haha so many of you unfollowed because you all think im not coming back dont you

why Im anti-sj 80% of the time.

i basically do whatever i want.

i hate sj because it doesnt fucking work. 

because its become a parody of itself. 

because i cant tell whats trolling and whats real anymore.

because people think “Adult privilege” is a srs issue when all adults were once children who were not mentally and emotionally mature enough to do everything they thought they should. 

because being an “oppressed minority” is is apparently cool and hip and “edgy” or something because now everybody wants to fuckin do it meanwhile people who face actual hardship for existing struggle to find jobs and to walk down the street without being attacked. 

because what used to be a place for people who’re persecuted for being who they are to vent their frustrations and come together is now a bastion of: “if you dont do thing i think you should do then your an oppressive piece of shit because i say so and im a fat differently-abled black trans genderqueer polyaromatic femme homeless vegan otherkin amputee with diabetes and im pregnant so that means i can talk to you however i want and its always justified because of my difficulties so check your privilege dickrag.” and i cant take it seriously anymore. I cant.

Because people are using their identities as excuses to be self-righteous ornery assholes then bawwing about being triggered when people clap back. Too bad so sad. 

because people who come from the real world where many things are normalized, who just get into tumblr– dont know the SJ protocol and get absolutely DISGUSTING amounts of hate over PETTY SHIT. I have never wanted to reach through my screen and physically break so many pairs of hands.

How can anybody call themselves a compassionate human being when they dont understand the concepts of patience, empathy, and basic respect, but DEMAND these things be shown to them when their slogan is “i dont have to be nice to people oppressing me, even though you’re just a stranger not in any position of power or influence whatsoever im still going to treat you like shit and you can thank people you’ve never met but happen to have things in common with beyond your control for it. BUT IF YOU’RE NOT NICE TO ME YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT and no its not the same thing or just as bad or anything so that makes it perfectly okay haha.”

I refuse to support an eco chamber of tantrums, hypocrisy, and entitlement.  I refuse to support a movement with so many blatant flaws that if you DARE criticize ANY of them you’re labeled an “oppressor” and excommunicated. I refuse to lend my voice to people who only deem it valid when its convenient for them- then want to discredit me when I say something they dont like.  

the SJ community on this site has a lot of shitty attitudes. And its starting to reek. 

I dont care if this post offends anybody. Block me and unfollow me, I dont want to hear it. I have never hated anything more than this movement and I will dance on its ashes when it finally dies.