one of the co-workers clapped, as if a light bulb went off in her mind.

           "Oh n–“ You started but Jimin slipped his arm around your waist and grinned.

           "Yeah, we met in college and well, we’ve been together ever since.”

           "Aww how sweet!“ One of the females squealed and caressed your arm. "You’re gorgeous!”

           "Thanks…“ You blushed, a bit skeptic about the compliment, and glanced at Jimin, who was beaming at you proudly.

           The co-workers then excused themselves, and Jimin led you closer to the open bar.

           "I didn’t know I had been your girlfriend for that long.” You gasped playfully.

           "No?“ Jimin smirked as he watched the dance floor filling up slowly.

           You glared at him, "Alright, spill. Who did you sleep with here that you have to pretend to be taken?”

           Jimin laughed, “No one.”

           You squinted your eyes skeptically, and he caught your look.

           "I swear!“ he insisted. "Have I ever lied to you about who I sleep with?”

           You relaxed your gaze. “True. You’d have gloated right away.”

           "Exactly.“ Jimin turned and called out. "Two shots of vodka please.”

           He handed you one, which you accepted gratefully.

           "I separate work and play, Y/N.“

           "Except when you play for work.” You grinned as you raised your shot glass.

           "You know it.“ He pointed at you. "Which is why I had to become unavailable to them.”

           "Oh boy.“ You exhaled. "I’m going to need more shots.”

           You threw the shot back easily and bellowed.

           "One more over here!“

            Jimin laughed. "Pressured?”

           "If I have to pretend to be your girlfriend for the night, I’m going to need a little buzz.“      You finished your second shot as soon as it came.

           "I’m honored you need to be intoxicated to date me.” he chuckled.

           "Come on, Casanova.“ You smacked his butt. "Let’s show these ladies you’re happily taken. I can feel their judgment from here.”

           Jimin smiled, his eyes turning into those crescents you knew too well. He grabbed your hand as you led him to the dance floor. Hoseok and Silver slipped through the crowd to dance near you guys.

           "Psst. What’re you guys doing?“ Hoseok hissed.

           "Jimin, the playboy, apparently needs a pretend girlfriend so he won’t get tempted to sleep with his co-workers.” You whispered.

           Hoseok rolled his eyes while Silver shook her head disapprovingly.

           "He’s lucky I’m awesome.“

           "They’re already trying to judge when you two are going to break up.” Silver admitted. “I heard them gossiping. He could tell you weren’t super into him and he apparently deserves better. Sorry.”

           All four of you laughed.  

           "Eh, it’s okay. He’ll live with the temptation after I dump him.“ You teased.

           Jimin hummed and pulled you closer to his body. "Who said I was going to let you go?”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously. “How’re we supposed to pretend to be who we’re not?”

           Jimin grinned, “Who says we’re not convincingly attracted to each other?”

           "I do. I say we’re not.“ You retorted.

           "Well then, show me how you burlesque.” Jimin whispered into your ear.

           You chuckled and whispered in return, “Can you keep up?”

           Jimin felt shivers run up his spine as your leg climbed up his languidly while your arms wrapped around his neck. Grinning widely, he slid his hand up to the middle of your back to keep you from falling.

           "Who do you think I am?“ he chuckled.

           You fluttered your eyes at him. "Mr. Park…”

           Jimin’s eyes bore into yours expectantly.

           You leaned forward so that your lips were almost touching, “You can’t show your Red side here.”

           Your breath ghosted over his lips and he leaned forward to kiss you playfully, but you were a step ahead and distanced yourself with a smirk.

           "Play nice kids.“ Hoseok sighed then turned to Silver. "Let’s grab a drink.”

           "Sure.“ Silver smiled and they disappeared into the crowd.  

           "Mr. Park, you’re going to have to play nice.” You giggled as you danced lightly to the upbeat music. “Besides, this is our jam!”

           You bobbed your head and swayed your hips gently as you swung your hands side-to-side. Jimin cracked up at your silly dancing, but it really was one of the songs you both always went wild to.

           "Ah whatever.“

           He exhaled and he hopped around excitedly to the beat as you cheered him on. In no time, he and Hoseok were at the center of the dance floor, showing off their moves. You learned that they had notoriously had a short dance off during one of their company camping trips. You in turn told the DJ to turn on a song that you knew would heat the competition up more. Silver cheered on Hoseok excitedly while most of the other females were fanning themselves at the way Jimin was moving. Both of their bodies were fluid and their techniques skilled. You watched them proudly as you clapped and danced along.

           But you couldn’t lose to the guys so you dragged Silver to the bar and you both hopped on top of it, drawing the male co-workers to your side enthusiastically.

           "Sex is better when they’re jealous.” You whispered to Silver and winked at her.

           She smirked knowingly and you both began dancing sexily on top of the counter. The male hotel workers and the office workers were hooting and hollering at you two. You chugged down two more shots while you were up there so you felt your body slowly loosening up and getting lost in the music.

           In no time, Silver was dragged down by Hoseok and they disappeared from the party soon after. Jimin laughed at you yelling at the crowd to cheer and bounce to the song excitedly. He could visibly see the looks of judgment the female co-workers were giving you, not that you ever cared about what other people thought in the first place. That’s one of the things he admired about you.

           When you bent down to grab another filled shot glass, he slipped in and stole it from you, throwing it back.

           "Alright, come on, babe.“ he urged you down.

           You giggled and grabbed a hold of his hand as you jumped down into him. He caught you easily in his arms.

           "Geezus. I would’ve kept a closer eye on you if you were going to turn this into a strip club.” He laughed as he pushed the pieces of your hair that was sticking to your sweaty face away. “I would’ve gotten my dollar bills ready.”

           "I’m just trying to make sure they know I’m hott, and that you–“ You patted his chest, a little tipsy, and whispered. "You caught yourself a nice catch.”

           He chuckled, “Well I don’t know if that happened with the girls, but you sure as hell attracted my male co-workers. I’m sure they’re WELL aware you’re hott and a nice catch.”

           "Oh.“ You blinked then shrugged. "Eh. Close enough.”

           "No.“ He pulled you flush against him. "Cause now I have to make sure they know you’re MINE.”

           Your eyes widened as your faces were inches apart. Jimin smirked and whispered into your ear.

           "Now who’s losing their touch?“

           You rolled your eyes. "Well, Mr. Park. How does one pretend to be a loving couple?”

           He shook his head and chuckled, “I of all people wouldn’t know.”

           "But…“ he held your hand, "let’s at least have fun dancing, without trying to impress anyone.”

           You grinned and nodded.

           "Sounds perfect.“

           The night ended well. You danced and ate the entire time. Hoseok and Silver returned later on. You and Jimin teased them about how many times they had sex in that time period. It started an argument between them so you both slowly walked away, not wanting to get between that, although you both felt guilty about accidently starting it.

           So once the party officially finished, you and Jimin alone stumbled back to the penthouse suite he had booked.

           "Wahhh.” You exhaled as you finally kicked off your heels and laid on the couch. “That was fun.”

           "Seriously.“ Jimin found his way to the bed.

           "And!” You pointed. “Neither of us went home with strangers. This has got to be a first.”

           Jimin giggled.

           You groaned and rummaged through your bag for your pajamas. “I’ll change first.”

           "Hmm.“ Jimin mumbled, his face morphing into the bed relaxingly.

           "There’s no lock in this bathroom?” You commented as you noticed the sliding door.

           He peeked over and noticed you sliding the door shut and open worriedly. “Just change. I’m too tired to peep.”

           "That’s comforting.“ You rolled your eyes as you began changing hurriedly and taking off your make up. "Out of all the hotel rooms I’ve been to, this is the first without a lock.”

           "It’s cause couples stay here.“ Jimin mumbled.

           "But still.” You retorted as you stepped out in a sweatshirt and shorts while brushing your teeth.

           "Don’t blame the hotel.“

           "You’re right. I should be thankful to be housed in this mansion for a night.” You commented as you finished up your nightly routine.

           Jimin dragged himself out of bed and floated to the bathroom after you. You positioned yourself on the couch and covered yourself in the extra blankets while he changed. He came out just simply wearing sweatpants and ruffling his hair. Glancing at you in a bundled ball as you swiped through your phone nonchalantly, he exhaled.


           "What?” You hummed, not prying your eyes away from your phone.

           "Y/N. Get on the bed.“

           "No thanks, Chims.”

           "Y/N, get on the bed.“

           You glared at him skeptically. "You have alcohol in your system, sir.”

           "I’m not even drunk or anything. I should be far more afraid of you.“ he chuckled.

           You contemplated as he stared at you.

           "I promise I won’t try anything. I’m exhausted and just want to sleep.” Jimin exhaled. “And don’t flatter yourself.”

           You glanced at the bed. Its fluffiness was invitingly tempting.

           "Fine. It’s big enough so we have our sides anyway.“ You smiled as you slipped underneath the fort of blankets and rolled yourself in it.

           Jimin chuckled as he jumped in as well and turned to face you. "Hey.”

           "Hm?“ You hummed as you looked at him too.

           "Thanks for coming with me today.”

           You grinned, “A free penthouse hotel room, free food, open bar, good music. I think that’s just about equivalent payment for my presence.”

           He chuckled, reaching over to ruffle your hair.

           "Oh right.“ You remembered. "Did you know that down the street from Club Masquerade, there’s a place that hosts a Masquerade Ball every Friday?”

           Jimin scrunched his face, “Like as in fairytales?”

           "Well it starts off that way apparently, but they play club music and stuff as the night goes on.“

           "So guys dress up as Princes and grind on girls wearing huge ass ball gowns? Sounds like a lot of work.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Well ANYWAYS, my perfect match V wants to meet me there.”

           "At a BALL?“ He raised an eyebrow, skeptically and repeated. "At a masquerade ball?”

           "Yes, Jimin.“ You giggled. "It’s romantic, isn’t it?”

           "Are you going to wear a crown and wave your wand?“ Jimin teased and you shoved him.

           "Shut up. It’s going to be a cute meeting.”

           "Totally cute ~“ he mimicked in a high-pitched voice. "Do you even have a dress and stuff?”

           "Yeah.“ You rolled onto your back and stared at your ceiling. "I have the perfect dress.”

           Jimin observed as you closed your eyes and yawned.

           "Night night Chims.“

           "Night.” he hummed as he continued to watch you, until he too fell victim to his exhaustion.

            The next morning, Jimin’s eyes sprung open as he realized that someone was lying on his chest and his arms were wrapped around them. He tried to hurriedly recall the events of last night, wondering if he had ended up sleeping with someone. But when he remembered that you two had come back together, his body relaxed. He glanced down to find you resting peaceful in his embrace. He lifted his arms awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

           Slowly, you stirred. It took awhile for your eyes to adjust and realize the situation in front of you. You glanced up, unfazed by your close position, and shoved him away from you gently.

           "Well this is new.“ he laughed.

           "What?” You yawned. “Actually not having to leave after spending the night with someone?”

           Jimin chuckled as he fixed his hair. “Yeah. Didn’t expect it to be with you.”

           "Are you actually perverted 24/7?“

           He reached over and organized your disheveled hair too.

           "Only around you.” he giggled.

           "Lucky me.“ You stated dryly. "When do we have to check out?”

           "Mmm it’s still early. Wanna grab the complimentary breakfast?“

           You perked up. "Um YES. Why is that even a question?”

           Jimin laughed, “Well let me go put a shirt on.”

           "Nah. Just go like that.“ You teased. "Your female co-workers would probably faint on the spot.”

           He flirtatiously lifted his eyebrows and leaned over, “What about you?”

           "What about me?“ You retreated back a little.

           "Aren’t you the least bit attracted?” He glanced down at his toned chest and abs and wiggled the garter of his loose sweatpants.

           "Well tell me then…“ You chuckled as you revealed your exposed legs from beneath the blanket. "Aren’t you the least bit attracted?”

           His lips curled up, “It’s nothing new to me.”

           "Yeah same here.“ you laughed as you threw the blanket off you. "I’ll shower first.”

           "Can I join?“

           You smacked his face with a pillow as you got up. "No, Jimin.”

           "Why not?“ he whined cutely, as he watched you gather fresh clothes.

           You glared at him. "Don’t you dare barge into the bathroom, Park Jimin, or I’ll personally make sure you won’t be able to have sex in the next week.”

