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I was thinking about Harry & Cho’s disastrous date and there was a post-it note next to my hand so… happy late valentines day!

May the Best Kiss Win

An 8th year Drarry ficlet by OhSoDraco

AO3 Link: May the Best Kiss Win

Things were winding down in the 8th year common room and Harry was feeling rather drunk and well snogged after playing alcohol fuelled Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare for the last few hours. Almost all the 8th Years had happily agreed to play the muggle party games that Hermione had suggested and Harry felt like he’d snogged at least half of them. Now it was after midnight and most of the students had retired to their dorms, leaving only a few stragglers lying or sitting around the common room, enjoying the buzz from the Firewhisky Seamus had provided and the warmth from the crackling fire.

Harry leaned back on his elbows from his slouched position on the floor and thought back to the two kisses of the night he’d enjoyed the most. Seamus had been the first to really get into it with Harry. He had felt a hot tongue push into his mouth almost as soon as their lips had touched and then Seamus put his hand on Harry’s arse and squeezed firmly while continuing the passionate assault with his lips and tongue. Harry had been left pink cheeked and slightly out of breath after that kiss and Seamus had looked rather pleased with himself as he sat back down in his place.

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I think we’re all gay (and Draco fucked up)

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Group chat “He got off, he got off, he got off”

Draco Malfoy: Ulgh you guys are so sappy

Harry Potter: At least they have emotions, can’t say the same for you

Dean Thomas: Nice burn @HarryPotter

Draco Malfoy: Bullshit. It was mediocre at best

Harry Potter: Well sorry that you thought my joke was lame, but I was busy doing other things

Neville Longbottom: Like riding @DracoMalfoy’s dick?



Draco Malfoy: If he were to be riding my dick (which he wouldn’t be, I’m clearly a bottom but okay) I don’t think he’d be able to text while doing it

Pansy Parkinson: I sense a dare coming up here….

Draco Malfoy is typing….

Seamus Finnigan changed the chat name to “No sex talk during breakfast lunch or dinner please.”

Ronald Weasley changed the chat name to “But what about second breakfast?”

Seamus Finnigan changed the chat name to “No sex talk during breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea,  dinner or supper please.”


Hermione Granger: You have quite a nice singing voice @HarryPotter

Draco Malfoy: @HarryPotter Please stop serenading me

This is the music video I based this on

@lepetitcomte asked for some Deamus and I couldn’t resist so here you go! Fluffy hugs for you! ♥ :’))) hope you like it haha :D

also i wanted to be productive finally since i have more time now

I wanted to draw them more casual, but since I have no original ideas I used their casual clothes from GoF during the second task of Triwizard Tournament, but they’re older here… probably :D

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7 + deamus

I’m on mobile right now, so I can’t bold the quotes…or do anything w/ the text pretty much, so sorry if it’s messy lmao

#7: “Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you?”

“Dean I need to talk to you,” Seamus told his best friend.

“Alright. What’s up?” Dean smiled at him.

“Well I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, but I’ve only just worked up the nerve to do it…” Seamus trailed off, looking anywhere but at Dean.

“Spit it out then, mate.”

“Okay well I uh…Ithinkiminlovewithyou,” he rushed out.

Dean was pretty sure of what he heard, but it couldn’t be true. He’s had a crush on his Irish friend for as long as he could remember. There’s no way he felt the same way, though.


Seamus blushed.

“I said I think, no, I KNOW, I’m in love with you.”

“Haha. Very funny, Seamus. Now what did you really need to tell me?”

Seamus finally looked Dean dead in the eye.

“I’m serious, Dean! Do you have any idea how long I’ve felt this way about you?! I bloody love you!”

“Well…that’s good then. Because I bloody love you too. So I guess that makes you my boyfriend.”

“I guess it does.”

Dean grinned and lunged at Seamus, who just wrapped his arms around the other boy and crashed their lips together for a kiss they’ve both been yearning for for ages.

  • Harry: Ron and I are close friends, but not quite as close as Seamus and Dean
  • Neville: Yeah cause yall arent dating
  • Harry: Haha yeah Seamus and Dean sure do act like they're dating
  • Dean: Cause we are
  • Harry: What? No...
  • Ron: They were literally fucking in the bathroom last night
  • Harry: What? But that's gay...
  • Seamus: That's the point mate

Quick evening pencil doodling of Yule ball dancers! Click for bigger but still messy viewing. Might clean it up and add some colour at some point :>

