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Summary- Jeremy and Michael are married and have two kids Roux (pronounced Roo) and Miles Jeremy is on the PTA at their school. Jeremy is home sick with the flu and can’t make it to the weekly PTA meeting. Michael volunteers to go for Jeremy despite the fact Jeremy says he wont like it. Michael goes anyway and has to deal with the homophobic and slightly racist suburban soccer moms that make up the PTA.

warnings- mild cursing, homophobic talk and slurs. (nothing too bad though)

word count - 1751

“Oh please Jeremy, I’ll be fine its just one meeting” Michael said confidently. “ I don’t know man the moms over there can be, judgey. I don’t think you will like it. I’ll just go it will be fine.” Jeremy said. “ No you’re sick and you need to rest. I’ll go to the meeting for you.” Michael reassured him. “ But if you want me to rest who’s gonna watch the kids” Jeremy asked. “ Roux is upstairs playing videogames and Miles is at Will’s house working on their school project. The kids are fine. You just sit here and rest I will go to the meeting and I will take notes for you and fill you in on what you miss ok.” Michael says with a smile. “ Fine.” sighed Jeremy. “ Get some rest. I love you.” said Michael. “ I love you to” Michael kissed Jeremy on the forehead and left.

 Michael parked his car in a parking lot filled with mini vans and walked in to the school gym. In side was a few folding tables pushed together to make one larger table and off to the side where two more tables filled with home made and store bought goodies. Michael quickly saw he was the only dad there. He awkwardly shuffled over to the table of treats and grabbed a cookie. It was disgusting. “ Like the cookies, I made them. Their gluten free you know”. A blonde lady stood behind him with a chilling smile. “ I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. I’m Gale.” she beamed. “ Oh, I’m Michael and I’m filling in for Jeremy for the day, he’s home with the flu.” he said. “Aw the poor dear. How do you know Jeremy are you his brother in law or friend or,” Gale questioned. “ Oh no I’m Jeremy’s husband.” Michael stated with pride. The color in Gales face drained away. “ I see. Well then, lets start this meeting and not waste anymore time. Shall we.” she hissed. She marched over to the table and sat down the rest of the moms followed soon after. “ Good morning ladies. And guest.” Gale said with a glare towards Michael. “Now before we start we have someone … new with us today.” she said threw gritted teeth. All of the mothers turned to face Michael. “ Please introduce yourself.” Gale stared at him with cold dead eyes. “ Hello my name is Michael and I’m filling in for my husband Jeremy today because he’s home sick.” The room was eerily silent. The mother to his left scooted her chair away from Michael and clung on to a cross neckless she wore. “ Now,” Gale started, “lets-” “Wait umm before we start, where is the bathroom.” Michael interrupted. “ Down the hall and to the left.” Gale said with a fake smile. Michael quickly got up and walked to the restroom.

Once they thought Michael was out of ear shot the chatter begain. “ I always knew something was off about Jeremy , but being gay.” said Gale. “ I would have guessed he was a Liberal or one of those crazy parents who gives his kids vaccines, but never gay. He seemed so normal, well not normal but you know what I mean.” said a redheaded woman. “ I know what you mean Helen.” said Gale. “ I knew he was crazy from the beginning. Even before I knew he was gay. I knew he wasn’t right In the head, I mean Jeremy all ready admitted to marrying someone who wasn’t white. But now this. Unbelievable!” exclaimed a burnet mother at the end of the table. “ We should have listened to you sooner Lindsey.” stated Helen. The woman clutching on to her cross necklace let go, sat up straight ,and spoke up. “ It’s no wonder poor Roux and Miles are so screwed up.” said Mary.