           "I wouldn’t dare.“ Jimin blinked innocently and you slid the bathroom door shut.

           You turned on the shower and crossed your arms, letting the water run and waiting. As you predicted, the door slid open a minute or two later, and you chucked a heavily wet towel at Jimin, causing him to fall backwards from its weight. You straddled his body as he coughed from the impact and threw the wet towel off of him.

           "What the hell?” he groaned.

           You stared down at him angrily, “What did I tell you?”

           He laughed, “I can’t believe you’re wasting water, Y/N!”

           "How do you want me to castrate you?“ You threatened.

           "Alright, alright. I won’t peek.” He put his hands behind his head and smiled. “I already got this nice view.”

           You rolled your eyes and slapped his bare chest hard in retaliation. He winced from the sting.

           "You know, in a different context that would’ve totally excited me.“

           "Would you like me to tie you somewhere Mr. Kinky?” You crawled off of him.

           "No thanks.“ he sensed your irritation and decided to stop his teasing. "I’ll be good.”


           You returned to the bathroom and Jimin slid the door slightly to see if he could get a glimpse, but his eyes were poked before they could even look in.

           "AHHH Y/N!” he yelled. “FUCK!”

           "MORE JIMIN! MORE!“ You teasingly moaned, as you shut the door again and finally hopping into the shower. "DON’T STOP!”

           Jimin rubbed his eye and laughed, “Don’t tempt me with your dirty talk!”

           "As if.“ You called out.

           V: You know, I hope this isn’t creepy or too soon. But I really want to meet you.

           Coffeegirl: It’s not creepy at all. I want to meet you too, V.

           You smiled as you re-read the messages.

           V: I hope this isn’t cheesy but you said you liked unique romantic gestures. I walked by a place that hosts Masquerade Balls every Friday.

           Coffeegirl: What? Seriously? That’s a thing?

           V: Right? I was surprised too! It’s been a thing at the place for a long time now! So I immediately thought of you when I found it.

           Coffeegirl: Aww V ~

           V: Would you like to go to a Masquerade Ball? *insert rose emoji*

           Coffeegirl: V, do you not have emojis?

           V: I can’t find them…

           Coffeegirl: LOL.

           V: Hopefully my lack of emojis won’t deter you from saying yes x)

           Coffeegirl: haha of course not, I’d love to go and I really do want to meet you.

           V: I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to hear your voice and your laugh, and if you totally think I’m awkward, please feel free to run away and leave your slipper behind.

           You giggled.

           Coffeegirl: Will you search the whole kingdom to find me?

           V: I found you once. I’m sure I’ll be able to find you again.

           Coffeegirl: I’ll look forward to receiving a real rose instead of that emoji then.

           V: You know I wouldn’t come empty handed to meet a beautiful lady ^_^

           Coffeegirl: But you don’t even know what I look like?

           V: You’re still beautiful just from getting to know your personality though!

           Suddenly your phone was ripped out of your hand, and Jimin who was munching on a piece of bread, scrolled through your messages.

           "Chims!” You groaned.

           He glanced at you amused while you pouted, embarrassed about your replies.

           "I’m about to upchuck my bread that was so gross.“ he teased.

           "Shut up.” You tried to reach for your phone.          

           But he continued scrolling, keeping it away from you.

           "Ooo ~ he loves animals. How cute. Family oriented, nice. Wowww wants a lot of kids.“ he wiggled his eyebrows. "Then he’s lucky your stamina is great in bed.”

           You punched his stomach and he groaned, conceding and handing you back your phone.

           "Seems like a super nice guy.“ He went back to munching as he rubbed the place you had hit him.

           "He does.” You smiled happily.

           "Not your type though.“ Jimin shook his head.

           "Well what I want may not be what I need.” You shrugged.

           Jimin hummed, “Interesting.”

           "What is?“

           "Well what if you don’t want what you need?” He glanced at you intently. “Will you still force it?”

           "No…“ You hesitated. "I don’t know. Well everything takes some give and take.”

           "Well I think,“ Jimin crossed his legs as he leaned against your desk. "you need to want the need this person is going to give you in order to want him.”

           You squinted your eyes at him, puzzled. “Okay, what?”

           Jimin’s lips curled up. “You’re going to have to want to change, Y/N. This V guy is looking to settle down. Are you?”

           You chuckled and stared straight at him, “Yes, I want to.”

           Jimin was a bit taken aback then he nodded, “Well then, that’s that.”

           He dusted the crumbs off his pants and bowed. “I wish you plentiful babies with your perfect match.”

           "You don’t believe me.“ You glared at him.

           He glanced at you amused, "Look Y/N. You like the bad guys because they were exciting and fun. I really wonder if you’re going to be able to give all that up to be committed. You’re just like me.”

           "I’m not like you Jimin.“ You snapped.

           "No?” He reached for a mint and popped it into his mouth.

           "Definitely not.“

           Jimin smirked and walked away as you stared at him angrily.

           You definitely weren’t like him. You knew this time was different. You were looking for something different than your previous guys. Someone much like V…or Taehyung for that matter.

           "Ahhh.” You groaned as you lay your head onto your desk, frustrated. To be honest, you were curious about both of them. Your emotional connection to V was undeniably yet your physical attraction to Taehyung was gnawing at you.


           You perked up as Tae stepped inside.

           "Tae!” You squeaked, a bit dizzy that the exact person you were thinking of appeared.

           "You didn’t open yet right?“ he looked around.

           "No, not yet.” You smiled. “What brings you here?”

           "No, I just missed you.“ he laughed. "Plus it gets a bit lonely manning the bars when we haven’t opened yet.”

           You blushed at how casually he confessed that he missed you. It was things like this that confused you. You knew he meant it sincerely, but what exactly was the significance behind it?

           "You said you and Chims had a Christmas party? How was that?“

           You blinked, "Chims?”

           "Oh sorry.“ Tae looked down timidly. "I hear you call him that sometimes and I thought it was a cute nickname…”

           You laughed, “Oh I don’t mind. I was just surprised you caught it.”

           Tae grinnned, his eyes smiling along with him. “I remember everything you say, Y/N!”

           "Can I ask you something?“ You tilted your head inquisitively.

           "Sure!” he jumped closer to you, excited that you were finally curious about him.

           "Why did you give me that flyer?“

           "Hmm…” he pondered. “Well like I said you were pretty and two…I guess I just felt a good aura around you…is that weird?”

           "A good aura?“

           He smiled, "Yeah. Like you’re a very warm and trusting person. But I also felt like you underestimate your potential and stay humble, but you’re ready to fight for something you want… which I really like.”

           You beamed. His answer melted you.

           "What aura does Jimin give off?“

           "Mmm he’s a bit confusing.” Tae hummed, thinking about it deeply. “I feel like he’s still kind of lost, you know? I could definitely sense that he’s sweet, but it’s like he’s suffocating that part of him.”

           You chuckled, “Sounds about right.”

           Tae giggled, “Then I’m definitely not wrong about you either.”

           You looked down at your hands hesitantly.


           "Hm?” he tilted his head cutely.

           "Do you think people can change?“

           "Y/N.” he grabbed your hand gently as you glanced up at him. “I think people can grow.”

           You smiled at each other.

           The day of your first meeting with V soon arrived, and for the most part, you had planned out everything you needed to in advance.  

           "What’re you wearing?“ Jimin snickered into the phone as you put him on speaker.

           You exhaled as you roamed your room, gathering your things together. "Are you serious, Chims?”

           "What?“ he giggled.

           "I am going on a date today. I don’t have time to play with you.” You threw off your clothes and slipped into dark blue velvet floor length dress with a high leg slit that rested right about your thigh.

           "You’re wearing your favorite blue dress, aren’t you?“ he grinned as he lay on his bed.

           You glanced around skeptically, "Did you install cameras in my room when you slept over?”

           "Am I right?“

           "You’re a creep.” You rolled your eyes as you finished zipping yourself up.

           "You wear that to every important occasion so I’m not surprised. Oh, also put your hair up.“


           "Guys go crazy for exposed necks.“

           "I’m going to just pull my hair over to one side. I don’t want to look too formal.”

           "What mask are you wearing?“

           "My favorite gold one.” You grinned as you grabbed it from your shelf.

           "This V fellow won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.“

           "That’s the plan.” You smiled as you threw on a few simple accessories.

           "Don’t go having babies now.“

           "Don’t worry.” You smirked. “I’m always classy.”

           "Facetime me so I can seee.“ Jimin whined as he rolled around his bed.

           "Seriously? You’re just going to say something dirty.” You stated, but switched to Facetime anyway.

           Jimin pressed his face closer to his phone as if it would give him the ability to see you better. You cracked up as his face filled up your screen.

           "Jimin. This is not a telescope.“

           He moved back and grinned.

           "Guaranteed. V will drop his balls when he sees you.”

           You smiled gently, “Thanks Jimin.”

           "Also, I’ll have my phone on me in case he’s a creeper.“ He stared at you seriously.

           You laughed, "You’ll be the first I call.”

           "Good.“ he grinned. "Have a good time…but not too good.”

           You snorted, “Bye Chim-Chim.”

           Afterwards, you quickly sent a picture of your mask and outfit to V so that he’d be able to find you and then a silly one to Silver to represent your excitement and nervousness.

           You sighed as you scrolled through your phone. You had been sitting by the bar, rejecting guys who asked you to dance and if you come alone tonight. V wasn’t super late, but you felt a bit awkward waiting alone. He hadn’t texted you yet, so you reassured yourself that he was probably driving.

           You took the time to glance around. It was a club, but decorated with Renaissance era antiques. There was a grand staircase, which you weren’t sure where it led to, and there was a big chandelier in the center of the dance floor.

           You didn’t think a lot of people were going to follow the dress code seriously, but you were surprised to find the guests donning extravagant ball gowns and three piece suits with coattails. A few wore small crowns and others wore large wigs like they did in the olden days. It was intriguing and awe-inspiring. It really felt like you had been sucked into a classical romantic movie, and now all you needed was for your Prince Charming to come find you.


           Someone greeted and you smiled as you spun around, praying it wasn’t someone else hitting on you.


           "Have you been waiting long?“

           A man wearing a Maroon mask bowed and pulled a rose out from behind him suavely, and your grin immediately widened.

           It was him.

           You shook your head, "I was just taking in the view.”

           His lips curled up as he stared at you deeply, “Now it’s my turn to take in the view.”

           You blushed.

           "You wanna dance?“ he asked timidly.

           You nodded as you placed the rose inside your clutch. He held his hand out to you, and you slipped yours into his gently. Leading you right beneath the chandelier, he tightened his hold on your hand and placed the other on your waist cautiously. Since a slow song was playing, you both swayed back and forth, at a loss for words.

           "I can’t believe you’re here right now.” You tried to hide your giddiness and racing heart.

           His hands were warm and your hip tingled at the feeling of his touch. He smiled and continued to lead you in the slow dance mannerly. There was a small space between your bodies that seemed like he didn’t want to cross just yet.

           You weren’t sure what to talk about. All the topics you had planned out seemed to disappear as soon as he was in front of you. But the silence wasn’t awkward. It was comfortable, like you both were simply content listening to the music and having each other’s presence.

           Which you were.

           "You look beautiful.“ he whispered as he placed his cheek on your temple, closing the distance a bit.

           You smiled as you shut your eyes, letting yourself revel in his warmth and closeness. How long had it been since someone you dated just held you without any other thoughts or ideas?

           You heard him humming sweetly, the vibrations of his voice were felt on your skin, and you chuckled.

           "Ah there it is. The laugh I wanted to hear.”

           You fluttered your eyes up at him as you stepped back a bit. He titled his head a bit, questioning you actions, and your hands answered by traveling around his neck. A gentle smile formed on his face as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

           "I was really nervous about coming tonight.“ You admitted as you studied the designs on his Maroon mask.


           "Well, I had a lot of expectations of how it would turn out to be and then I had a lot of fears at the same time…that I would be disappointed.“

           He moved a stray hair away from your eyes. "Are you disappointed?”

           You looked down at his lips then into his eyes, and shook your head. “Not at all… Are you?”

           "I’m dancing with a beautiful girl under a nice, expensive chandelier to one of my favorite classic songs. What is there to be disappointed about?“

           You giggled, "It’s one of my favorites too.”

