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“The other reason I took this job was so I could do really cool stuff like this. It is with great pride that my first order of business as a commander of this base is the announcement of the promotion of Major Samantha Carter to Lieutenant Colonel.”

9:21 AM - 25 Jan 2015
  • Soraru: Good morning! Today's the day of the wedding!
  • Ryo-kun: Congratulations, Soraru-san!
  • Soraru: Not me
  • Kogeinu: Congratulations! Wishing you everlasting happiness!
  • Soraru: Not me
  • Soraru: It's obviously impossible for me to get married!!!! Give me a rest!!!
  • Tomobop: Even I am able to do it so that's okay so have confidence and get married with me ("添い遂げる" lit. to remain forever married)
  • Soraru: To be married...that's...strange
  • Soraru: The wedding ceremony was good.

Brittany Snow + natural beauty

Saigo Made Kiite Kurete Arigatou
M.O.E(Terashima Takuma&Hatano Wataru)
Saigo Made Kiite Kurete Arigatou

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