haha oh no his shoes are actually red

Back Stage Beauties (Andy Biersack)

“We’re here with Andy from Black Veil Brides I’m (YF&L/N).”
“And I’m Jenny FallenAngel.”
“And where The Back Stage Beauties. So Andy tell us how are you enjoying tour here in your home country?” You ask he flashes that smile looking into your eyes, you smile back.
“Tour oh yea I mean I love touring and getting to play for our fans.”
It feels like he’s speaking just to you your eyes lock with his he smiles biting his lip your partner giggles and nudges you
“So Andy who snores the loudest on the tour bus.” He stays staring at you completely disregarding the question.
“Andy?” He snaps back to reality
“Yea what oh shit I’m sorry I’m not sure what I’m doing haha what- what was the question?” He pulls out a cig sparking it as your partner repeats her question.
“Defiantly a tie between CC and Jinxx haha they both are extremely loud *looking over at you biting his lip* I don’t snore *you giggle thinking to yourself oh my god is he starring at me?* do you snore (Y/N)? You giggle
“I have no clue I’m asleep haha.” He laughs looking down at his pants crossing his legs at his knee.
“Exactly so why would you know haha.” He mumbles under his breath
“Good going Andy smooth!” You didn’t hear but your parter did and she giggled and nudged you, you look at her an she has this stupid grin on her face you pipe up
“So Andy on average how many bras vs panties get thrown on stage and what do you do with them?” He starts to laugh taking his last drag off his cig putting it out with the bottom of his shoe.
“We’ll believe it or not they just kinda get swept up and put in the venue lost and found…. Unless there sexy batman underwear then I keep those and put them on my wall till it makes me feel weird. Because I’m a creep like that” He laughs your partner nudges you
“You know Andy (Y/N) has a cute pair of Batman underwear don’t you (Y/N)!” Your face goes red your eyes get huge you’re actually wearing the ones she’s talking about
“Oh my god Jenny!” You cover your face
“Haha yea so do I but mine are more of a onesie I use to wear under all my clothes.” He makes a joke to make you feel better but you watch him watch you the entire time your partner talks even when you talk he’s starring at you or maybe it’s just you but you think Jenny sees it to
“Okay I just gotta ask Andy why do you keep starring at (Y/N)” his eyes get huge and he glows red
“Oh my god I am so sorry I really didn’t realize anyone noticed god I’m such a weirdo haha *he runs his fingers threw his hair* fuck it (Y/N) I’d love to take you to dinner tonight what do you say?” Jenny starts squealing like a little girl and a huge smile splits across your face
“I’d love to go to dinner with you Andy.” Jenny starts clapping like a retarted seal he stands up as you do and he hugs you kissing your cheek. You guys go out to dinner and have a blast you guys end up talking all night you guys date for a year before he asks you to marry him shortly after you have a beautiful baby boy you name Jacob Anthony.
Thanks for reading :)