           He smiled gently as you both continued to sway.

           Suddenly, the music changed into a more upbeat vibe and immediately, you turned yourself around to start moving your body to the song. He was a bit taken aback by your abrupt change but soon followed your lead, keeping his hands on your hips. Every time you tried to back up, he maintained a respectful distance between you two.

           For some reason, that made you fall even harder for him, but it also made you crave more. After a few attempts at trying to grind, you spun around so that you two were face-to-face and you could see that he was alarmed. You grinned as you grabbed his arms to pull him closer to you.

           "Are you afraid of me?“

           He shook his head. "I just didn’t want to do anything you didn’t…”

           You closed the distance and pressed against him, “I don’t mind…if it’s with you.”

           He smiled and you were soon flush against his body. Finding a mutual rhythm, your hips moved along with his sensually. You had had a few shots in your system, but you knew it wasn’t the alcohol. The best way you knew how to communicate was through your body, and his gentle actions increased your desire for him tenfold, so as you pushed even closer to the hardness that you felt in his pants. He gripped your waist worriedly. He soon loosened it as you maintained a seductive eye contact with him, trying to tell him this was what you wanted. Your hand traced his mask, down to the side of his face softly, and he closed his eyes, taking in your touch. You leaned forward, no longer wanting to restrain yourself from finding out how he kissed and how his lips felt on yours. But he pulled back a little and tensed. You opened your eyes.

           "What’s wrong?“

           "Well…we haven’t done this before…”

           "Well of course not. We just met.“ You chuckled then you looked down shyly. "Am I going too fast for you?”

           He shook his head and cupped your face. “Not at all…”

           Slowly, he opened his mouth and captured your lips sweetly.

           And God did he know how to kiss.

           Although his movements were hesitant, they were slow and breathtaking as you both tried to study each other. You pulled his head down so you could deepen the kiss, and you both stumbled back, laughing into the kiss. He stepped forward as you walked backwards, your lips still locked together. You trusted him and he guided you to a wall, gently placing a hand on the back of your head so you didn’t get hurt from the impact. That made you lunge at him more passionately and immediately, tongues became involved. 

           Your hands immediately roamed down his chest and pulled his waist closer to the heat pooling in your lower abdomen. You grinded into his hardness and he groaned. The vibration reached your mouth as you both continued to kiss and it excited your senses even more. You nipped at his lip hungrily and you both paused to stare at each other, catching your breath; bodies still touching dangerously. You were drawn to this man in front of you and you weren’t sure if this was going to scare him off, but you decided to speak your mind anyway.

           "I need you.“

           You whispered, ghosting your breath over his lips.

           "What?” he blinked; you could tell he was a bit worried, but also anticipating.

           Your hand found its way to his bulge and you traced the outline aggressively. His breath hitched as you did so and you repeated yourself, more firmly this time.

           "I need you.“

           His lips crashed into yours immediately and you welcomed the vigor. His hands were soon caressing all your curves and you exhaled needily as he began kissing your neck. You threaded your fingers through his hair as you continued to grind into him.  

           "Follow me.”

           He breathed into your neck and you nodded. Gently, he took your hand and led you away from the crowd, into one of the lounges.

           "Don’t get me wrong.“ he breathed as he took out the key. "I had gotten one just in case we wanted to talk without the blaring music.”

           You giggled.

           The door opened and he awkwardly stepped in. You shut the door behind you and smirked at him playfully.

           "Come here.“ You called as you leaned your back onto the door.

           He licked his lips and slid towards you. As soon as he was close enough, you pulled his tie down and captured his lips hungrily. His hands found its way to your ass and he gave it a light squeeze. Immediately, you wrapped that leg around and heaved him closer to you. Your panties were damp already from anticipation and you needed friction. Judging from how hard he was, he needed it as well.

           You moaned into his mouth as you rubbed yourself onto him, and he groaned, trying to control his urge.

           "Don’t fight it.” You breathed on his lips. “I want you.”

           He bit your lower lip, full of desire. You grabbed his shoulders and spun around, pinning him to the door. He was taken aback, but before he could react or speak, your hands were rubbing his clothed cock as you intensely gazed at him, checking to see if your forwardness was scaring him off. Contrastingly though, you felt yourself getting wetter as he was heaving under your touch, his hips circling to meet your hands.

           "Oh my god.“ he breathed as he grabbed your hand and pressed it harder onto him.

           "Can I?” You fluttered your lidded eyes at him and he glanced at you questioningly.


           You unbuckled his belt easily with one hand, while you continued to please him with your other.

           "Ah fuck.” he cursed and your lips curled up happily.

           You dropped his pants and latched your tongue onto the outline of his cock without hesitation.


           "I like it when you curse.” You smirked as your hand slid underneath his shirt to trace his lower abdomen playfully.

           "Fuck, how are you so good.“ he hissed.

           You glanced up arrogantly, "Baby, I haven’t even started yet.”

           He stared at you eagerly as you climbed back to come face to face with him. His eyes were burning holes into you with lust and desire, and you reveled in the feeling. Swiftly, you stuffed your hands inside his boxers and swallowed his gasp by kissed him. He squirmed as you massaged his dick inconsistently. You would do it for a bit then focus on kissing him senselessly then return to it.

           "You’re teasing.“ he breathed.

           You smirked. "What do you want from me?”

           He stared at you. You slipped your hand out of his boxers and he hissed at the loss of contact.

           "I won’t know what you want me to do unless you tell me.“

           You wanted to hear him beg. You wanted him to tell you he wanted you a certain way. But something seemed to change in him and he smirked back at you.

           "First, my princess.” he caressed your face. “I want you out of that dress.”

           You turned around and lifted your hair up, “You’ll have to get me out of it then.”

           He growled as his gaze was now directed at your exposed neck. Slowly, his hands lay on your waist and he peppered sweet yet passionate kisses down the side of your neck. You sighed and melted into him. In the midst of pleasuring you, his hands found your zipper and pulled it down hurriedly. He slid down your straps, nipping at your neck even more fervently. Your dress fell to the floor and this time, you lunged at him, sucking at his neck expertly. His hands roamed your newly exposed skin, addicted to how soft it felt. He pulled at your underwear playfully and you began walking away, a flirtatious smirk on your face. He watched intently as you crawled onto the bed seductively.

           You lay on your side, displaying your assets that were teasingly hidden by your coordinated black bra and panties. Biting your lip and staring at him, you stuck your index finger into your mouth and sucked on it. His eyes were mesmerized and locked on you as you traced your cleavage with your wet fingers. Languidly, you moved down to your underwear and stroked yourself gently. Swiftly, he marched over and grasped your hand to stop you, and crashed his lips into yours.

           Using the element of surprise, you pushed him into the bed and straddled him, grinding into his hardness. His hips immediately bucked up into you and you moaned. Quickly, your fingers unbutton his shirt and you licked down his torso as you gazed at him with a lustful expression. You felt his dick twitch into your chest as you got closer and he groaned.

           "Still don’t want to tell me what you want?“ you smirked.

           "I want to cum in your mouth.”

           You shook your head. “Please let me cum in to your mouth.”

           "Please.“ he urged.

           "Then be good.”

           He nodded breathlessly.

           "Keep your hands behind your head.“ You ordered and he immediately followed.

           The need was throbbing so much that it was starting to become painful, but still, you weren’t quite satisfied with his begging. Your hands began to trace the skin around his crotch. You playfully caressed his inner thighs, pressing prolonged kisses against his hips, and toyed with the skin above his dick by drawing gentle circles. He writhed underneath your touch, his body begging for more. You knew what he wanted, but you wanted him disheveled, about to come undone with just a simple touch. You smacked his thighs gently to scold him and he stopped his squirming. His breathing was getting more shallow and his hands were curling into the sheets.

           "So needy.” You smirked as you kissed his still clothed cock. It was straining so much that you were afraid it would spring out of his boxers on his own. You crawled over him and smiled.

           "I’ll let you touch one thing.“ You whispered as you pulled down your bra. "Which do you want to touch?”

           Breathlessly, he began massaging one of your breasts and your face contorted into one of pleasure, which only served to escalate his want.

           "Harder.“ You moaned and he groaned as he thumbed your nipple. "Faster.”

           He obliged then as he was getting into a rhythm, you pulled away. His breath hitched with anticipation as you kissed his neck sweetly.

           "You almost got punished.“ You hissed into his ear and he shivered.

           "Please.” he begged. He bucked his hip up and flipped you over so that he was now on top of you. He rolled into you and you breathed pleasurably, which encouraged him. As he grinded into you, your leg slowly made its way up his thigh and his arms weakened. Your hands wrapped around him and tugged down his boxers slightly.

           "You’re close aren’t you?“ You mused.

           He couldn’t do anything but close his eyes and pant heavily, resting his head onto your chest. You knew he needed a release so you grabbed his hands and guided him to massage your breasts. He slowly began kissing and sucking at your neck, and you quickly pried his hands off of you.

           "I’ll give you what you need.”

           He glanced at you desperately, and you smiled gently to reassure him.

           "On your back.“

           Gently, he obeyed and you climbed on top of him, sweetly kissing him, his hands once again finding its way to your waist and to your boobs. You grinded into his clothed cock as you continued to swirl your tongue against his. The kisses soon became more sloppy and heated. Feeling that he was close, you bit his lip and pulled off his boxers. His cock sprung up. You covered your hands with pre-cum and immediately began rubbing his dick. Your hands moved quickly and slickly since he was dripping immensely already.

           "Ah fuck.” He groaned and you sped up. You used your other hand to massage his balls, and that sent him over the edge. You continued your rhythm, letting him ride out his orgasm, as you whispered repeatedly, “You’re cumming so well for me baby boy. Keep going.” Your words only made him fuck your hand harder, until he was out of breath and in a daze.

           "Holy shit.“ he breathed, at a loss.

           You grinned and climbed over him, carefully, trying not to touch his sticky mess. Gently, you pressed a soft kiss on his lips.

           "You’re welcome.”

           You rolled the sheets and cleaned him up as he tried to catch his breath.

           "What about you?“ he questioned.

           You glanced at him, a mischievous glint in your eye. "If I didn’t completely scare you off and you want to see me again, we’ll see how things go.”

           You winked as you chucked the stained sheets to the corner of the room and threw his pants at him.

           "I suggest you go commando, because your boxers are soaked.“

           "Damn.” he pressed his head into the stack of pillows, amazed. “What the fuck was that?”

           Your lips curled up, your heart welling up at his genuine awe.

           As you were about to leave the bed, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you down. His lips found its way to yours and kissed you passionately, making you dizzy. He used your astonishment to climb down so he was face level with your wetness. He flicked his tongue out and you moaned. Playfully, he licked your inner thighs and the crease between your hip bone and legs. It was your turn to be out of breath and needy. His fingers stroked you gently through your panties, until you were pressing down to meeting it instinctively. Then he pulled away, grinning from ear to ear.

           You looked at him desperately as he whispered onto your lips.

           "Let’s meet again then.“

           You swallowed and he chuckled, rolling off the bed. He jumped into his pants and began buttoning up his shirt.

           "Where?” You questioned curiously.

           "Here seems like a nice spot.“ He teased cheekily as he straightened up his Maroon Mask.  

            You giggled as you got up from the bed. You felt his eyes on you as you walked over to the dress he had discarded by the door. Teasingly, you bent down and locked gazes with him. He bit his lip as you slipped into your dress slowly, milking the sight of your exposed skin. Walking over, he zipped you up as he peppered your back with kisses as he did so. He got to your neck and nipped at it, not wanting to leave the room. 

            You turned to face him and immediately, your lips and tongues were battling it out once more, fighting for dominance. He gripped at your wrists so you couldn’t tease him with your hands but your foot playfully stroked his. The slit of your dress exposed your thigh and he released one of your hands so that he could pull your leg up by his waist to trace your skin beneath it.

            You smiled into the kiss excitedly. Both of you were trying to tease each other in order to leave a more lasting impression. Your heart raced. Did you even have that in common?

           You both separated, out of breath.

           "We’ll meet again.” You whispered.

