haha my mom was really mad


two uploads in the same day? What madness is this!?

Really I was just too excited with how this came out…
So I just had to share, haha! Still experimenting with line work…
But I wanted to see what would happen if I added flat colors to it…
Needless to say i am very impressed with the results! ♥

Done in Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CC
Eileen the Crow/Bloodborne © FROM SOFTWARE

attackonnaruto  asked:

What made you get into Naruto?

In 2004, I was randomly clicking the remote control of our TV, then I saw Naruto. The first episode that I saw was HInata and Naruto’s first chunnin exam moment (they were sitting next to each other). Yes. really, that is very coincidence. Then, for some reason, I was attracted to them. I already ship them before I knew what shipping is. I remember, I skipped my cousin’s wedding ceremony just to watch Hinata vs Neji fight. My mom was very mad. Haha. I was too selfish at the time.  

Ok so mad kudos to @loloniu because I really like this blog for learning Tongan. And when I read this bit, I srsly couldn’t believe my eyes - like who names their kid ‘foot injury/face’??? so I went over to my mom for clarification. She was like yup, that’s 100% true 😂 and now not only have I learned something new, my mom is also happy that im making an effort to learn tongan lol