  • *after dean and seamus finally get together*
  • seamus: *takes a deep breath*
  • seamus: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around seamus after he and dean FINALLY started dating: yes, you love dean thomas, we know, you love dean thomas so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love dean thomas, we KNOW, you love dean thomas you fucking love dean thomas ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE DEAN THOMAS. WE GET IT.
If Harry Potter was centered around Seamus Finnigan instead
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year I Somehow Managed to Catch a Cup of Water on Fire??
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year of CORNISH PIXIES?? REALLY??
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year of- Holy Fuck Banshees
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year I Went Out With Lavender Brown haha Suck It Nerds
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year I Thought Harry Was a Liar Only Because I'm a Mama's Boy
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year I Didn't Make the Quidditch Team
  • Seamus Finnigan and the Year I Got to Blow Up a Bridge FUCK YEAH

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deamus for the ship meme thing please?❤️

  • Who’s more dominant: 

Honestly neither?? Like Seamus probably has a “bigger” personality because he’s all over the place and Dean is much quieter but I guess…. Dean will occassionally boss Seamus around in the bedroom ;)

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Oh my god SEAMUS. He’s a very tactile person. He and Dean were cuddling way before they ever got together because Seamus just absolutely refuses to keep his hands to himself.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Seamus is the little spoon because he loves the way Dean’s long limbs can just engulf him completely :)

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

Honestly? The cuddling thing. They cuddle when they watch TV, they cuddle when they read, Seamus will sometimes try to cuddle Dean while he draws…

  • Who uses all the hot water:

Haha, Seaaaaamus. He takes the LONGEST showers. That’s why Dean’s gotten into the habit of waking up first.

  • Most trivial thing they fight over:

Whether Quidditch or football is better

  • Who does most of the cleaning:

Dean. Being an artist, he knows the importance of cleaning up after yourself. Seamus never learned that lesson.

  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue:

Dean controls everything regarding the TV because Seamus is still pretty bad with Muggle technology.

  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  

Seamus is the one that calls, but he ends up getting so worked up that Dean takes over to smooth things over.

  • Who leaves their stuff around:


  • Who remembers to buy the milk:

Dean. Seamus could go to the grocery store with a list that only says ‘milk’ and come home with £200 worth of groceries and no milk.

  • Who remembers anniversaries: 

Also Dean. He’s more organized and keeps a little calendar with important dates marked in it. Seamus will remember an anniversary like a week before, get a present for Dean, and then wonder the day of why he has a box of chocolates in his closet.

  • Who cooks normally:

Dean’s the only one who knows how to cook without burning anything, but he’s usually pretty busy so they eat a lot of takeout.

  • How often do they fight:

Very, very rarely. The number of serious fights they’ve had, you can count on one hand.

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other:

Pine like you wouldn’t believe. They both kind of have separation anxiety from the year that Dean was on the run, so if they’re apart for more than 48 hours, they write letters constantly just to make sure the other is still okay.

  • Nicknames for each other:

Dean calls Seamus ‘Shay’ and Seamus will occasionally use Irish terms of endearment with Dean (i.e. a mhuirnín, a ghrá, a chroí, etc…)

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner:

Seamus always tries, but more often then not, Dean sneakily pays while he’s in the bathroom. 

  • Who steals the covers at night:

Haha SEAMUS. Dean keeps an extra blanket under his side of the bed, because without fail Seamus always has all the covers before the night is over

  • What would they get each other for gifts:

Seamus gets Dean a lot of fancy art supplies that he knows Dean wants but that Dean always thinks are too expensive/indulgent to buy for himself. Dean usually gifts Seamus the art he’s made with said supplies. (Although they both also buy each other more standard gifts like chocolate, flowers, sports memorabilia, etc)

  • Who kissed who first:

Oh my god I’ve written so many versions of them getting together I don’t really have a definitive answer… But I think my first HC for them was Seamus kisses Dean first right after the Battle of Hogwarts

  • Who made the first move:

Same as before, it varies depending on what I’m feeling/writing that day, but again I think my first HC was Dean confessing his feelings to Seamus first.

  • Who remembers things:

Dean. They’ve lost count of how many times Seamus has forgotten to turn off the stove.

  • Who started the relationship:

I mean that’s kind of a mutual decision isn’t it?? But I guess this ties into who made the first move, so I’ll go with Dean

  • Who cusses more:

Seamus. Dean hardly ever curses.

  • What would they do if the other one was hurt:

Seamus kind of loses his shit. Usually, he’s pretty cool in a crisis, but when that crisis involves Dean getting hurt, all that chill goes out the window.

Dean freaks out too, but in a different way. Where Seamus is likely to end up yelling at someone, Dean sort of freezes up and gets really quiet. It takes him a while to shake himself out of it but when he does, he usually just sets about with making sure Seamus is being taken care of.

  • Who is the dirty talker:

Okay, so Seamus does it more often (he has a filthy mouth), but every now and again, Dean will break it out and it drives Seamus wild.

  • A head canon:

The most consistent headcanon I have is that they both start developing feelings for one another around fourth year. (However they don’t actually get their shit together for a few years)