haha so proud


I’m laughing @ myself bc aPPARENTLY I GOT TAGGED IN THE BIAS SELFIE TAG AND NOT THE COPY THE PICTURE TAG LMFAOOOO so here I am redoing this :-)) I got tagged by once again the beautiful @limkkukkung and once again I’ll be tagging @softboynamjoon @sighohmy @ziacod @dragonsfire I’m sorry for the 2nd tag but I’m so slow I’m so asdfghjkl hahaha.

You don’t have to do this but you all are cuties so yes pls. 

“Yeah we’re never not gonna be a team…”

I got this pic in my head and was working on it on and off the last couple of days, I like how it turned out as much as I can like anything that I do witch is to say not much. next up is pink zombie boy and then a Dear Evan Hanson pic I’ve also been a’brewin!

Hello! I’d just like to check in an show you how much the pupper has grew! He big now! He still loves u a lot!

!!!! amazing!!!


post-reveal maybe, before Adrienne knows Marin’s feelings are mutual?? the interpretation is up to you. anyway, thank you everyone who watched me draw this during the stream. it was a lot of fun working on it while chatting with you guys!

Have a problem drawing @markiplier ‘s hair? 
Always having to stare at his handsome face just to get the floof on top of his head?
Well I’ve got you covered!

I basically took a bunch of photos of Mark and traced over them to understand his hair better, and I thought anyone might need this too :) 

PS. i brightened the photos btw, so that the outline can be seen better


What do you mean it’s not January/Stanuary anymore??

If you’ve ever seen Cheaper by the Dozen you’ll understand where this came from haha

As a last goodbye the Twins decided to show their appreciation for Stan. Ford, Soos and Wendy overheard their plans and decided to join :)