           He simply nodded and you stepped out of the room, glancing back at the Maroon masked man, completely smitten. He was giving you a lopsided grin in return, his eyes also expressing intrigue. You gave a shy smile and disappeared into the crowd, making your way to the exit.    

          Your night didn’t go as you had expected it to.

           It was exceeded your expectations.

            So you were on cloud nine when you finally got to your house. Hurriedly, you changed and curled into your bed, squealing like it was your first time doing any of that. But it felt like the first time; it was different. It was electrifying and exciting. You didn’t completely lead it and he didn’t completely give in to you either. You hadn’t really experienced such an unpredictable time before and it astonished you.

            You stared at the rose you had placed in a vase on your bedside table and smiled.

           V was absolutely perfect.      

           Taehyung arrived at his place and whipped out his phone, hurriedly typing something into it as he took off his suit and tie.

           You immediately shot up from your bed as text from V came in; your eyes widened at the message.

           V: I’m so sorry I didn’t get to make it tonight. I had a sudden work emergency and my phone ran out of battery. Sucky timing, omg. I’M REALLY SORRY! I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU!

           V: Did you end up staying and having a good time anyway?

           V: You looked beautiful in the picture you sent me by the way. I’m beating myself up that I didn’t get to see you in person.

            You stared at the texts in horror.


           Jimin whistled happily as he pressed in the pass code of his apartment. He hung his coat and didn’t even flinch when Hoseok appeared in his hallway.

           "Where have you been?“ His best friend questioned. "I tried calling you, but you didn’t answer so I let myself in.”

           "It’s all good.“ Jimin grinned nonchalantly.

           "Wait… why’re you dressed like that?” Hoseok glanced at his attire curiously. “Where the hell did you go?”

           Jimin smirked as he lifted the Maroon Mask off his face.

           "I went to a fucking ball.“


anonymous asked:

Hi hun~ hope you're doing wonderful! So, I always wanted to know why Amy boom doesn't show her feelings to sonic, so I have this little head canon that there was a moment when she decided to stop following Sonic around and start acting more grown up, but, Sonic not necessarily likes the change. I would like to see you write something with that. sorry if is not clear enough :P but you can do whatever you want with it, I just want to read some Sonamy boom. You are an incredible writer <3

I have my own theories on that, where Amy figures Sonic’s ‘cool-guy attitude’ means he’s not interested, when he may actually just be doing his version of ‘flirting’.

But I like this idea and I’ll go with it ;) I think Modern Sonic would get a bit suspicious if Amy stopped being so ‘doting’ on him and wonder if he upset her. So this kind of ‘worry/concern’ or ‘did I do something wrong?’ (supposing he noticed, lol!) could transfer over in hilarious ways to Boom!Sonic. Since… he’s technically a ‘chibi’ version of Sonic, as in he emotes WAY MORE than Modern Sonic usually allows for his emotions to be expressed.

(x) this is so cute xD


Sonic was snoozing off in his hammock, not really stressing as it was a warm day and some light was hitting his body just right while the rest of his face was laid in shadow.

Jumping into his dreams, we find him having more of a ‘replayed memory’ type of dream, where Amy, looking very nerdy with glasses, was doting on Sonic as he posed and seemed to arrogantly be looking over his bandages.

“There gonna be the new sensation.” he turned his hand back and forth, admiring his fashion sense, before frowning to her as she fawned.

“You’re so cool, Mr. Sonic~” she lifted a leg up, blinking her big eyes as he looked away, looking less than interested.

“Right, well. Of course, I’m Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“Right! And I’m-”

He put a finger to her mouth.

“Not important. Look, you gotta go… what? Study something, right?”

“U-uh,… archaeology, Mr. Sonic.” She pushed her dorky glasses up.

“Heh, sounds neat. PFft. Anyway, catch ya later!”

She frowned as he raced off, before looking angry and taking her glasses off.

“I’ll show him! Hah!” she threw her glasses down and smashed them, storming off as Sonic passed Tails, also having braces and looking very dorkish.

“Wow! It’s Sonic!”

“Ugh, I’d rather be caught dead than have nerds as friends!” He rolled his eyes.

Sonic woke up, in a bit of a shock, before rubbing his eyes and looking down.

“Wow, I really was a jerk back then!” he moved his feet off the hammock, and let his hands and head hang down a moment. “…I really shot her down… didn’t I?” He scratched the back of his head.

Then an idea popped back into his head. “Hang on…” he tilted his head up, perking his ears slightly. “If she doted on me once…” he looked to the window, before darting over to a scrapbook and opening it up, “Good thing Amy randomly makes these things for us.” He looked at a page she organized and saw a picture of them younger, her having drooped eyes up at him while he made an epic pose and tried to be the center of the picture.

He tightened his mouth’s line, and then smirked, closing the book.

“You can never get over your first love…~” he turned to bounce his eyelids and then took off.

Sprucing himself up, he thought he looked pretty good, but Amy would just walk passed him, under the impression he was just being a little weirder today, and continued her chores and other such things.

He tried to first help her fetch water from a well, but while trying to impress her, fell in and had to have Sticks bark to Amy that he was stuck.

The next time he tried helping with groceries, but he had carried too many and the bags all broke, causing Knuckles to follow the trail of food and eat all that she had bought.

The last straw was when Amy was trying to sunbathe, and he was so bored just laying down that he tried to entertain her, but ended up kicking sand all over her. To make matters worst, he brought out a boombox and started dancing, trying to show off that way and get Amy to fawn on him again. But according to Sticks, Sonic’s ‘ancient rain dance’ had sparked the storm of a century, and the gang all huddled in Amy’s home, as Tails freaked out with thunder and would crawl deeper into the huddled bunch, shivering.

“This is all my fault.” Sonic looked away, admitting it for once.

“Sonic? Are you okay? For one, you don’t admit you’re mistakes THAT easily, and two, you’ve been trying to do nice things for me, which is CLEARLY against the natural order unless you’re naturally in trouble. So what gives? Why have you been tormenting me all day?!” Amy was on the other side of him, across from Knuckles, Tails’s twin tails since his head was pushed further into the couch, and Sticks.

“I.. I just missed the old days, alright?!”  he looked away, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Old days? What are you talking about?” Amy blinked in confusion, as Knuckles laughed.

“Old days? Haven’t we always been this age?”

One of Tails’s tails whacked him on the side of his face.

“Ouch! Hey..”

“I don’t understand.” Amy looked more concerned now.

Sonic sighed, growing frustrated under the blanket that they were all using to dry off and keep warm.

“You… you thought I was so cool back then! Everything I did had no flaw, no blemish… all of a sudden, all you ever do is point out my flaws, where I trip up at, where I don’t measure up to your ‘perfect’ image or whatever.” he looked away, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, before looking…. kinda hurt.

“I just wanted to be liked again.”

Everyone but Tails looked over at him, but Tails’s tails did turn as if heads, as all eyes looked perplexed by his confession.

“Oh, Sonic.” Amy smiled, bending her own eyelids back to show more fondness in them, a tender look of love. “We barely knew each other back then. There are way more things I like about you now!”

“There are?” he turned back, before getting freaked out by everyone staring at him.

“Oi! Get your own conversation!”

Everyone immediately turned to one tail of Tails’s, and started conversing and talking about odd and in things to them, as they also pretended to move around and speak as well.

Then thunder hit and Knuckles, Tails’s tails, and Sticks all ducked under the blanket, leaving Amy and Sonic having some privacy.

“Well, now that we’re alone.” Amy sarcastically stated, making a funny face. She giggled, “I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Sonic. I usually don’t. But You’re much more caring about your friends then you were before. You accept us the way we are, and you always do your best to keep us safe and happy.” she beamed, and Sonic felt pretty good about himself for a second, even closing his eyes to motion his head up, taking in the praise.

But then his eyes blinked and he looked away, “But you… um…” he shifted his eyes to her, and then back away.

Eyes peeked up from the blanket.


They ducked under.

“Sheesh.” Sonic shook his head, looking upset by their ‘rudeness’ before clearing his throat and gesturing to her, still being a bit shy.

“You don’t act like you used too… still.” he looked away, folding his arms and ducking his head, a bit insecure on asking why that was.

“…Oh, um.” Amy turned nervous, giggling slightly and twiddling her fingers. “W-well, I’ve grown up, Sonic… I… I may not always show it as much as I ‘regrettably’ used too but I… I still… well,-”

The team all peeked up again.


The gang ducked their heads as Knuckles’s fists came up and bonked Tails on the head from underneath the blanket.

“I told you that was less than 5!”

“Sticks bumped it and it was reset! I had to start it up again from my best estimate!”

The thunder strikes again.


Tails dug up cushions and hid under them as the two sighed beside him.

“Go on.” Sticks stated from under the blanket. “Our apologies.”

Amy and Sonic looked back up to each other, and then away as Sonic folded his arms, looking nervous as Amy played with one of her quills, stroking it down and sucking her lips in.

“…Alright, I kinda… I feel bad about how I treated you back then.”

“How you treated us all..” Tails muttered, as Sonic glared.



“Thank you.” he looked back to Amy, “But I honestly don’t want you acting any way, shape, or form out of who you naturally are! I’m sorry for making you feel you had to ‘grow up’ but I just want you to know that-”

Amy suddenly placed a hand on his mouth, smiling, “…Not important.” she winked, “Thank you, Sonic. But it wasn’t completely you that made me want to change. I grew up without you influencing it. Haha!” she laughed and then lowered her finger, pushing against his chest playfully.

“I wanted to change. And I’m glad I did.”

“..But..” Sonic pouted, looking away. “You don’t … react the same way around me as you used too.”

“Hehe, why? Want me to start cuddling up to you again?” Amy teased, moving closer and blinking her eyes a lot.

He scooted back, “N-not a chance!”

She laughed, leaning back. “Then I think I’ll stay just the way I am!”

He sighed, before giving in and nodding, scratching the back of his head. “But I think… I may want to change now… just a bit. You know,… for even more untapped levels of awesomeness to be expressed.” he chilled back, going back to his usual self as Amy wondered what that could mean.

Was he going to change for her?


The three all threw the blanket off, gasping for air.

“Oh boy.” Tails tapped out, leaning back with his stopwatch. “I didn’t know how long I could take the heat anymore.”

“Your tails are too hot!” Sticks kicked them away, growing as they flopped around before Tails withdrew them back around him.

“Eh-heh. Sorry.” he looked apologetic before the rain dissipated.

“Hey! It’s sunny again!”

The gang turned around, but as everyone looked outside, Sonic looked to Amy, who felt eyes on her and turned to look at him.

The two smiled.

The New Guy

(These gifs belong to @mypapawinchester)

Request: okay but like if anything can you write a gay fic with a male oc? Negan, Ike, Patrick, Max I don’t really care. 😬 

Word Count: 1.6kish

A/N: I really hope this is something along the lines that you wanted anon…I went about as far as I could..I really hope you enjoy!! Also, thank to @jeffreydeanneganstrash for editing this!!

Characters: Max, August, James 

Warnings: None..Max x Male OC..

“As you can see, this apartment has plenty of space for you to have a place to write your stories and stuff,” August told James as he showed him the empty apartment. The lay out was much to James’ liking. He liked the spacious kitchen that had a nice island in the middle. He liked the hardwood floors that were laid through the apartment except in the kitchen and bathroom. 

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That’s What I Like to Hear (BvS Lex Luthor Imagine) (Part 1 of 2)

Summary: (Female!)Reader works at LexCorp, gets invited to a masked ball fundraiser… and ends up with a new position? 

Word count: ~1.3k

Warnings: Language, alcohol use, mild violence (?), Lex being weird (lol) 

A/N: This is a really self-indulgent two-part Lex Luthor x Reader imagine that I’ve been working on for a while. Thank you so much to @shallowjaney for reading this and giving me feedback. More feedback/thoughts are always welcome- I hope you enjoy! 

(Gifs are mine.) 

You didn’t dislike your job at LexCorp, but it certainly wasn’t your dream job. Instead of being one of the “hip” software developers or engineers who spent their time in the airy, spacious “offices” upstairs, you were a statistics grunt, spending your days running regressions on regressions, Chi-squares and t-tests… And your office was down in the basement. Your small department had a couple of tiny windows, but the majority of the light hitting your eyes on a regular basis came from your computer screen. You knew that Lex Luthor knew that your department existed—all of you always had fresh coffee and the mail was always delivered to the basement on time—but you hardly ever saw him. When your fingers tapped the inside of your mailbox in the break room and unexpectedly found an official-looking black envelope, it had been about six months since you’d had any real interaction with anyone from upstairs.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an awkward moment with the bmp guys with the mc. Like if they weren't in a relationship. Maybe the awkward moment would be mc swinging her arms around for some reason and hits the prince's crouch etc.

