haha my mom was really mad

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1, 12, 15 for cosplay asks :)

1. What was your first cosplay?
James/Kojiro of Team Rocket from the original Pokemon anime, haha…i was like 11 years old and i discovered cosplay through the internet and wanted to try it out…i painted a big red “R” on a white shirt i had and my mom got pretty mad at me for it, haha, but…i think when i looked in the mirror and saw someone from something that made me happy, it made me happy too.

12. Shortest time to make?
An hour, probably…I cosplayed a Hunter from Left 4 Dead back in like middle school and literally all I had to do was wrap some duct tape around my arms and legs and splatter everything with blood and dirt, lol.

15. Are you currently working on something?
They’re not cosplays I’m gonna make 100% by hand (I really only hand-make cosplays that require really unique, non-traditional clothing), but ah…Mob/Kageyama Shigeo (Mob Psycho 100) and Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) !!


1. First impression: good ideas McGee, too cool, amazing at stories, holds my entire heart in her hands
2. Truth is: still holds my entire heart, looks up to you so much bc omg you’re so cool and you’re still a giant nerd at the same time! Would definitely have as a mom friend.
3. How old do you look: ahh maybe… 21-ish? ack idk
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes adfghjdk yesyes
5. Have you ever made me mad: haha, i don’t really get mad easy! nope!

6. Best feature: everything about your face like wtf, is there some goddamn selfie magic over here or???? also you’re so flipping kind adfghj howwww and your stories ahhh
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i don’t get crushes easily, sorry, no!
8. You’re my: How are we mutuals, you’re way too amazing to be following a dork like me Mutual
9. Name in my phone (if you were in my phone): Savvy™
10. Should you post this too? If you haven’t already, shore!


two uploads in the same day? What madness is this!?

Really I was just too excited with how this came out…
So I just had to share, haha! Still experimenting with line work…
But I wanted to see what would happen if I added flat colors to it…
Needless to say i am very impressed with the results! ♥

Done in Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CC
Eileen the Crow/Bloodborne © FROM SOFTWARE

I have had thoughts of studying the same thing my mom did for a while now, but man, I’d be slightly pressured not to let her down. She wouldn’t be mad or anything because she’s really kind, but y’know, it’s just that feeling.

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do you ever get like unnecessarily angry for no reason? like rn I was mad for no reason, trying to ignore it then I dropped my phone and then ripped my earphones out of my ear and threw them on the floor too. like wtf? And then my mom is all "y u mad?" and im like IM NOT MAD.. i sound like such a brat lmao anyway I'm not really mad anymore but yeah.. just felt like telling someone haha ha ha oh god. k bye -ghost anon

ghosty ur so cute dijskskds! but… yeah same!

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Funny story please

There was this one time I got mad at my mom for throwing away my stuff and then making me pay for it with my own money…I think I was 7 or 8….I got so mad at the injustice

I opened the front door while she wasn’t looking and threw a pair of her shoes out the door. (It was this leather one that went really far, rolled down the hill that was my backyard)

Then five minutes later I thought, my mom’s memory is so bad, she would never realize …and where’s the satisfaction in that. So I unlocked myself from my room again (different story) and went outside and took one shoe back to the closet, leaving the other one in the backyard.

That was late November, haha. My mom never said anything until in the spring when my dad was mowing the lawn and found it and asked my mom how she lost her shoe outside. I had forgotten about it until then so I burst out laughing and the truth came out (then I was in deep shit)

She still gets mad when this story comes up, but she leaves my stuff alone.

Disclaimer: don’t try this at home.
Disclaimer 2: don’t mess with INFJs

EXO’s Reaction to You Forgetting Their Birthday

Sorry for the late post! Thank you once again for all your support! :)~ Inspired by Kris hehe


Y/N: Xiumin, can you go to the grocery store and buy ingredients?

Xiumin: *gets suspicious* What are you baakiinng…

Y/N: Cake, of course! Have you forgotten today?

Xiumin: Why would I?! It’s my own birthday!

Y/N: …it is…?

Xiumin: *gif*

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He would eagerly be waiting for your greeting the whole day. He’d give subtle hints here and there, but you’d never get it. “It’s my birthday, jagi-ya!” He’d scream out of frustration, leaving you blank. “How could you forget…;_;”

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Kris: Jagi-ya, where’s my birthday kiss?

Y/N: *stumbles* It’s not your birthday today…right?

Kris: *gif* I feel so betrayed…

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You wouldn’t need to tell him that you forgot because he’d be jumping up and down like a cool mom and continuously yelling, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!”

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Once he’d figure out that you forgot his birthday, he would accept it calmly and scold you with all the cuteness he could muster. “How dare you forget my birthday, Y/N!”

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“I’m so mad that I could eat you right now.”

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“It’s fine, Y/N! I’ll just forget your birthday too…hehe…”

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“I’m ready to beat you up with my bat.”

HAHA that gif was taken completely out of context

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He’d desperately try to get your attention and even drop really obvious hints, but he’d give up after seeing how clueless you were.

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He wouldn’t blame you for forgetting because he also forgot his birthday was that day.

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Y/N: Your birthday is today?!


Y/N: I’m so sorry, jagi-ya!

Kai: …I know you’re just kidding, Y/N! Now where’s my present?