“Excuse me?” said Michael from the door way. “ What did you just say about my children?” Mary shuttered in fear and grabbed back on to her necklace. “ Y-you heard u-us?” stammered Mary. “ Yes, or at least I think you did so can you please repeat what you just said. Because I think I just heard you insult my kids so can you please repeat your self so I can make sure I’m not going crazy and I really just heard that.” demanded Michael. “ I think you need to calm down.” said Gale. “We don’t need any more angry gays.” mumbled Helen to herself. Michael’s eyes widened with anger and he walked over to the tables full of sweets. He then looked her right in the eyes and flipped a 10 x 12 pan of sugar free brownies. “ My brownies!” cried out Helen. “ Fight me Helen.” Michael said with a straight face. Helen shot out from her chair reeling and slammed her fists on the table. “ How dare you!” she screamed. “Helen please! We are civilized people, you do not need to go to violence. We have morals, unlike someone.” Gale said with a sharp glare in Michaels direction. “ Insulting my family, is that what we call morals now?” said Michael sternly. “ No, but following the lords will and not corrupting the minds of young children is.” hissed Lindsey. “ Corrupting? Really?” Michael sarcastically. “ You heard me.” Said Lindsey puffing her chest. “ Just look at Miles. Just the other day he said his favorite color was pink. That’s a girl color, and Roux the poor thing. She refuses to wear dresses and skirts and spends all her time talking about zombies and video games. Things are they way they are for boys and girls for a reason and we don’t need people like you and Jeremy raising kids incorrectly.” she stated mater of factly. “ Look you can insult me all you want but you do not get to speak about my children or Jeremy like that. Got it.” said Michael his voice low all most a growl.  “ Fine, now lets get on with the meeting ok.” said Gale. Michael walked back to the table and sat down. Mary whispered a prayer as he took his seat next to her. “ Now the first thing we need to discuss is the drama department. The auditions for Romeo and Juliet are coming to a close and the drama teacher is considering having a boy play the role of the nurse. She is receiving complaints from parents, some saying the role should go to a girl and others saying if the kid can play the part he should have it. She would like our opinions on the matter.” Gale read off of a clip board in front of her. “ I think that if the boy can play the role better then a girl he should have it. Who cares if it was written for a girl.” Michael said with a smile. “ Of course you would think that, damn fag.” muttered Helen. “ What was that?” said Michael anger bubbling inside him again. “ You heard what I said. What are you going to do about it?” mocked Helen. “Oh I’ll show you what I’m gonna do bitch!” Michael shouted as he shot out of his seat and flung the papers in front of him at Helen. Soon all the mothers and Michael where standing and shouting at each other papers and baked goods where flying. Gale stood on top of a table and shouted above all the commotion, “ ENOUGH! I SAID ENOUGH!” ,the room fell silent as she continued, “ THIS MEETING IS OFFICALY OVER! AND YOU” , she pointed at Michael, “ I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU OR YOUR DISGUSTING HUSBAND AT ONE OF THESE MEETINGS EVER AGAIN! I REFUSE TO HAVE SUCH LOW LIFE  AND SINFUL PARENTS REPERSENTING US! MEETING ADJOURNED!’ she screeched. The room was quite. “ Well I will see you lovely ladies at parent teacher night. And Gale, your cookies are disgusting.” Michael said with a smile as Gale gasped. He walked out of the room avoiding stepping on the various cakes and cookies on the floor.

“ I’m back!” Michael announced as he walked threw the front door. “ How was it?” asked Jeremy on the couch sniffling. “ Oh it was great!” Michael said beaming. “ Wait, what, really, it went good. N-nothing went wrong.” Jeremy said shocked. “ Yeah it was awesome.” Michael said. “ Wow I’m impressed.” Jeremy looked at Michael. “ What went wrong.” asked Jeremy. Michael glanced to the side  “ Wha- nothing went wrong Jer bear ”  “ Don’t Jer bear me. I know your lying, I’ve known you for nineteen years I can tell when your lying Michael.” Jeremy said staring at his husband. “ Michael.” he said sternly. “ Guess who got us banned from the PTA haha ha…” Michael said bashfully. “ Oh my God Michael.” Jeremy said burying his face in to his hands. “ You ok Jeremy, uh Jeremy are you ok? Jer bear? You ok?” Michael asked concerned. Jeremy was quite. “ I’m really sorry. But they where talking bad about the kids, and about you and us being married and then I got all defensive and-” Jeremy erupted in to laughter “ Jeremy?” “ H-Holy shit dude! hahaha You- you actually got us banned! hahahahahaha Oh my god! You fought the soccer moms! ahahahahahaha this is too funny!” laughed Jeremy.  “So your not mad?” asked Michael. “ No I’m not mad this is hilarious dude. I cant believe this. Dude you got-you got us banned for being gay hahahahahaha I can’t breath! ” Jeremy wheezed. “ So your not mad that I yelled at Gale, or flipped Helens brownies?” Michael asked. “ No dude I hate Gale and Helen their stuck up bitches. And Gales cookies are awful.” Jeremy smiled. “ Bro her baking is so bad man!” Michael laughed. “ Wait, did you say you flipped Helens brownies?” asked Jeremy. “… Yes…” said Michael hesitantly. “ I love you so much.” chuckled Jeremy as he kissed Michael on the cheek. They both laughed as they sat down on the couch. “ Man, Gale really is a bitch.” stated Michael. “ Dude tell me about it.” said Jeremy rolling his eyes as they snuggled together on the couch still laughing about all that happened at this weeks PTA meeting.

