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There are so many amazing things going on in this menu, you guys.

“American Plate”
*throws some shit on a plate* “This is what Americans eat, right?”
I don’t know what I love more, the single piece of broccoli (well, this is an accurate depiction of the amount of vegetables Americans eat, I guess) or the THREE tortilla chips for eating your “avocado dip.” 

“Of course those two make the perfect decisive end of your meal!”
Awww, okay, that’s cute. Though…it’s “light and shadow vanilla and chocolate,” so I guess Kuroko is the chocolate, not the vanilla?? I’m all confused now.


“Super Long Range Toast”
“This super long shot can reach its target from the far end of the court (plate). It’s so long, your heartbreak is inevitable!?”

OMG BUBBLES AND TREES (Lauren's description of Ally)
Lauren Jauregui
OMG BUBBLES AND TREES (Lauren's description of Ally)

Lauren explaining Ally by using only 4 words.


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Could you possibly do a HC of the RFA + V reacting to MC not finding Zen attractive. Like he posted a selfie and MC's just like "Meh, I don't see it..."

LOL Ya for sure!

~I swear this is kinda me haha. I love Zen but..the rat tail….omg….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

◉ Yoosung

  • Laughs and laughs and laughs
  • and laughs
  • He wishes he knew where you were so he could hug you
  • You’re his favorite person from now on
  • You can’t see him but he’s literally rolling around on his floor laughing after reading the message
  • He’s not necessarily happy to see Zen upset
  • But he thinks he needs to be knocked down a peg or two
  • Now he is curious
    • “So what is attractive to you, MC? I think I’m pretty cute…”

◉ Jumin

  • Dat smirk emoji
  • Jumin is elated
    • “It takes a wise person to have a firm grasp on their taste and preferences”
  • You’ve moved up a few notches in Jumins book
    • “You have a good eye, MC. Next time I’m looking for models when we launch a line, I’d like it if you could be involved as a consultant.”
  • Makes little digs at Zen and they end up arguing a lot lol

◉ Zen

  • He is so confused!
    • “Maybe that wasn’t my best angle…hold on I’ll send another one”
  • Keeps sending selfies only for you to say “eh”
  • This can’t be possible??
  • Chat is drowning in selfies
  • Everyone is begging him to stop
  • Perhaps she just needs to see me in person?
    • “Seven tell me where MC is I need to know this instant.”
    • “You know I can’t do that.”
  • Is having a panic attack
  • Crying emoji
  • In the end it honestly just makes him want you more because it’s like a challenge lol 

◉ Jaehee

  • Offended™
  • But also glad that you aren’t attracted to him
    • “This is for the best. It wouldn’t be wise to have feelings for him, anyway.”
  • The only one really trying to cheer Zen up and remind him of all of his fans
  • Saving all the selfies
  • like
  • She about 2 fAINT
  • This is the best day she’s had in months

◉ Saeyoung

  • Laughing with Yoosung omg these two
  • Spit out his PHD Pepper
  • Him and Yoosung are just feeding off of each other typing joke after joke
  • In all seriousness though
  • Once he calms down a bit…
    • “MC you might need glasses like me, Zen is pretty attractive. Or maybe you just have a different taste…? It makes me curious about you.”

◉ V

  • He just wants to stay out of it tbh
  • Daddy V is the calm mediator
    • “Zen, everyone has different tastes. You can’t expect everyone to find you attractive. Let’s all calm down, shall we?”
  • Laughed a little to himself when he read it
  • Just sits back and reads the chaos
  • There’s no way he can control this bunch
  • Really only sticking around because Zen was adamant on going to the apartment so he had to try and calm the situation lol

someone: hows life



remember when graham showed mcfassy my sister @margawart‘s cute art?


OMG! ⁿ₀ⁿ  Guys I just find this and I still can’t stop laughing! So…I decide to share it with you ^ᴈ^ ! I hope the creator of this incredibly funny chat-conversation don’t mind if I share it…∩_∩