AHAHAHAHa! Another one that made me laugh out loud ^ ^ haha, you guys never fail to cheer me up <3



Wilfred: It was just a normal day. Another outfit fitting when, *CRASH* You tripped over some fabric and landed on the floor with a thud. When you looked up, trying to regain your senses, you heard someone clear their throat uncomfortably and realized that you had somehow managed to push Wilfred down in the process and was leaned against him, barely sitting up. “Oh! S-Sorry Your Highness-” But something wasn’t right. His cheeks were tinged with an unusually bright pink…and he was staring at your hand…so when you looked down, you realized that your hand was not leaning on the ground…but on his crotch. Almost immediately, you jumped back, feeling the blood rush to your cheeks. “S-Sorry Your Highness!!”

Keith: One second you were discussing designs, and the next thing you knew, the two of you were somehow lying on the sofa from the fall with Prince Keith lying on top of you. “Hmm…?” Keith murmured…”S-Something…soft…” He looked up to see that you were bright red. “H-Hey, don’t misunderstand! I just tripped ok?!” But you said nothing. You were too busy focusing on his two hands…resting on your breasts. “Um…Y-Your Highness?” Now that you had his attention, you motioned to where his hands were and watched as realization hit him in the form of a bright red flush.

Roberto: “Woah!” he laughed as the two of you went tumbling to the floor. “Mmmmf!” Your eyes widened in surprise as you felt his lips press against yours after the fall. You could tell that he too was in shock from the gasp that escaped his lips. Pulling away, you touched the back of your hand to where his mouth had met yours (a/n geez this is getting stereotypical -.-), a faint blush rushing to your cheeks as you looked away. Suddenly, you heard a low chuckle and looked back to find Roberto…laughing. “Y-Your Highness?!” “Aww come on my dear! You should’ve known that this was inevitable!” “I-Inevitable?!” Seeing your shocked expression, he laughed even harder. “Oh come on! No need to look so serious! I’m just joking my dear!” His words brought relief washing over you in a refreshing wave when, “…Or am I?~”

Joshua: “Oh come on Your Highness! Look how beautiful the scenery is!” In a moment of enthusiasm, you spun around, breathing in the fresh air…and inadvertently hitting Joshua in the balls. In almost an instant, he had doubled over in pain. “Y-Your Highness! I’m so sorry! Are you ok?!” You rushed to him immediately, the colour draining from your face as his face turned red in pain. “Jan! I should go find Jan!” And so you ran off in a flurry of embarrassment and desperation.

Glenn: It was just a normal day, you had finished addressing Prince Glenn about your latest design and was ready to leave when, “Oh Mum, wait-” Silence. The sheer awkwardness that had settled between the two of you was unbearable until you decided it would be best to just leave. “W-Well, if that is all Your Highness…” Curtsying briefly towards the door, you hurried out of the room, leaving his bright red face behind you.

Edward: “…have the weekend off my dear _______,” Your eyes opened wide at his words. “Really?!? I can?!” He nodded kindly at you as you felt a warm feeling rush through your body. “Thank you Your Highness! I’m so happy I could almost kiss yo-” Realizing what you were about to say, the blood rushed to your cheeks and you looked away immediately. “I-I mean, thank you Your Highness! I’ll be sure to work harder from now on!” Hurrying away, you missed the pink tinge that had taken over his cheeks.


Lol, Glenn called MC ‘mum’ XD What a dork X3

Stay Beautiful~


hayaku14  asked:

Can you do a miyusawa with jealous Miyuki? I have a thirst for jealous Miyuki haha :D

i love jealous miyuki!! :D heheheh let’s be thirsty together. ok i’m not funny. anyway, here it is! i’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted 


Miyuki wasn’t jealous.

Nope, no not even close. He did not get jealous. It just wasn’t him. 

Except it was. And he is, very much so. 

Stupid, idiotic pitcher and his stupid bright smiles and stupid golden eyes. 

      The source of his unamused scowl was standing across the field, laughing loudly with one of the female managers, Haruno. His cheeks had a slight rosy tint to them, and that just made Miyuki’s scowl harden. It kind of hurt his face. He seemed to be getting along well with her, judging by his comfortable body language, and continuing bellowing laughter that echoed across the diamond. 

      When had Miyuki started paying more attention to that loudmouth pitcher anyway? In fact, when had he started even thinking that maybe his eyes were really pretty when the sunlight hit them? Or that his smile made Miyuki’s heart pickup just a little and leave a warm feeling in his chest?

       He knew the answer to that. He just doesn’t want to admit it. Ever since he caught his first pitch, and called him his partner, he’s kinda been a little gone for the boy. 

       The catcher continues his glares and obvious jealous scowl. He’s so focused that he doesn’t notice Kuramochi walking towards him with a smirk.

  “Oi Miyuki! You stare any harder, Haruno’s gonna burst into flames!”

      Miyuki jumped at the sudden voice. He turns to glare at the source of the offending noise. 

      “Haha. I wasn’t staring. I was just…spacing out”, the catcher retorts back, albeit a little softer at the end.

      The shortstop doesn’t seem convinced but he shrugs and goes to put his hand on his shoulder. He side eyes his friend (?) who’s once again gone back to throwing daggers at the poor, oblivious girl.

This guy, really. 

      Kuramochi squeezes the catcher’s shoulders and says,“You know, if you would just tell him, you probably wouldn’t have to be so jealous anymore”, then walks off without another word.

      Miyuki is dumbfounded. How could he? Was he that obvious? Whatever, Kuramochi isn’t that insightful. He pinches the bridge of his nose shaking his head, chuckling under his breath. He looks up back to where the hyperactive pitcher was, seeing him giggling, looking at the ground and…was he blushing? Miyuki clenches his jaw and turns and walks away from the offending sight.

Miyuki wasn’t jealous.


      Everyone was in the dining hall, eating and chatting amicably with one another. On one table Furuya is sitting silently, listening to Haruichi talk about something to do with his big brother. Right across from them, Kuramochi and Sawamura are arguing loudly over who’s better at some video game.

      Miyuki walks in, a tray in his hands and goes to sit beside the pitcher. He doesn’t miss the way Kuramochi’s lips upturn into a smirk. He rolls his eyes and starts to dig into his food. The pitcher, now done arguing with the violent shortstop, turns to see the star catcher sitting beside him. His eyebrows raise is surprise, before he goes back to his food, stuffing his mouth full of rice.

      Beside him, Kuramochi’s eyes suddenly light up with michief. He slings an arm around the pitchers shoulders, and asks him,“Say, Sawamura. You and Haruno seem to be getting along pretty well dontcha say?” The teasing tone in his voice has Sawamura turn to look at him, with confusion written across his face. He swallows his mouth full of rice and replies cautiously,“Uhhhh, yeah? She’s a good friend.” The shortstop smirks widely. “Ahhh, are you sure she’s just a friend? You two seem to have been getting pretty cozy yesterday while talking on the field”, Kuramochi waggles his eyebrows.

      Before Sawamura can protest that ‘No they were not getting cozy! They were just talking!’, he sees in his peripheral vision, the catcher beside him tense up. 

“Oi, Miyuki. You alright?”, Sawamura inquires, looking at the boy with furrowed eyebrows.

      The catcher says nothing, just continues eating his food, though now with a frown on his face. Sawamura studies him for a moment, before Kuramochi’s loud voice bellows in his ear,“I bet you have a thing for Haruno! Eh, Sawamura!? Poor Wakana! Hyahahah!” The pitcher’s entire face flames up and he yells back, “I do not have a thing for Haruno! And Wakana is just my friend! She’s practically my sister gross!” The yelling caught the attention of some people, and others who are used to Sawamura’s loud mouth, continue eating as if everything were normal.

      Sawamura continues yelling at the laughing shortstop, Haruichi watching the entire thing with a disappointed look on his face. Furuya is by no means interested, so he opts for ignoring them and eating his rice. 

      In midst of the argument, the catcher who was listening to the whole thing with tight fists, suddenly stands up, picking his tray up and storming out of the hall. Sawamura suddenly jumps at the sound of Miyuki’s chair scraping across the floor, and watches the catcher storm out. The pitcher’s lips downturn and he looks to Kuramochi, who looks way to sastisfied with himself that it’s infuriating. 

      “Hey! Mochi-senpai! Do you know what’s up with Miyuki?”, the brunette asks.

“Hyahahah! You know sometimes you really are stupid!”

Sawamura howls in anger. 


Stupid Haruno. Stupid Kuramochi. Stupid cute pitcher. 

      Miyuki honestly didn’t think a petty attempt like that from Kuramochi, would rile him up enough to make him cause such a scene walking out the dining hall. But alas, here he is, lying on his bed with arms above his head, seething alone in his room. 

      After he stormed out the door, he was so red in the face, he was sure anyone a mile away could see his embarassment. He quickly walked to his dorm, unlocked the door, and slammed it shut. He fell back against the door with a pityful groan. 

What the hell. 

      He dragged himself up off the floor and plopped onto his bed. Honestly, he wasn’t jealous. It’s not like he wanted to be the one who made the pitcher giggle, and his cheeks flush cutely. No way. And sure he might have been plotting ways to get rid of the manager, so that way he could have Sawamura all to himself but details, details.  

      Miyuki groans aloud and immediately following is a loud knock on his door. He slowly picks himself off the floor, and sluggishly walking across the room to his door. He flings it open, about to yell at the person disturbing his self wallowing, before his eyes meet a pair of bright, golden ones and the words die in his throat, and he kinda just stands there, unable to think of something snarky to make the pitcher go away.  

      The pitcher looks like he doesn’t know why he’s there, mouth opening and closing before he practically screams out,“Miyuki Kazuya! Can I come in!?” The catcher winces at the loud voice, and replies in a sarcastic voice,“I don’t know, can you?” The younger brunette doesn’t seem to amused by this and the catcher sees that he’s about to yell, and quickly pulls him inside, before he catches someone’s attention. 

       Sawamura yelps in surprise, and he hears the door slam shut and sees Miyuki walking from behind him to sit on his bed.

“So, what do you want Bakamura? I don’t have all evening. Some of us do sleep, instead of running ourselves into the ground.”, the catcher says to him, smirking.

“Oi, don’t call me stupid Bakayuki!”

The catcher snickers in return. 

“Seriously, what do you want?”, the catcher sighs.

      The younger brunette, still standing at the entrance, goes to sit beside the catcher with a frown on his face. “N-not that I care or anything, but I want to know what’s wrong with you! I’m asking for a friend!”, the pitcher rushes out, cheeks just the slightest bit pink. The catcher looks at him like’s grown three heads.

“Uh huh. And who’s this friend?”

“Eh!? Ahhh, it’s uhhhh K-Kuramochi-senpai!”

“Now I know you’re lying”

“What!? Yes! I-I mean no! I’m not!”

      The catcher gives him an unimpressed look and the pitcher looks to his lap, fliddling with his fingers. “Okay fine! When you stormed out of the dining hall, I maybe thought you were sick or something, so I maybe came to check on you to see if you were ok! Maybe..”, the pitcher’s voice trailed off, his face practically red all over. 

      Miyuki blinks. Then snickers,“Sure is a lot of maybe’s there Sawamoron!” The pitcher turns snaps his head toward him, glaring in offense. “Ok fine! If you can insult me then there’s no need for me to be here anymore!”, the brunette yells out. “What, are you gonna go and be with Haruno?”, the catcher snaps back.

“Ehhh!? Why would I…what!?”

      “You like her don’t you? I see you two talking all the time. You must like her”, the older boy says dryly.

      “She’s just a friend! Geez, what is with everyone thinking I like her!? Maybe I like someone else!”, the younger brunette yells back.

      The catcher suddenly goes still, looking at Sawamura with dead eyes,“Why don’t you go check up on them then, huh? The person you like.”

“I already am! Ugh!”

