haha sério


This is not a shampoo commercial folks lol
I’m so distracted by this hot caster in Rio =)))

your hand touching mine (this is how galaxies collide) [o’solo]

five times hope and kelley just can’t stop flirting like oh my GOD & the one time they get really serious


The ice on Kelley’s ankle melts fast under the blistering heat of Brazil’s sun. Manaus is hot and humid like no one could have imagined and the sweat that soaks through Kelley’s training shirt is heavy and unrelenting. Beneath her, the grass pokes at her back and neck while she has one arm draped across her eyes to shield the brightness away.

This is not the way she wanted to finish her second training session—already nursing a knock.

Half of the team has already scurried inside the training facility where the air conditioning and shelter is welcomed like water in a desert. Tobin punts a ball at Kelley’s hip and Kelley removes the arm from her face, squinting one eye open.

“Are you coming?” Tobin asks, spritzing Kelley with her water bottle as she passes. “Or are you trying to even out your sunburn?”

“Coming.” Kelley mumbles, already feeling the skin on her nose starting to peel—it all makes Georgia summers feel like child’s play. “Just…give me a minute. I’m almost at full lobster.”

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