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To be honest, his sensitive side would show and he would feel a little hurt, but of course, he wouldn’t let that get in the way of his dignity. He would cover up by being an adorable brat. “You forgot my birthday? The maknae’s birthday?!”

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Note: I’m considering writing BTS reactions!!! :))) I still haven’t decided whether to join it with this blog or to make another blog.

Ok so mad kudos to @loloniu because I really like this blog for learning Tongan. And when I read this bit, I srsly couldn’t believe my eyes - like who names their kid ‘foot injury/face’??? so I went over to my mom for clarification. She was like yup, that’s 100% true 😂 and now not only have I learned something new, my mom is also happy that im making an effort to learn tongan lol


Here it is guys!!
Ok so I arrived at NAMM at around 10:30 and headed to the Ernie Ball booth just to check it out and make sure I knew where it was and stuff. So I get there and I see her signature guitar and her picture up on display and stuff!! And I’m like WOW and I’m taking pics and then I notice the stage and up there is James Valentine of Maroon 5 so I’m like ok ok sick and he’s setting up for his clinic. At this point there’s like maybe 15 people just walking around in the booth. So I’m like watching him for a sec and then I turn around and look at this little table at the back AND ANNE IS JUST CASUALLY SITTING THERE. And I got like THE HUGEST rush of adrenaline. So I’m like holy shit she’s just sitting there, there’s people walking by like it’s just nothing holy cow. So I’m pretending to watch James (sorry James you’re a pretty cool guitarist but my HERO was in the room) and then just like every few minutes I’d casually glance back at her and she was just casually on her phone, picked up a guitar and was warming up, talking to people, drinking pink lemonade (she is an actual FAIRY???) ETC. so this goes on for about 30 mins maybe? Then she leaves the table and I think starts walking around. Then my guitarist gets there and we take some pix and try out her sig guitar. It is AWESOME. So light and sounds so good and plays REALLY well. Then me and my guitarist walk around for a bit before her clinic. We get back at around 12:45 and I was not going to be anything other than front row center. So this guy is like setting up her pedals and she’s at the back in the corner where her guitars are hanging up doing some interviews and pictures and stuff. Then!!! Her clinic starts!!! It was Sterling Ball interviewing her and she did some demonstrations (including the HUEY NEWTON HEAVY RIFF). She talked about the guitar a lot and she played a Pearl Jam riff. I caught eyes with her like 5 times. BEFORE she even started playing, she was talking about how crossed arms was the universal unimpressed guitar player stance, and then MY GUITARIST HAD HIS ARMS CROSSED AND SHE JOKINGLY POINTED TO HIM. HOLY CRAP. The ONLY bad part of the experience was when she opened it up for audience questions, some fucking idiot yelled “WHAT’S YOUR PHONE NUMBER?” BUT she did so well, she said, “hey Sterling, I think that guy wants your number.” Then it ended and I went to the signing line. I was second in line. Seriously like 100 people came up who were just walking around and were like “WHO THIS SIGNING FOR” and me and the girl who was first were just like St. Vincent and then they’d be like “HM! Ok.” Then 30 mins later this guy working there brings her over and she was SO HUMBLE he like lead her there and she was like, “Wait, what am I doing right now?” And he was like, “you’re signing” and she was like, “All these people are in line for MY signing?” And he was like “YEAH” and then she looked at the papers she was going to sign and was like, (very confused sounding) “what…. What do I do with these?” And the guy was like, “Annie, you sign them” and she was like “Really???” And it was like so sweet because she like couldn’t believe it!!! So the first person meets her and I take their pic and then!!!! AHHHH I walk up to her (and my drummer had arrived at this point and him and my guitarist were standing just outside the line snapping pix of the encounter) and I say “Hi Annie! I’m Kassie” and she says “hello! I remember you from the clinic!” (GUYS SHE FUCKING REMEMBERED MY FUCKING FACE. WHAT THE FUCK.) and I say “oh yeah! And this is my "unimpressed guitarist” friend.“ and motion to my guitarist and she says "oh yes hello!” And then I say, “he actually is the guitarist in my band, I play bass, and thank you so much for your music you’re really a huge inspiration for me.” And she says “thank you” and then starts signing my page and she asks how to spell my name but then just motions to my badge which says Kassandra and I was like “oh yeah you can use that, although that’s like the name mom uses when she’s mad at you ya know” and she was like “haha yeah! Kassandra was a Greek god right? She saw the future…. Or something. And it was bad?” And I said “yes! Yep that’s her and that’s me” then she’s done signing and I ask if we could take a quick picture and she says sure! NOW ok, she was SITTING in my picture with her. You can’t really see that so I look giant. But full disclosure, I am 5'4" and 115 pounds. Just so you can get an idea of what we’re workin with. Then we take the picture and I say “thank you so much again for everything Annie” and she says “thank you too! Bye!” And I say “bye!” And then I walk off and the rest of the day is a huge fucking blur all I know is I had to take a second and recollect myself on the ground once I was out of her sight and then ate a hot dog and 3 tacos and beer because I hadn’t eaten in like 7 or 8 hours. It was amazing. It really could not have been more perfect and I hope you all have a similar experience soon!!!!! Thanks everyone for being so excited for me you all are the best :-*