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hihereami  asked:

Hiiiiii !!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE !! Would you draw some Alix/Kim for me,please? You said in a post you were up to rec so... sorry if im being rude or annoying! Have a good night!

You are neither rude nor annoying! Hope this works for ya:

They take their akumatizations in stride and theme their puns accordingly.

( I tried :’) )

just-french-me-up  asked:

Are you takin those pompts though? Because DEF “i said i love you.” for Jehanparnasse if you dooo pleeaaase *-*-*

Of course! just prompt me up!

“And you promise you’ll be careful?”

“I’m always careful.” Montparnasse said a slight hint of sulkiness in his tone. “I am a professional after all.”

“I know that” Jehan said smiling up at him. Montparnasse’s sullen expression lightened just a tinge and Jehan swept a soft hand across his cheek. “I just worry about you when you go out on nights like these… It’’s as black as coal tonight and the darkness-” 

“-Is what keeps me safe.” Montparnasse said gently. He gave Jehan a small peck on the tip of his nose. “The darker the night the less you should worry.”

Jehan twisted their fingers nervously and bit their lip before looking up at Montparnasse with uncertainty. 

“I know I just… If you were to get hurt I just… I couldn’t bear it.”

“I’m not going to get hurt Mon Lapin. Like I said I’m a professional.” Montparnasse said giving them his most charming and promising smile. Jehan still appeared to be unconvinced and looked as if they were threatening to use their most deadliest and effective weapon against Montparnasse. Their pout.

“Jehan, don’t be like that. I love you too much to-” 

He froze suddenly, his eyes growing wide at the realization of his confession. 

“What… Did you just say?” Jehan asked quietly. Their chestnut eyes had also grown wider, and the soft blush that grazed their cheeks spread into a rosy cloud across their sprinkle of freckles . 

“I said… I love you.” Montparnasse said, his determination rising. “And…” He looked down in an annoyed huff at the heat he felt rising to his own cheeks. “And I would never worry you. So I won’t get hurt.” 

“You are definitely not leaving now!” Jehan said boldly. “Montparnasse, you do not get to tell me you love me for the first time and then just leave.” 

Montparnasse attempted to protest, he really should be leaving after all… But it was incredibly hard to do so when Jehan had wrapped their arms around his waist and pulled him into a sweet caress. 

Perhaps the night could wait.


Anonymous said:

hi <3 i really really love your art and i was wondering if you’d ever drawn alluka before? i really want to know what she’d look like in your style but i don’t think i’ve seen it before owo

Yes I have haha not on a long time tho haha last time I drew her was in…April I think?And I didn’t even post it haha Well it’s always nice to draw Waifu,even if her hair kills me OTL She looks like this in my style haha:

Lots of questions about art along with some mini-tutorials so I’ll put a keep reading haha

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