      He stands up in an angered huff, and goes to walk away before he feels a hand grand his forearm. He stops dead and turns to look at Miyuki. The catcher’s eyes are filled with several emotions, and it’s hard to tell which he’s feeling.  

      “Oi, Miyuki what are you-uwah!!“, the pitchers starts to ask, until he’s dragged down onto the bed, by the spectacled brunette. He’s flipped over onto his back and looks up to see Miyuki looming over him. The pitcher’s eyes widen and tries to push the older boy off of him, but the catcher grabs both his arms and pins them above his head.  

      "H-hey! Let me go!”, the younger boy protests, his eyes shut tight from trying to force the catcher off him. He opens his eyes and his face turns beet red. Miyuki’s face is centimeters from his, he can feel every inhale and exhale from the catcher. He notices how long the older boys eyelashes are and his heart rate picks up. His mouth is slightly open in surprisde, and he can practically taste Miyuki and his body shivers. 

      Miyuki’s heart is pounding against his ribcage. He can see every little freckle on the boy’s face beneath him. He can see the flecks of amber and gold in his eyes.

I already am!

      “B-bakayuki..get off m-mph!”, the picther is cut off with warm, soft lips pressed against his. His eyes widen in surprise and he’s pretty sure Miyuki can feel the heat radiating off his face.

      Miyuki pressed his lips a little harder against warm, slighty chapped ones. He panics, and let’s go of the pitchers arms because doesn’t feel him kiss back, and he goes to pull back, before hands come up to tangle in his hair and he feels lips begin to move against his, body pressing up into him. 

      Sawamura, pulls Miyuki closer to him, practically chest to chest and tilts his head to deepen the kiss. He actually really doesn’t know what he’s doing, but all he knows is that he’d like to do this forever. Miyuki cups one hand against the side of the pitchers face, caressing it gently.

      The younger boy clumsily moves his mouth against the others. He feels a wet, tongue tracing the line of his mouth and he opens his mouth slightly, inviting him in. Sawamura moans softly as he feels his tongue dance with Miyuki’s. 

      Unfortunately, they were humans and needed oxygen to breathe, and all too soon they both broke the kiss, panting against each other’s mouths. Sawamura’s hands still tangled in Miyuki’s hair and one of Miyuki’s hands cupping his face and the other, on his hip. Miyuki straightened up, and sat back off him. The pitcher sat up as well, crossing his legs underneath him. Both boys faces were flushed, eyes shining, lips raw and swollen. 

      Neither knew what to say to the other. Silence filled the room until a surprisingly shy, small voice cut through. “Ahh, M-Miyuki. Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did”

“I’m being serious here!”

“Fine fine, what is it?”

“Aha…uhhh d-do you, maybe, I don’t know…l-like me?”

      The pitcher immediately looked to his lap, like it was the most interesting thing in the world. After hearing no response from the catcher, he slowly lifted his head to see the catcher giving him the most unimpressed, bored look he’s ever seen.

“Sawamura sometimes I think that you really are an idiot”

      The younger brunette howled in protest, then a quick peck to his lips, shut him up. 

“So, I can take that as a yes?" 

      The catcher chuckled, and took the pitchers hands in his, "You may be an idiot, but you’re my idiot now. Not anyone else’s. Especially Haruno’s” After hearing the catcher’s voice harden at the mention of his female friend, he looks at Miyuki for a moment, until realization flits across his face and he smiles ear to ear.

      He points with his other hand not being occupied in the catchers and says “You! You were jealous!

The catcher snatches his hand away in offence and retorts back,“I was not”.  

      Sawamura practically bounces on the bed, “You so were! So that’s why you left after Mochi-senpai started talking about Haruno!”

“Oi, when will you ever address me as senpai!?”

“Stop trying to change the subject!”

      Miyuki doesn’t feel like discussing the topic any longer, so he does what anyone would do, he grabs the still yapping pitcher by the sides of his face, and shuts him up with a kiss. The pitcher protests for a moment, then he eagerly kisses back. 

      Miyuki breaks the kiss, utterting a soft,“Well, do you like me?” Sawamura replies by pulling Miyuki in by the collar, and kissing him hard, and deep. The catcher chuckles against his lips,“I’ll take that as a yes”

Maybe Miyuki was a little jealous.

      But now, he has a pitcher who he can kiss anytime he wants, so who says jealousy’s a bad thing?

Boueibu Love Love Live! Event small summery

I can feel my feet again!!! YAY

So Like I said once I got my head back on that I would post a summery of what happened at the Love Love Live! 

Sooooooo yeah it started like 40 minutes late, no clue why, but they did apologize for that. Anyway they came on singing LOVE IS POWER dressed in their Game show host looking outfits hahaha, but they were very sparkly. They then talked a little and Yumoto mentioned summer, which of course had them breaking out into Let’s Go Love Summer! which was a bit of a surprise to me, not a bad one though xD. They talked a little and left Massu on stage where he did Ryuu’s second character song World Wide Love Leader! Which he really got into of course, Massu is just amazing and has so much energy and charm!

Shirai came out second singing Feel it! Which of course made me want to cry because it was so beautiful, until Shirai did his dorky dance from the first live lol. I love him SO much, even his dorkyness xD Shirai seems to be the most popular with the girls to my surprise, even though I love him the most too… Still Umehara was up after and of course he is VERY popular with the girls, as is En xD He had a fedora and was being all MJ like, it was very sexy! So old school feeling >.< Sorry that my descriptions are crap! Koutaro was up after, being the cutie he was, he had tons of energy and was doing cutesy poses that made the girls scream haha. Kazu was last singing his song thanking his brother, but Kazu was also thanking the audience and fans and started crying during his performance and of course I felt like crying and the girls were either crying or laughing at how cute he was. But seriously he is such a cutie just like Yumoto and they both need to be protected!!!

We were then surprised that up in the seats VEPPer showed up, doing their skit about how much they dislike the Defence Club haha. they were wearing their versions of the school uniforms. And then broke out into Shooting Star which was great, everyone was so thrilled to see them. They then talked about Duets and then disappeared and Shirai and Massu were then on stage in their school uniforms singing Halfway which did make me tear up because it was so beautiful! They then dabbled and to everyones surprise broke out into Sync a Think where they got onto moving platforms and circled the arena. Umehara and Koutaro came out singing their first season duets in moving platforms down the isles. when they did a fist bump all the girls screamed, like when Shirai and Massu did a passing high five. Anyhow they then got on stage for their second season duet where there was some hand touching and of course the KYAAAAs were heard haha. Kazutomi came out after we saw a clip of Gora’s voice actor since he wasn’t there, telling us to give Yumoto support and help sing his parts. Which of course his voice was still played. Kazu then asked help with English xD To say “Put your hands up” It was really cute, he got the audience to do a kind of version of the wave with the lights. He was so happy. Anyhow the first song was super cute, but the second he had a bunch of backup dancers for his second season duet, and they looked like the men in black where the arena turned into a kinda rave. It was so funny seeing all of them dancing that the audience was trying so hard not to laugh. 

After that we were suddenly in the VEPP theatre xD Where the twins appeared on the same couch and the voice actors in the same positions wearing their magical getups. That was just perfect xD They then did their duet song from their “Battle with the Battle Lovers” when the Battle Lovers appeared in their magical outfits doing Love is Power again. They then did Just Going Now and Boys go Strait. The live then “Ended” with them all saying Bye bye, in a very non convincing way. Everyone then cheered “Encore” for like 5 minutes haha, when they showed back up and talked in their “bath” wondering why we were all still here and how it was a bit embarrassing xD. After talking a bit they thanked everyone again, plus all of their staff and sang Love Friends, which they followed with Fallin’ Love, VEPPer came on stage too and they all thanked everyone again, also stating that there will be another Live event on March 18th, where Wombat and Gora’s voice actors will attend. Thanking everyone the Live then actually ended. 

It was really amazing and so well put together! The goods sold out really fast xD I actually have to thank @d4ftka for her post about the goods being sold at 11, if not I would have missed a lot of things, so thank you so much!!! >.< 

I will be giving out some of the Live goods in my next Boueibu Giveaway, as well as goods from the Najima town! Naked cat babies!!! Hurray!!!

I will also scan the event book when I get home, there are tons of pages and Shirai and Massu do the Titanic pose hahahahaha I burst out laughing! 

Again I want to thank @aitaikimochi for not only going with me but for getting me a ticket to the event <333 She has helped me so much with my collection of goods. If anyone ever wants any Boueibu goods, contact her! =) She is a really good friend and the nicest person <3 ;u; 

Hopefully we get a DVD release since it won’t take her too long to translate either since they didnt talk as much as in the first live haha.

I hope all this info helped you guys <3 I will get back to the game once I get home and can photoshop the stupid images together since they don’t save OTL 

Imagine: “I love this weather”


Hey! Can I have an imagine where you’re out together and you’re being all cute, maybe at a park or something and you’re just showing (way too much) PDA and then they see a load of the popular girls who had a crush on your bf and one of them being his ex? And can you make it where he just kisses you even harder and they give you dirty looks and he’s just laughing or smth? Sorry if it’s confusing and long haha, I love your imagines btw! :)

quick note: P/g popular girl


Y/c/n grasped your hand tightly as you made your way to the local part. It was cold and had the dark clouds were full of rain that could pour at any moment. You looked down at your interlocked hand and saw your white knuckles. Y/c/n looked down too. As you got to the park you opened the gate and made your way over to the bench

“Are you cold?” He asked, gipping your hand tighter.

“Sort of.” You said quietly. Quickly, Y/c/n took off his jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders.

“There you go.” You smiled as his jacked hung loosely on your shoulders. You rested your head on his shoulder and breathed out slowly. From your mouth, you breathed out a white ‘cloud’.

“Since when was my girlfriend a dragon?” Yc/n grinned at his own joke and you smiled softly and closed your eyes.

“I love this weather,”

“You’re crazy!” Y/c/n replied and chuckled.

“Who’s crazy?” You both turned around, surprised at the sudden forgiven voice. It was P/g and her bitchy friends. She should on the centre of them with her hand on her hips and a scowl pressed on her lips. Every one of the girls had a crush on Y/c/n and make things worse P/g was his ex girlfriend and Y/c/n doesn’t have one nice word to say about her.

“No one, don’t worry.” Y/c/n said, turning back to face you. He rolled his eyes at the girls behind you and you tried not to laugh.

You felt the girl behind you move. They went to sit on the bench on the opposite side of the small park, and conveniently for them it was positioned so they could see the two of you.

“What the hell are they doing?” Y/c/n muttered to you.

“i have no idea.” You said and shifted uncomfortably in your seat. Y/c/n knew you didn’t like P/g for more than one reason. He moved his hand to the small of your back, you looked up at him and held your eye contact. Before you knew what was happening he had leaned in and placed his lips on yours. 

“He’d such a dick.” You heard one of the girls call from the other side of the park. You were about to pull away but he started to kiss you harder. A drop of rain landed on your nose which only made you grin into the kiss. Quickly, the heavens opened and you were sat on a bench getting soaked. You heard the girls screaming and running for cover so they could keep their makeup pristine. You continued to kiss Y/c/n for a few seconds before you stood up and grabbed his hand. 

“Quick! Lets go!!” You said and you started to run with Y/c/n catching up with you. When you found shelter at the nearest bus stop you stopped to dry for a couple of minutes. Y/c/n grabbed your waist and grinned.

“Maybe i love this weather too.”

anonymous asked:

How would Kageyama, Kuroo, Oikawa, and Tsukishima react to finding out their s/o is super ticklish?

/aw shit, sorry s/o haha\

Kageyama would be infinitely amused by it, if he was having a bad day and he saw his s/o in school he would walk up and poke their stomach, he loved their laugh and it always made him happy. His s/o would squeal and smack his hand. He would just smile and hug them, tickling their sides.

Kuroo would immediately grin and start tickling them. His s/o would yelp and jump away. “Damn it Kuroo! Just because I’m ticklish doesn’t mean I like being tickled! And definitely not right now!” He had started tickling them right when they had started eating. “Do you not want me to tickle you?” He would ask, smirking at them. “No.” He would lean closer. “You don’t want my hands on you?” He would whisper. His s/o would blush. “Maybe later, and not while you’re tickling me!”

