haha ok i'm exhausted

yknow, I keep seeing all these posts about how bad the layton fandom is, but i gotta say, I really love it.
I mean, you’ve got different sections of people with different ideas. there’s this section of people who are very strict with their views and ideas, or who are more about representation, and that’s great! and then you’ve got this other section of people who analyze the series down to a T, and that’s also super cool! you’ve got the general shitposters and/or art sharers who are very kind. you’ve got all the artists that contribute and I cherish deeply. there’s the roleplayers who I don’t know that well but they exist and are probably cool idk. and a lot more, all of which are fabulous in their own charming ways (sometimes). do we always get along? no not always. sometimes different groups with different ideas clash. sometimes you find a really Bad Apple spreading toxic hate and trying to bring you down, but the amount of good people in this fandom far outweighs the people who make ship wars or the discourse starters or death threaters. and yeah, sometimes we have tension and have rifts, but that’s kinda what a family does. it clashes and has their rifts and feuds, but in the end, we’re all still a family and we all still love the same series, and in the end we manage to get along. and you might not agree with this, and that’s fine, but i for one think that this fandom is wonderful, even with all its flaws. I’ve met so many great people and I hope to meet many more.
thank you everybody who is in this fandom! from the bottom of my heart!!