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Okay i dont know if in the books harry hook's mom pops up but imagine this : Harry Hook mom been a latina a she teach him to talk fluent spanish! So everytime he is nervous or REALLY mad he just talk in spanish * Sorry for my bad english, isn't my first language*

haha what if since Harry has a Scottish accent that sometimes he uses his Scottish dialect more than usual as well. It’d be interesting to see how he’d balance being SO MAD that he’s mixing the Scottish dialect and Spanish so much that literally no one can follow what he’s saying lol.

btw, your English is great for it not being your first language. Keep practicing!

Words Hurt

Summary/Request: “Could u do one where everyone isn’t nice to you especially the girls, you never speak and they think u can’t speak English (Australian) but one day you have enough and punch someone and everyone just stares at you?”

Pairing: Gladers x Reader, Newt x Reader (mentioned), Platonic Minho x Reader (mentioned)

Word Count: 2164

Warnings: Bullying, cussing.  

Requested: Yes

(A/N): Hey, OKay so I know this is like, two weeks late, I’m sorry! But, it would’ve been up last night if my computer hadn’t been stupid and deLETED THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING! I was like 10 sentences from being done with it and I press one button and BAM! It’s all gone! I was so mad. I was home alone so my mom couldn’t hear my screaming and cussing. Haha, she would’ve been like “Oh God, what is she screaming about now?” But anyway, I was so mad last night and today that I didn’t even wanna LOOK at Wattpad (what I wrote the original on). I had tried multiple way to try and get it back, even looked on the revision place on the app on my phone… It wasn’t there, which made me even angrier. Stuff happened, and I found it! All I had to do was go on my revision history on my LAPTOP. I was really excited. So, I finished it, and here we are! 

Also, to abigail10130. For some reason, I couldn’t tag you in this. So, sorry about that. But, I hope you like this. Hope it was what you were looking for. Sorry it was so late.

Anyway, ENJOY!

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two uploads in the same day? What madness is this!?

Really I was just too excited with how this came out…
So I just had to share, haha! Still experimenting with line work…
But I wanted to see what would happen if I added flat colors to it…
Needless to say i am very impressed with the results! ♥

Done in Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CC
Eileen the Crow/Bloodborne © FROM SOFTWARE

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Whenever my mom makes me mad ill lock myself in my room and plug as many things as I can in so the light bill will come back high asf

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO PETTY HAHA (also like really fucking genius tho???)


Here it is guys!!
Ok so I arrived at NAMM at around 10:30 and headed to the Ernie Ball booth just to check it out and make sure I knew where it was and stuff. So I get there and I see her signature guitar and her picture up on display and stuff!! And I’m like WOW and I’m taking pics and then I notice the stage and up there is James Valentine of Maroon 5 so I’m like ok ok sick and he’s setting up for his clinic. At this point there’s like maybe 15 people just walking around in the booth. So I’m like watching him for a sec and then I turn around and look at this little table at the back AND ANNE IS JUST CASUALLY SITTING THERE. And I got like THE HUGEST rush of adrenaline. So I’m like holy shit she’s just sitting there, there’s people walking by like it’s just nothing holy cow. So I’m pretending to watch James (sorry James you’re a pretty cool guitarist but my HERO was in the room) and then just like every few minutes I’d casually glance back at her and she was just casually on her phone, picked up a guitar and was warming up, talking to people, drinking pink lemonade (she is an actual FAIRY???) ETC. so this goes on for about 30 mins maybe? Then she leaves the table and I think starts walking around. Then my guitarist gets there and we take some pix and try out her sig guitar. It is AWESOME. So light and sounds so good and plays REALLY well. Then me and my guitarist walk around for a bit before her clinic. We get back at around 12:45 and I was not going to be anything other than front row center. So this guy is like setting up her pedals and she’s at the back in the corner where her guitars are hanging up doing some interviews and pictures and stuff. Then!!! Her clinic starts!!! It was Sterling Ball interviewing her and she did some demonstrations (including the HUEY NEWTON HEAVY RIFF). She talked about the guitar a lot and she played a Pearl Jam riff. I caught eyes with her like 5 times. BEFORE she even started playing, she was talking about how crossed arms was the universal unimpressed guitar player stance, and then MY GUITARIST HAD HIS ARMS CROSSED AND SHE JOKINGLY POINTED TO HIM. HOLY CRAP. The ONLY bad part of the experience was when she opened it up for audience questions, some fucking idiot yelled “WHAT’S YOUR PHONE NUMBER?” BUT she did so well, she said, “hey Sterling, I think that guy wants your number.” Then it ended and I went to the signing line. I was second in line. Seriously like 100 people came up who were just walking around and were like “WHO THIS SIGNING FOR” and me and the girl who was first were just like St. Vincent and then they’d be like “HM! Ok.” Then 30 mins later this guy working there brings her over and she was SO HUMBLE he like lead her there and she was like, “Wait, what am I doing right now?” And he was like, “you’re signing” and she was like, “All these people are in line for MY signing?” And he was like “YEAH” and then she looked at the papers she was going to sign and was like, (very confused sounding) “what…. What do I do with these?” And the guy was like, “Annie, you sign them” and she was like “Really???” And it was like so sweet because she like couldn’t believe it!!! So the first person meets her and I take their pic and then!!!! AHHHH I walk up to her (and my drummer had arrived at this point and him and my guitarist were standing just outside the line snapping pix of the encounter) and I say “Hi Annie! I’m Kassie” and she says “hello! I remember you from the clinic!” (GUYS SHE FUCKING REMEMBERED MY FUCKING FACE. WHAT THE FUCK.) and I say “oh yeah! And this is my "unimpressed guitarist” friend.“ and motion to my guitarist and she says "oh yes hello!” And then I say, “he actually is the guitarist in my band, I play bass, and thank you so much for your music you’re really a huge inspiration for me.” And she says “thank you” and then starts signing my page and she asks how to spell my name but then just motions to my badge which says Kassandra and I was like “oh yeah you can use that, although that’s like the name mom uses when she’s mad at you ya know” and she was like “haha yeah! Kassandra was a Greek god right? She saw the future…. Or something. And it was bad?” And I said “yes! Yep that’s her and that’s me” then she’s done signing and I ask if we could take a quick picture and she says sure! NOW ok, she was SITTING in my picture with her. You can’t really see that so I look giant. But full disclosure, I am 5'4" and 115 pounds. Just so you can get an idea of what we’re workin with. Then we take the picture and I say “thank you so much again for everything Annie” and she says “thank you too! Bye!” And I say “bye!” And then I walk off and the rest of the day is a huge fucking blur all I know is I had to take a second and recollect myself on the ground once I was out of her sight and then ate a hot dog and 3 tacos and beer because I hadn’t eaten in like 7 or 8 hours. It was amazing. It really could not have been more perfect and I hope you all have a similar experience soon!!!!! Thanks everyone for being so excited for me you all are the best :-*

