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*also because i couldnt focus on bigger pieces since my nose was clogged all day and i was coughing and i used up a whole roll of tissua lmao it was funny

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Namikawa Daisuke & KENN after last night’s Meikoi radio with guest Araki Hirofumi who plays Mori Ougai in the upcoming Meikoi musical! (x)

They also announced on the show that Meikoi is getting ported to the PS Vita, with a route added for Iwasaki Tousuke, the new character introduced in the movies and voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa!

Some of the more amusing moments from last night’s show that I can remember:

  • For the past two years they’ve been doing the show, in the March episodes Namikawa-san and Kenn have always exchanged birthday presents. But this year KENN FORGOT TO BRING HIS SENPAI’S PRESENT LOL. He sounded so apologetic and promised that he would give Namikawa-san his present the next time he saw him (*´艸`*)
  • This year NamiD and the staff gave Kenn some salami, which is a running joke from the last two episodes, and which prompted NamiD to call Kenn ‘the salami seiyuu’ XD
  • Kenn said it feels absolutely no different being 34 lmao
  • In terms of the upcoming Meikoi character songs, Ougai’s will be released in May and Shunsou’s in June. Kenn said he hasn’t recorded Shunsou’s song yet, but has received the demo and said it’s quite an emotional (?) song.
  • Araki-san and Kenn know each other from Tenimyu, and Kenn was super happy to see him again! When they introduced him Kenn kept happily yelling out “久しぶりいいいい!!!!” (“Long time no see!!!!!”). Apparently the last time they met each other was four years ago on some music show broadcast. 
  • Araki-san had also met NamiD three years previously apparently, and NamiD kept asking him to tell embarrassing stories about Kenn from ages ago ww
  • For the musical, Araki-san didn’t audition for it, but was specifically asked to play the role of Ougai-san. He mentioned that the full cast hasn’t come together yet, but he has met Hashimoto Shohei who plays Shunsou (and who was last month’s radio guest) since they did an interview together recently.
  • Apparently his nickname has always been 'Arayan’ but Kenn alone calls him 'A-RA-ki’ (i.e., placing a weird intonation on his name), which made Kenn go “Eh, am I the only one who does that?! Σ( ゚Д ゚;)” But Araki-san said he likes it and so asked Kenn to keep calling him that.
  • Finally Araki-san said that he likes to watch anime and was watching a series that Namikawa-san was in on the weekend, to which NamiD went, ”……Oh, Haikyuu? (´∀`)” and so that got him talking about his various anime characters including Oikawa haha

And finally I drew my persona reference today~

Actually came out okay! So, this is me now! Uh I should probably put a lil description for her appearance.

Accessories: So She has a golden star on her right side of her hair. Also, she has to black “F” like… things off her head (I would say horns but that aren’t horns). She doesn’t have to have a blush, but my cheeks are pink quite often ;u; 


Ahh oh my
This was from quite, quite a while ago (okay one month)
Was tipped off that my school is going to have its own annual con really soon so one day I sat down and cracked this out but aha realism and painting just are not my things.

HELLO! Ok so it is time for another TUMBLR AWARDS!! *cue trumpets*

So this is going to be multi-fandom :D YOU ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO ONE FANDOM!!! ( I may or may not have had too much coffee before making this) I love you all and GOOD LUCK :D

DA RULES….are always the same :D

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