Oikawa would tickle them nonstop, in class while the teacher stepped out? Tickling his s/o, after practice? Tickling his s/o. Attempted sexy times? Tickling his s/o. His s/o would get annoyed after a while and say. “If you don’t stop, I won’t kiss you, talk to you, or even acknowledge you for more than a week!” He would stop, but not for long. He adored it when his s/o laughed, they had an adorable laugh and it always made his day hearing it.

Tsukishima would poke them a few times to find out if they really were, and when the squeaked he would smile and start tickling them lightly. His s/o would glare at him, laughing breathlessly. “Damn it Tsukki if you don’t stop I’ll hate you forever!” They would cry. He would stop right away. “Do you not like being tickled?” They would shake their head. “No, I hate it.” He would lean down and kiss their nose quickly. “Then I won’t tickle you.” His s/o would blink. “You’re giving up that easy?” They would asked, confused. “Well, if you don’t like it I shouldn’t continue doing it right?” He would reply, tugging them to him. “…You’re really sweet you know that.” He would kiss their head in response.

One Dance (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

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REQUEST:  “ Hi, I looooooove your blog so much!!! Could you do a oneshot with clint or Pietro playing ‘baby do you love me?’ ( but if you would prefer, truth or dare) with the avengers and they end up together please? Love you😘😘”  by @thepurplephoenixfeather

A/N: Thank you for requesting :) I’m glad you like my blog <3 <3 <3 I made this kinda angsty and humorous at the same time. It’s cute, and involves dancing in case you didn’t notice lol :D


Somehow all of the Avengers ended up sitting on the floor, with bottles of fancy alcohol around them. It was no party, but Tony started drinking during the movie, and the intimate gathering was all in good humor.

(Y/N) got up to Tony’s bar, just to open a new, pretty bottle, when there was plenty left for her to drink in her cup.

“(Y/N) you’re going through all my good liquor, dammit.”, Tony sighed. She smiled as she walked to the living room carefully still pouring the liquid into her cup as she sat down.

Everyone else drew their attention back to Steve and Bucky silently bickering.

“I think it would be a good game to play Steve.”, Bucky mumbled.

“What game?”, (Y/N) asked.

“It’s called ‘Baby do you love me’.”, Bucky said. “It’s was my favorite game at parties.”, he said.

“Then let’s play.”, said Wanda as she took another brave sip of liquor.

“No, no… it can get… fondue-y”, Steve said frankly.

Tony stifled back a laugh.

“Okay grandpa. Let’s play.”, he said.

Natasha was the first one to go, mostly because she had played a version of it before. The purpose of the game was to go around the circle and try to get someone to smile. She started off with Tony.

“Baby, if you love me, smile.”, she said. Everyone else around the room started smiling and almost cracking up. Most of the humor was being contributed by the alcohol.

Tony’s lips flickered but he looked straight behind her head, trying not to smile, or he would be the next one to become “it”.

Natasha gave up, and moved on to Bruce, to which she said, “Baby, if you love me, smile”, Natasha said.

Bruce looked at her in the eyes, and his lips pursed then un-pursed. Natasha then leaned into Bruce’s neck and kissed him under his ear. “Baby, if you love me, smile.”, she whispered to him, her hand now on his side. Bruce smiled. Tony started laughing and clapping, everyone else did as well.

She pulled away she smiled at him victoriously, and went back to her spot on the sofa, in the now hysterical living area.

“I hate you Nat”, he spoke. First he attempted Wanda, which was a smart move. She was extremely tipsy and couldn’t hold her alcohol well.

“Baby, if you love me–”,

Bruce stated but was interrupted by Wanda’s laughter.

“I’m sorry I can’t–haha! it’s the way you, oh my god!”, she said in between laughs. The whole circle laughed with her, her laugh itself just made the whole thing much funnier.

Wanda finally made her way up to (Y/N), who she was easily able to make laugh, considering their close friendship and minimal alcohol tolerance.

(Y/N)’s first pick was Pietro. Her long time best friend, whom she had a strong flirtationship with.

She sat in his lap, waiting for him to smile at her, or say something flirty, but he wouldn’t. She said her lines, “Baby, if you love me, smile…”, but nothing. She began to feel foolish.

“Tony, turn on some music.”, she said, “I’m going to make him smile.”.

Pietro’s eyebrows raised and (Y/N) smiled at him as she straddled him . Tony turned the speaker on, and the song “One Dance” started, around the second chorus. Pietro almost smiled, because it was his favorite song. The music was so loud, you could barely hear Natasha singing along.

(Y/N) hovered above Pietro’s lap. Her hips moved to the beat, “Baby, I like your style”, she mouthed to him. He bit his lip, and his eyes did not move away from hers. His stare was of sexual frustration, and (Y/N) felt it too. Everyone around them seemed to have disappeared, as they were both focused on eachother.

(Y/N) finally brought her hips closer to Pietro’s groin, and she moved against him sensually.

“Tell me

I need to know, where do you wanna go?

Cause if you’re down, I’ll take it slow

Make you lose control”

The beat came back after the bridge, and she kept grinding against him, and pressed her chest against him with the music. (Y/N) looked back down at him after getting more into the song, and this time, she put a hand on his cheek and leaned in to kiss him. Pietro kissed back instantly, and all they heard were the audible screams of shock from the Avengers around them.

In that instant, Pietro zoomed off with (Y/N) at super speed to his bedroom.

“So does that mean the game’s over?”, Tony said

“I told you it would get fondue-y!”, shouted Steve over the music.


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ONE OK ROCK MTV SELECT 10 (Part 1) Translation

Saw these videos posted yesterday, so I thought I’d work on the translation. I really enjoyed this one because it’s fun to hear them talk about music that I’m also very familiar with (I’m around the same age as them, so the song choices… Hahaha!) I skipped some unimportant parts (as always. Haha!), and I may have missed a few words here and there. Sorry. I hope I get to finish this, though. I’m, like, super lazy lately.

All things inside parentheses are just my thoughts plus added info. Yeah, you know the drill by now.

Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!

Taka: MTV Select 10 has started. We’re ONE OK ROCK and we’re going to be the MCs for today who will also introduce some videos to you. I’m the vocalist Taka. Hello!

Toru: I’m the guitarist Toru.

Tomoya: I’m the drummer, Tomoya.

Ryota: I’m the bassist, Ryota.

Taka: That’s right. It’s been a while since the four of us have seen each other’s faces and talked. It’s been a while, right?

Other members: Yeah.

Taka: We never had that many chances. But, today, please take care of me.

Tomoya: Same here. The camera is looking good, too.

Taka: We have a camera right in front of us. So, today, we’ll be selecting some music videos, 10 to be exact. Let’s start with me. My first song choice is Sia’s Chandelier. Around January last year when we had our recording in America, from the airport all the way to our home, we had a radio inside the car, right? This was the song that we kept playing. And I though it was cool. When we went back home, I watched the music video.

Tomoya: We were totally into it. For about three days, this is the only song we listened to.

Toru: That’s true.

Taka: That’s right. We were really into the song, right? And the music video, too. It was, like, how should I say it? It’s kinda weird, right? Only one person appears (in the entire music video), and it was a little girl. She had this really striking style, wearing a full-body tights. But, that’s what made the video good. And this artist barely shows her face. As for the hairstyle, the girl was also wearing a wig, right? So, it’s like… why am I even talking about this? But, well, that’s how it goes. I am really into this song this year – Chandelier by Sia.

Ryota: Well, then… Oh, wait. I’m sorry (His intonation was weird, probably because he was too nervous. Haha! That’s why they laughed.).

Toru: Your intonation was so strange just now.

Ryota: I was so surprised myself. I was like…

Toru: Just how nervous are you?

Ryota: Like, “What kind of voice was that?” “Well, then… Well, then…”

Toru: I hope they certainly air that part.

Ryota: I was so surprised.

Taka: Oh, it’s fine.

(Take 2)

Ryota: Well, then. Let’s continue. The next song is D12’s My Band. The reason I chose this song is that I really, really like Eminem. The first time I saw Eminem’s concert was with Toru in Makuhari (Makuhari Messe in Chiba).

Toru: That’s right. It’s been about 10 years or so.  (Aww… HEADS days. lol!)

Ryota: About 10 years ago, right? As for the tickets, one was for a really good seat, while the other was for a seat at the back. So, we thought we’d do rock, paper, and scissors, and I lost. So, Toru was in front and he was having a really great time, and I was all the way to the back and I could barely see.  But, even so, it was still very enjoyable. Like, “Whoa! This dude Eminem is so amazing!” So, I became a fan and I thought Eminem had always been a solo performer, but I heard from my high school friends that he is also in a group. So, when I researched about it, I heard this song My Band. It made a huge impact on me.

Taka: From D12, right?

Ryota: Oh, you know them?

Taka: I do. We’re from the same generation, right? (He meant that they’re almost the same age, so the songs they listened to while growing up are also the same.)

Ryota: Ah, that’s right. We’re from the same generation after all.

Taka: Around this time, D12 was doing great. Actually, Eminem was really great around this time. He did movies, too.

Toru: Ah, we’ve all watched 8 Mile, right?

Taka: He was really at his peak. He made a huge impact on us.

Ryota: He’s the person I really want to meet. Really. (Taka laughs) Even though it looks like he’s just fooling around, he’s still very cool. That kind of coolness he exudes is what I admire about him. So, this is the first music video I’ve chosen.

Toru: The next one is my chosen video – Cry by The Used.

Taka: Cry.

Toru: As for this band… Tomoya also listens to them, too, right?

Tomoya: I also like them a lot.

Toru: Me, too. I’ve been listening to them since a long time ago. Like, what is it? Their coolness. We never thought that we’ll have the same producer for our next albums – John Feldmann.

Taka: Feldy. It’s Feldy.

Toru: To have the same producer as The Used’s…

Taka: It’s Feldy-san.

Toru: I learned about this song through John.

Taka: That’s right.

Toru: While we were recording, he told us he recorded and produced this song for The Used called Cry. At that moment, I thought, “Gosh.This song is terrific.” You can also feel that it was totally John’s work as well as The Used’s. That’s why I chose this song. Do we have a certain episode with them (like a special encounter)?

Ryota: We actually went to see The Used’s live performance.

Tomoya and Toru: Ah, yeah. We did.

Ryota: We were so psyched.

Toru: Oh, yeah. When we went to Los Angeles, right? It’s something that we rarely get to see in LA.

Taka: It was a precious experience.

Tomoya: So, I’m the next one, right? This is the video I’ve chosen – Jaded by Aerosmith. You wanna know why I chose this video, right? Is it okay? The truth is, I have a dad.

Taka: Actually, everyone has one. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Tomoya: He’s a dad who loves playing tennis so much, so he’s got a really dark skin now.

Taka: Right, right, right.

Tomoya: My dad actually loves rock so much, so ever since I was a kid, I’d hear music from Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin - those types of rock artists. Among all of them, Aerosmith left the biggest impression on me, and I started to like them. So, when I was a kid, my dad brought me to one of their live performances. Among all of their songs, Jaded is my most favorite.

Taka: I actually like this song a lot, too.

Tomoya: Yeah, it’s cool, right?

Taka: We were almost in grade school when it was released, right?

Tomoya: Yes, around that time.

Taka: This was probably the album I randomly picked out. This Aerosmith album.

Tomoya and Ryota: Is that so?

Taka: This and NSYNC’s album. (Yeah, I actually had to rewind that part a few times to make sure I heard it right. He did say NSYNC. If I’m wrong, please let me know. It’s around the 7:08 mark).

Toru: Oh.

Taka: Among all the songs in the album, this one was my favorite. In terms of age, we’re almost the same, right? As you’d expect, no matter how many years have passed by, their [Aerosmith] coolness remains. They’re veterans now. Super veterans, I must say. They’ve really become legends now.

Ryota: Mori-chan, too. Like, your mouth started to become bigger and bigger (like Steven’s. Hahaha!)

Taka: Don’t talk about my mouth.

Tomoya: When you watch the video, they actually look alike (Taka’s and Steven’s mouths. Hahahahaha. OH MY GOD I CANNOT UNSEE!!!).

Ryota: They’re the same. They’re the same.

Taka: Around this area?

Tomoya: Yeah, like the mouth’s shape.

Ryota: Like, when you open your mouth… the fangs and all.

