haha so cute... no need to be embarassed~

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On everything Mar'i posts on facebook both Kory and Dick leave comments like "Our beautiful daughter!!! You're wonderful sweetie we love you!!!" and occasionally begin flirting with each other in the comments


OMG, they would definitely be ‘those’ parents.

Mar’i: *posts pic of her + cute boy* <3
Starfire: How adorable!! I love you so much!! You two will make a good match!
Dick: Nice picture! Is it just me or, maybe he needs to watch where his hands go? Haha…
Starfire: I do recall that your hands wandered quite a bit before we were married. <3
Dick:…I’m shorter than you! I held on where I could!
Starfire: I know. It’s made for some interesting dates. *winky emoji*
Dick: Speaking of dates, we still on for tonight?
Starfire: Of course! I already bought the candle wax. 

Hello, Goodbye

A Samurai Love Ballad Party special New Year edition!

This fanfiction is dedicated to my friends is twitter, thank you for spending this year with me! Please take good care of me too next year!

SLBP 12 men x OCs

Warning of super OOC!

this is a story filled with bunch of sweet short stories from each pairings, so please do enjoy! also, please take this as my greeting card for you all! Love love~!

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