haha sagging

Nicknames the signs have for Sagittarius...
  • Aries: Sis
  • Taurus: Bruh
  • Gemini: Dude
  • Cancer: Girl
  • Leo: Soul Mate, My Everything, My Queen, My Wife, Sag, Crazy, Princess, My Lioness (These are the main ones... There are others that are weird AF.)
  • Virgo: Irrittarius
  • Libra: Honey
  • Scorpio: Short Stack
  • Capricorn: Sagitterrorist
  • Aquarius: Girlfriend
  • Pisces: B**** (in her head)

anonymous asked:

☕️: sag moon?

“Haha I don’t feel anything except for empathy for the people of [country they’ll never go to].”
They’re so edgy and honest to god so cringy? Like, we get it, you’re boarderline sociopathic just like everyone else w/ a Sag/Cap/Aqua Moon. You don’t need to advertise it, it’s pretty damn obvious with how you act.
Plus, they say they’re so “honest” but in reality they’re??? the biggest liars??? and so fucking manipulative?
Like just calm tf down and realize not every situation calls for you to meddle 😠


Aries: *blames nearest person* 

Taurus: CoMe At ME

Gemini: i told you she is like this 

Cancer: i just shat myself 

Leo: nah we fkn got this 

Virgo: let’s just step the fuck back 

Libra: aight listen up imma talk my head off

Scorpio: bitch 

Sagittarius: this is so wild!1!!

Capricorn: i’ll just be annoyingly quiet

Aquarius: i volunteer as tribute!!!

Pisces: ooh i might bail

  • Neven: Wenn wir das Ding gewinnen dann wartet halb Dortmund auf uns. Wenn die Bayern das gewinnen, glaub ich, ist das ein Fest mit ein paar Tausend. Gar nicht zu vergleichen.
  • Nobby: Ein paar Hundert?!
  • Neven: Ein paar Hundert, ja. Ich wollte lieb sein und habe ein paar Tausend gesagt.