haha oh jen

The doodling continues...

Yup… down and down the slope I keep going… 

And I am completely okay with this.

Yup. *o*b


Hello everyone! Because you can never have too much Joshifer, I have decided to partake in que-sera-sera88’s seven day Joshifer Meme! So here we go!

Day One: Post a gif/pic/screencap/video link of the moment that had you shipping Joshifer and explain why this moment made you ship them.

I honestly cannot make up my mind when it comes to what made me start shipping Joshifer! However, these two interviews are the ones that came to mind first haha.

Fun fact; I actually watched Joshifer interviews and got to know the cast before watching The Hunger Games, because I missed it when it was in theaters. But after my friend recommended it to me, I started watching little clips of the movie on youtube, and eventually wandered into Joshifer territory.

I can remember that these two interviews in particular made me go, “Dang, they’re cute. Are they dating? They better start dating.” So I guess these are responsible for starting the madness lol!