Tomoya: Like, “Whoooaaaa!”

Taka: “Whoaaaaa!” Stop it, you idiot. Are you nuts?

Ryota: Ah, but it’s cool.

Taka: When you watch them again, you’ll see that they really have this cool vibe.

Taka: MTV Select 10 with ONE OK ROCK. We’ll go to the next part. So, it’s my turn again. The next song is Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park.

Taka: So, Linkin Park’s Somewhere I Belong. It’s the standard, right? Like, people who are in bands or those who like bands definitely know them.

Toru: Yeah. The people from our generation are definitely familiar with them. (YEEEESSSSS)

Taka: The first time I saw them was in a theater. I think this song was used in a commercial. First, the sound of the guitar and the vocals go really well together. Also, in the music video, Gundam actually appeared.

Toru: The very first part showed Gundam, right?

Taka: It totally made an impact. To think that people who made an English music video used Japanese animation –a plastic model –for me, it was impressive. (BECAUSE MIKE SHINODA. HELLO??? Haha. Well, Taka knows this, of course. He also talked about this last year in another show – MTV World Groove.)

Toru: That’s right. You’re right.

Taka: So, from then on, I thought they were interesting. They left a huge impression on me.


The first part still has about 3 minutes left. I’ll work on it later.

Justin Bieber Imagine for Julia

You and Justin were in bed sleeping. You woke up,rub your eyes and streched yourself. Justin was sleeping next to you. You turned to him and watched him sleeping. He looked like an angel. You smiled, and were so happy to have him. Suddenly Justin opened his eyes. He streched and smacked with his mouth. You giggled lightly because he looked so cute. Justin turned to you and smiled tired. He wrapped his arms around you and so were lying on him. “Good morning baby”, he said in his raspy sexy morning voice. “Good morning my love” “Did you slept well?” “Yes and you?” “Yeah, me too”, he answered. You got up and stood up. “Julia were are you going?”, Justin asked confused. “In kitchen. I’m hungry”, you laughed. “No, baby stay here” “Justin I’m really hungry. Come on stand up, let’s get breakfast” “Noo”, he whined. You laughed and made your way to the door. “Baby come here please!”, Justin shouted. You ignored him and went down. As you were in the kitchen you made yourself cocoa ant cornflakes. You were making your cornflakes as you felt to arms on your waist. “So you decided to do breakfast with me?”, you smiled and turned around to Justin who smiled too. “Yes”, he said and stroked with his hand trough his hairs, what looked so hot. “You want cornflakes?”, you asked. Justin nodden and sat down.


As you both finished with breakfast you went again in the bedroom. Justin jumped in bed and smiled. “Come here to me baby”, he said. You smiled and went to him and laid right next to him. He wrapped his arms around you, held you tight. “I love you, you know that julia?”, Justin whisperd in your ear. You shiverd and nodded with your head. “Yes, I know. And I love you too Justin” “But I love you more, you mean everything to me, you are my world, my heart, my life”, he said and kissed your neck. You turned extremly red, which made Justin laugh. “Haha, baby I love it when you get red” “But I hate it”, you said with a puppy face. You faced him and he picked your lips. You got closer to him and kissed him. The love was full of love and passion. A few seconds after you boke the kiss and smiled wide. “I love you Julia” “I love you too Justin”



So this was my imagine for julia :) Sorry if it is so short, but I just had no idea what to write so yeah I’m sorry :/ but i hope you like it anyway!


Two days ago I met my five inspirations and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I got my AP mag signed and the back of my phone. I got to shake all their hands and say hi. Jake said it was nice to meet me, jinxx asked me how I was, and Andy had a full convo with me which I didn’t expect to happen at all. I shook Andy’s hand said hi and I told him how they inspired me to finish culinary school. He goes that’s a first! Haha also when I shook his hand he winced a little because he had punched something and I said sorry i know my hands are cold then he replied with no its ok you just helped remind me that i had bruised my knuckle. He was like you need your hands! Then I went back in line for the picture with them and when it was my turn I was like oh gosh I’m so short! Andy said no you’re not you’re what 6ft 9? 30ft 10? It made me smile and laugh because he was trying to make me feel better 😊❤ CC laughed when he said 30ft 10 haha. During their set I was at the barricade (one of my goals ever since I started going to concerts so yay! Lol)and while I was singing/screaming my heart out jinxx, Jake, Ashley, and Andy all smiled at me! It made me feel at such ease and of course made me smile hugely in return. They are honestly the sweetest guys and I hope that my dream of cooking for them will one day come true. I had made my cake pops for them but I had to give them to security unfortunately which I assumed would happen and I forgot while talking to the guys to mention that I made those for them which I’m kicking myself a little bit for but I know I’ll see them again. They are such an amazing and humble group of five guys that truly deserve all the success and love they get because of how hard they work for us to give us an expierence that isn’t like any other show that I’ve been to. Their music gives me the greatest feeling that I can honestly say no other band has and that’s something rare/special that I will never let go of. Other people may not get it but as long as its meaningful to me that’s all that matters. Black Veil Brides may not remember me but I will never forget the joy and expierences they gave me. Their new album is so great and well put together its insane! You can honestly tell how much work they put in and how much they’ve grown together as you listen to each song. I couldn’t be any more proud of them! I’ve been with this band for 5 years now and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future! I love them all dearly and I see them as close and dear friends of mine. Thank you guys for everything and for helping me push through some tough events in my life. You guys are my rock and you mean the world to me. I was listening to my friend tori’s interview with Andy yesterday and I couldn’t be any more proud/esatic for her. Anyway when she asked him how does he stay so positive I loved his response. He said I don’t always I do have my days where I’m feeling down or a little sad but I keep reminding myself that as long as I try my best things will be ok. I was listening to this on my bus ride to work and I almost started crying because that’s exactly what I do to keep my spirits up. I guess I teared up because I always looked at Andy as a person who is always so strong and positive and to hear that even he has his days brought me some kind of comfort in a strange way. Does that make sense? Not that I’m glad that he is sad but the fact that just shows how even more human he is. This is the reason why I look up to him so much. He is so down to earth and so kind. No person you look up to is perfect and I don’t mean that in a bad way either. I just mean that they’re human just like us. Andy is my imperfectly perfect hero and I wouldn’t want him any other way. I love him and all the guys so much. Keep rockin’ guys!
Barbara a.k.a the baker 😉 ❤

you know,  #istandwithahmed reminds me of an incident in 8th grade

so this one kid, he’d always make terrorist jokes. call osama my father, and so forth, to get a rise out of me (since im muslim). 

one time, before class started he grabbed a timer/clock and started running around saying haha its a bomb, look your father made it haha, as if he’s the funniest guy on earth. i chased him around to shut him up, and he just kept making jokes. 

i even told my teacher, who was watching this entire exchange and laughed. here i am at a super liberal private school, and this woman laughed. ( don’t worry, i just had to beat his ass myself) 

it’s just a joke right?

then how come ahmed got arrested for simply showing his teacher a clock? if he’d made the same joke, he would have gotten dragged to jail. oh wait.

he didn’t even get the chance. 

Day 6. Ellie Goulding

What really happened at the BRIT award 2015? All we actually knows is that Adam and Taylor got introduced by Ellie. So I will write a story about that evening. Hope you like it <3


*Taylor’s Pov*

”You are on in 1 minute” I heard someone say. I was going to open up the BRIT award. This was so great. I had this black cool suit costume thing and black heels with a red sole. ”Go out on the stage” I heard someone screaming, so I did. Blank Space’s intro started playing and I turned my head up from looking at the ground to looking out over the crowd.

*Adam’s Pov*

”Oh my…” I said as Taylor started to sing. Everyone at my table looked at me. ”Haha Harris, you have a crush on Swift” someone said. I was a bit surprised at first, the most of the people at the table wouldn’t call me Calvin or Harris, they knew my real name. I looked at the guy who had said it. I didn’t know him. ”ehh….” was all I could say. My eyes turned back to Taylor and the people at my table started to laugh. I just knew I had to meet her. Her song voice was so fantastic, she looked so beautiful and the song is one of my favorites.

*Taylor’s Pov*

I switched clothes and shoes. I had a beautiful black dress with a bit red and matched the dress with red shoes and of course red lipstick. I started to make my way back to my table. The show floated on and now it was time to pronounce the winner for International Female artist. I was nominated in this category so I started to get a bit nervous. ”And the winner is” Ellie said. She opened the letter and smiled, and continued with ”someone I’m so proud to call my friend, Taylor Swift”. Oh my God!! I freaked out, I was just so happy. This night was perfect. I had sang one of my favorite songs from 1989 and it went well and now I won my first BRIT award and the person who pronounced my name was my dear friend ELLIE GOULDING, or Elena as I call her (I have no idea if she says Ellie or Elena). I went up on the stage, kissed Ellie on the cheek, and thanked Ed and my other British friends, and fans of course. I walked down with a big smile on my face, this night couldn’t get any better.

*Ellie’s Pov*

The show was now over. It had been a great evening and now the after parties starts. ”Hey” I heard someone say to me in the hallway. I turned around to face my best friend Adam. I smiled and said ”hello”. He came closer and hugged me, then started to laugh. ”What is it” I asked him. He looked at me with a tricky smile. ”You know you have Taylor’s lipstick left on your cheek, right” he asked me. ”WHAT” I said and looked at him with a serious face. ”Yeah, she kissed you on stage when she won and you still have it there, her red lipstick. I mean I get it if you wanna keep it there, she’s beautiful and she kissed you, but it looks a bit funny” he said with a smile on his face. ”Gosh, why didn’t anyone tell me” I asked as if he had a great answer. ”Don’t know, see you at the after party?” he asked. ”Yeah, sure” I said.

At the afterparty (still Ellie’s pov)

I stood there and talked to my best friend when I saw Taylor. ”Hey Tay” I sad. She started to walk against me and Adam. ”I walked around with your lipstick on my cheek the whole show, Adam was the one telling me, after the show” I said. ”Haha sorry, I was too happy to notice it” she said.

*Adam’s Pov*

She was so beautiful, but also nice. And she knew Ellie, my best friend. Ellie had told her the story about the lipstick and Taylor had laughed at it. Her laugh was so beautiful. ”Hey, congrats to the award” I said and looked at Taylor. ”Thanks, you are…” she started. Ellie cut her off and introduced us. A little more personal than just Calvin, Taylor, Taylor, Calvin. She started to talk a bit about the stuff she knew we both liked and then made up a silly excuse to leave us alone.

I couldn’t believe it. I was standing here with the one and only Taylor Swift. ”I know Ellie said that my name is Calvin, and that’s probably as you have heard about me before. But you can call me Adam, my real name” I sad. She smiled and pulled her hand through her hair. ”Okay, Adam. My real name is Taylor so Ellie introduced me right”. she answered. I couldn’t stop smiling. I probably looked ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it, I really enjoyed talking with her.

”Can we keep talking when I get back? I wanna go and change dress” she said. ”Haha, why? You look really beautiful Taylor, you are the most beautiful women in this room, you don’t need to switch clothes AGAIN” I said. She started to smile bigger, she understood I had watched her during her Blank Space performance, because the whole change clothes again thing. ”Thanks” she said and blushed. ”You look really good you too” she said and looked down at the ground. ”I just want to change to something more comfortable. But I promise I will find you when I get back.”

* No one’s pov *

Later that evening they continued talking and after the evening was over they had changed numbers with each other and just when they would go their separate ways Adam grabbed Taylors hand and looked her in the eyes and said ”Thanks for tonight, beautiful”. Taylor blushed and then looked at him with a big smile on her face, she understood what was about to happen. Adam leaned closer and kissed her. ”See you soon, handsome” she said and then walked out of the doors.

Little Mino/Namsong rant

I really love the faces Mino makes when he starts to think his fishing rod is tangled to Taehyun’s one and when he realizes it is indeed so. 

Because he looks so natural in that brief moment. I know he’s a dork but I also think he forces his dork image a lot when the TV is around them. But in that moment, while he was just thinking hard, trying to figure out what was the problem, he was fully Mino in my opinion. He had such a concentrated and serious and smart expression on his face. 

And his laugh when he realizes the mess him and Taehyun made is the most precious thing. He made that laugh like saying

“I knew something like that would happen to us.”