Ok so mad kudos to @loloniu because I really like this blog for learning Tongan. And when I read this bit, I srsly couldn’t believe my eyes - like who names their kid ‘foot injury/face’??? so I went over to my mom for clarification. She was like yup, that’s 100% true 😂 and now not only have I learned something new, my mom is also happy that im making an effort to learn tongan lol

EXO’s Reaction to You Forgetting Their Birthday

Sorry for the late post! Thank you once again for all your support! :)~ Inspired by Kris hehe


Y/N: Xiumin, can you go to the grocery store and buy ingredients?

Xiumin: *gets suspicious* What are you baakiinng…

Y/N: Cake, of course! Have you forgotten today?

Xiumin: Why would I?! It’s my own birthday!

Y/N: …it is…?

Xiumin: *gif*

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He would eagerly be waiting for your greeting the whole day. He’d give subtle hints here and there, but you’d never get it. “It’s my birthday, jagi-ya!” He’d scream out of frustration, leaving you blank. “How could you forget…;_;”

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Kris: Jagi-ya, where’s my birthday kiss?

Y/N: *stumbles* It’s not your birthday today…right?

Kris: *gif* I feel so betrayed…

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You wouldn’t need to tell him that you forgot because he’d be jumping up and down like a cool mom and continuously yelling, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!”

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Once he’d figure out that you forgot his birthday, he would accept it calmly and scold you with all the cuteness he could muster. “How dare you forget my birthday, Y/N!”

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“I’m so mad that I could eat you right now.”

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“It’s fine, Y/N! I’ll just forget your birthday too…hehe…”

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“I’m ready to beat you up with my bat.”

HAHA that gif was taken completely out of context

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He’d desperately try to get your attention and even drop really obvious hints, but he’d give up after seeing how clueless you were.

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He wouldn’t blame you for forgetting because he also forgot his birthday was that day.

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Y/N: Your birthday is today?!


Y/N: I’m so sorry, jagi-ya!

Kai: …I know you’re just kidding, Y/N! Now where’s my present?

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To be honest, his sensitive side would show and he would feel a little hurt, but of course, he wouldn’t let that get in the way of his dignity. He would cover up by being an adorable brat. “You forgot my birthday? The maknae’s birthday?!”

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Note: I’m considering writing BTS reactions!!! :))) I still haven’t decided whether to join it with this blog or to make another blog.